23+ Thoughtful Long Distance Family Gifts (2022 Gift Guide)

  • BY Keegan Kraemer
  • April 14, 2022
23+ Thoughtful Long Distance Family Gifts (2022 Gift Guide)

Living far away from family members can be difficult. These long-distance family gifts will help them to feel closer to you even if they live hundreds of miles away. These thoughtful gifts will ensure that all of your family members feel the love even when they are far away. Whether a gift to a homesick nephew or just to connect with relatives this holiday season, you’re sure to find amazing gift ideas for long-distance loved ones on our list. 

A Great Big Hug Across The Miles Custom Pillow - cute gifts to send in the mail

A Great Big Hug Across The Miles Custom Pillow


In search of a meaningful long-distance gift for parents? This adorable pillow makes a lovely gift to give to mom and dad to let them know that you are always thinking about them. Customize the pillow for a one-of-a-kind gift.

Holds Us Together Custom Canvas Print -  gift ideas for parents who live far away

Holds Us Together Custom Canvas Print


As kids get older they move out to different parts of the world and the country. This meaningful gift is one of the greatest long-distance Mother’s day gifts for mom. Easily bring everyone together with this personalized puzzle map. Mom is truly the piece that holds everyone together.

Distance Means So Little Custom Map Mug - gifts across the miles

Distance Means So Little Custom Map Mug


When your favorite person moves out of state, get them this mug as a lovely going away gift. A pair of mugs for each of you to celebrate the special bond that you share. Distance means nothing when your hearts are close.

Family Street Sign Custom Canvas Print


As your family grows, they will likely move to different parts of the country or the world. This lovely Family Street Sign makes a great gift for parents or grandparents. You can customize each sign with the sibling’s names.

Very Big Hug Blanket - gifts for sister who lives far away

Very Big Hug Blanket


When you live far away from your loved ones, those great hugs you get are few and far between. This big hug blanket makes a lovely substitute for those times in between. They’ll feel that hug from you no matter how far away they are.

State Scented Candle - gifts to send to family out of state

State Scented Candle


The scent is the strongest sense linked to memory. Wouldn’t it be great if you could share that special smell with someone from your home state? Now you can! These candles are great for anyone who might feel homesick in their new state.

Long-Distance Family Lamp

Long-Distance Family Lamp


It’s really amazing how technology has provided so many unique ways and gifts to stay connected. No matter how far apart you live, you can always let someone know that you are thinking of them with a light touch of this lamp.

Merry Christmas Family Photo Desktop Plaque - christmas gifts long distance family

Merry Christmas Family Photo Desktop Plaque


Rather than giving someone a card that will likely end up in the garbage, give them someone extra special. The perfect family Christmas gift to include pictures of all family members. Your family will feel like they are close with this beautiful photo plaque.

Hugs From Home Custom Pillow

Hugs From Home Custom Pillow


This pillow is one of the best long-distance family gifts from parents to children who study far from home. Going off to college is a big deal, it’s even more stressful when they’re far from home. This pillow’s a reminder of how special you are to them. 

Urban Map Glass - buying a gift for someone overseas

Urban Map Glass


A super cool way to commemorate your local town is to get these urban map rocks glasses. Choose from their hometown or their new place of residence. A cool and affordable gift for someone who has just moved to a new city.

A Letter for the Littlest Bear - presents for family members

A Letter for the Littlest Bear


Personalized books make a memorable gift for grandchildren who live far away. This custom book makes a great gift for the newest member of the family. Get a copy for yourself so you can read it to your little one.

Monthly Flower Subscriptions - gifts for everyone in the family

Monthly Flower Subscriptions


A monthly subscription is great as it’s a gift that keeps on giving. Even though they are far away, they will think of you each time they get a new flower shipment. A thoughtful gift to warm their heart.

Custom Keychain - buying a gift for someone overseas

Custom Keychain


Whether in a different state or a different country overseas, this custom keychain makes a lovely long-distance family gift. No matter how far, you know your love to reach one another. Be sure to get a keychain for each of you.

Coordinates Necklace - long distance birthday gifts for sister

Coordinates Necklace


This custom gold necklace makes a great gift for a sister who has gone off to college or moved away. The coordinates on the necklace can represent her hometown, her childhood home, or a place that is special to her heart. 

Open When Envelopes and Note Cards


There are so many great sentimental ideas for someone far away. These envelope and note cards are great for cheering someone up when they are feeling down. Inside you can write a poem, a motivational quote or a love letter to them.

Mother and Daughter Desktop  Plaque - far away mother daughter distance quotes

Mother and Daughter Desktop Plaque


Even though she might be far away and too big for your lap, she is still your little girl. Be sure she never forgets that with this beautiful desktop photo plaque. Include your favorite picture of the two of you to make it become one of the best long-distance family gifts from daughter.

Why I Miss You Fill The Book - gifts for distant family

Why I Miss You Fill The Book


Fill in the blank books are a funny and creative gift that people love to get, as well as give. While you might not always be able to say what you want in writing, this book will bring a smile to their face.

Long Distance Family Frame

Long Distance Frame


Let someone know you’re thinking of them with this long-distance frame. Each time you think about them, simply tap the frame and both will light up a different color. This lets them know you are in their thoughts.

Handwriting Recipe Cutting Board - cute gifts to send in the mail

Handwriting Recipe Cutting Board


Oftentimes, the most cherished family recipes are written down on an old index card shoved in the back of a recipe box. Capture Nana’s banana bread recipe or GiGi’s chocolate chip cookies in their own writing with this custom engraved cutting board.

Portable Photo Printer - family love gifts

Portable Photo Printer


Getting photos printed can be a pain in the butt. Go to the store, make sure they’re in the right format. This portable photo printer makes a practical and useful gift. You can easily print photos and turn them into mementos.

Long distance family Bracelet

State Countries Bracelet


This bracelet makes a great gift for besties that live in different states. This beautiful and delicate bracelet can fit up to three states on it. A lovely gift to always remind them of how close you are even when you’re not together.

Picture of Us Desktop Plaque - gifts for long distance grandparents

Picture of Us Desktop Plaque


Searching for thoughtful long-distance gifts for grandparents? This photo plaque ensures that grandma and grandpa can still see their sweet faces every day. A cute and simple gift you know they will love almost as much as they love their grandbabies.

Daddy I Got You This To Cuddle Custom Throw Pillow

Daddy I Got You This To Cuddle Custom Throw Pillow


This pillow makes a wonderful long-distance father’s day gift. If dad is away on business a lot or has shared custody of the kiddoes, he will certainly appreciate this gift from his little ones. While it’s not as good as real snuggles, it’s close.

There are so many thoughtful and adorable long-distance family gifts for your loved ones on our curated list. You are sure to find something they will love and appreciate just as much as they do you.


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