41 of the Best Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

  • BY Joe Palinsky
  • February 10, 2023
41 of the Best Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Buying the perfect inexpensive gifts for coworkers can often prove a bit more challenging than people anticipate. Unlike the relationship you have with family and friends, you may be less familiar with the interests and hobbies of your teammates at work.

Thankfully, you can easily find cheap, small, and quick holiday gift ideas for the people in the workplace with a little research. This curated list of budget-friendly Christmas gifts for coworkers contains a variety of options to explore. Review these presents and see how you can make everyone on your list feel appreciated.


Friend photo on desktop plaque

Desktop Photo Plaque


The longer you’ve been working with certain people, the more likely it is that you feel a sense of kinship with them. Capture this feeling perfectly by offering a holiday gift that speaks from the heart. This personalized desktop photo plaque is an ideal fit.


Storm Cloud Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Storm Cloud


When you’re stuck on ideas, thinking outside the box can be one of the best options to help you find the perfect cheap Christmas present for coworkers. Finding a gift that can be placed on your friend’s desk is a perfect fit, as he or she can prominently display the item for all of the office to see.


Sometimes I Stay Inside Because It’s Just Too Peopley Out There Mug
Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

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Funny Mug


Sometimes, the best gift to get for someone on your list for under $30 is one that is funny. When you can make the people in your office laugh or smile over your present, then you can be sure
that it is one that has made an impact.


Business Etiquette For Dummies Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Funny Etiquette Book


Looking for a present that can entertain and delight at the same time? If you need a present that falls into the category of gifts under 20 for coworkers, then you might want to look at an option like a clever etiquette book for how to behave around the office. A perfect tongue-in-cheek present.


There Is No Greater Gift Than Friendship Personalized Christmas Ornament Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Personalized Friendship Ornament


Though you might not know everyone in the office, it stands to reason there are some people
around you who you consider very good friends. If you want to make these people feel
appreciated, consider a low cost and thoughtful gift like a personalized holiday ornament.


Spa Scrubbie and Tropical Bath Tea Soak Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Spa Scrubbie and Tropical Bath Tea Soak

Do you work a very stressful job? If the long hours are a lot to handle, you can definitely find a great inexpensive gifts for coworkers by providing a present that offers a chance to relax and unwind. Inexpensive gifts to make for coworkers are a great way to encourage relaxation. 


Mini Cactus Humidifier  Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Mini Cactus Humidifier


Office life can be trying in a number of ways. One annoyance can be air quality. If you want to make your coworker smile, consider a present like a humidifier. The cactus design gives this present a fun and silly edge that brightens even the dullest of spaces.


Wine Glass Charms - Mustache Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Wine Glass Charms


After a long day at work, there is nothing more relaxing for plenty of people than a glass of wine. If you want to help a coworker turn a normal drink into a cute and fun experience, consider the inexpensive gift of wine charms. A little cheap mustache is sure to make a splash.


Let It Snow Christmas Suede Pillow
Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Let It Snow Christmas Suede Pillow


Getting into the holiday theme with your gift can be a perfect way to narrow your search and find the right fit. If you want inexpensive Xmas gifts for coworkers that really make a statement, then think about this suede pillow featuring some truly classic imagery connected to the season.


Knock Knock High Five Nifty Note Pad
Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Nifty Note Pad


Are you in a Secret Santa and tasked with finding gifts for coworkers under $10? You can easily find a present that isn’t total junk with a little digging. A note pad makes for a practical and thoughtful present that anyone is sure to appreciate.


Kikkerland Dino Memo Holder Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Kikkerland Dino Memo Holder


Theming your gift around office life is a wise way to make your present feel practical. Memos might be important, but they can also be annoying. Help a coworker turn this aspect of office life into something a bit more entertaining with a dino memo holder.


Food Face Plate Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Food Face Plate


Gifts come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re trying to buy for someone who has a unique personality, consider a present that speaks to this. Food face plates are a silly and special way to show a coworker a little love.


coworkers photo on custom mug

Custom Boss Mug


Buying for a boss can be a bit more difficult than purchasing for a coworker. If you’re looking for a funny present to show some appreciation to a wonderful leader, then consider a simple gift like a mug. An easy and effective way to show your boss some love.


Dream Decoder Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Dream Decoder Cards


Do you have a teammate who has a deep interest in dream interpretation? What people conjure up during slumber can be fascinating to some. Help your coworker discover what his or her dreams are all about with a gift aimed at tackling life’s mysteries.


Birthstone Wine Bottle Stopper
Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Birthstone Wine Bottle Stopper


If you know the specific birthstone of a coworker, you can use this information to your advantage when picking out a present. A birthstone wine bottle stopper i an inexpensive and thoughtful way to make one of your friends around the office feel appreciated and seen.


Colorful Keyboard Cover Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Keyboard Cover


A practical gift for the office can be a great way to find a gift that coworkers love. If you need tech gifts for men on your team, a useful gift like a keyboard cover is the way to go. This colorful and clever present is ideal to keep keyboards protected from dust and debris.


Custom Mix Chocolate Gift Tin Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Custom Mix Chocolate Gift Tin


When you’re totally stuck on what kind of present to get for someone in the office, you can never go wrong with some sweets. A custom mix chocolate gift tin provides you with the opportunity to make a coworker smile and get excited to snack. These are also good gifts for employees at Christmas


Knock Knock To Do Pad Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Knock Knock To Do Pad


If there’s an endless list of tasks that need to be finished on a daily basis in the office, then a to-do pad can be the perfect place to write it all down. Make your coworker’s life a bit easier by providing a present that offers an easy place to jot down all of the day’s pressing tasks.


Sea Stone Splash Sponge Holder Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Sea Stone Splash Sponge Holder


Some presents are useful because they are meant to be used away from the office. If your coworkers could use some relaxation, consider a practical present like a sea stone splash sponge holder. This gift is sure to make an impact!


American Greetings New Job Card (You're Hired) Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Cards for New Hires


Looking for the perfect present for a person who just started around the office? Sometimes, the best possible way to make an impression is by looking for cheap gifts for coworkers under $5 like a card. Write a simple message and make the new hire feel excited for what’s in store.


Urban Map Glass Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Urban Map Glass


If you work in a fast-paced urban environment, then you may need to go above and beyond when selecting gifts for male coworkers under $20. A glass featuring the etching of a map of the local city can be an ideal gift for younger members of the team.


Rubbermaid LunchBlox Lunch Bag Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Lunch Bag


The days of bringing a paper bag to the office with your lunch are long gone. If you want to help one of your coworkers enter the current day and age, consider a present like a Rubbermaid lunch bag. This reusable bag makes meal prep a snap.


Work from Home Survival Kit Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Work From Home Survival Kit


In the last few years, the trend of working from home has become the norm for many. If you haven’t seen your coworkers in a bit, a survival kit including all the essentials for getting work done at home is a perfect way to make the holidays bright.


Remote Meeting Energizer Cards Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Remote Meeting Energizer Cards


No one likes meetings. Still, office life seems to make meetings a cornerstone of daily operations. If you need a useful gift for coworkers, consider remote meeting energizer cards that are aimed at infusing new life into the daily grind.


Sugarwish Candy Gift Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Candy Gift


When you want to make your coworkers smile with a thoughtful gift, you don’t need to spend a ton of money. In fact, you can usually discover the right fit for your needs by going with a simple and sweet present like candy. Find out what candy your teammates like and you’ve got a great fit.


Prepworks by Progressive Guacamole Bowl with Spoon Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Prepworks By Progressive Guacamole Bowl


Do you have a culinary whiz in your office? If so, you might be seeking gifts for cooks. A guacamole bowl with spoon is a perfect present for a person who likes to make his or her own meals and could use some extra tools.


Dumpling Light Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Dumpling Light


Sometimes, the best way to get a gift for a teammate is by opting for something unique and adorable. When you want to cute Christmas gifts for coworkers that will surprise and delight, a dumpling light is exactly what you’ve been searching for. A perfect way to illuminate the office.


Kikkerland Tea Scented Erasers  Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Scented Erasers


Erasing a mistake or two is par for the course when doing office work. If you want to turn this simple task into a more enjoyable experience, consider tea-scented erasers. Getting rid of pencil marks never smelled so good!


25 squishy friends Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Squishy Friends


When you have absolutely no idea what to get for your coworker, there are plenty of simple presents out there worth your consideration. Cute squishy toys for the desk can be a wonderful way to brighten a space and make your teammates smile.


friends photos on custom mug

Custom Photo Collage Mug


If you’re particularly close with a coworker, you might have a lot of photos together from throughout the years. Use this to your advantage by putting together a photo collage on a mug that showcases how much you care about each other.


Merry And Bright Christmas Suede Pillow Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Holiday Pillow


Need to find some inexpensive holiday gifts for coworkers fast? A suede pillow featuring a holiday design is an excellent fit. Whether you need a fast present for your boss or a present for an upcoming Secret Santa, this is a great option to go with.


Burt’s Bees Classics Gift Set Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Burt’s Bees Classics Gift Set


Some presents are perfect because they are thoughtful and practical. When you need cheap gifts for women, you can easily get a winner by investing in Burt’s Bees gift sets. Your gift will definitely be appreciated and put to good use.


VAHDAM, Tea Sampler Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Tea Sampler


A cup of tea has a way of calming the spirits during a particularly stressful day. A tea sampler including a variety of options can offer a coworker the perfect chance to escape from the madness. A delicious and thoughtful gift worth your consideration.


Window Plant Pod Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Window Plant Pod


Plants have a way of brightening up any space. If your coworker could use a touch of color in his or her office, then a window plant pod is definitely the gift to grab. No matter the environment you work in, this is a perfect present for the holidays.


Watercolor family tree Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Watercolor Family Tree


You don’t need to spend a fortune to find gifts for the office that make an impact. If you want to grab a present for someone you work with, think about a beautiful and thoughtful option like a watercolor family tree. An inexpensive way to show some holiday love.


 Teamwork Makes the Dream Work Bottle Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work Bottle


Encouragement is always useful in office environments. If you want coworker Christmas gifts under $10, a bottle with a message of inspiration can provide your present with an added push of motivation. Plus, the bottle is a very useful present for anyone in an office.


Orbits Eye Stones Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Orbits Eye Stones


Could your coworker use a bit of pampering after a particularly stressful quarter? If you want to encourage relaxation with your present, one of the best options available to you is a set of eye stones. A present made for nourishing and restoring the body. 


Dog photo on ornament

Happy Pawlidays Personalized Dog Christmas Ornament


Do you have a coworker who has a dog that he or she absolutely loves? If you want to find a holiday gift that goes over well, make the pup the centerpiece of the present. A personalized dog Christmas ornament is the way to make your teammate smile.


Eyeglasses Holder Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Eyeglasses Holder


If you are searching for great employee gifts for coworkers who wear glasses, there are some interesting options to consider. Eyeglass holders offer a practical way for your teammates to keep their glasses safe when they need to take them off for a moment.


Game of Phones Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Game of Phones


Some presents are fun because they offer an opportunity for people to indulge in a bit of entertainment. This present is a wonderful option for the coworker who likes to cut loose and have a bit of fun now and again.


Sunset Sandscape Desk Accessory
Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Sunset Sandscape Desk Accessory


When you’re in need of coworker gift ideas under 10 bucks, you can find a good fit in considering desk accessories. The presents that usually have the biggest impact on people are those that are unique and make for interesting conversation pieces. 

Though finding the perfect inexpensive gifts for coworkers can often prove a bit difficult, there are plenty of amazing options you can discover with a little research. Take time to look over all of the wonderful choices out there and see what fits the personalities of your coworkers best.



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