How to Dance at a Wedding – Wedding Dances Etiquette

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How to Dance at a Wedding – Wedding Dances Etiquette

There’ll be so many times in your life when you’ll be called out to dance and a traditional wedding is one of them. When that happens you wouldn’t want to go out there looking clueless, without knowing how to dance at a wedding. 

Why? Well, weddings are heavily photographed, video recorded events and the memories stick, so you’d want certainly want to kill it on the dance floor to avoid the memory of a wack dance for decades to come. 

So we’ve laid out the steps to make each dance a beautiful one to remember, but before that let’s see what exactly a wedding dance is. 

What is the Traditional Order of Dances at Wedding? 

how to dance at a wedding - bride and groom

One of the major aspects of every wedding is the dance, so much so that couples and sometimes-even guests take out time to rehearse how to dance at a wedding before the wedding day arrives.

If the couple is following the traditional order at weddings, they will include some traditional dances as well as choose the songs for each dance before the day, as giving the Dj green light to play just about any song may ruin your dance. 

With that said, the traditional order of wedding dances is as follows; first the newlyweds, then the parents, the wedding party and finally the guests. 

So let’s see some of these dances and the order they should follow: 

First Dance 

The first dance is one of the most anticipated dances during the wedding reception. It involves the newlyweds. The first dance comes up right after the introduction of the newlyweds and the wedding party. The wedding dance varies based on the preference of the couple. It could be choreography, slow dance or any other type of dance. 

Parents Dance 

Right after the first dance, the couple can dance with their parents. Traditionally the bride is meant to dance with her father first but some brides may choose to dance with their father-in-law, uncle, grandfather or stepfather especially if her father is not in attendance. 

The groom can also dance with his father at the same time when the bride is dancing with her father, while some couples choose to dance with their mothers after the bride and her father dance with each other. 

If the grandparents of the couples attend, you can invite them to the dance floor after the father-daughter dance as well. The groom can seize this opportunity to dance with his mother-in-law. 

Wedding Party Dance 

The wedding party comprises of the ushers, bridesmaid, groomsmen, ring bearer and flower girl. The best man dances with the bride while the maid of honor dances with the groom. The groomsmen will pair with the bridesmaid. After they have danced for a while, the MC can invite the remaining guests to the dance floor. 

Anniversary Dance 

The newlyweds can decide to honor couples that have been married the longest by having an anniversary dance. 

All married couples come up to the dance floor and as they dance, the Dj calls a certain number of years in ascending order and couples who have been married for periods less than the number called exit the dance floor. 

After this is done for a while only the couple who have been married for the longest period will remain on the dance floor. They will then dance together for a while. 

Last Dance 

Instead of doing the traditional wedding dance order, some couples decide to have the last dance.

The couple has the liberty of choosing how they want their last dance to be because there is no format for it. Some couples choose to slow dance in the middle of the dance floor. The wedding guests surround them and join hands to form a circle. 

This is a great way to end the wedding reception. 

Popular Wedding Dances at a Wedding

Are you bothered about what kind of dance you should do at your wedding reception? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. We have picked the most popular wedding dances you can do below:


This is a good alternative for the waltz. Even though it is a classic and elegant dance, you can do this dance to Big band music. Some popular foxtrot songs you can choose are Nat King Cole’s “L-O-V-E”, Frank Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight” and Micheal Buble’s “Everything”. 


This very graceful and dreamy dance will add a touch of excellence to your fairytale wedding. If you do not know how to waltz, you can learn a simple routine with your partner before the wedding day.


The swing dance is not your traditional wedding dance but it is a great dance for couples who want something different. You can groove the swing dance to pop songs, big band swing music, and country songs. 


This romantic dance can work for most songs played at weddings. You can dance the rumba to songs such as “You Send Me” by Sam Cooke and “Stand by Me” by Ben. E. King 

Line Wedding Dances 

If you are still looking for how to dance at a wedding reception, you can do line wedding dances. 

This is a good way to get all your wedding guests on the dance floor. To get the best out of the wedding line dances you need to talk with the DJ before the event and notify him of how many line dances you will be doing and the songs you wish to use. 

It will enable the DJ to play the songs that suit the energy of the crowd the most. You can rehearse with your wedding party so that once the song starts playing; they can run to the dance floor and take the lead. 

Tips for Dancing at a Wedding

how to dance at a wedding - bride

There is no rule stating exactly how to dance at a wedding reception but there are tips that need to be put into consideration for the dance to be memorable. Here are some of the tips:

Find the Right Songs

For you to enjoy the dance, you need to choose the right wedding songs that suits the kind of dance you want to do. If you want to swing during the first dance, the first dance song should be either a pop or a country song for example. The same rule applies when choosing the anniversary dance songs and last dance songs

Rehearse the Dance Before the Wedding

It’s your big day and you want everything to be perfect, so take out time to practice the song before the wedding day. You may need to take lessons from a dance tutor if you or your partner have no experience on the dance floor. Rehearsing the dance before the wedding day will make you more confident and less clumsy. 

Bustle or Move

If the bride is wearing a wedding dress that has a long train, let her bustle it or move it about to prevent her from tripping. Ensure that the dress is comfortable enough to dance in if it is uncomfortable the bride may not be able to dance well. 

Shoe Comfort 

The comfort of the shoes is also very important. To avoid tripping and spraining the ankle especially the bride, ensure that the shoes are comfortable. You can wear flats or shoes with low heels if you do not know how to dance in high heels. 

Final words

Some couples make the mistake of not getting properly prepared for the wedding dances and they often end up with regrets. To avoid performing below your expectations on your big day, take out time to plan; you can also get a professional to teach you and your partner how to dance at a wedding before the big day arrives.

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