31 Amazing Long-Distance Relationship Gifts To Give Your Partner in 2023

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  • March 9, 2023
31 Amazing Long-Distance Relationship Gifts To Give Your Partner in 2023

­They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. But what can make the bond even stronger is the regular exchange of long-distance relationship gifts. In this article, we have listed some thoughtful and sentimental gifts that will brighten up your partner’s mood when you send them a token of love and tell them how much you miss their presence in your life.

30+ Best Long-Distance Relationship Gifts

1. Couple Puzzle Map Canvas

Couple Puzzle Map Canvas


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Does your partner live out of the state? We can understand how frustrating it could be to not be able to spend special occasions such as an anniversary. This map canvas reminds you of the fact that even though you’re miles apart, you’re still connected. It’s the best gift for long-distance couples.

2. Big Hug Custom Photo Pillow

long distance valentines day gifts: a great big hug custom pillow


Celebrate your long-distance relationship with this custom big hug pillow. This romantic gift for a boyfriend is the perfect way to share a special sentimental moment between the two of you. A great way for him to win some brownie points with his love no matter how far away he is.

3. Custom Map Canvas Print


The Long-Distance Relationship Map Canvas Print will remind your lover of the strong bond you have shared over years. Give your partner this personalized present as a promise of a lifetime together forever!

4. Map Mug


These great mugs are a great way to celebrate your togetherness. It reminds you of the time when you would have some quality time together. Have your morning coffee in these cups and celebrate the time that you spent together.

5. Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

long distance boyfriend: Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger


This gift is for your partner to let them know that regardless of wherever they are in the world, they are never out of your reach. It also shows that your heart beats for them, and you’re always thinking about them. This amazing gift is a great way to tell your partner how much they mean to you.

6. Very Big Hug Blanket


One of the best gift ideas, the heart-shaped custom song lyrics blanket is a thoughtful gift for your partner who lives miles apart. On your anniversary or Valentine’s Day or other special occasions, this blanket will be a perfect way through which you can tell how much your partner means to you.

7. Bond Touch Bracelets


No matter how far you are, with this set of bracelets you will feel connected all the time. Great for tech-savvy couples, bond touch bracelets let you be together even when you’re apart. You and your partner will wear the bracelet. Whenever you miss them, all you have to do is tap on your bracelet; your partner’s bracelet will then vibrate and its LED will glow. This is a great way to keep connected with your partner even when you’re miles apart. This amazing bracelet also makes one of the great long-distance Valentines day gifts.

8. Latitude Longitude Coordinates Bracelet

long distance gifts: Latitude Longitude Coordinates Bracelet


For couples, personalized relationship gifts are the best gift option. On the bracelet, you can get the coordinates of any special place stamped and ensure that your couple carries this keepsake of your loving memory with him no matter where he goes. It is a great way to strengthen your bond with your love.

9. Custom Photo Desktop Plaque for Couple

Custom Photo Desktop Plaque for Couple


Even though you may miss one another, you know that makes every time you see one another so much more special. This personalized photo plaque makes a great gift for Valentine’s day or an upcoming anniversary. These long-distance couple’s gifts are sure to be a hit.

10. Long-Distance Lamps

Long Distance Lamps


An interactive gift set, lamps are a great way to feel close to your faraway fam member with a single touch. Available in different colors of your choice, the lamp will light up as soon as you touch it. With that touch, other lamps that are connected to the network will also lit up. These lamps are a great way to stay connected even when you’re physically apart.

11. Keychain


You want to spend your time with your loved one but physically apart two of you. This keychain lets you know that there is one thing that keeps you connected even when you’re far away from your love: the sky. When you feel lonely, you look up to the sky and feel connected. The sky that watches over you is also watching over your partner. This keychain is a great item that has romantic ideas of long-distance relationships and sentimental value to it.

12. Personalized Map Relationship Print

Hello – Will You – I Do – Standard Style – Map Canvas Print Relationship Gifts


No matter how far apart you are, he is sure to always remember those special dates and locations of the big milestones in your relationship. This personalized map makes a unique gift to celebrate an upcoming anniversary. Lovely long-distance relationship gifts for you love, especially if he lives far.

13. Why I Miss You Love Book

romantic ideas long distance relationship: Why I Miss You Love Book


A thoughtful way of letting your international lover know about the extent of your love is through a creative book with plenty of love notes. You can unleash your creativity when making the book and add as many things as you like. You can also fill in the blanks options for a little heart-to-heart play with your partner.

14. I Miss You More Candle


Long-distance relationships are tough and may leave you feeling sad for a long time. This sentimental gift is a surprise for your boyfriend to tell him how much you want to spend time with him.

15. You Are The Missing Piece To My Heart Desktop Plaque


Distance means nothing if you have a strong friendship. This gift is a great way to tell your dearest that your love knows no limit. This desktop plaque that you’re always together even if you don’t meet each other personally for prolonged periods.

16. Hug This Pillow Case

gifts for long distance boyfriend: Hug This Pillow Case


Living apart from your boyfriend can be extremely tough. With this pillow, you can make those unbearable days a bit tolerable. A nice thing to send to your partner, the pillow is a self-explanatory gift. It has the following phrase written on it: ‘Hug this pillow until you can hug me.’ This soft and comfortable pillow will be a great option for him to let them know that even if you are living apart, you are closer to each other.

17. Personalized Hidden Message Necklace

Personalized Hidden Message Necklace


If he is on the other side of the world and you want to send them a unique gift on their birthday, this necklace is a perfect choice. This cylinder-shaped necklace lets you insert a small personal note inside it. On that note, you can write a romantic message for your partner. It is indeed a great way to let your boyfriend keeps your memories close to him all the time.

18. Letters Message In A Bottle


A creative way to share your beautiful moments with your lover who lives far away is through this little bottle that lets you send your secret and lovely messages to your SO. It is a good gifts for long-distance relationships to tell them you are thinking about them.

19. Distance Means So Little When Someone Means So Much Card

Distance Means So Little When Someone Means So Much Card


Distance means nothing if you have a strong friendship. This gift is a great way to tell your dearest that your love knows no limit and that you’re always together even if you don’t meet each other personally for prolonged periods.

20. Custom Split Heart Map Canvas Print

Complete Each Other Map Wall Art


This custom split heart map makes a great gift for the special someone. Whether you are part of the relationship or this is a cute couple gifts long-distance relationships for friends or yours, they are sure to love this gift. A memorable way to celebrate an anniversary.

21. Still having coffee together

date from miles away: Still having coffee together


For your coffee lover partner, this sweet spoon is a great gift. This spoon lets you enjoy dates from miles away. A perfect long-distance gifts for him, this spoon has the following phrase: still having coffee together. It is a cute play on the fact that even though you’re miles apart, you can enjoy some romantic moments together.

22. Personalized Men’s Weekender Bag

Personalized Mens Weekender Bag


One of the practical gifts for your man is a weekender bag. It is great for occasional use and will let your partner take it on a weekend getaway and make their travel easy and convenient.

23. Men’s Treat Gift Box


Another thoughtful gift that you can get for your boyfriend who lives far away is the Men’s treat gift box. This care package has amazing items that your partner can use daily.

24. Personalized Picture Frame

ideas for long distance relationships: Personalized Picture Frame


Another perfect gift for your significant other is the personalized picture frame that will let your partner keep the best memories they made with you nearby.

25. Leather passport case

gifts for significant others: Leather passport case


On your anniversary, get your partner this little gift that will be with them forever. The leather passport case will let your travel buddy keep their essentials safe.

26. Nothing Makes Sense When We’re Apart Hoodie Set

girlfriend couples: Nothing Makes Sense When We're Apart Hoodie Set


This hoodie set is a cool relationship gifts for your partner. Twin with your special one and wear this hoodie to send a great message: nothing makes sense when we’re apart. The black hoodie comes in a great style and will look great on you.

27. Open When Envelopes Letters Set

long distance gifts: Open When Envelopes Letters Set


This gift item is a great way to spice up your relationship and make your days without your partner bearable. Through this gift, you will send personal and sweet messages to your partner in a bid to help them spend the time when you two are apart with your constant support.

28. Engraved Wooden Wallet

best gift for boyfriend long distance: Engraved Wooden Wallet


A wonderful birthday gift that you can get for your significant other on their birthday is the engraved wooden wallet. Your faraway man will love the thought that you put in it. On the top of the wallet, you can get some exciting lines printed as it will tell your boyfriend how much you’re missing them and how much you want them to keep you in their thoughts.

29. Love Moments Compass

long distance relationships gifts for boyfriend: Love Moments Compass


An amazing keepsake that you can get for your partner on their birthday or other special occasion is this thoughtful compass. This antique compass plays on the emotion that regardless of where you are, your partner’s heart will find his way back to you. The gift represents that the compass will always point your love to you. It is an amazing gift with a lovely message engraved on it. With this, you will never have to say a tearful goodbye as the gift will represent your sentiments and thoughts for your love.

30. Personalized I Miss You Chocolates

valentines gift for long distance boyfriend: Personalized I Miss You Chocolates


A sweet and cheesy gift for your BAE on Valentine’s is a set of personalized chocolates. It is a cute gift for couples who live far away and want to send their sentiments to their partners on any special occasion.

31. “I Love You More Than the Miles Between Us” Canvas Print


This canvas print is perfect for long-distance relationships if you want them to know how special they are and how much they mean to you. The heartfelt quote printed on the canvas shows love for the couple. Show your special person the depth of your feelings with this poignant gift.

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