The 31 Best Mother – Daughter Gifts That Your Mom Will Cherish (2024)

The 31 Best Mother – Daughter Gifts That Your Mom Will Cherish (2024)

Searching for the most sentimental and meaningful mother-daughter gifts? We’ve got your back.

Here is our list of special gifts for mom from daughter, including matching outfits or jewelry, as well as personalized items! There are perfect for giving on her birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or wedding day. These gift ideas will let you show how much you appreciate her presence in your life.

Let’s dive right in!

The Best Mother-Daughter Gift Ideas for Mom

The bond between mothers and daughters is unique and lasts for a lifetime. Check out these sentimental mommy and daughter gifts to cement your love for each other.

Custom Constellation Maps Canvas Print - mommy and daughter gifts

1/ Custom Constellation Maps Canvas Print

A mother is a gift from the universe to her children. As you love your mother more than all the stars combined, it’s important to show her how precious she is. This present idea makes a wonderful birthday gift for mom for many years to come.

gifts from daughters to mothers: To Me You Are The World Photo Canvas Print

2/ To Me You Are The World Photo Wall Art

Our moms shape our behavior and actions. Everything that she’s done for us makes us who we are today. Heartfelt mommy-and-me gift ideas like this tell her that your success is all due to her efforts. This canvas is a great way to show her some appreciation!

You Are The World Pillow - mommy and me gift ideas

3/ You Are The World Pillow

Being a mum changes a woman. Suddenly, all her priorities change, and she focuses on her kids. It’s no wonder that she’s your world. Offer her a cool pillow that perfectly expresses how you feel. This sentimental mom gift will comfort her even when you’re living apart!

gift ideas for mom from daughter: Like Mother Like Daughter photo mug

4/ Like Mother Like Daughter Mug

Mom’s coffee will surely taste extra yummy when served from a unique mug. It’s one of the funniest gifts for moms from daughters. After all, you’ve loved her your whole life. Surprise her one of these mornings with the best drink she’s ever had!

Gold Heart Cutout Necklace - mother daughter gifts jewelry

5/ Gold Heart Cutout Necklace

When a gift incorporates a heart, you know it’s a good mother-child present. Fall in love with the significance of a cutout heart. This mother-and-daughter jewelry set is suitable for all ages. What a great way to show mom that her child is always a part of her!

Mothers and Daughters Photo Plaque

6/ Mothers and Daughters Photo Plaque

It is a wonderful present from a daughter to her mother for any occasion. You can personalize this plaque with a photograph to create a lovely keepsake. So, give this wonderful plaque to your mother and let her know she will always have a special place in your heart.

Just Us Girls Journal - gift ideas for mom from daughter

7/ Just Us Girls Journal

Journaling is a creative way to reach within ourselves to discover life’s limitless possibilities. When moms and daughters share their thoughts with each other through words, their bond is strengthened and solidified. If you are looking for mother-daughter gift ideas, keep this at the top of your list!

Photo Keyring - special mother daughter gifts

8/ Photo Keyring

Are you looking for something meaningful as a gift for a mother’s birthday from a daughter? Matching keyrings with treasured photos might do the trick. Let your mom know that even though you are far away, your hearts are always one.

Mom Photo Collage Blanket - gift ideas for mom from daughter

9/ Mom Photo Collage Blanket

Offer a personalized gift to Mama to show her how glad you are that she’s all yours. This blanket will keep her warm during cold nights and is the best mommy and daughter gift! This meaningful gift for mom comes printed with six photos of your choice.

Family Pajamas Sets - gifts to moms from daughters

10/ Family Pajama Sets

A family pajama set should be at the top of the list for unique Christmas gifts for mom! Nothing brings more joy than wearing matching jammies while unwrapping presents. This gift promises fun and unforgettable photos!

Long Distance Mom Wine Glasses - matching mother daughter gifts

11/ Long Distance Mom Wine Glasses

If a mother and her adult daughters share a love for wine, these will make the best gifts. Even if you’re in different states, nothing stops you from having a drink together. Just hop on a video call with these matching mom-and-daughter wine glasses!

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We Love Mom Canvas - mommy and me gift ideas

12/ We Love Mom Canvas

You can never be too sentimental when it comes to your mom. A canvas of photos filled with fun moments will remind her that you’re always mama’s girl, no matter your age. Watch her face shine as she sees this very special gift for mom from her daughter!

Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure - mommy and me gift ideas

13/ Sculpted Hand-Painted Figure

If your mama is religious, here’s a wonderful gift idea. Give her a mother-daughter keepsake she’ll proudly display in her home. This lovely gift for your mother will look beautiful on a shelf or mantel. It will also keep you close even when you are far away!

Morse Code Mother and Daughter Necklace - mother daughter gifts jewelry

14/ Morse Code Mother and Daughter Necklace

A girl and her mom share so many secrets together. That’s what makes their relationship so special. Jewelry is always a welcome mom-daughter gift, whether it’s gold or silver. A necklace with a hidden code is yet another shared private message only mother and child will understand!

Matching Beach Hat - matching mother daughter gifts

15/ Matching Beach Hat

Complete a pool or beachy outing with matching mother-daughter hats that will set you apart! These chic personalized floppy sun hats are perfect for you and your little beach bum. They protect from the heat and are so Instagram-worthy, everyone will want to know where you got them!

Mother and Daughter Poem Canvas - gifts from daughters to mothers

16/ Mother and Daughter Poem Canvas

Celebrate the special bond between mother and child and show her that you’re the best daughter ever. Include two memorable photos to evoke feelings of eternal love with a poem so meaningful, it’ll make her cry. If you are getting married soon, here’s the ultimate sentimental gift for mom!

Hidden Message Bracelet for Mom - mother daughter gifts jewelry

17/ Hidden Message Bracelet for Mom

Don’t just give your mom a normal piece of jewelry. Make it a more sentimental offering by engraving it with a hidden message. This cuff bracelet suits any age, so it is the perfect mother-daughter gift idea. Order a set for both of you as a precious keepsake!

Rainbow Mama Mini T-Shirt - matching mother daughter gifts

18/ Rainbow Mama Mini T-Shirt

Matching things like clothes and jewelry is so much fun! They’re a playful way to celebrate a relationship. Mom and baby will look so good in these gorgeous designs, they’ll turn heads everywhere. These t-shirts make the best gifts for mom on Valentine’s Day!

Recipe Book - special mother daughter gifts

19/ Recipe Book

Moms spend so much time in the kitchen fixing up delicious home-cooked goodness for their loved ones. This unique wooden binder allows her to collect family recipes to be passed on to her children. Engrave it with her name to make this the ultimate personalized gift for your mother.

Digital Picture Frame - gifts to moms from daughters

20/ Digital Picture Frame

Don’t let photo prints lie in a box forgotten in the attic. Check out this fun way to stay connected so grandparents can be the first to see pictures of their grandchildren. Instantly share special moments with family thanks to this unique gift to mom!

Infinity Sterling Silver Earrings - mother daughter gifts jewelry

21/ Infinity Sterling Silver Earrings

The best gifts for mom from daughter represent the infinite love between mother and child. These infinity earrings are one of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas. This particular pair is stunning and will beautifully elevate your mom’s outfit, whatever it may be!

Feminist Book Club Subscription Box - gifts to moms from daughters

22/ Feminist Book Club Subscription Box

Surprise mommy each month with a book and support women-owned businesses at the same time. A mother of a girl teaches her daughter about a woman’s strength through her actions. If your mom loves reading, nothing will excite her more than this creative gift!

CHANEL N°5 Eau de Parfum - mommy and daughter gifts

23/ CHANEL N°5 Eau de Parfum

Every mother needs to feel pampered from time to time. A special scent never fails to heighten her confidence and brighten her mood. Watch as she enters a room and charms with her personality. It’s no wonder this perfume is a classic gift for your mummy!

Personalized Keepsake Box - special mother daughter gifts

24/ Personalized Keepsake Box

A mom loves keeping everything to do with her kid. She’d keep all their drawings and little pacifiers. A cute little box is perfect for mom’s keepsakes. She’ll appreciate the chance to relive the best moments of her life as the years go by!

A Mommy and Me Coloring Book - mommy and daughter gifts

25/ A Mommy and Me Coloring Book

Time is precious. Spend it creating mother-daughter art together. The images celebrate motherhood and the activities shared, so we won’t take them for granted. This cute present for mom offers a wonderful chance to bond and be artsy with each other!

Double Name Ring - mother daughter gifts jewelry

26/ Double Name Ring

This stacking name ring is an affordable gift for all kinds of moms. The name ring is dainty and perfect for everyday wear. With custom names shown on the ring, it is definitely a great way to show some mother-daughter love.

Interlocking Circle Earrings - mother daughter gifts jewelry

27/ Interlocking Circle Earrings

These earrings are versatile enough to match any fashion style. Use the symbolism of two interlocking circles to describe the relationship you both share. Even distance can’t break the strong connection you’ve built throughout the years. This creative gift from daughters to mothers is one to keep in mind!

Mother Daughter Headband - matching mother daughter gifts

28/ Mother & Daughter Headband

Dress up for a special event or just because with these matching mother-daughter gifts. Not only do they look nice and stylish, but they’re also a fun prop for an impromptu photoshoot. If you’re looking for a cute Mother’s Day gift, you’ve found it!

Floral Handprint sign

29/ Floral Handprint sign

Capture the beauty of a mother and daughter’s love with the Floral Handprint Sign, a timeless and heartfelt gift that celebrates the bond between two people in a way that will be treasured for years to come.

Cupcake Apron - matching mother daughter gifts

30/ Cupcake Apron

If you love spending time in the kitchen with your mom, buy these aprons for her and yourself. You will look so cute together, and the cupcakes will even taste better!

Mother daughter gifts: Funny Trump Mug

31/ Funny Trump Mug

This mug is bound to delight her. Even if politics aren’t her thing, she’ll enjoy this amusing cartoon. It’s even funnier if you read it in Donald Trump’s voice! This little present is ideal for Mother’s Day or her birthday.


We hope that our list of unique mother-daughter gifts will help you celebrate the strong bond you share. Only the two of you understand this unbreakable connection. It doesn’t matter if a little girl is all grown up and on her own, your relationship is built to last!

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