32 Best Mother’s Day Gifts for a Special Girlfriend in 2024

32 Best Mother’s Day Gifts for a Special Girlfriend in 2024

Are you seeking a meaningful Mother’s Day gift for your girlfriend? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered a list of thoughtful gifts that are right at your fingertips. Whatever her tastes is, you’ll find something fantastic here that she’ll adore.

Being a mother is a challenging full-time job, and sometimes she will feel unnoticed. Remind her of how loved and appreciated she is with a sentimental Mother’s Day gift.

1. Life Is Better With You Custom Pillow

Life Is Better With You Custom Pillow

A beautiful pillow is always suitable for any occasion. With this lovely personalized piece, you can wish your girlfriend a “Happy Mother’s Day.” It can be used on the bed or the sofa. Life is better with her and the family you’ve built together.

2. Custom Mother’s Day Photo Canvas Print

Custom Photo Canvas Print

Wall decor items make excellent Mother’s Day gifts for your girlfriend. This photo canvas of your girl snuggling her baby includes a touching message that she’ll read over and over. Let it always remind her how much you treasure them both.

3. Cat Mom Photo Mug

Cat Mom Photo Mug

Is your girlfriend a cat parent? Then you’ve just found a perfect Mother’s Day gift for her. The mug is unique because it is personalized with a photo of her holding her kitten. She’ll like it as much as she loves her cat. You just never know!

4. Envelope Locket Necklace

Envelope Locket Necklace

Have you met a woman with enough jewelry? We haven’t, either. So give your girlfriend this Mother’s Day gift. The pendant carries her photo and a sweet message. She will wear it close to her heart and be reminded of how much you love her.

Here’s what a customer shared, ‘Surprised fiancé with these bracelets. She loved them. The requested personalized print on the ends was spot on. Thank you.’

5. Portable White Noise Machine

Portable White Noise Machine

How about something that will make it easier to take care of the baby? This white noise machine allows her to control the sound environment so that the baby can sleep uninterrupted. It’s perfect as a first Mother’s Day gift to remind her of your support in the parenting journey.

6. Mini Spa Gift Basket

Mini Spa Gift Basket

Seeing that you found your way here, you must be wondering, “What should I get my girlfriend on Mother’s Day?” Pamper her with this mini spa set to help her relax and enjoy some self-love. Consider taking over the chores so she can rest all day long.

7. Wooden Music Box

 Can't Help Falling in Love Wood Music Box

Any special occasion is incomplete without some music playing in the background. Let your girlfriend crank up the music with this vintage musical box. It is compact, hence easy to carry. This way, she can take her favorite tunes wherever she goes for a truly awesome day. This will surely be one of the best mother’s day gifts for a girlfriend.

This Music box has earned a 4.3 out of 5-star rating and is Amazon’s choice. A customer commented, ‘It’s a cute little thing. You have to continually wind it to get it to play music but that’s all good. It’s really got some neat details in the design. My fiance thought it was adorable and put it on the shelf for display’

8. Personalized First Mothers Day Gift Photo Plaque

Personalized 1st Mothers Day Gift Photo Plaque

Appreciate her with this fantastic decorative piece. Taking care of the kids is a tasking job. With such meaningful plaque on her desk, she’ll constantly be reminded of how grateful you are. Get a nice photo for a lovely customized gift.

9. Custom Photo Blanket

Will you be spending time away from your girlfriend on Mother’s Day? Don’t let her feel alone. Send her this beautiful blanket bearing your photo and a sentimental message. It’ll warm her body and heart whenever she snuggles under it and leave her feeling truly loved.

A customer shared, ‘It was amazing!! My girlfriend and I have snuggled in it, and she loves it!!!! You guys did an amazing job, I will definitely use you guys for big events between me and my girlfriend!!

10. Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser

Here’s a very practical Mother’s Day gift for your girlfriend that will benefit the whole family. The diffuser not only introduces pleasant scents to your home, it also eliminates odors. Other than that, it adds moisture to the air so her skin will never get too dry

11. Personalized Leather Bookmark

If your woman loves to kick back with a good book, this bookmark will be such a meaningful present. Have it customized with a charming message to make it even more special. Turning the chapters of her book will be a pleasure, just like turning the chapters of your life.

12. Golden Heart Earrings

Golden Heart Earrings

Include these earrings in your list of Mother’s Day gifts for your girlfriend. They’re simple yet elegant and match any outfit. Let the heart shape remind her of your love today and every day. No matter how many pairs are in her jewelry box, there’s always room for another.

This Earrings has received 576,284 reviews. A customer commented, ‘These hearts are the cutest! They are well-made and very comfortable. I’ve received many compliments on them. Shipping was quick and on time.’

13. Heart Serving Spoon

Heart Serving Spoon

“How can I say ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ to my girlfriend?” We got you! Spruce up her kitchen experience with this hand-carved wooden spoon. You may not be in a position to help out in the kitchen. Don’t worry. You can show your support with this practical gift.

14. Organic Lip Balm Set

Organic Lip Balm Set

You’re probably wondering, “Should I get my girlfriend a Mother’s Day gift?” Most definitely! Try this lip balm set to keep her lips moist and soft. It comes in six awesome flavors that she’ll love. You’ll thank yourself later when you lean in for your good night kiss.

15. Diamond Ring

Diamond Ring


Tell her how much she means to you with this special diamond ring. Better yet, take it a notch higher by popping the question! An engagement would be the perfect Mother’s Day surprise, one that she’ll never forget. Either way, a ring says that your relationship is here to stay.

16. Custom Star Map Photo Canvas Print

Custom Star Map Photo Canvas Print

Celebrate the night when the journey of motherhood started for her. Say “Happy Mother’s Day” to your girlfriend with this unique piece of wall decoration. Before the kids are old enough to offer presents, represent them with thoughtful gifts such as this. It’s such a cute gesture

This canvas set has earned a 5 out of 5-star rating. A customer commented, ‘Extremely happy with this purchase. Great quality, fast and accurate delivery. Awesome customer service. Highly recommend this company!! Thank you.’

17. Happy Mother’s Day Candle

Are you looking for a handmade Mother’s Day gifts for girlfriend? This candle fills the room with a nice scent to help her relax. In those rough moments, she can rely on this relaxing candle to induce calm. With such meaningful gifts, your relationship gets better every day.

18. I’m a Cool Mom Tote Bag

I'm a Cool Mom Tote Bag

Motherhood can be draining. If your girlfriend feels like she’s losing her spark, reassure her with this nice, cool tote bag. Better still, you can fill it with other gifts such as flowers, jewelry, or even wine. Present to her a full package, just like the love of a mother.

19. Handwriting bracelet

Handwriting bracelet

Have you come across some “Happy Mother’s Day, girlfriend” quotes that you like? Here’s a creative way to present them to her – a lovely letter-shaped bracelet. It’s simple enough to complement any outfit, so she can carry your thoughtful word with her wherever she goes.

20. Funny Trump Mug

Are you looking for some funny Mother’s Day gifts for your girlfriend? How about starting the day with a light touch? This unique Trump mug is so vivid you can almost hear it. The hilarious Mother’s Day message to your girlfriend will leave her laughing out loud. That’s just the way to set the mood for an awesome Mother’s Day.

21. Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker

 Deluxe Cold Brew Coffee Maker - mothers day gifts for girlfriend

If you’re considering serving her a special breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day, this coffee maker is what you need. Say good morning with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. This machine brews cold coffee, too, for those warm days when she just wants to cool off.

Perfume Spray

 - mothers day gifts for girlfriend

“I have enough perfumes in my closet,” said no woman ever. This unique fruity scent will be her new favorite. Whenever she wears this pleasant fragrance, she’ll be reminded of how much you appreciate her. Sometimes, a spritz is all she needs to feel good.

23. MOM Word Search Blanket

 MOM Word Search Blanket - mothers day gifts for girlfriend

Consider Mother’s Day ideas for your girlfriend that will involve the kids. This word search blanket sets the stage for a whole lot of fun games. You can all compete in searching for various words on the blanket. With this thoughtful gift, the family can spend some quality time together.

24. Wine Aerator Pourer

 - mothers day gifts for girlfriend

Nothing beats a relaxing glass of alcohol at the end of a long day. This wine pourer is an awesome gift to improve her drinking experience. No more drips! It makes the drink easy to pour and enhances its quality. Just the perfect gift for a wine lover.

One customer commented ‘I find that this aerator really helps open up the wine. It is a vast improvement versus a straight pour. The attachment is easy to use and really does not drip, anyone who enjoys wine needs to consider this accessory.’

25. Air Fryer Oven

Air Fryer Oven - mothers day gifts for girlfriend


Here’s a practical Mother’s Day gift for a girlfriend who’s keen on keeping the family healthy. The air fryer uses less fat and still delivers delicious meals. Food preparation will be a joy from now on. What better way to support a mom than to improve her cooking experience?

26. Good Moms Canvas Print

 Good Moms Canvas Print - mothers day gifts for girlfriend

Tried an online search for “Happy Mother’s Day” poems for girlfriends? The hilarious one on this gift is the best. Your girl will burst out laughing at the cheeky message. Hang it on the wall to remind her that she’s a good mom, even when the house is a little messy.

27. Clay Facial Mask

Clay Facial Mask


Every woman desires glowing skin, and your girlfriend is no exception. This clay facial mask refreshes the skin, leaving it smooth and healthy. Pick this thoughtful gift and let her know that you care about her appearance just as much as she does. See that glow?

28. Cheese Board Set

Cheese Board Set - mothers day gifts for girlfriend

Here’s a gift for a woman who knows her way around the kitchen. It comes with a set of bowls and knives and plenty of room for different dishes. If you’re holding a Mother’s Day party, even the guests will be amazed by this awesome cheese board set.

29. Hold On Let Me Overthink This Mug

Hold On Let Me Overthink This Mug - mothers day gifts for girlfriend

Is your girlfriend always overthinking everything? Instead of complaining, why not make a joke about it? This mug has such a funny message on it that she can’t help but laugh whenever she looks at it. Share such light moments frequently, and your relationship will bloom.

30. Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat - mothers day gifts for girlfriend

Are you considering some Mother’s Day gifts for girlfriend to help her keep fit? This extra-thick exercise yoga mat should be at the top of your list. If childbirth changed her body, this thoughtful present would help her spring right back into shape.

A 5-star Amazon review stated, ‘Although this is my first yoga mat, I found the reviews to be very helpful. It easily wraps into a roll for storage with the elastic carrying handle. The mat’s thickness is perfect for comfort when doing floor exercises and the nonslip bottom also works well for standing exercises. Highly recommend!.

Bathtub Caddy & Bed Tray

Bathtub Caddy & Bed Tray - mothers day gifts for girlfriend

A dip in the bathtub will never be the same again with this tray. It offers a practical way to hold her wine, book, candle, phone, and whatever else she wants within reach. She can also use it as a serving tray or laptop desk. Breakfast in bed, anyone?

32. Birdcage Terrarium

Birdcage Terrarium

This list wouldn’t be complete without some Mother’s Day gift ideas for an outdoorsy girlfriend. She can bring a beautiful element of nature into the house with this idea. Remember that house plants are excellent for stress reduction, which any mother will appreciate.



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