How To Store Decorative Flags

  • BY Ivy Fanning
  • December 12, 2022
How To Store Decorative Flags

Outdoor flags offer a great way to brighten up the outside of a home during every season, yet plenty of people don’t know how to store decorative flags properly. If you want your flags to be long-lasting and see many years of use, then you need to consider a few basic points when it comes to storage. Failing to follow the right steps can cause the flags to become damaged or lose their luster. Look over this simple guide on how to store a collection of decorative flags and learn about the most practical ways of keeping your decorations secure.

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How To Roll Garden Flags for Storage

Since properly rolling outdoor flags helps them to avoid damage when not in use, you’ll want to follow these steps when storing your decorative flags.

  1. Grab an archival storage tube, several sheets of tissue paper, cotton tying tape, and simple string, then lay your flag out on a large surface that has been thoroughly cleaned.
  2. Take a piece of tissue paper and wrap one side of the tube, making sure that the paper is not wider than the opening of the tube. The flag will be wrapped around the tube in order to help the fabric retain its shape without becoming creased while sitting in storage for the coming months.
  3. Use another piece of tissue paper to cover the flag so that it will roll up along with the flag. This is done to avoid the fabric of the flag coming in contact with itself, which limits potential damage. 
  4. Begin gently rolling the flag up around the tube, ensuring the tissue paper stays in place as you go.
  5. As you roll the flag, use your hand to smooth out any crinkles or creases you notice.
  6. When the flag is rolled, take another piece of tissue paper and wrap it around the flag to act as a layer of padding for when it is placed inside a storage container.
  7. Take cotton tying tape and use it to gently secure the flag in its rolled position. This tape is preferred because it won’t damage the flag’s fabric.
  8. In addition to the tape, tie a string around the flag in a loose way. This will act as another way of keeping the flag securely rolled. 
  9. Place your rolled flag into your desired storage container.
  10. Properly label the storage container and place it in a safe place in your home until it is used next.

Popular Items Help To Store Your Outdoor Flags

Storage Box

Items To Store Your Outdoor Flags: Storage Box

One of the most popular options to use when you’re learning how to store decorative flags is a simple cardboard storage box. The flat, rectangular boxes typically used for storing clothes are preferred because they typically are the right size to store standard outdoor flags and can be clearly marked.


Items To Store Your Outdoor Flags: Hangers

Another option to consider for storing your flags is a hanger. Specifically, you want to use multi-tiered hangers that include several clips. With this option, you can gently hang the flags from each clip and create a simple way to keep your decorations safe while they’re not in use.

Nylon Bags

Items To Store Your Outdoor Flags: Nylon Bags

Many people prefer storing all their flags together in a secure spot, which is why nylon bags make for an excellent choice. These bags come with several compartments that can be utilized to store both the flags as well as the poles that are used to display them.

Supplies for Storing Yard Flags

While storing your garden flags in the right container is important for preservation, you must also use the right materials when handling your garden flags. For example, using tissue paper that contains any type of acid or lignin can lead to damage to the flag’s fabric. These high-quality items are considered the most helpful when you’re beginning the process of storing your flags:

  • Large sheets of tissue paper, specifically of a variety that is unbuffered. Opt for a paper that is free of lignin and acid to avoid damage to the flag’s fabric. 
  • An archival storage tube like the kind used to preserve large documents or pieces of art. Ensure the tube is long enough for the flag by measuring it in advance.
  • Cotton tying tape that has not been breached.
  • Gloves for handling the flag, though not rubber or latex. Experts advise using cotton gloves.
  • Proper storage box, hangers, or nylon bag.
  • Marker or labels to properly mark the storage container.

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