31+ Cool & Thoughtful Gifts for Maid of Honor (2023)

  • BY Simon Smize
  • October 24, 2023
31+ Cool & Thoughtful Gifts for Maid of Honor (2023)

Your big day is not just a big day for you but your maid of honor too – someone who’s been through thick and thin with you and chooses you every single day. Show her you care by giving her a memorable present from our list of maid of honor gifts.

From planning your dream wedding and bachelorette party to giving an emotional speech at the wedding that will make you cry for days, your maid of honor deserves to know that you appreciate all her efforts.

So, for all the moments she dealt with you, every time she came to save you from your panic attack and made sure all your wishes and to-do lists were in order, a huge and meaningful thank you is just what she deserves.

personalized mug - maid of honor gifts

Personalized Maid Of Honor Mug


What is a maid of honor without her maid of honor mug? To the sister you never had and the love of your life, give your best girl a cute and custom-made maid of honor mug.  

“My Maid of Honor” Custom Desktop Plaque - maid of honor gifts

“My Maid of Honor” Custom Desktop Plaque


Your beautiful best friend, who is the maid of honor, truly deserves something that will be memorable. My maid of honor custom desktop plaque is just that. Place inside a picture of you both from your big day. 


Personalized Bridesmaids Robes


If this isn’t the perfect getting ready matron of honor robe, then we don’t know what is! Get one personalized just for your sister. It is a great gift to keep and cherish..  

tote bag - maid of honor gifts

Tote Bag


Tote bags are big wedding day essentials. Get a special one made just for you and your maid of honor to keep your clothing, makeup, etc., in place.  

gifts for maid of honor: custom desktop photo plaque

Custom Desktop Plaque


Nothing shows appreciation like a personalized message. And when this message is preserved on a solid surface that braves natural elements, it becomes eternal. A custom desktop plaque is the best example of such an evergreen award. A genius maid of honor gift, this plaque can be printed with your name and wedding date for a fun flair.  

Bracelet - maid of honor gifts



How cute is a maid of honor bracelets! Get a high-quality bracelet that your maid of honor deserves so that you and her can twin throughout the wedding events. A bracelet is the best maid of honor gift.  

Custom Bride Squad Floppy Sun Hats - maid of honor gifts

Custom Bride Squad Floppy Sun Hats


A custom bride squad sun hat is a great idea for your favorite woman gang. Get these personalized hats and flaunt them at a beach party after the wedding. It’s a great gift to have and a very practical one too!

Dior - Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet - maid of honor gifts

Dior – Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet


There’s no better way of telling your pretty bridesmaid that you appreciate her than by giving her a fragrance. Surprise her with Dior – Miss Dior’s blooming bouquet and make her day.

Dream Chasers Gift Set - maid of honor gifts

Dream Chasers Gift Set


To add some sentimental value, you must get creative! You don’t have to choose one gift when you can choose an entire box of goodies. Go big with dream chasers gift set.

Proposal Box - maid of honor gifts

Proposal Box


Out of gift box ideas? This personalized proposal box is the perfect thank you gift any maid of honor can wish to have. Made with love, it offers the much-needed self-care package.

Maid of honor tumbler - maid of honor gifts

Maid of Honor Tumbler


One of the most loved wedding gift ideas is a maid of honor tumbler, which allows you and your girls to have adorable matching steel cups which can be as per your liking.

Bridesmaid Gift Box Set - maid of honor gifts

Bridesmaid Gift Box Set


A gift box set is a practical choice to go for. These contain surprises for the bride’s favorite girl. It is truly a unique and memorable way to propose to your maid of honor.

Will You Be My Maid of Honor Gift Box - maid of honor gifts

Will You Be My Maid of Honor Gift Box


Think of gift ideas and fill in this gift box with surprises for the bride. From cosmetics to small clothing items, you can fill them according to what you feel your maid of honor will like.

best maid of honor gift: dainty initial necklace

Dainty Initial Necklace


A handmade awesome gold- or silver-plated necklace that boasts your maid of honor’s initials pioneers the list of beautiful yet practical bridesmaid gifts. Light up your best friend’s mood with this cool creation today! A thoughtful gift will make them happy.

gift for maid of honor: jade roller and gua sha set

Jade Roller & Gua Sha Set


With the heavy-duty assignments your maid of honor undertakes, she’ll be exhausted by the time your wedding day arrives. Help her relax and recuperate with facial massagers equipped with healing powers of jade and rose quartz that help the skin glow!

practical bridesmaid gifts: insulated lunch bag

Insulated Lunch Bag


Your maid of honor is a busy bee who eats lunch on the go. Due to this, no maid of honor gift list is complete without an awesome bag that can carry your friend’s food while she’s on the job! Lightweight, portable, and durable, the lunch bag under discussion is a cheap, perfect find for women who are always on their feet.

maid of honor gifts: personalized champagne glass

Personalized Champagne Glass


Raise a toast to your maid of honor with a customized champaign glass. Engrave the vessel with your sister’s name and gift it to her as an ode to her investment in your celebration!

maid of honor gifts: personalized flask

Personalized Flask


For women who like to party, maid of honor gift ideas must include this elegant stainless-steel hip flask. Imprint these drink holders with your best friend’s name and get ready for a jolly good time.

practical bridesmaid gifts: personalized wine tumbler

Personalized Wine Tumbler


As a maid of honor gift, a wine tumbler becomes more enchanting when it is embossed with your MOH’s initials. If your best friend is a wine aficionado, give her this tumbler as a creative keepsake.

gifts for bridal party: lace bridal robes

Lace Bridal Robe


Lace is synonymous with luxury. Help your maid of honor live her best life as she lounges in this soft, comfortable, and rich looking lace bridal robe. Available in lilac and blush pink, the robe is sure to add a spark to your wedding festivities. 

maid of honor gifts: wet brush go green

Wet Brush Go Green


If your maid of honor is conscientious about the earth, fuel her aspirations with this eco-friendly hair brush. With infused natural oils and a pain minimizing bristle design, this hairbrush is the perfect equipment for your environmentalist bestie!

maid of honor gift ideas: personalized ring dish

Personalized Ring Dish


When buying gifts for your maid of honor, include a trinket dish which can house her jewelry and small knick-knacks. For added measure, print your MOH’s name on this dish to show her ownership of the useful utensil.

Maid of Honor Sweatshirt - maid of honor gifts

Maid of Honor Sweatshirt


As an addition to your maid of honor gifts, personalized sweatshirts make great gift for a matron of honor as well. They also offer cozy comfort on a cold winter’s day. Imprint them with your sister’s initials or her full name and watch as she happily wears the shirt to your next occasion! It actually unique wedding gift idea for them.

gifts for her: custom name ring

Custom Name Ring


Finished with sterling silver, 18k gold, and rose gold, this beautiful ring can be embossed with your maid of honor’s name and gifted to her as a special souvenir.

gifts for maid of honor: photo leather keychain

Personalized Leather Keychain


Preserve your wedding memories by capturing them in pictures and engraving them in cool leather keychains. Hanging these keychains from their bags and purses, your MOH can be armed with memories of your friendship at all times.  

gifts for bridesmaid: personalized tie dye pajama

Personalized Tie-Dye Pajamas


Your maid of honor works hard and you’re concerned about her rest. We know! Hence, we suggest that you gift her PJs decked in trendy tie-dye patterns that she can wear to bed. For a unique touch, personalize the outfit with your MOH’s name. Trust us, the silky soft finish of these clothes will give your best friend the relaxation she deserves!

funny maid of honor gift: funny wine glass

Funny Wine Glass


The inside jokes you have with your maid of honor supplement your fun-filled bond. Salute the humor with a funny wine glass that will definitely make your best friend chuckle. 

Maid of Honor Socks - maid of honor gifts

Maid of Honor Socks


Appreciate your MOH’s commitment to your cause by gifting her a pair of soft socks printed with sweet messages. Available in vibrant colors and finished with cotton, nylon, polyester, and spandex, these socks are sound aids for frosty floors. These socks are also cool gift for your bridesmaid.

best gifts for bridesmaids: personalized clear makeup bag

Personalized Makeup Bag


A clear make-up bag embossed with your maid of honor’s name is not only a thoughtful, it is also a practical bridesmaid gift because it allows your best friend to do touch ups on the go! Hefty and spacious, this bag is perfect for when your MOH is on the run but can’t leave the house without her makeup essentials.

Scented Candle - maid of honor gifts

Scented Candle


With the stress your MOH has to navigate, freshen up her space with a fragrant, long-lasting, soy scented candle that will breathe new life into your sister’s surroundings.

gift for maid of honor: bluetooth speaker & water bottle

Bluetooth Speaker & Water Bottle


Help your maid of honor stay hydrated while dancing the day away with this beautiful Bluetooth speaker that doubles as a water bottle! This interesting invention is sure to draw some ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from your best friend as she hears music blasting from the speakers while she chugs some aqua from this exhilarating equipment.

maid of honor gifts: maid of honor t-shirt

Maid of Honor T-Shirt


With this tantalizing t-shirt as a maid of honor gift, your best friend can boast that she’s your go-to for all wedding related endeavors. With a black canvas painted with a rose gold ‘maid of honor’ label, this gift is a fascinating find. 

maid of honor gift ideas: monogrammed tassel clutch

Monogrammed Tassel Clutch


To appease the animal lover in your maid of honor, gift her a faux leather clutch featuring a monogram of her initials. Designed to complement any outfit, and offering convenience in carrying her belongings, the clutch will quickly become your sister’s accessory of choice. 

gifts for bridal party: custom initial name photo mug

Name Mug with Initial and Photo


Putting your best friend or sister’s name and photo on a mug is a great maid of honor gift. Choose this affordable item as a companion for your sister’s cold evenings where it can serve as the utensil for a warm brew. 

best maid of honor gift: raw stone earrings

Raw Stone Earrings


Pay homage to your best friend’s birthstone with these remarkable raw stone earrings. Pristine and delicate in their beauty, these rock holding gems are perfect with every dress and great as maid of honor gift ideas.

bridesmaid and maid of honor gifts: travel jewelry box

Travel Jewelry Box


As your best friend travels from place to place for your wedding arrangements, assist her in carrying her precious jewelry in an awesome organizer. Portable and designed to securely store prized possessions, this box is an essential when it comes to bridesmaid and maid of honor gifts. 

cool bridesmaid gifts: bridal party starbucks tumbler

Bridal Party Starbucks Tumbler


For many maids of honor, coffee is akin to life-giving liquor! If your best friend matches this description, fulfill her caffeine dreams with this stellar Starbucks cup. 

wedding gifts for bridal party: resin coaster set

Resin Coaster Set


This handmade epoxy coaster set is the personification of delicate craftsmanship. Gift it to your tea-loving maid of honor as a tool that lights up her kitchen set with a pretty pink glimmer.

gifts for her: inspirational bath bomb with messages

WishBombs Inspirational Bath Bombs with Message


We all love finding hidden treasures. With the WishBombs beautiful bath bomb, now your maid of honor can revel in a relaxing bath while landing on a special message as the heavily scented soapy concoction melts away!

will you be my maid of honor gifts: proposal gift box

Personalized Maid of Honor Proposal Gift Box


Requesting your maid of honor to lend a hand is a big ask. Naturally, you want to show your gratitude for the woman who steps in to play this important role. To accomplish this, gift your bestie a customized proposal box gift set that features unique themes and an array of glamorous gifts. 

gift ideas for maid of honor: custom mug

Custom Mug


This metal mug can hold up to 12 ounces of best friend’s favorite drink. It is a great maid of honor gift and will surely delight your sister once you feature her name on its surface! It is also one your MOH can carry on trips.

maid of honor gifts for sister: birth flower bracelet

Birth Flower Bracelet


This metal mug can hold up to 12 ounces of best friend’s favorite drink. It is a great maid of honor gift and will surely delight your sister once you feature her name on its surface! It is also one your sis can carry on trips.

As you visit these glorious maid of honor gifts, be sure to check out more guides that provide bridesmaid gifts and wedding gifts for parents. After all, your wondrous wedding celebrations are incomplete without spreading joy amongst all your loved ones! 



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