25 Best Wedding Gifts For Lesbian Couples in 2024

25 Best Wedding Gifts For Lesbian Couples in 2024

If you’re shopping for the ideal lesbian wedding gifts, you’ll find them here. This comprehensive list of same-sex marriage presents something for every LGBT couple!

From heartfelt to personalized gay wedding gifts, your spouse or the newlyweds are sure to love these great hers and her gifts. They will appreciate the thought and sentiment you put into making their special day even better!

1. Custom Star Map And Spiral Song Lyrics

lesbian wedding gift ideas: Custom Star Map And Spiral Song Lyrics


Take your partner to the moon and back with this wonderful lesbian engagement, wedding, or anniversary gift! Personalized with your name, date, song, and location, this home decor is a stunning display of fate. The stars aligned when you met, and this map is proof!

2. Mrs. and Mrs. Fork

hers and hers gifts: Mrs. and Mrs. Fork


Get the brides a unique lesbian wedding gift that’s sure to be a fun surprise. This set of Mrs. and Mrs. Forks will definitely be a hit! Handcrafted from vintage silverware, this clever and creative design is something any female couple will love!

3. Personalized Suede Pillow With Names And Date

wedding gifts for two brides: Personalized Suede Pillow With Names And Date


They’re soulmates, so you want to find gifts for gay and lesbian couples that are as special as their bond. This custom pillow is a great choice! It features their names and wedding dates for an instant reminder of their happy day. Each bride will love it!

4. Couple Puzzle Map Canvas

wedding gifts for two brides: Couple Puzzle Map Canvas


The lesbian couple is getting married soon. You need a last-minute idea to knock their socks off. This puzzle map print will do the trick! Personalized with their names and locations, it’s a great way to demonstrate they’re the perfect fit for each other.

5. Custom Couple’s Names Mug

wedding gift for lesbian couple: Custom Name Mug


Let the two brides enjoy their mornings with a pair of coffee cups. This ceramic mug set features their names and wedding dates for a unique same-sex gift for the couple. It’s a simple yet perfect way for them to share a special moment together each and every day.

6. Gift Basket

same sex wedding gifts: Gift Basket


A pre-made gift basket or box is an exciting idea for any same-sex marriage. Give the gay or lesbian couple a heartfelt congratulations with these assorted items. Make their special day even better with this fun present. There’s something for everyone in this treasure trove of delights!

7. Heart-Shaped Song Lyrics Blanket

gifts for lesbian marriage: Heart-Shaped Song Lyrics Blanket


LGBT couple gifts should be heartfelt and meaningful. Get the brides something that’s both but also practical! They’ll certainly take pride in decorating their home with this custom blanket. Made just for them, it features their names, wedding dates, and a special song.

8. Mrs. Right and Mrs. Always Right Glass

hers and hers gifts: Mrs. Right and Mrs. Always Right Glass


Are you searching for funny and lighthearted lesbian couple gifts? Do you need something for an engagement party or bridal shower? Look no further than this set of hers and her glasses. They’re a fun way to toast their happy union!

9. Kitchen Towel Set

gifts for lesbian couples: Kitchen Towel Set


As a housewarming or bridal shower gift, a kitchen towel set is a surefire winner. This customized lesbian design comes in an array of colors to match any home decor. Add some spice to their mealtime! For couples living together, this present is a treat.

10. Holding Hands Line Drawing Wall Art

lesbian wedding gift ideas: Holding Hands Line Drawing Wall Art


This art is minimalism at its finest. A simple drawing that captures the heart, it’s the perfect engagement gift for a female couple! Personalized with their names and date of marriage, it’s a beautiful line sketch mixed with gentle abstract shapes. Let their love shine with this great keepsake!

11. Pride Couple Matching Bracelet

gifts for female couples: Pride Couple Matching Bracelet


A wonderful idea for a gay or lesbian couple’s wedding present is a gift basket. Designing a custom creation shows how much you care. These promise bracelets make great basket goodies! Add them to a collection of fun and heartfelt items for a one-of-a-kind treasure.

12. Love Infinity Desktop Plaque

wedding gift for gay female couple: Love Infinity Desktop Plaque


Unique gifts for lesbian couples don’t get any better than personalized art! The newlyweds will adore this desk frame that sums up their love. Their names and wedding dates add a custom flair to this keepsake, which is perfect for the home or office.

13. Rainbow Heart Clock

wedding present for LGBT couple: rainbow heart clock


A unique gift for your favorite newlyweds. It is a thoughtful lesbian wedding gift with a contemporary design. Looking no further, this clock is a great way to celebrate their new lives together.

14. Wooden Couples Coasters

wedding gifts for same sex couples: Wooden Couples Coasters


You can’t go wrong with functional art as wedding gifts for two brides. These coasters are cute and stylish. The happy couple will love adding this handcrafted design to their home decor. It’s a creative way to enhance any room!

15. Rainbow Flower Tunnel Pop Up Card

lesbian gift ideas: Rainbow Flower Tunnel Pop Up Card


Any good lesbian couple’s gift deserves a great card to go with it. This majestic piece is a work of art! Colorful and unique, it’s a handmade surprise that’s as impressive as it is beautiful. Any bride will treasure this heartwarming idea!

16. City Skyline Cutting Board

same sex wedding gifts: infinity wood cutting board


If the lesbian couple enjoys cooking, give them a same-sex wedding present that they can display and use in their kitchen. Consider this personalized engraved wood cutting board with their married name or titles, wedding date, and other information.

17. Massage Oil Candle

wedding gifts for same sex marriage: Massage Oil Candle


There is nothing better than a romantic candle with warm and soothing massage oil. This candle is made from the finest ingredients to pamper your bride.

18. Day To Remember Throw Pillow

wedding gifts for lesbians: Day To Remember Throw Pillow


Remind the happy couple of their best day ever with this charming throw pillow. Personalized with their names and wedding dates, it’ll look great decorating any sofa, bed, or chair. Show them how much you care with this soft and cozy keepsake.

19. Wedding Sign

gifts for lesbian marriage: Wedding Sign


Rustic gift ideas are great for turning a house into a home. This minimalist art is wonderful for a lesbian engagement, wedding, or bridal shower. Personalize it however you want, and honor their love! Any gay or lesbian couple will treasure this handcrafted wooden sign.

20. Mrs. Robe

wedding gifts for lesbian couples: Mrs Robe


Luxury and comfort are two things that every couple needs. This is where matching robes come in. Made from lightweight, soft fabric, these robes are great for the brides to wear around the house, on the beach, or even for a romantic evening.

21. Custom Bride And Bride Couple Art

gifts for lesbian couples: Custom Bride And Bride Art


For unique spouse or lesbian couple gifts, nothing says romance more than this touching art. Speak from the heart! You get to be the designer by crafting this sweet keepsake in a personal way. Imagine the joy on your partner’s face when she sees this beautiful and thoughtful same-sex wedding present.

22. Hand Stamped Keychains

best gifts for lesbian couples: Hand Stamped Keychains


If you’re looking for a heartwarming female couple gift, this handmade set of cute keychains is perfect! Let them carry their love wherever they go. Customized with their wedding date, it’s a charming present that holds the keys to each other’s hearts!

23. Bathtub Tray

wedding gifts for gay female couples: Bathtub Tray


Need to get a same-sex marriage gift for your newlywed friends? This bathtub tray is a perfect choice! It is a bath tray made of bamboo that holds all the essentials that the couple needs to have a long bath together.

24. Couple Initials Throw Blanket

lesbian wedding gift ideas: Couple Initials Throw Blanket


Gifts for lesbian weddings or engagement celebrations should come with a tender touch. Personalized with their names, initials, and special dates, this throw is a great way to honor the two brides! Soft, warm, and cozy, it’s perfect for any bridal shower, wedding, or anniversary.

25. Two Brides Silhouette Song Lyrics

wedding gifts for two brides:Two Brides Silhouette Song Lyrics


A strong heart and a tender soul make a loving lesbian marriage last. Sing the praises of your unbreakable bond with this personalized wall art. Add your names, a wedding date, and a special tune for a sweet spouse gift that can’t be beaten!

Start married life off on the right foot. Honor your partner or congratulate your favorite lesbian couple with a beautiful surprise. Celebrate the big day! Any of the lesbian wedding gifts you choose from this list is bound to make a million smiles!



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