35+ Unique Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandma to Surprise Her (2021)

  • BY Emmanuel Egeonu
  • January 27, 2021
35+ Unique Mother’s Day Gifts for Grandma to Surprise Her (2021)

This Mother’s Day pamper your grandmother the way she has been pampering you since the day you were born. “Grandma,” “Gigi,” “Abuela,” “Nana” – it doesn’t matter by which name you call the matriarch of the family. What matters is the love you have for your adorable granny who loves you unconditionally. They say that if you are living with your grandma, you won’t have an empty stomach for more than an hour – you bet! Grandmothers are our secret keeper, our friend, our mentor, and, most importantly, our rock. And this is why it is extremely essential to shower her with love and love every day! But some days are special and demand to be celebrated in a special way. And this is why we have compiled the amazing and thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts for grandma that will put a smile on your grandmother’s face. 

Grandma When I Count Our Blessings I Count You Twice Custom Canvas Print

Grandma When I Count Our Blessings I Count You Twice Custom Canvas Print

Grandmas are the most special people. They are gentle, caring, kind, and loving. So, if you want to show your grandma just how special she is to you and what a blessing it is to have her in your life, tell her, “When I count my blessings, I count you twice.” You can do this by getting her this lovely custom canvas print.

Grandma Family Tree Canvas Print

Grandma Family Tree Canvas Print

Some of our sweetest childhood memories are associated with our nana. The smell of baking cookies, extra treats snuck under the table, sweet bedtime stories, warm hugs and loud laughs are all thanks to our grandmothers.  Want to show your love for her? So our beautiful Grandma Family Tree Canvas Print could be the perfect gift.

unique gifts for grandma - apron

Custom Grandma Apron

Have you always craved for the freshly baked cookies that your grandma made? Get her a customized apron this Mother’s Day with an adorable quote printed on it. 

mother's day gifts for grandma - written recipe tea

Personalized Handwritten Recipe Tea Towel

The reason why we are in favor of personalized Mother’s Day for grandma is that they are thoughtful. A personalized handwritten recipe tea towel is one of the unique gifts for grandma. You can easily find any of her recipes – or you can even ask her to write one for you – and get it printed on a tea towel.  

mothers day gifts for grandma - canvas print

Custom Photo Canvas

Show your mom with this amazing Mother’s Day gift that she means the world to you and your kids. You can include some lovely photos of the kids. Plus, the title can be customized as well. That’ll surely make her cherish this photo canvas forever.

creative gifts grandma - cutting board

Custom Cutting Board

Searching for creative gifts for grandma? This one is unique. You get to put a thoughtful message on a cutting board, and every time Gigi pulls out the veggies and the board to cut them up, she’ll remember your gift and what it means to her.

Grandkids Make Life Grand Custom Photo Collage Blanket

Custom Photo Collage Blanket

A throw blanket for your grandma so that she can watch the TV comfortably. What makes it even more awesome is that you can personalize the blanket with photos of her grandkids! This is a great gift that will be adored by your Granny! 

My Favorite People Call Me Grandma – Photo Collage Canvas Print

Photo Collage Canvas Print

Grandmas are simply the best! They love their grandkids will all their heart and make sure they never feel any lacking in affection or support. If you are in need of a gift for grandma on Mother’s Day, choose something truly personal. And a photo collage that says “My Favorite People Call Me Grandma” is just perfect for these occasions.

mothers day presents for grandma - photo frame

Grandma Photo Frame

One of the most loved Mother’s Day gifts for nana is a photo frame that contains the best picture of your grandma with you and your parents. Choose a large-size one that allows you to place multiple pictures so that you can have a collage of the best memories you had with your grandma.

presents for great grandma - keychains

Nana Gift Keychain

This custom gift chain is a beautiful one that Nana will have on her most of the time and that makes it special. You can add a photo on the key chain alongside a cute message that will remind her of your love. 

“Grandmas Never Run Out Of Hugs Or Cookies” Photo Pillow

A customized pillow will act as a great décor item at your grandma’s place. Get a soft and comfy pillow and get a quote or a picture printed on it. 

mother's day gifts for grandma - handwriting bracelet

Personalized Actual Handwriting Bracelet

This personalized gift is going to reduce your grandma to tears – happy tears. What you have to do is to use your grandma’s handwriting to get a personalized bracelet made. This gift is one of the most popular at the moment, and people love it.

“Grandma, Someone Wants to Say Hello” New Baby Plaque

“Grandma, Someone Wants to Say Hello” New Baby Plaque​

Being a grandparent is more exciting than being a parent. As a parent, you are struggling to keep pace with your new roles, and in-between the struggle, tussle, and juggle, you miss out on the adorable moments. But being a grandparent is different. It’s like having children all over again. But this time, you get to do the fun bits while your children take care of the rest. Our plaque is a unique pregnancy announcement gift for new grandmas who are about to hold another little one in their arms.

presents for new grandma - bear shirt

Custom Grandma Bear Shirt

We all have used the word ‘Momma Bear’ for our mothers – now is the time to honor your grandma with the same adorable nickname. Get her a T-shirt with the word ‘Grandma Bear’ on them. If you are looking for Mother’s Day gift for first-time grandma, there are so many grandma shirt ideas to choose from.

Mom Grandma Established Custom Canvas Print

Mom Grandma Established Custom Canvas Print

There’s only one thing more special than the day you find out you’re going to be a mom, and that’s the day you find out you tell your mom that she’s going to be a grandma! You want the moment you announce your pregnancy to your mom to be as perfect as possible. Gifting her this Mom-Grandma Established Custom Canvas Print is the most wholesome way to do it. 

Personalized Family Necklace

Who doesn’t like a good piece of jewelry? 10 points more for a customized one. The personalized family necklace has small pendants, each of which has the name of the family member engraved on it. Give her this personalized necklace and allow her to keep each of you close to her heart! 

Personalized Mother's Day Gift for Nana from Grand kids

Wall Art Keepsake Gift

A great custom canvas print, this keepsake gift is a unique present for all grandmothers. 

gifts from grandchild - footprint canvas

Personalized Mother's Day Gift for Grandma From Baby

I Love you, Footprint Art

Everything about newborn babies is cute. For Mother’s Day gifts for new grandmas, get a footprint art of your baby. This personalized gift will be her favorite gift. 

Grandma Definition Canvas Print – Custom Photo

Grandma Definition Canvas Print

At your grandma’s, there is only grandma’s way that needs to be followed. This canvas sign will have the Nana and Papa titles on top – followed by adorable house rules such as ‘kids are expected to be soiled here’ or ‘kids are always welcome.’ 

Chathamplace Long Distance Map

Are you in Chicago while your grandma is in Minnesota? Then, get her this long-distance map and let her know that no matter how greater the distance, your love for her will continue to grow. 

mother's day gifts for grandma - walking with grandma canvas print

Walking With Grandma Hand-stretched Gallery Wrapped Canvas

The ‘Walking with Grandma’ poem relates to all of us. We also feel liberated and happy when we are with our grandma. This canvas will be a great way to thank your grandma for everything that she has done for you. 

Grandma Whenever You Touch This Heart Custom Photo Mug

Another Mother’s Day present for your grandma – or new grand moms – can be custom mugs. These cheap mugs won’t put a dent on your bank account too. Get a quote or a picture printed on these mugs.

mothers day gifts for grandma - canvas print

Printed Grandma Gift Home Art

If you are looking for an inexpensive Mother’s Day gifts for grandma, this under $20 home art is a good option. 

mother's day gifts for grandma - sunflower print

Dragonfly Sunflower Happiness Is Being Called Grandma Canvas

Another canvas idea for your grandma! This gift item is also a great way to tell your grandma how much she means to you. 

gifts ideas for nana - handprint garden apron

Homemade Mother's Day Gifts for Grandma

Handprint Garden Aprons

This one is a cool gift for grandma!  And it’s a present that your kids would love to make. You get to design custom-made aprons that fit her specific fashion taste.  You can include things like rhinestones, iron-on letters, and appliques on your custom apron. 

Grandma Loving We Love You Custom Canvas Print

Grandma Loving We Love You Custom Canvas Print

Grandma tree is really meaningful. It can be one of the best choice for gifting your grandma. Just simply personalize names. 

diy crafts for grandma - art card

Crafts for Grandma

DIY Art Crafts For Grandma

Grandma’s heart is sure to melt with these handmade gifts from grandkids.  The DIY art craft pack helps kids to unleash their creativity and come up with a thoughtful and unique present that she’ll adore. 

cool gifts for grandma - flower pot

Unicorn Flower Pot

How else can you tell Gigi that she’s magical than with a grandma flower pot? It’s an excellent Mother’s Day craft for grandmothers, especially if she has a love for nature. 

Grandma, Tell Me Your Memories

Want to capture all your grandma’s memories in one place? Then, get this unique gift for her and ask her to fill it out. It will be a good way to record her memories. The journal contains questions such as ‘did kids ever tease you?’ ‘who was your school best friend?’ etc. 

gift for grandma: what i love about grandma journal

What I Love about Grandma Journal

You will need countless journals to write what you love about your grandma. It is EVERYTHING. What I Love about Grandma Journal is one of the unique gifts for grandma that she will love to the core. Even when you are not around, she will revisit the time when the two of you were busy making memories. 

mother's day gifts for grandma - grandma journal

Grandmother's Journal: Memories and Keepsakes for My Grandchild

This Mother’s Day gifts for grandma is for new grandmas who want to be the eyes of their grandchild. Your toddler cannot remember the time they spent with their grandma. This journal will help the grandmothers to record the highlights of the day. 

presents for great grandma - letter to my grandchild

Letters to My Grandchild

This is one of the unique Mother’s Day gifts for grandma that we simply adore. Letters to My Grandchild is a grandparent memory book that will allow your grandma – or the grandma of your toddler – to write some words of wisdom for their grandchild. 

mother's day gifts for grandma - slippers

Fleece Memory Foam Slippers

A practical Gigi gift will be foam slippers. She can use it daily and keep her heels protected. Trust us, your grandma will love this thoughtful gift. 

mothers day gift for grandma: back and neck massager

Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

An entire day of household chores and other work make grandma tired! And to help her get rid of fatigue and tiredness, Shiatsu back and neck massager will be a perfect gift. 

Porcelain Tea Sets

Who would say no to some tea served in porcelain tea sets? We know we wouldn’t! Give your grandma a porcelain tea set and let her impressive her guests with eye-catchingly beautiful crockery. 

love my grandma - relaxation spa gift box

Relaxation Spa Gift Set

You might have noticed that your grandma is always there for you and your parents! She makes sure that you are comfortable and that you don’t need anything. You have to show the same care and affection to your grandma by gifting her a relaxation spa gift set. Let your grandma have some hours to herself. 

mother's day gifts for grandma - yarn bowl

Birdie Yarn Bowl

Knitting gets discomforting when you have to take care of the yarn balls getting entangled. The best way to keep it organized it to keep the yarn in a bowl. And what could be better than the Birdie Yarn Bowl?

mother's day gifts for elderly - garden tool set

Gardener's Tool Seat

At her current age, your grandma cannot afford to put a strain on her knees when she’s working. The gardener’s tool seat will help us work in the garden for hours without hurting her knees. 

Family Tree Photo Collage Custom Canvas Print

Family Tree Photo Collage Canvas Print

Your family matriarch would love this one as a gift. It’s a captured moment in time that will continuously remind her of the love she has around her.

mother's day gifts for grandma - poncho

Poncho Cape

When in doubt, get a good piece of clothing! A poncho cape is a nice and comfortable gift item for grandmas! 

gifts for grandma - jewelry box

Jewelry Box

Where is she supposed to keep all the jewelry you have been getting for her? This Mother’s Day get her an exquisite and ethereal jewelry box that she can proudly place on her dresser. 

The Bottom Line

Indeed, you cannot reciprocate the love your grandma showers on you. However, with these thoughtful gifts, you can honor and appreciate her for everything she has done for you!

Also, just because you are a new mom of a toddler doesn’t mean that you cannot give your child’s grandparent a gift on Mother’s Day. Always remember to include the grandparents in such celebrations to make your family bond even stronger.  

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