26 Long Distance Mother’s Day Gifts That Celebrate Pure Love (2024)

26 Long Distance Mother’s Day Gifts That Celebrate Pure Love (2024)

Do you want to feel closer to the woman who brought you up? If so, connect with her with these long-distance Mother’s Day gifts. Because she misses you so much, a thoughtful gift will surely bring a smile to her face. It doesn’t matter if you’re in another state, country, or continent. Show your long-distance mom that being far away will only bring hearts together. 

Best Long Distance Mother’s Day Gifts for Your Mom

1/ Holds Us Together Custom Canvas Print


If you no longer live together, make mom smile with some fabulous Mother’s Day gifts from afar. Just imagine the expression on her face when she sees this unique piece of art. Distance won’t keep you apart, not when your hearts are close!

2/ Long Distance Mom Necklace


Interesting jewelry pieces are always great things to send mom on Mother’s Day. If she misses you, here’s a necklace she’s sure to adore. It’ll look great paired with any outfit and will make her the center of attention.

3/ Delicate Book Locket


A stunning locket that’ll hold two photos and an actual secret message! Even when you are far from your mother for a while, she’ll always have a memento reminding her of your love. Made of solid brass and has a working hinge and clasp that you open to reveal the message and also fits two tiny photos inside!

4/ A Great Big Hug Across The Miles Custom Pillow


Being in separate places can be difficult for you and your mom. You miss the company, sharing of meals, and the hugs. Thankfully, this pillow helps a little. As far as gifts for a mom who lives far away go, it’s perfect.

5/ Block Sign


A small sign that’ll tell her distance doesn’t matter when it comes to love! This thing is a cute reminder no matter where you both are. Very cute item and definitely mom’s favorite. The quality is good and the color printing is good too. I would recommend it if you’re looking for a small, meaningful gift for your mom.

6/ Thank You, Mom Candle


If you’re about to embark on a journey, the person who’s going to miss you the most is your mother. This is where some going away gifts for mom come into play. She’ll love a candle that shows her how homesick you are.

7/ Mini Photo Album Keychain


Your mother is always there for you, and she never tires of it. This album is one of the most touching gifts for mom. It’ll give her a chance to flip through memories wherever she is, even when stuck in traffic.

8/ Digital Picture Frame


Imagine being able to share a photo from anywhere in the world and have it appear directly on a frame. That’s how incredible this device is. It’s one of the best gifts for mom, especially if you’re far apart.

9/ Flower Subscriptions


Flower bouquets make wonderful last-minute long-distance Mother’s Day gifts. These buds are going to keep her home smelling like spring for days on end. And if you get her a subscription, she’ll get fun surprises when she least expects them!

10/ Personalized Mom Night Light


Trying to celebrate Mother’s Day with special ideas? Here’s a light for mom’s bedside table that will rival any other. Show her that nothing shines as bright as her love! With this practical gift around, she’ll be so excited for it to get dark.

11/ Custom Constellation Maps Canvas Print


When we look at the vast universe, we’ll realize that being on two different continents isn’t too bad after all. Show mom how much you treasure her with one of the best long-distance Mother’s Day gifts out there.

12/ Birth Month Flower Scarf


If you find yourself asking, “What can I send my mom for Mother’s Day?” we’ve got you covered. This luxury scarf comes with a beautiful floral print that will leave her feeling like she’s in a meadow. Choose from 12 gorgeous designs!

13/ Customizable Music Box


A magical personalized music box that’ll be there for your mom whenever she’s missing you. The box has a wind-up key on the side. Just listen to the sweet sounds of “You Are My Sunshine.” Also, you can customize it with the Mother’s Day message of your choice!

14/ MOM Custom Photo Canvas


Fit with a sentimental quote, this adorable canvas is undoubtedly a special Mother’s Day gift from her son. The best woman in your life will love reliving the best memories of yesterday. Even though you might be a grown-up now, you’re still her baby.

15/ Why I Miss You Fill The Book


Express your mind and list down all the reasons you miss mom so much in a neat little book. It’s one of the nicest gift ideas for parents who live far away. Not a day goes by without you thinking about them!

16/ Eucalyptus Shower Bunch


A freshly natural shower bunch to give her a high-quality spa experience when she needs to unwind from the day you can’t actually take her to the spa right now. The aromas not only refresh but also can help destress, and provide some relief for colds and allergies. Adding lavender to your bundle for an extra relaxing effect.

17/ Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set


Say “I love you” by pairing mother-daughter distance bracelets that light up and vibrate with a touch. You can even set up your own special codes for secret messages that mean the world. Isn’t that just the cutest way to communicate?

18/ Very Big Hug Blanket


Looking for some sweet gifts for mom to warm up her heart? If so, this blanket will do all that and more. When you can’t go visit your mom, give her a precious hug and keep her comforted.

19/ Fruit Bouquet


Staying healthy is so important now, and fruits packed with vitamins are the perfect things to send mom for Mother’s Day. She’s going to appreciate the kind and yummy gesture, and you’ll save her a trip to the grocery store!

20/ State Countries Bracelet


How about some matching bracelets as long-distance mom-and-daughter gifts? These beautiful jewelry pieces come personalized with states engraved side by side. This way, you’re never too far away from the lovely woman who raised you.

21/ Long Distance Frame


Spending time apart is difficult, so let mom know you’re thinking of her with some Mother’s Day long-distance gifts. This frame will light up when its pair receives a tap, even if it’s located across the world. How cool!

22/ Distance Means So Little Mug


Change up mom’s morning routine with one of the loveliest remote Mother’s Day ideas ever! Every cup of coffee is going to taste sweeter with this mug around. Distance means little when you love each other so much!

23/ Gift Basket


If you don’t know what to send your mom for Mother’s Day, give her a bit of everything. This package has all of her favorite things to keep her relaxed, satisfied, and happy. It’s time to bring the spa directly to her doorstep.

24/ Plant-Themed Growth Journal


A beautiful wild journal that she can track her goals both big and small. With its whimsical full-color illustrations of florals and botanicals, being inspired by just opening it!

25/ USA State Keychain


If you’ve moved away from your mother’s state, you may still show your love with this sweet keychain. She will treasure it and carry it with her wherever she goes.

26/ Mother And Daughter Desktop Plaque


The relationship between a mom and her child grows every day, even when oceans separate them. That’s why it’s one of the greatest Mother’s day gifts from daughters! This decorative piece will remind mama that you’re just a call away.


Whichever of these long-distance Mother’s Day gifts you choose, you’re going to make your mama happy. That’s because our gift ideas are all about love and building stronger relationships!

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