25+ Inspirational Gifts to Spread Positivity and Motivation in 2021

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  • January 4, 2021
25+ Inspirational Gifts to Spread Positivity and Motivation in 2021

In many cases, a few inspirational gifts go a long way in helping your loved ones be okay and pushing them to keep moving forward. Here are our recommendations for inspirational gifts to give to your friends, coworkers or significant other when they are in dire need of a little positivity and motivation.

1. “Be The Kind Of Woman That When Your Feet Hit The Floor” Canvas Wall Art

Be The Kind Of Woman That When Your Feet Hit The Floor - Inspiration Gift Canvas Print

This art print is the perfect gift for a woman in your life who needs a little extra positivity right now. Give this to her so she may look at it and find the motivation to get back to striving towards her goals and helping others achieve theirs.

She is strong and she knows it, but she can do with a few reminders now and then to help her keep her motivation on track.

2. Hamilton-Inspired Rise Up Earrings

Hamilton-Inspired Rise Up Earrings - Inspirational Gifts For Her

When life becomes a little tough, people tend to feel disheartened. To inspire them, you must look for encouraging gifts which would help them regain their passion and rise up against the odds. If your loved one is a fan of Hamilton, this pair of earrings would be the perfect gift for them.

They will embody the message of courage and motivate them to keep running after their dreams and bravely face every hurdle along the way.

3. Morse Code Bracelet

Morse Code Bracelet, Inspirational Bracelet for Women

For your friend or coworker who is going through a tough time, this Morse Code Bracelet is the perfect gift! You can get it engraved with the message of your choice, printed in Morse code on the outside and plain English on the inside.

The messages range from a simple ‘Be Strong’ and ‘Breathe’ to something sassy like ‘I’m a ray of fvcking sunshine’, giving you ample room to play with. The bracelet is unique but simple enough that they can wear it daily and feel its uplifting energy throughout the day.

4. Inspirational Coaster Set

Inspirational Coaster Gift Set

The most commonly used items in the house that also serve as décor are the coasters. To ensure your best friend or significant other always finds a little encouragement around the house daily, give them these coasters with uplifting and positive sayings printed on them.

Every time they sit down for coffee or tea, they will see the positivity. This will allow them to find bits of motivation every single day in optimal doses.

5. “The Future Belongs To Those Who Believe In The Beauty Of Their Dream” Desktop Photo Plaque

the future belongs to those who believe - inspirational graduation gifts for her

Graduations are a time for celebrations and gifts, and this custom photo plaque is the perfect gift to give to a recent graduate. The inspiring quote will not only applaud them for their achievement but also to encourage them to keep believing in their dreams as they look towards the future.

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6. “We Don’t Know How Strong We Are” Tote Bag

we don't know how strong we are tote bag

Life sometimes deals people a really bad hand and they need all the inspiration and motivation they can get to help them overcome their ordeal. If a loved one is going through a tough time, give them this tote bag with a beautifully inspiring quote to help lift their spirits.

It is understood that they will take time to be okay, but in the meantime, such encouraging gifts will help uplift their spirits a little bit.

7. “Leadership Is About Making Others Better” Canvas Print

leadership is about making others better inspirational canvas print wall art gift

If you have an ambitious loved one or coworker, you are likely aware of how passionate they are about leading successfully. To help them stay on track in their leadership, give them this elegant canvas print to use as wall art at either their house or their office.

The quote will remind them of a fundamental part of their leadership role and encourage them to be more compassionate in their workings.

Leadership Is About Making Others Better Inspirational Leadership Canvas Print

8. Healing Thoughts Blanket

Healing Thoughts Blanket With Healing, inspirational and motivational wordings

Put all your love, compassion and wishes into this healing thoughts blanket and send it as a caring gift to a loved one who needs it. The healing words of inspiration will help them keep believing in a better future and the warmth will convey your love and thoughts to them.

This gift will be well appreciated.

9. Ruth Bader Ginsburg Poster

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Poster With An Inspirational Quote

If you are looking for inspirational gifts, it makes the most sense to select the poster of one of the most powerful female leaders of recent times. Ruth Bader Ginsberg has a legacy few can compete with, and her impactful words symbolize both strength and determination.

For the loved ones in your life feeling uninspired, especially women, this poster will be the perfect gift to get them back to striving to achieve their goal of helping others.

10. Inspirational Scripture Stones

Inspirational Scripture Stones, Religious Gift Ideas for Friends and Family

Quotes from scriptures are sometimes the most effective sources of inspiration and having them around the house really helps to uplift the spirit. Buy these Inspirational Scripture Stones for a friend or coworker who might need some positive energy to get through the day.

You can even get some for your own home to brighten up the energy in the house.

11. Believe Butterfly Mug

Believe Butterfly Coffee Mug w:Mark 9-23, Bible Verse Mug for Women

Uplifting Christian gifts, which add inspiration to routine, are probably the most effective in helping people power through tough times.  So gift this beautiful yet inexpensive inspirational coffee mug to your friend or significant other to help cheer them up with encouraging words from the Bible.

12. The Morning Sidekick Journal

The Morning Sidekick Journal - inspirational gifts

Some of the best encouraging gifts to help people get their groove back involve habit tracking. Therefore, if a friend or a loved one has been under the weather recently, gift them this Morning Sidekick Journal so they may start planning out their day and their habits.

This exercise will allow them to create a routine that will slowly uplift them out of their slump.

13. Boss Lady Pen Set

Metal Boss Lady Pen Set Inspirational Motivational Quotes

The ambitious women in your life will always appreciate the encouraging gifts which help them keep pushing towards success. So give this “Boss Lady” Pen set to the boss lady who deserves all the encouragement in her journey to the top.

14. “Beautiful Girl, You Can Do Hard Things” Bracelet

Beautiful Girl, You Can Do Hard Things Inspirational Bracelet For Daughter

The best way to help teenage girls through a difficult time in their lives is by reminding them how strong and capable they are. So give your daughter this beautiful bracelet to cheer her up and encourage her to bravely tackle her troubles head-on.

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15. “She Believed She Could, So She Did” Trinket Dish

She Believed She Could Jewelry Dish

Some of the most motivational gifts for women are ones that help them believe in themselves and their own strengths. So give your daughter this trinket dish as a graduation gift to encourage her to rush towards her dreams with everything she has.

16. “Keep Shining Beautiful One, The World Needs Your Light” Tumbler

Keep Shining Beautiful One The World Needs Your Light - Inspirational Gifts for Women

The only person you love nearly as much as you love your best friend is your work best friend. Since both the best friend and the coworker help make life more bearable for you, reciprocate the favor by giving them this adorable tumbler! It will automatically uplift their mood and spread positive energy around them.

17. Inspirational Sticky Notes

Inspirational Sticky Notes

Everyone needs a little inspiration to get them through the day. Make sure you have this need covered by buying the Inspirational Sticky Notes and posting them around the office for your coworkers to find. They will automatically feel lighter at work and smile more often.

18. “Think Outside The Box” Art Print

think outside the box canvas print

The most innovative ideas are a result of unique outlooks and unusual takes on the subject. To encourage your employees to be more innovative, buy this Art Print as a wall décor for the office. Seeing it every day is likely to inspire your coworkers to take up a variety of approaches to problem-solving, which will improve team performance.

19. Success Inspirational Cards Deck

Success Inspirational Cards Deck

Some of the most uplifting gifts are filled with positive energy and inspiration – this card deck is one such gift. Each card carries different short and crisp inspiring messages that light a fire within readers.

If a loved one is in need of some extensive encouragement, consider buying this deck as a gift for them.

20. “Where There Is Hope There Is Faith” Canvas Print

Where There Is Hope There Is Faith Canvas Print Gift

One of the best things about inspirational Christian gifts is that they are highly motivating and encouraging. Since they use just the right verses from the scripture, the result is elegant and beautiful enough to make for the perfect wall décor.

21. Butterfly Necklace

Motivational Gift Necklace

A great way to motivate people to achieve their goals is by giving them a gift that can become a daily reminder of their determination. So give your loved one this delicately beautiful necklace with a heartfelt message. The necklace will symbolize their strength and help them struggle on.

22. ThoughtFulls Pop-Open Cards: Trust Your Crazy Ideas

ThoughtFulls Pop-Open Cards: Trust Your Crazy Ideas Gift

If you want to brighten the spirits of friends and coworkers without putting a dent in your bank account, you should give them the Pop Open Cards. There is a variety to select from based on whether you want a more inspirational, motivational or uplifting gift. In every new card will be a different message pushing them to believe in themselves.

a card with the quote from Meryl Streep

23. Inspirational Standing Flip Calendar

Inspirational Standing Flip Calendar

Give someone a year’s worth of inspiration by giving them this Inspirational Flip Calendar. With 365+ inspirational quotes, they will find the daily compliments to motivate them all year round. It is a beautiful way to show people you care.

24. To My Daughter Leather Writing Journal

Dad To Daughter Gifts with Inspirational Quotes - Retro Tree of Life Faux Leather Cover Writing Journal

The best way to encourage your daughter to keep on exploring herself through writing is by giving her this beautiful writing journal. Not only is it practical, but it will also allow them to carry your love around with them to remind them that they are adored and needed. So pass on the torch of inspiration from parent to daughter with this gift.

25. Educated: A Memoir Book

Educated: A Memoir Hardcover

If someone close to you has been feeling discouraged due to their circumstances, help bring their motivation back by gifting this brilliant book to them, which reached #1 on New York Times list. An inspiring story of a woman who beat the odds of her poor circumstances to find success, this book will inspire them to overcome their situation and uplift their mood.

26. “She Sees Possibility Everywhere” Cosmetic Bag

Eyelash She's A Dreamer Cotton Canvas Makeup Bag | Inspirational Motivational Gift for Her

Make sure your makeup loving friend or SO get their daily dose of positive affirmations with this inspirational makeup bag. A clear reflection of their optimistic and bright personality, this will help them stay positive in an environment that keeps testing their strength.

27. Keep Going Ring

Keep Going Ring Inspirational Jewelry

When everything keeps pushing us down, the one thing that can help the spirit is a daily reminder that we can still keep fighting. Buy this elegant ring for yourself or for a loved one struggling through life to cheer them up and to give them the motivation to keep pushing against life’s currents.

28. She Inspires Candle

She Inspires Candle Gift For Women

Feminist gifts beautifully celebrate the strong women in our lives because they remind them of their perseverance and determination. With a selection of empowering words on each candle, you will be able to reiterate the positive impact of their powerful traits.

So don’t shy away and show the women in your life how much you appreciate them.


To sum up, the best inspiring gifts are those which are able to uplift a person and encourage them to keep on pushing forward to achieve their dreams. We hope you find the perfect inspirational gifts for your loved ones or coworkers from our list.



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