30+ Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Long Distance Boyfriend (2021)

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • November 30, 2020
30+ Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Long Distance Boyfriend (2021)

Long distance relationships are challenging since you have to rely on video chats to celebrate your love on Valentine’s Day. However, it doesn’t have to be evident that you are miles apart. You can always read about the best long distance Valentine’s Day gifts that your man would appreciate. This way, you can think up great ideas and surprises for long distance boyfriend.

Here are 31 great Valentine’s Day gifts for him to help you keep the fire alive!

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long distance valentines day gifts: a great big hug custom pillow

Custom Photo Pillow


Is Valentine’s Day going to find you and your boyfriend miles apart? Don’t just mope around. How about getting him this customizable photo pillow? It’s one of the cutest Valentine gift ideas for long distance relationships. Put up a picture he loves of you two together, and he’ll fall in love with you again. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s available in different sizes.

long distance valentines gifts: long distance touch bracelets

Long Distance Touch Bracelet


Are you and your fiancé a spiritual couple? Spice up your remote relationship with these sleek long distance bracelets. They come in different colors that you can match with your partner. You’ll receive a notification each time your significant other touches his bracelet. This way, you’ll forever be in each other’s thoughts. What other long distance interactive gifts can beat this fantastic bracelet set?

valentine's gift for him: photo collage canvas print

Photo Collage Canvas Print


Is your boyfriend a helpless romantic? Have you been searching for thoughtful yet unique things you can send to your boyfriend? Prove your love for him with this creative artwork. Compile all your favorite pictures of the fun and memorable times you’ve shared. You can also include your names and the date so that it’ll always be a souvenir. He’ll be so thrilled that the distance won’t seem so huge anymore!

valentine's gifts for him long distance: hug this pillow until you can hug me custom photo pillow

Photo Collage Pillow


Is your boyfriend a hugger? Does he enjoy staying indoors and snuggling to a classic movie? If these traits describe your significant other, then this photo pillow is perfect for him. It’s one of the best long distance Valentine’s Day gifts for men who appreciate the little things. He’ll love looking at your photos and hugging the pillow tight every time he gets nostalgic.

custom long distance coffee mugs with quote

Custom Quote Long Distance Coffee Mug


Did your man finally land his dream job? Is he relocating right before Valentine’s Day? Not to worry! We’ve got you covered on the best personalized Valentine’s Day gifts for your LDR boyfriend. Surprise him with this useful long distance coffee mug! Add a funny message that’ll have him cackling by himself every time he’s having a rough day.

valentine gifts for long distance boyfriend: ticket stub diary

Ticket Stub Diary


Does your boyfriend love to collect unique items everywhere he goes? Have you thought of what gifts to send to your boyfriend this V-day? How about helping him add to his novelty collection by getting him this ticket stub diary? He’ll get so sentimental when he realizes that you’ve been holding on to these sweet mementos for him. What’s better is that it won’t be too heavy on your pocket.

long distance relationship valentines day gift: our adventure book

Our Adventure Book


Anyone who’s in a long distance relationship must have lots of adventurous stories to share. It’s equally crucial to save these memories where you won’t forget them. That said, an adventure book is a cool Valentine’s idea for long distance relationships. It can also double up as a birthday gift for long distance girlfriend if he wants to return the favor.

ldr valentines day ideas: custom messages on pill capsule

Custom Messages on a Pill Capsule


What do you get your long distance boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, especially since it’s your first time apart? How about reminding him why he fell in love with you in the first place? Crack him up this year with this goofy pill capsule gift. You can add personalized instructions to make the message even more creative and hilarious!

long distance valentines day gifts: soundwave key chain

Soundwave Key Chain


“I want to send my boyfriend a gift, but I don’t know what to get him.” Are these the kind of problems you’ve dealt with since your significant other moved out of state for college? How about getting him this unique soundwave keychain on V-day? It’s one of the best virtual gifts for him since your voice will comfort him every time he gets nostalgic.

romantic gift for him: custom name and photo desktop plaque

Custom Plaque


Have you been wondering what cute things to send your boyfriend in the mail on the day of St Valentine? Surprise him with this lovely photo plaque featuring his favorite pictures of you. Remember to include a personalized message to melt his heart. After all, what other occasion is there to send him a romantic gift delivery to prove your love?

long distance valentines day gifts: maps in frame

Maps in Frame


Another hot contender on the list of cute things to send to your boyfriend in the mail is this map. It ranks high on the list of long distance Valentines Day gifts that your man will appreciate. This gift will prove your love and commitment to your significant other. It’ll reassure him that you’re his soulmate, thus, connected forever!

valentine gifts for long distance relationships: lovebox spinning heart with message

Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger


If you want to surprise your man with romantic long distance gifts, try this Lovebox messenger. It’s one of the best Valentine’s Day ideas for long distance couples. With this modern love note, you can send your lover a heartfelt message in a unique way. Your love will never grow weak. Instead, it’ll grow and keep you strong even when miles apart.

valentine gifts for long distance relationships: maps of our hearts frame

Map of Our Hearts


Good things don’t come around easily. That said, it’s vital to remind your significant other that you love and appreciate him. Surprise your man with one of the best boyfriend birthday gifts! Get him this romantic map of your heart. He’ll get sentimental knowing that half of your heart is with him even though you’re miles apart.

'hug this pillow until you can hug me" pillowcase

“Until You Can Hug Me” Pillow


Long distance relationships are challenging. Every LDR couple dreams of snuggling with their partner as they fall asleep. Unfortunately, the distance between you won’t allow you to be physically together. You’ll have to think of cool Valentine’s long distance ideas to spice up your relationship. How about getting your boyfriend this cute pillowcase? Every time he misses you, he can hug it and imagine that you’re next to him.

valentine's day gifts for long distance boyfriend: what i love about us fill in the blank journal

What I Love about Us Fill in the Love Journal


Wondering what to get long distance boyfriend for Valentine’s Day this year? Why not take a more practical yet romantic route? Buy him this cute journal and fill it up with all the reasons why you love him. Once done, mail it to him and let him enjoy the delightful surprises inside. It’s one of the most romantic gifts to send the man of your dreams!

Personalized Hand-Written Letter Blanket

Personalized Hand-Written Letter Blanket


If you’re looking for cute long distance Valentine’s Day ideas for your man, look no further than this blanket. It’s no ordinary gift. It’s a unique way to say “I love you” without leaving any room for doubt. Personalize it with a heartfelt message that will make him sentimental every time he looks at it. Be sure it’s one of the best Valentine’s gifts for long distance love!

long distance valentines gifts: letters to open when

Letters to Open When…


You don’t have to wait to get married to express your undying love for your fiancé. How about surprising your significant other with this unique gift on V-day? All you need to do is write the letters in advance and post the book to him. If you’re looking for cool gifts to send in the mail for your boyfriend, this is it. It’ll serve perfectly for your first long distance Valentine’s Day.

long distance valentines day ideas for him: engraved wallet

Personalized Wallet


Shopping for long distance relationship gifts for men can be challenging if you have no idea where to start from. It’s twice as hard if your boyfriend doesn’t express what he needs. Since you’re already working blind, how about taking a practical route? Surprise your man on the day of St Valentine with this gorgeous customized wallet. It’s probably time he replaced his old one anyway.

valentine gifts for long distance boyfriend: engraved photo wallet with photo

Engraved Photo Walled Insert


Are there times when you want to take a quick look at your boyfriend’s picture? Well, he probably feels the same way. How about you surprise him with your picture? Not just the typical desk frame pictures, but with one of the best long distance Valentine’s gifts. The engraved wallet insert is sure to warm his heart every time he looks at it!

valentines gift for long distance boyfriend: jar with love messages

Jar with Love Messages


Valentine’s Day has never been more romantic than the coming one. Surprise your fiancé with this inexpensive valentine gift for long distance relationships. Pour out your heart and come up with love messages and poems for your man. He’ll be so surprised by your affectionate gesture! His love for you will become renewed every time he reads another note from you.

valentines day gift for him: engraved compass

Engraved Compass


They say cupid never misses when he shoots his love arrow. What better way to remind your man of home than with one of the cutest long distance Valentine’s Day gifts? If he loves collecting trinkets, then he’ll enjoy this personalized compass. Every time he misses you, he can reach out for the compass, and it’ll point him home.

long distance relationship valentines day gift: personalized key chain & necklace set

Personalized Couple Keychain and Necklace


Every time your boyfriend travels back to work, he probably takes a piece of your heart with him. What better way to express these exact sentiments than with this lovely keychain and necklace set? If he’s a sucker for poetry and symbolism, he’ll love this gift! It’ll beat all the other ldr Valentine’s Day ideas he could think of.

funny valentines gifts for him: girlfriend pillow

Girlfriend Pillow


Have you been searching for funny Valentines gifts for him but to no avail? Search no more! Tickle your boyfriend’s ribs this Valentine’s Day with this hilarious girlfriend pillow. If he enjoys a good joke, then he’ll adore this gag gift idea. He’ll probably even cuddle with it at night. It’s no surprise this pillow still tops the list of funniest gifts to send to boyfriend ever!

valentine gifts for long distance relationships: 'still having coffee together' spoons

“Still Having Coffee Together” Spoon


Another gift that ranks high for memento collectors is this vintage coffee spoon. It’s a double win for you if your boyfriend loves his coffee. After receiving this gift, he’ll probably never touch another teaspoon again. It’s no surprise it’s one of the most romantic things to send a boyfriend in the mail. You can also get yourself one so that it always reminds you of him!

gifts for him: jerky heart box

Jerky Heart


If your man loves his beef jerky, then he’ll swoon over this Jerky Heart gift. The box comes with ten different flavors that your boyfriend can savor and enjoy with his favorite wine. It can also double as a birthday gift later this year. We’re sure he won’t mind. After all, it’s one of the best valentine gifts for long distance boyfriend!

valentine gifts for long distance boyfriend: 'i'd pick you every time' guitar pick

“I’d Pick You Every Time” Guitar Pick


Is your boyfriend part of a cool boy band in his school overseas? How about your surprise him with an unusual gift this Valentine’s Day? Show him you support his dreams with this amazing personalized guitar pick. He’s sure to think of you every time he plays his guitar. What could possibly beat this cute long distance Valentine’s gift?

valentine gifts for long distance relationships: healthy care package

Healthy Care Package


Buying a care package for girlfriend has become the usual way of life. So why don’t you change things up this Valentine’s Day? Save up during the holidays and surprise your boyfriend as he heads to college. The care package comes with healthy snacks that your boyfriend is sure to enjoy while he’s miles away.

long distance valentines day gifts: 'i miss your face' candle

“I Miss Your Face” Candle


There are times when you love someone so much you want them to always think about you. But since your boyfriend traveled overseas, things have been getting difficult. Why don’t you spice things up with this cute candle? It’s the best long distance Valentine’s Day gifts for him. He’ll enjoy the scent so much he’ll get one for you too!

gift for boyfriend: i love that you're my boyfriend because book

“I Love That You’re My Boyfriend Because” Book


If you’re thinking of reigniting the spark in your relationship, consider getting your boyfriend this lovely book. Pour your heart out as you fill in the blanks. Make sure you express your love with every word. You can include some cute photos and silly drawings to sweeten the deal. It’s one of the most romantic Valentine long distance gifts you could ever get him!

valentine gifts for long distance boyfriend: explosion box

Explosion Box


Is your boyfriend a sucker for puzzles and games? Does he also appreciate meaningful, unique gifts? This cool explosion box is one of the coolest DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for him. He’ll be so thrilled! He’ll enjoy seeing one package after another opening up. What’s even more fascinating is that he won’t know what to expect as each layer unfolds. It’s one of the coolest Valentine ideas for long distance relationships.

care package flaps for LDR gifts

Care Package Flaps


There are times when you may have the perfect gift in hand, but you don’t have any good gift boxes. How about buying these cute care package stickers? They’ll transform any package you use them on. The heartwarming message and accompanying world map will rekindle the flames in your relationship. Don’t be surprised to see it alongside other incredible long distance relationship Valentine’s Day gifts.

Final Words

With this expansive list of long distance Valentine’s Day gifts, you can be sure you’ll find numerous exciting ideas. Celebrate your love with your partner virtually.

Make Valentine’s Day special by getting him unique gifts. Just go for it. We promise you’ll wonder why you didn’t buy him some of these gifts sooner!

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