Man Cave Gifts: 45 Awesome Ideas To Bolster A Man’s Pride In 2021

  • BY Simon Smize
  • August 2, 2021
Man Cave Gifts: 45 Awesome Ideas To Bolster A Man’s Pride In 2021

A man cave is a male sanctuary in a home.

And giving a man cave gift for a man, say your dad, husband, brother, or a male friend, on his birthday, Father’s Day, or Christmas, instead of ordinary gifts is a creative way of gifting.

But the task is not easy. Finding man cave items that are either aesthetic or practical, or both, but must fit the area is a real challenge.

In this post, we’re going to show you the best 45 man cave gifts on the market. From the coolest, most badass items to personalized and DIY items for a man cave, you’ll find yourself something he never forgets.

Let’s dive right in!

Cool Man Cave Gifts

No man cave is complete without a totally, kickass statement piece to get the party started. The whole point of his sanctuary is to let loose and share incredible stories about things that may or may not have happened. Help him get the ball rolling with these cool accessories and decor.

bourbon bottle lamp gift for a man cave

1. Liquor Bottle Lamp

Whether the theme in his sacred space is vintage or rustic, this item makes it to the top of the list of the best gifts for the man cave when it comes to decor. The vendor can turn most bottles into lamps upon request.

Grenade Decanter with Cork Stopper - Cool Man Cave Gift

2. Grenade Decanter with Cork Stopper

For history buffs or anyone into super badass man cave gifts, you can’t go wrong with this decanter in the shape of a grenade. Modeled after World War I and II weaponry, this decanter holds up to 17 ounces of his favorite scotch, whiskey, or whatever liquor he chooses.

50 Cal Shot Glass Gift For Man Cave

3. 50 Cal Shot Glass

Another item to add to his man cave accessories is a set of shot glasses shaped like bullet casings. These gold glasses come in both a two-pack or four-pack and hold about 2 ounces of alcohol. They are perfect for the tactical enthusiast in your family.

Buckshot Coasters - An Awesome And Badass Gift For Man Cave

4. Buckshot Coasters

Another item to add to his man cave accessories is a set of shot glasses shaped like bullet casings. These gold glasses come in both a two-pack or four-pack and hold about 2 ounces of alcohol. They are perfect for the tactical enthusiast in your family.

Rhinoceros Wooden Beer Mug - Man Cave Gifts

5. Rhinoceros Wooden Beer Mug

If you aim to add some awesome man cave stuff to his collection, this hand-carved wooden mug is a jaw-dropping mix of craftsmanship and creativity. Though this particular listing showcases the artist’s rhinoceros design, he also makes custom orders of different animals and adds engravings for an extra price.

Stainless Steel Chilling Ice Bullets

6. Stainless Steel Chilling Ice Bullets

Not just any chiller. They are chilling ice bullets! Let your man enjoy his cold beverage with 100% purity and without affecting the flavor. These chillers will provide him with the most delightful and stylish way to drink cold booze, making them an excellent gift on any occasion that will truly be enjoyed by any man.

Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set For A Man Cave

7. Bristle Dartboard Cabinet Set

A man cave is incomplete without a dartboard. This hanging dartboard cabinet will look fantastic in his private space, and the wood doors will keep his walls safe from wayward dart shots!

bar tool set with wooden stand

8. Bar Tool Set with Rustic Wood Stand

Whether he is an amateur bartender or a professional cocktail mixing guru (at home), this bar set is a brilliant way to hit the ground running. The best thing about this item is the hand-crafted rustic-style wooden crate, which will fit perfectly in a rustic or modern style man cave. This bar tool set will be the new centerpiece and win his guests’ attention.

Coca-Cola AC/DC Retro Vending Electric Cooler

9. Retro Vending Electric Cooler

Another cool man cave gift for any man, especially your brother. The nostalgic, retro-designed Coca Cola vending machine fridge stores and cool up to 10 standard cans. With this cooler, he can dispense drinks in a fun and creative way. Just push the button and reach into the clear plastic display window to retrieve the drink.

A Man Cave Sign With 10 Rules - Gift For A Man's Man Cave

10. Man Cave Rules Sign

Every man den needs a strict set of rules like the ‘man controls all remotes’ rule on this hilarious sign. Made out of metal and emblazoned with a skull and crossbones, the rules sign delivers humor and a set of ground rules your man cave resident will love.

What Happens in The Garage Stays In The Garage - Funny Man Cave Poster Gift

11. What Happens In The Garage Stays In The Garage Tin Sign

Some men use their garage as their workplace, whether to tinker away at their latest projects or for building a custom engine. For the garage man cave, this sign is the best way to remind all those who enter that it’s a safe place to speak freely and be yourself.

There's Like A Bunch of Dogs in Here Doormat

12. There’s Like A Bunch of Dogs In Here Doormat

For the dog lover in your family, this funny man cave housewarming gift bring humor and heart to his home. Made with coconut fibers and an anti-skid bottom, it’s a brilliant way to showcase his love for his dogs while also adding a touch of humor. Rugs come in all sizes and are made to order.

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Marvel Comics Set of 4 Pint Glasses - Deadpool

13. Marvel Pint Glasses

Every comic book fan deserves Marvel man cave gifts to match their passion for the genre. One superhero who certainly stands out is Marvel’s Deadpool, who is the character featured on the set of 4 pint glasses. Each portrays a different image and is suitable for fans of all ages.

Evil Skull Rising from Flames Wine Bottle Holder For Man Cave

14. Evil Skull Rising from Flames Wine Bottle Holder

A truly epic man cave calls for something wild and mysterious. Something like this skull and flames wine bottle holder should do it! Whether the man in your life is going for a spooky vibe or simply likes the look of skulls, it’s sure to be a conversation starter no one knows quite how to start.

White Oak Barrel - A Must-Have Man Cave Item

15. White Oak Barrel

A liquor enthusiast might appreciate the next item on the list: a one-liter barrel made of white oak. Personalization of this barrel and its beautiful design are what make this basement man cave gift so memorable. However, it also ages the alcohol, adding function to its already incredible appeal.

Beer Flight Tray

16. Beer Flight Tray

A truly epic man cave calls for something wild and mysterious. Something like this skull and flames wine bottle holder should do it! Whether the man in your life is going for a spooky vibe or simply likes the look of skulls, it’s sure to be a conversation starter no one knows quite how to start.

a vinyl record player as a man cave gift

17. Record Player

Vinyl records never go out of style. With this present, he can listen to his all-time favorite records while savoring his favorite drink. This record player combines a traditional feel with a modern style and has the latest technology for his convenient listening enjoyment. Apart from vinyl records, he can stream his music via Bluetooth or play the favorite tunes on the radio.

Carved Crystal Dragon Skull

18. Carved Crystal Dragon Skull

Bring boldness and mystic to his man cave with this carved crystal dragon skull. Its origin and purpose of existence will be a fun mystery that a man will love to dig deep and explore. Get a gift that he will love for no reason but the mystery!

Kobe Bryant - Sublimated Plaque - Cool Man Cave Gifts

19. Kobe Bryant Sublimated Plaque

For the avid sports fan, this collectible is a must-have. Featuring the late, great Kobe Bryant, this Laker’s plaque commemorates the points earned by Kobe in the last game he played. Complete with his signature at the top, this 8×10 plaque comes framed and ready for display in your man den.

Wood Basketball Hoop For Man Cave

20. Wood Basketball Hoop

To add to your collection of basketball man cave gifts, take a look at the rustic grey basketball hoop with a stylish black rim. The hoop is available in two sizes to suit the area of the room and comes with the option to add foam balls and a basketball holder.

Baseball Bat Flag - Cool Man Cave Gift

21. Baseball Bat Flag

Nothing symbolizes America more than the flag and baseball. So when you combine the two, you get some pretty amazing man cave decor gifts. One item, in particular, is the American flag constructed entirely out of 9 hand-painted baseball bats. It’s quite impressive and a fantastic idea for sports lovers.

Fishing Pole Picture Frame - Man Cave Gifts

22. Fishing Pole Picture Frame

As far as gifts for fishermen go, this next item combines two things they can’t live without: fishing and displaying their greatest ‘catches’. A set of 5 separate 4×6 photos dangle from a fishing rod ready to be filled with memories of his loved ones will complement his fishing-themed man cave.

An ashtray that looks like egyptian pyramid - a man cave gift

23. Egyptian Pyramid Ashtray

Men have different ways to decor their man caves. And some of them will love to have this vintage cigarette ashtray a part of their special room of the house. With a surface sculptured in a beautiful Egyptian pyramid shape, this gift is a masterpiece for smokers and decor enthusiasts.

Industrial Style Coat Hooks Made With Pipe Fittings

24. Industrial Style Coat Hooks

These stunning coat hooks are an essential item for your man’s man cave. Made from pipe fittings, these hooks will awe any guest as soon as they walk through that door.

All 50 States Beer Cap Map - Last-Minute Father's Day Gift

25. States Beer Cap Map

The beer aficionado in your life is sure to love a man cave gift that helps him take his appreciation of beer to the next level. A novelty map that depicts the beer caps associated with each state in America is a great fit for this purpose. This map will surely look amazing displayed prominently on the walls of his man cave.

a liquid dispenser with a ship inside

26. Liquor Dispenser

Ahhh, a man cave gift that no man can wait to show off to their friends! This liquor dispenser will be the conversation piece for his man cave, and it is even more striking after a few drinks when the ship inside slowly reveals itself.

knock knock couch guest book

27. Couch Guest Book

His man cave will be full of guests once in a while. With this couch guest book, he can never forget who came over and sat on his couch. The clever prompts and roomy doodle space in the guest book will encourage his buddies to record their stay and express their admiration for the man cave.

One customer review said it gave people all the more reason to socialize on the couch and created a much more welcoming atmosphere, and that it was a great conversation piece and fun to look back at what people wrote during their ‘visits’.

bike chain bowl as a man cave present

28. Bike Chain Bowl

Handmade from an upcycled bike chain, this bowl makes a distinctive spot for keys and small, personal items and deserves a place in any man cave. For a man who rides bikes, or appreciates things made from bike parts, this gift fits that criteria while being useful and practical, which is just perfect!

steampunk industrial light switch for man cave

29. Steampunk Industrial Light Switch

If he is planning for a total makeover for his cave, this switch plate is something he will appreciate, especially if he is into steampunk. Inspired by old-fashioned electrical throw switches, this item transforms a blasé rocker light switch into a gothic statement piece. And ultimately, he can illuminate the room like a boss with this magnificent switch.

Ox-Horn Viking Drinking Horn As Man Cave Gift

30. Viking Drinking Horn

Do we have to say anything about this gift? It is like the ultimate, epic man cave gift you can give to a Viking obsessed man. His quaffing mead, ale, and various other Viking-ish drinks will taste better when drinking it from a horn!

Marvel Bookend - Cool Gift For A Man Cave's Bookshelf

31. Marvel Bookend

Still struggling with last-minute, man cave gifts? Help has arrived in the form of two amazing Marvel superheroes. These steel bookends look phenomenal on shelves, with one silhouette of Iron Man and the other of Captain America.

Batman Logo Mirror For Man Cave

32. Batman Mirror

If he is a DC fan, this badass mirror in the shape of Batman’s logo is exactly what he needs for his bat cave. This unique man cave decor is over two feet wide and is a fantastic find for any fan of the Caped Crusader.

A soft throw blanket looking like Batman suit - funny gifts for brother's man cave

33. Batman in Black Throw Blanket

The superhero in your life deserves an outfit to match. The Batman blanket with sleeves brings comfort and laughs with its plush lining and an exterior designed to make the wearer look like the Dark Knight himself. On Team Superman? Not to worry! There are several designs and heroes available.

Smartphone Projector 2.0 - Gift For Brother - Man Cave Gift

34. Smartphone Projector

One of the coolest gadgets for man caves out there is a projector. This complex piece of technology displays the images on your smartphone and magnifies them by up to 8 times their original size. If your husband, father or brother is tight on space in his man cave, this nifty little tool easily projects onto the wall.

Vintage Star Wars Patent Poster Prints - Cool Gift For Brother's Dorm Room - A Cool Man Cave Gift For Geeks

35. Vintage Star Wars Poster Prints

If you’re looking for that extra special something to add to his geek man cave, these Star Wars posters will make any superfan’s holiday bright. With 4 unframed photos of machines like TIE fighters and terrain walkers, the imagery is far from what your Star Wars fan might normally find in stores. It’s the perfect thing to add to his man cave collection without worrying if he already has it.

Retro Movie Reel Mousepad For Man Cave

36. Retro Movie Reel Mousepad

Mousepads are an expression of the individual, similar to the den of manliness itself. If your man is a movie buff, he will love the chance to show off the best man cave accessory ever known. Ok, maybe not ever known, but it’s certainly a necessity no man can live without. The intriguing design also comes with the option to add the recipient’s name.

Personalized Man Cave Gifts

The man cave is a reflection of the individual who put it together, and nothing screams ‘personal’ quite like putting his name on everything. Ok, not everything, but a few awesome custom gifts make all the difference in establishing a sense of ownership.

Oakmont Personalized Whiskey Glass & Stone Set For Men

37. Personalized Whiskey Glass & Stone Set

For classy man cave gifts, this whiskey glass and stone set lets you add the recipient’s name and initial to the outside. It is ideal for men with a personal bar area in their man den and even has a rush option to receive the item even quicker.

Personalized Poker Gift Set For Brother - Man Cave Gifts

38. Personalized Poker Gift Set

For man cave gifts under 50 bucks, this poker set is no gamble. In addition to the 100 poker chips, two decks of cards, and 5 dice required for some of his favorite games, the water-resistant case adds a personal touch by including his name and initial.


39. Man Cave Custom Sign

Another must-have man cave item is a sign telling you exactly whose den of awesomeness it is. This wooden ‘Man Cave’ sign lets you personalize the name, date of establishment, and even leaves room for a cool slogan at the bottom.

Personalized Bottle Opener With Magnetic Cap Catch - Man Cave Gifts

40. Personalized Bottle Opener

One of the best gifts for beer lovers is the gift of convenience, and nothing says that more than this magnetic bottle opener. The opener mounts into the wall, making popping off that beer top a snap. It even has a magnet at the bottom to catch the caps as they fall. How simple is that?

dad tools rules canvas sign print for man cave workshop

41. “Dad’s Tools Rules” Sign

If he loves his tools, then he needs a “Tools Rules” custom canvas sign for his workshop! Warn the kids away and poke a little fun at him for his tool obsession at the same time.

DIY Man Cave Gifts

If you have some time and crafts skills, you can work on one of these projects and surprise your man with a handmade gift that is one of a kind for his man cave.

Jack Daniels Soap Dispenser - Cool DIY Gift For A Man Cave

42. Jack Daniels Soap Dispenser

One easy-to-make gift idea involves a bottle of Jack Daniels and a liquid soap bottle. Choosing a soap bottle that fits and looks stunning when combined with the bottle is key to making the project work. If you do give the items to the owner to make on their own, a full bottle of Jack is a bonus present.

DIY Cardboard Phonograph Cell Phone Speaker - Gift For Brother - DIY Man Cave Gifts

43. Phonograph Cell Phone Speaker

A fun project to work on, either together or separately, is a phonograph constructed out of cardboard. This project requires cutting, gluing, and a little bit of patience. But the finished product is an old-fashioned phonograph that increases the volume on your cell phone, even if only a little bit.


44. DIY Baseball Flag

If the already-constructed baseball flag was a little out of your price-range, constructing your own is the next best option. The project does require a couple of power tools to saw through wood and get the pieces to the exact size and specifications necessary. However, with such an outstanding outcome, it’s worth the time and effort.

Recycled Tire Coffee Table - DIY Gift For A Man's Man Cave

45. Recycled Tire Coffee Table

A fun use of space and creativity is converting an old tire into a storage bin. This is especially perfect for garage man caves or car fanatics, in general. This project also requires power tools but is an effective way to add efficiency to any man den decor.

DIY Bottle Cap Coasters

46. Bottle Cap Coasters

Another great man cave gift for him is a DIY bottle cap coaster kit. This environmentally-friendly option upcycles old bottle caps to create something new. Not only does it find an alternative way to get rid of waste in your man’s bar, but it also provides all-new decor that showcases his favorite drink.


We hope this list of man cave gifts provided you with enough ideas to take care of all the men in your life. No matter what the occasion, there is no better way to say you care than with a thoughtful gift hand-picked exclusively for the man you love.



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