20+ Last-Minute Anniversary Gift Ideas to Save the Day (2024)

20+ Last-Minute Anniversary Gift Ideas to Save the Day (2024)

Whether you are a procrastinator or you succumbed to choice paralysis, we’ve got remarkable last-minute anniversary gifts for you. Fast and easy presents can come off as inconsiderate. With that in mind, our super-quick gifts will ensure the recipient feels like you’ve been thinking about them throughout.

These creative and practical gifts are guaranteed to heighten the love on your special day. Here are some spectacular last-minute gift ideas for the perfect anniversary!

last minute anniversary ideas: a gift card

1. Gift Cards


Gift cards are not really a unique idea, but they make for easy anniversary gifts. You simply have to choose a store the recipient likes, and an e-gift card gets delivered to them within minutes. How convenient! You probably don’t have any idea what to get them considering how long you waited. That’s okay because these days, a digital gift is no longer a last-ditch effort!

last minute anniversary gift: wine and copper chiller gift set from harryanddavid

2. Gift Set


Super creative presents make great last-minute anniversary gifts, especially when they’re as unique as a gift basket! Your partner will be in absolute awe of the sweet delights, mouthwatering gourmet assortments, and exquisite wines. They will be so impressed with the gift, and there’s no doubt your special day will be one to remember! Harry&David offers several inordinate options to choose from.

anniversary & valentines gift ideas: what i love about us journal

3. What I Love About Us Journal


With this journal, you can describe just how much you love your spouse in 177 pages. While it’s probably not enough to embrace the full essence of your passion, the recipient will appreciate this novelty gift. Featuring simple prompts to make it easy to express yourself, you can be as witty and risqué as you like. It may be unusual, but it’s one of the cutest last-minute anniversary ideas!

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last minute anniversary gift ideas: printable love card

4. Printable Greeting Card


This one must be the quickest and easiest anniversary gift ideas for your other half. These punny and cheesy cards will put a smile on their face for sure. Don’t forget to pair it with some flowers and their favorite treats though. Neat, right? It’s one of the fast gift ideas that your partner will love!

last minute anniversary gifts for him: personalized leather dopp kit

5. Personalized Leather Dopp Kit


Ideally, your last-minute anniversary gifts for him should be unique. That way, he will not feel like it’s an eleventh-hour thought. When you’re out of time and ideas, you can’t go wrong with a classy, personalized leather Dopp kit. A custom leather toiletry bag is a staple for any well-groomed man. This stylish, vintage-looking travel case will keep all your husband’s grooming items neatly organized!

last minute anniversary gifts: personalized serving platter

6. Personalized Serving Platter


Are you looking for a thoughtful and personal gift? This bespoke cheese serving platter is available in rustic slate or wood, perfect for entertaining in style. This useful serving platter will last for years to come while also accentuating the kitchen space. It’s an appreciable dinner party accessory and perfect for adorning a new home. There are few better last-minute anniversary gifts out there!

anniversary gift ideas: hand molding kit

7. Hands Casting Kit


You could spend months looking for the perfect last-minute wedding anniversary gifts and wouldn’t stumble upon this one. It’s one of the most creative gifts you can ever get your spouse. Nothing exemplifies an eternal union more. The mold will capture all the features of both your hands, making for a one-of-a-kind treasured gift. Your favorite couple would also love this one!

last minute anniversary gifts for her: digital printable custom star map

8. Digital Custom Star Map


The day you kissed for the first time, the stars aligned, forging a beautiful union that would last forever. What if you could determine how the night sky looked that day? How cool would that be? Well, it’s possible! This star map uses astronomy software to recreate what the night sky looked like at a specific place and time. This one probably tops all the quick anniversary ideas.

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quick anniversary gifts: digital wedding date art print

9. Digital Wedding Date Art Print


You’ve waited till the last minute to pick out something special, and now the anxiety is kicking in. Or maybe the decision paralysis just got the best of you. Relax, we got you! In fact, super quick gifts aren’t that hard to come by. This wedding date art print will be ready fast, in under 24 hours, leaving you to enjoy a spectacular anniversary! Also, it’s a great anniversary gifts for any lesbian couple.

last minute anniversary ideas: custom wooden cutting board

10. Custom Cutting Board


Finding last-minute anniversary gifts for her that are not boring isn’t easy. However, we’ve identified a quick gift you’ll both love. Upgrade your old, splintered cutting board with a classic, top-quality customized one! Great for serving more than cheese, meats, and crackers, it’s as stunning as it is practical. You can easily personalize the cutting board with your names, dates, and even a special message!

last minute anniversary gift ideas: a bottle of wine

11. A Bottle of Wine


If you are looking for quick and easy last-minute anniversary gifts, a bottle of wine is not a bad idea. With Drizly, you get the best of both worlds. Firstly, you get to choose your favorite bottle of red or white and have it delivered in under 60 minutes. Then the best part about it is that you can both indulge and celebrate together. It’s that easy!

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quick anniversary gift: custom wine label

12. Custom Wine Bottle Label


There’s nothing better than coming home after a long day and sharing a bottle of wine with your sweetheart. It can turn a tedious and dull day into a beautiful one. Top that off with a custom wine label, and you’ve got a cool romantic last-minute anniversary gift. Make it extra special by customizing the label with something only the two of you would understand!

last minute anniversary gifts: bamboo cheese board set

13. Bamboo Cheese Board Set


Are you tired of coming across the same cheap anniversary ideas? Your wife has probably received several unimaginative presents over the years. How about you surprise her with something pretty unique this time? This bamboo cheese board set is the perfect size for any event and will surely impress her friends. It’s built to complement any kitchen with its marvelous design and premium cutlery set!

quick gift for anniversary: air fryer from cosori

14. Air Fryer


There are very few things that can make for useful additions to a woman’s kitchen. We had to think outside the box for top last-minute anniversary gifts. It’s exceptional, and she’ll love it! This air fryer uses up to 85% less fat than traditionally deep-fried food. That means she’ll be able to enjoy her junk food without feeling guilty. We all know her happiness is a good thing for you!

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last minute gift for anniversary: neck and shoulder massager

15. Neck and Shoulder Massager


Although you both deserve it, it’s improbable that you can go to the spa every single weekend. That doesn’t mean you can’t still get that five-star treatment at home. Your partner will appreciate you even more for this one. With eight bi-directional rotation knots and optional heating, no quick anniversary gifts can beat this. Imagine enjoying a bottle of red with your sweetheart while getting the best massage out there!

unisex spa gift box

16. Spa Gift Box


They say a happy wife inevitably leads to a happy marriage. We doubt there are any last-minute anniversary gifts for your wife that can make her more delighted. It has everything she needs to recreate the spa experience. There’s no doubt that you’ll both enjoy using it. Did we mention that the products are formulated with natural, nutrient-rich ingredients? It features products that strengthen and fortify skin while eliminating toxins! Plus, this gift set works for both genders as well!

premium high quality bed sheets set

17. Bed Sheets Set


Looking for last-minute anniversary gifts that should be practical as well? What beats sliding into luxurious bed sheets after a well-deserved post-work shower? Absolutely nothing! Spoil your other half with these deluxe sheets with remarkable durability. Crafted from ultra-soft microfibers, they are hypo-allergenic, wrinkle, and fade resistant. We have to apologize in advance! You might be getting to work late more often because they are that comfortable.

useful last minute gift for anniversary: indoor hydroponic garden

18. Indoor Hydroponic Garden


Next-generation gardening is just a click away. If you are looking for last-minute gift ideas for your girlfriend, this is a great option. This high-performance indoor hydroponic garden grows fresh herbs & veggies all year round. Her cooking experience will never be the same again. Imagine having herbs like Genovese basil, curly parsley, thyme, and mint within reach whenever you make your meals!

anniversary gift for parents: birds in tree anniversary art print

19. Birds in Tree Art Print


It might be late, but we still have great anniversary gifts for your parents. This print is a heartfelt way to celebrate an important anniversary. Let’s face it – without your parents, you wouldn’t be here today. It’s only right that you honor them with a present they’ll cherish forever. There’s nothing more beautiful than enduring love. Customize it with their first names and wedding date to complete the gift!

quick anniversary gifts for her: nested storage bowls

20. Microwavable Nested Storage Bowls


These days, no one has the time to set a full dinner table each night. Gone are the days of silverware, cloth napkins, and vegetable sides in fancy serving platters. These microwavable storage bowls are the perfect DIY anniversary gifts. You can use them to store food in the fridge or freezer. Come dinnertime, heat the food and serve directly out of the bowls! How convenient is that?

super quick gifts: netflix gift card

21. Netflix Subscription


In 2020, Netflix brought us content that took the whole world’s breath away. If your husband enjoys sensational shows, movies, and documentaries, it doesn’t get better than Netflix. If you are looking for quick anniversary gifts for him, look no further. Now you can binge-watch your favorite TV shows and enjoy flicks together. That’s called killing two birds with one stone!

pesonalize Streẻ Sign Canvas Print

22. Personalized Street Sign Canvas Print


Last-Minute Anniversary? Create a meaningful keepsake with our Personalized Street Sign Canvas Print. Add your name, date, or special message. A thoughtful, quick gift that captures your love and memories.



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