25 Heartfelt Gifts For Long Distance Friends In 2021

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • February 7, 2021
25 Heartfelt Gifts For Long Distance Friends In 2021

Long distance friendship sucks (but NOT the gifts in this article).

She is the Monica to your Rachel, and the Abbi to your Ilana. But for some reasons, you have to part ways. You still FaceTime, text, and tag each other in silly posts on social media.

But once in a while, you will probably crave the memories you shared together and feel bummed out for not being together on special occasions like her birthday or the holidays.

Wipe those tears as we are here to help you find the best long distance gifts for your best friend that speaks your heart out.

On her birthday, Christmas, or just because, these gifts will bridge some of that distance and make your faraway BFF feel like you’re there in spirit!

a photo collage canvas print that says side by side or miles apart, Best Friends are always close at heart

Best Friends Photo Collage Canvas Print

To let your best friend know you’re there for them, there is nothing better than this adorable photo collage to cherish all your memories together.

The endearing quote, ‘Side by side or miles apart, best friends are always close at heart’, expresses your long distance friendship perfectly! Add your names to this gift for a more personal touch.

Puzzle Map Canvas Print

Puzzle Map Canvas

They say friends are like pieces of a puzzle that come together.

Then give your ‘Bestie for the Restie’ this unique puzzle map personalized with the maps of the states you live in.

True Friends Are Never Apart Photo Collage Custom Mug

True Friends Are Never Apart Photo Collage Mug

This long distance mug is an ode to true friendship. Customize it with photos that prove your relationship. A great way to relive the beautiful times you spent together before they moved!

A Desktop Photo Plaque that says I may not always be there with you but I will always be there for you

I Will Always Be There For You Desktop Photo Plaque

The message on the desktop plaque will warm her hearts even miles apart. The photo gift can be personalized with your names and a memorable picture of you and your best friend.

Small and affordable, this plaque is the perfect birthday gift for your long distance bestie!

Long Distance Friendship Mug With State Maps - I Fucking Miss You Bitch

State Map Mug

Distance fades away when you have such a cute mug all the way from your long distance bestie. It will make her morning coffee even sweeter with a funny message: “I f*cking miss you!”

moving away socks for best friend going away

Moving Away Socks

When your bestie is moving to another state, get her this pair of socks with both of your faces on them. This will be the best going away gift and she’ll never forget your face!

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Dandelion Seeds Necklace - Matching Gifts For Long Distance Friendship

Dandelion Seeds Necklace

What does the dandelion seeds mean? Getting your wish fulfilled, long lasting happiness and youthful joy, surviving through all challenges and difficulties.

The dandelion seed necklace will be a cute and thoughtful long distance gift for your far away bestie. You can choose the number of seeds for the item.

A Custom Wine Glass With The Quote Never Too Far To Wine Together

Never Too Far To Wine Together Glass

Do you miss the drinking sessions between you and your bestie? This adorable wine glass with the most relatable quote will help dim your sorrows!

A True Friendship Is A Journey Without An End Trinket Dish

A True Friendship Is A Journey Without An End Trinket Dish

This dainty dish will serve many uses for your long distance best friend. The beautiful quote will remind her that you’re always there for them. This multi-purpose dish can be used to store her accessories or as a decorative item in the kitchen or bathroom.

Distance Means So Little Coaster

Distance Means So Little Coaster

Want to constantly remind her of how much they mean to you? Then this keepsake wooden coaster is an ideal gift for them!

With an adorable “Distance means so little, when someone means so much” motif, this is guaranteed to put a smile on her face every time she goes to place her tea or coffee on the table!

Homesick Scented Candle With Texas Map For Long Distance Friend

Homesick Scented Candle

This item from Amazon is all you need to evoke fond memories of the time you spent together.

The sweet, nostalgic fragrance will remind your long distance friend of the place where they grew up and immediately light up their day. The scented candle will ensure their heart and home remains lit.

Long Distance Friendship Lamp

Long Distance Friendship Lamp

No matter how far apart you are, this interactive long distance friendship gift will connect your hearts as a touching way to let them know you’re thinking of them.

These in-sync lamps transcend states and even countries! Light up their day by conveying your message: ‘you’re on my mind.’

lovebox spinning heart messenger for long distance friends

Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

No matter how far away, now you can send heartfelt messages to your long distance friends, even if they are thousands of miles away. (Of course we are not talking about FaceTime or Skype)

This unique long distance friendship gift is a modern take on the traditional love note. The heart keeps spinning until you open the box to reveal a message from your best friend miles away.

Best Friends State Map Key Chains

Best Friends State Map Key Chains

Stay connected to your faraway friend with this cute key chain!

Choose two locations, one being yours and the other your friend’s, and keep one key chain for yourself while the other will be sent to your friend.

Friendship Knows No Distance Spa Box

Friendship Knows No Distance Spa Box

If it is your faraway friend’s birthday, send her this spa box so she can have a home retreat.

A small gift box includes a soy candle, sugar scrub, bath bomb, etc. she will definitely enjoy. She will also receive an amethyst crystal necklace that helps send stress away.

Engraved Planter Box With Mason Jars For Long Distance Girlfriend

Engraved Planter Box With Mason Jars

Your best friend will love this gorgeous planter box with distressed mason jars.

You can personalize the three mason jars as well as the planter with a loving quote of your choice. This decorative gift is ideal for long distance friends to remember each other by.

Long Distance Friendship BFF Pillow Case

Long Distance BFF Pillow Case

If you’re looking for a handy gift, this soft pillowcase with an adorable message is the right pick for you.

The pillow case reads, ‘Distance means so little when someone means so much’, defining long distance relationships in the most precious way possible! You can also personalize it further with your choice of names and states.

Long Distance Friendship Ornament Gift

Long Distance Friendship Ornament

This Christmas, if you’re missing your best friend overseas, gift them this beautiful ornament to put in the garden or to use as a magnet.

You can get a state map on either side to personalize the ornament or get a quote of your choice. Keep your friendships alive with this precious token of love.

Monica And Rachel Duo T Shirt For Long Distance Friendship

Duo T-Shirts

If your friendship resembles the iconic bond of Rachel and Monica, this is the creative long distance best friendship gift for you!

Get a Monica tee and a Rachel tee for you and your pal to adorn even while you are states apart. The clean-cut style is simple yet elegant for everyday wear.

Handmade Yellow Frame From Friends - A Long Distance Friendship Gift For Friends Fanaatic

Yellow Frame From Friends

Revive the times you and your pal laughed over the classic episodes of Friends with this surprise gift for them.

The gift features the iconic yellow frame from Monica’s apartment with a peephole sticker too. This is the ideal gift for a ‘Friends’ fanatic!

Distance Bracelets For Friends

Matching Distance Bracelets

These bracelets are a great goodbye gift. Give this your best friend as a last-minute token of love before they move away.

Let them know you have a piece of them with you at all times. You will feel connected and know that one day you will see each other again.

Matching Wine Tumbler Set of 2

Matching Wine Tumbler

The rose gold stainless steel wine tumbler set is a wonderful gift for your miles apart friends, moving away friends. Get one for her, and one for you!

Pinky Swear Promise Ring For Best Friend

Pinky Swear Promise Ring

If your best friend is moving, this pinky promise ring is perfect as a going away present. The high-quality ring is cute to adorn and will be a reminder of your friendship forever!

Best Friend Heart Enamel Pin

Best Friend Enamel Pin

This emotive heart shaped enamel pin is an inexpensive goodbye gift for your best friend.

The words ‘best’ and ‘friend’ are separated with two broken heart pieces to signify how you would feel without your long distance best friend!

Why You're My Bestie Fill-in-the-Blank Gift Journal For A Long Distance Friend

Why You’re My Bestie Journal

Sometimes, you need to speak out why your best friend means so much to you! Do just that with this fill-in-the-blank book to give a message why your pal is so special to you.

This personalized and unique gift might even get your pal to tear up a little!


There is no better way to say ‘I miss you’ than with these unique long distance friendships gifts, with something for everyone. These tokens of love will remind your pal that no matter how far they go, they will always remain close to your heart!




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