Creative Ways to Display Your Canvas Prints

Creative Ways to Display Your Canvas Prints

Are you wondering how to display canvas prints in your home in a proper manner? If you plan on using canvas art to add elegance and personalized charm to your space, you’re in the right place. Canvas prints have earned their top spot in the interior décor industry thanks to their versatility, visual impact, and ambiance. 

In this article, you’ll learn everything about display techniques, grouping, arrangement, and the importance of placement. We’ll also comment on the use of complementary elements, the use of gallery walls, and how to use artistic lighting to create an attractive space. Read on! 

Understanding Canvas Prints and Their Appeal

Due to their versatility, canvas prints have become a popular choice for wall art. For instance, to create your own canvas print, you’d simply have to find the picture you desire and print it on a canvas material, preferably using an inkjet printer. Once you have your image, ensure that you stretch it into a frame in order to create a beautiful piece of art. Since you get to choose the type of art you want, canvas printing offers many advantages over other wall décor.

Whether you use your baby’s or wedding picture or download any beautiful stock images online, canvas printing gives you the flexibility you need to create the ideal art you need at home. Additionally, there are various styles and sizes available to ensure that your art fits in your place and matches your taste. You can opt for rectangular, square, or hexagon shapes printed out in single or multi-panel layouts.

Preparing Your Space for Canvas Prints

How To Display Canvas Prints: Space for Canvas Prints

If you want to learn how to display canvas prints in a unique and artistic manner in your home, then our tips on wall preparation will come in handy. For example, if you want to obtain a harmonious and personalized canvas print arrangement on your wall, you should first prioritize measuring wall space. Doing this will help you determine the best size of canvas prints to make, e.g., mini, medium, large, or oversized. 

Also, considering the décor theme will help you prepare the surrounding area and remove any furniture or items that will not complement your artwork. Other practical tips for preparing space for canvas prints include the ones listed below. 

1. Choosing the Right Location

Location is an important factor when arranging canvas prints in any space. Whether you’re showcasing the art in your home or office, you will need to pick a great spot that draws everyone’s attention. Surprisingly, selecting the ideal location for canvas print display is not as hard as you may think. We recommend keeping in mind factors like lighting, eye level, complementary elements, and space when choosing a location.

For example, if the room has a large rustic fireplace, hanging your canvas gallery print at the top would produce a beautiful, alluring ambiance. Fireplaces are complementary features that tend to be the focus of attention in a room. Alternatively, if your room lacks a fireplace, you can use your canvas print to accentuate the wall above your favorite couch or add a tasteful appeal to the wall behind your desk in your office. This way, your art piece will remain at eye level, and lighting will help to enhance its beauty.

2. Arranging Canvas Prints in Groups

One of the best display techniques is putting the canvases into a dynamic, cohesive, and pleasing grouping. Instead of just sticking the art to your wall, you can consider putting the prints into popular styles like gallery walls and triptychs. If you plan to show several pieces of art at the same time, then the creative arrangement of multiple canvas prints will help you with your goal.

Gallery walls are one of the most impressive display techniques because they form great visuals and tell a story. To do this, you have to arrange your collection of canvases closely together on the wall to add more depth and appeal to the space. On the other hand, triptychs are better for art that consists of three pieces or panels.

Arranging Canvas Prints in Groups

Framing Options for Canvas Prints

Are you thinking of the different frame styles and materials to use? You can use a metal, wood, or floater frame for stretched canvases. Framing canvas prints will have an impact on display because it will add a complementary look to the art. If you pick a color scheme that matches your home, the art piece will perfectly finish your space. Here are some of the pros and cons of framing your canvases:


  • Framing allows the picture to immediately draw attention and stand out
  • It helps to increase the longevity of the art by protecting it from friction and UV rays
  • High-quality frames raise the value of the art


  • Framing canvas prints can cost a lot of money, depending on the material used and its quality
  • Some frames can cause damage to the print, e.g., a glass frame can tear the canvas material
  • It’s hard to achieve some art styles with certain types of frames, e.g., a heart-shaped canvas print and a metal frame

Hanging Canvas Prints Securely

If you want to show your artwork in the best possible way, you need tips for hanging safely. Doing this will ensure the canvas print has level placement, appears upright, and is at an ideal eye level. Below are step-by-step instructions for the secure hanging of canvas prints and directions for using appropriate hardware and tools. Keep in mind that you’ll need one nail, two screws, one saw tooth bracket, one hook, two sticky pads, and one pencil to complete this process below:

  • 1. Mark the spot. Utilize the pencil to mark where you’ll hang the canvas.
  • 2. Nail the hook. Gently nail the hook into the spot you marked. Make sure the hook is level.
  • 3. Attach the bracket. Attach the tooth bracket to the back of the canvas material.
  • 4. Hang the canvas. Hang your canvas and make sure it looks straight.
Hanging Canvas Prints

Showcasing Canvas Prints With Lighting

If you want to change your space and show your personality using art, you cannot ignore the role of lighting in showcasing your pictures. For example, the right kind of lighting can give your art an illusion of depth. One of the most useful ways of enhancing canvas print appearance with lighting is by using different lighting techniques such as:

  • Ambient Lighting: This form of indirect illumination uses soft lighting and reduces shadows. In short, it’s the lighting that already exists in your space before you add any artificial lighting to it.
  • Spot Lighting: Unlike ambient lighting, this type of lighting is directed toward your canvas print to make it the center of attention.

Rotating and Updating Canvas Displays

Once you’ve made the ideal canvas print you want, it’s easy to forget all about the décor and leave it there for years. Over time, your great piece of art may begin to lose its appeal and become boring. When this happens, it is recommended to rotate canvas displays for freshness. This idea is a great way of keeping your décor interesting and making sure it maintains its eye-catching appeal. Some awesome ways of updating canvas prints for seasonal or special themes include:

  • Changing the color palette of the frames to match the season, e.g., red and white during Christmas and orange and black during Halloween
  • Swapping black and white prints to change the color of the art
  • Changing the art styles of the print to reflect and celebrate a special occasion

Showcasing Large Canvas Prints

Large Canvas Prints

Are you thinking of displaying large canvas prints in your home? While this may seem like a great idea, the large art piece can easily overwhelm your space if you don’t find the right place for it. This instance occurs because the gigantic canvas print will have an impact as a focal point and occupy too much space, especially if the room has a lot of furniture. So, how should you display your canvas prints? Here are some tips for appropriate display. They include:

  • Hang the Artwork in Pairs

One of the most effective ways of avoiding overwhelming spaces when displaying large canvases is to hang the art in pairs. In addition to the artworks complimenting each other, the display technique will occupy less space.

  • Showcase the Art above a Piece of Furniture

The key of how to display canvas prints that are large in size is by putting them over a complimentary piece of furniture, especially if the wall is plain. This way, the canvas print accentuates the wall and acts as the center stage.

Wrap Up

Now, you know how to display canvas prints in your space in a creative and unique way that will reflect your personal décor style. All you have to do is prepare an ideal place for showcasing the canvas print. Then, get creative with clever ways to display your artwork. If you would rather frame your canvases, you can choose metal, wood, or floater frames to suit your style. Additionally, the type of lighting you use will either enhance the ambiance produced by the art or cause it to appear dull and uninviting. The guide above will help you accomplish impressive results in displaying your canvas art.



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