How to Write Wedding Vows: Easy Guide & Helpful Tips for You

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How to Write Wedding Vows: Easy Guide & Helpful Tips for You

Are you getting married? Then you may be wondering how to write wedding vows

Your wedding day is an important moment and milestone for you and your partner, so it’s important that the ceremony is full of love and promise and commitment.

If you’re interested in writing your own wedding vows for your loved one, it can be difficult to know where to start.

That’s where we come in to help. In our guide, we’ll offer plenty of advice, tips, and samples on how to write the perfect declarations for the love of your life.

On the big day, you’ll have a monologue ready to impress family, friends, and your partner.

Let’s get started.

Wedding Vow Step by Step Template

If you’re wondering how to write wedding vows, let our wedding vow template guide you.

While traditional wedding vows are usually strict and structured, you can be more flexible when penning your own. 

Ready to get inspired? This template is a great place to help you get started.

1. Start with a meaningful statement about who this person is to you. Perhaps they are your best friend, lover, a partner in crime, or everything all in one.

2. Write about what you love most about your partner. Perhaps it’s how they sing in the shower every morning, or maybe they have some personality traits that make you melt. The more specific, the better, as these unique traits are what make people so special.

3. Share personal stories about your relationship. Talk about key memories and meaningful moments that stand out. Hearing about your unique quirks and personal moments makes your vows so much more fun and interesting for your friends and family.

Maybe that trip to Mexico a few years ago was the best holiday of your life, or perhaps your evenings spent watching Christmas movies in December are special to you.

If it feels right, you could share a funny story that will make your partner smile and chuckle during your vows.

4. Let your partner know that you’ll be there for them through thick and thin. Be clear exactly what it is you are promising to them. Is it a lifetime of fun and adventure? Or maybe it is love, care, and a safe place?

Again, make it personal. These promises can be fun and cute, as well as meaningful. For example, you can vow to be the person that sticks by their side forever, while also killing any spiders or bugs that creep into the home.

5. End your vows with one last promise. This part is the more traditional section of the vows.

This is the promise of forever, for eternity, and until death do us part. If you haven’t said it yet, make sure you tell your partner, ‘I love you.’

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Tips for Writing Wedding Vows

Writing wedding vows is an art. Here are some useful tips on how to write wedding vows to consider when penning your declarations to your loved one.

1. Don’t leave it until the last minute to write your vows. You should also take a break when you need to. After all, writing wedding vows can be mentally draining, and sometimes your best work happens when you come back to it the following day.

Plan to have your declarations ready at least three weeks before the big day.

2. Remember, you can’t include everything. Protect your loved one’s privacy and leave out anything too personal or embarrassing. Otherwise, there could be an awkward tension.

3. Avoid clichés that anyone could use or that sound over-the-top. The point of penning your vows is to make them as unique and personal as possible. So, try to come up with inventive ways of showing your partner how you feel.

4. Offer promises but limit using words like ‘always’ and ‘never.’ This kind of language puts on a lot of pressure. Marriage isn’t always going to be easy, so don’t promise perfection.

5. Agree on a particular wedding vows style, format, or tone with your partner. This way, your declarations will complement one another on the big day.

6. Embrace sentimentality, and don’t worry about being ‘too romantic.’ Your wedding day may be the most romantic day of your life, so writing your wedding vows isn’t the time to worry about being sentimental or soppy.

7. Remember to be yourself. Take inspiration from your favorite poets, artists, authors, or romantic films, as long as you stay true to yourself. Don’t let someone else’s words and thoughts overpower your own.

Instead, use these words as a jumping-off point or incorporate these ideas into the original vows you write.

8. Make a list of everything that comes to mind when thinking about your fiancé and your wedding vows. If you need inspiration, look at old memories. Read love letters you may have sent, gaze at old photos, or hold special keepsakes in your hands.

9. Keep your vows at one to two minutes maximum. Remember, marriage vows should be anywhere from 45 seconds to two minutes long, per person. Most wedding vows average at around one minute long, or 150 words.

10. Seek feedback. Ask a trusted close friend who knows you and your fiancé to listen and see if you’re communicating everything you want to say correctly. Ask your parents or grandparents for tips and advice. If you and your partner have agreed to share your vows, see what he or she thinks of them.

11. Finally, practice reading your wedding vows out loud.

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Wedding Vows Samples

Do you need more inspiration? Here are some wedding vows samples to help you write your declarations.

Wedding Vows for Him

Are you looking for groom wedding vows? Make her melt on your big day with these romantic and meaningful declarations.

With these heartfelt notes, she’s sure to feel special on her wedding day. We suggest choosing some of your favorite sentimental snippets and incorporating them into your work.

I see these vows not as promises but as privileges: I get to laugh with you and cry with you; care for you and share with you. I get to run with you and walk with you; build with you and live with you.

I know you. I know you as my love who has always been and will always be. I name you my wife and cannot wait to continue our eternal loving journey.

You are the first person I want to see in the morning and the last at night. I look forward to loving the smallest moments, like your eyes while you toss your hair. Spin a coin into a fountain and make a wish for us. You are my wish come true.

I vow to always protect you from harm, to stand with you against your troubles, and look to you when I need protection.

I promise to be the man that I see now in your eyes, today, tomorrow, and for always.

Take my hand. I vow to hold on tight. I vow to squeeze softly. I vow to kiss your hand. I vow to never let you go.

I promise to be your faithful husband. I promise to love you when the sun shines, when the rain falls, in sickness, and in health. When you look at this ring, think of me and remember that I love you always.

I can't promise to love you perfectly, but I will love you messily, overwhelmingly, inexorably.

You are everything I've ever wanted. You are my dream, my once-in-a-lifetime. I am so excited to hold you forever.

I am so happy to be able to tell you - I do, I will, and I always will - whatever I have is yours.

Wedding Vows for Her

Are you wondering how to write vows for him? Don’t worry. We know writing wedding declarations can be challenging.

Here’s our collection of romantic and profound wedding vow samples for your future husband. These sweet and sincere snippets are bound to make him feel grateful to be your partner.

I vow to be a loving and devoted wife, without judgement, without scorn, but always with an open heart and mind.

I vow to hold your hand in my hand, to hold your head in my hands, and to hold your heart in mine. I love you and you are my husband for all time.

As we grow together, I will build a bough of branches so that we might live in the sky. Together we will live in the air, building our foundations beneath.

I promise never to let go of your hand, that the hand that I take now, will be the same one I hold in the autumn of our lives.

I have prayed my entire life for God to deliver to me a husband as caring, as forthright, and as passionate as you. We are truly ordained to be together under heaven for all time.

From this day forward, I will look to each day with the joy of knowing that my tomorrow includes you. I take you to be my husband, to be my best friend and to stand side-by-side, hand in hand, and heart to heart.

It is you beside me forever more. Today and everyday, that I need for all my life. Let us never be apart and let us join together in heart and spirit for all time.

I love your laugh, I love your spirit, I love that I will spend the rest of my life with you. I love the thought of growing old with you and fighting through challenges, embracing joy, from this moment until the end of time.

You are my sun and sky where night will never set. I will always see your bright joy, burning in my heart, loving me, casting your grace on me, and with that joy and love I will build a cathedral of our lives that we will live in splendor and joy.

"I do" really means, "I will". I will dedicate myself to you. I will take your hand in a spirit of adventure. I will respect your decisions even when I might not agree with them. I will stand by you. I will love you and love growing old with you.

Traditional Wedding Vows

Some couples prefer to use traditional wedding vows on their big day. If you’re looking for inspiration for classic wedding declarations, look no further than this romantic collection.

These wedding vows are ideal for an engaged couple getting married in a traditional setting such as a church or castle.

I, [name], take you, [name], to be my beloved [husband/wife], to have and to hold you, to honor you, to treasure you, to be at your side in sorrow and in joy, in the good times, and in the bad, and to love and cherish you always. I promise you this from my heart, for all the days of my life.

I, [name], choose you [name] to be my [husband/wife], to respect you in your successes and in your failures, to care for you in sickness and in health, to nurture you, and to grow with you throughout the seasons of life.

I, [name], take you [name], to be my [husband/wife], to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; until death do us part. I will love and honor you all the days of my life.

I, [name], take you, [name], to be my partner, loving what I know of you, and trusting what I do not yet know. I eagerly anticipate the chance to grow together, getting to know the person you will become, and falling in love a little more each day. I promise to love and cherish you through whatever life may bring us.

Prefer a modern & non-traditional style instead? Check out the 35 Non-Traditional Wedding Vows And Writing Tips For Him & Her

Romantic Wedding Vows

Your wedding day may be the most romantic in your life. Likewise, sharing wedding vows may be one of the most romantic moments of your life.

That’s why for some couples it’s important to make the wedding vows as amorous as possible. If this is you and your fiancé, gain inspiration here.

My commitment to you is one if give willingly, absolutely, and without hesitation. I am yours utterly and have been since the moment we met. We were married before this day and will always be.

I promise you my unconditional love, tenderness, and undying devotion, to not ask you to be more than you are, and to love you for being you.

I promise to love and care for you, and I will try in every way to be worthy of your love. I will always be honest with you, kind, patient and forgiving. I promise to try to be on time. But most of all, I promise to be a true and loyal friend to you. I love you.

I promise to grow with you and build with you a better life each day as we learn from each other to be patient, kind, giving, and to always cherish each day together.

I vow to love you as you love me, through all hardship, darkness, and pain to reach for our joys, our hopes, and always with honesty and faith.

Funny Wedding Vows

Do you and your partner share a wicked sense of humor? In that case, funny wedding vows will go down a treat.

Make your fiancé and everyone else laugh at your wedding ceremony with one of these hilarious but adorable wedding vows.

I promise to get up and get the remote from across the room, even if it was not I who placed the remote so very far away.

I vow to be there when you start Netflix marathons and finish actual marathons.

Let's forget when to shut up, forget being polite, let's be that couple, those people, and have the time of our lives until we drop dead.

I promise to unclog the tub, even though only one of us has long hair.

I promise to share the covers, leave the light on, make sure the toilet paper is stocked, not use all the hot water, and do as many dishes as I can stomach, as long as we both shall live so help me God.

With our handy tips, advice, and samples, now you know how to write wedding vows. Remember, the more you personalize your wedding oaths, the better. When you share quirky stories and personality traits in your declarations, your partner will feel special and appreciated.

If your vows take longer to write than expected, don’t stress. Follow our tips, and with time your work will come together.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and we hope you have a wonderful day to remember, brimming with love and joy.

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