45 Of The Best Thoughtful Housewarming Gifts for Men They’ll Use Everyday (2024)

45 Of The Best Thoughtful Housewarming Gifts for Men They’ll Use Everyday (2024)

Finding the best housewarming gifts for men is difficult. You may consider whether to get the guy a practical gift or something that fits right into his style and personality.

To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of unique and practical housewarming gifts that any man is sure to appreciate.

Whether he’s your friend, brother, or boyfriend, he’ll love to have one of these cool men’s gifts for his first home or new apartment. Check it out!

1. Home Sweet Home Custom Map Canvas Print

new house gifts for him: Home Sweet Home Custom Map Canvas Print


The custom map is an excellent gift for someone moving in together. Having a new home is certainly a milestone to celebrate, making this wall art piece an excellent gift idea for your brother-in-law and sister.

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2. Dock Station

new apartment gifts for him: dock station


An excellent way to organize all his stuff and gadgets! With space for watches or bracelets and a groove down the bottom for charging wires, this multi-functional docking station is ideal for nightstands or desktops. By rolling out of bed, he will get all he needs for the day in one place.

3. Custom Homeowner Mug

gifts for new homeowners man: Custom Mug With Name And Est Year


He finally fulfilled his life-long dream of becoming a homeowner? This custom mug is a fun housewarming gift to celebrate this huge milestone.

4. GPS Coordinates Wall Art

house warming gifts for guys:  GPS Coordinates Custom Canvas Print


Share in the happiness of a first-time home purchase. The rustic design can be personalized with his name and the GPS of his place. This will also be a nice gift for his man cave.

5. Doormat

funny housewarming gifts for men: funny door mat 'new home who dis?'


A doormat is a necessity, and if you’re looking for some funny welcome-home gifts for a single guy, you can get it customized with witty words that will surely make everyone laugh.

6. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

gift for new homeowner man: whiskey stones gift set


No one likes their drink being diluted by melted ice cubes. With these whiskey stones made of pure, natural granite, all celebratory drinks stay chilled and high quality, making it an excellent housewarming present.

7. Personalized Leather Coasters

male housewarming gifts: Personalized leather coasters


Another classy housewarming gift for the guy. These cool-looking coasters are made with remarkable craftsmanship. Besides, the design is various and elegant too.

8. Baseball Photo Collage

cool housewarming gifts for guys: baseball photo collage


Looking for a unique housewarming present for baseball fans? Then this photo collage takes the cake. It will undoubtedly brighten any space in his home.

9. Home Sweet Home Pillow

housewarming gift for a man: home sweet home pillow


A lively home is always filled with eye-catching decor items. This Home Sweet Home pillow will instantly make any room more visually appealing. He will adore this meaningful and unique gift for many years to come.

10. Personalized Wooden Charger

best housewarming gifts for guys: Personalized wooden charger


Phone chargers plugged into the wall are useful enough, but wooden charging stations handcrafted and personalized with a name make even the charging process look fun. Who wouldn’t want to receive this as a housewarming present?

11. USA License Plate Map Puzzle

male housewarming gifts: USA License Plate Map Puzzle


This puzzle features vibrantly colored license plates and regional flavors from every state in the United States. Because of its big size and unique shape, any puzzle fan will enjoy the challenge of assembling this jigsaw, and many frame the completed piece to place on the wall. He can display it in his game room, workshop, garage, or bar to show off his amazing puzzle skills.

12. This Is Us Blanket

good housewarming gifts for guys: this is us blanket


Everyone needs a comfy and cozy blanket for their home. This blanket can easily be customized with a name and the time they move into a new house, making it an excellent housewarming gift.

13. Map Sign Canvas

gifts for new male homeowner: home state map wall art


A custom map sign can help add personality to the walls of a new home in a unique way that attracts attention automatically, becoming a great housewarming present.

14. Engraved Beer Mug

housewarming gifts for beer lovers: engraved beer mug


A beer mug is essential for any bachelor pad. And, with the laser engraving on this high-quality mug, you can be sure it makes an excellent present for the beer lover!

15. Professional Bartender Kit

housewarming gifts ideas for men: professional bartender kit


Every mixologist needs the right bar tools, and this kit is just the right choice within an affordable price range. Highly functional and eye-catching, this set is a great option to select as a gift for men.

16. Complete Wet Shave Kit

housewarming gifts for men: complete wet shave kit


Shaving is a ritual, not a chore. While razors and foams make it simpler, the quality of shaving from days of yore is a different thing altogether. A wet shave kit could be a manly gift idea for men.

17. Waterproof Shower Speaker

male housewarming gifts: Waterproof Shower Bluetooth Speaker


This Bluetooth speaker can be used in his shower. It is completely waterproof and can even be immersed completely. He no longer needs to use his cellphone to listen to music while bathing. Isn’t it cool?

18. Compact Swivel Cheese Board with Knives

best housewarming gifts for guys: compact cheese board with knives

$47.00 $81.00

A compact swivel cheese board is a classy housewarming gift for guys and has the added bonus of being an excellent table accessory for the housewarming party itself!

19. Fix It Kit

new house gifts for him: fix it tool kit


A new home may not need much fixing up now but could definitely need it in the future. This fix-it toolkit is a great way to equip your friend with all the tools he needs in one classy set.

20. Wine Opener Set

male housewarming gifts: Wine Opener Set


An ideal gift for a wine lover or enthusiast. This all-in-one set is elegant and high quality, making it a great idea for a housewarming gift for men who truly appreciate wine.

21. Pro Kitchen Knife

mens housewarming gifts: Pro Kitchen Knife


You know you can’t go wrong with a kitchen knife. Every kitchen needs one, and if your friend has recently moved into a new home, he’s sure to need one!

22. Personalized Nautical Decanter

new home gifts for him: Personalized wine decanter


This nautical decanter with a small, glass ship inside has just the right air of elegance and is a great placement for the empty shelves and tables of a new home.

23. Chip and Dip Serving Bowl

good housewarming gifts: handmade chip and dip serving bowl


Chip and dip is a great snack combo, and it becomes even better if it comes in a serving bowl big enough to fill you up. A chip and dip bowl is a must-have for any bachelor pad.

24. Reclaimed Wine Barrel Knife Rack

housewarming gifts for men: reclaimed wine barrel magnetic knife rack


Cooking with wine, or cooking while drinking wine – it doesn’t matter! Having a wine barrel as a decorative piece on your guy’s wall is an excellent idea and definitely gets a whole lot classier with the knives held up by magnets.

25. Nintendo Switch

housewarming gifts for boyfriend: Nintendo Switch


Nintendo Switch is the hottest new system, designed to fit into his life like a charm. Dock it to play in HD at home, or undock to play in handheld mode, the Nintendo Switch is one of the best gifts for gamers.

26. States of America Key Holders

first apartment gifts for him: States of America Magnetic Key Holders


Let New Jersey hold onto the keys! This key holder in the shape of states is a fun present for those empty walls of a new home.

27. Amazon.com Gift Card

ideal housewarming gifts for men: Amazon.com Gift Card in a Black Gift Box


If you’re running short on time, an Amazon gift card would be a great last-minute gift. And you can also avoid the problem of buying duplicate or disappointing presents accidentally.

28. Fire Escape Shelf

apartment warming gifts for him: shelf that looks like a fire escape


An apartment building probably has a fire escape. So what better idea for an apartment warming gift for him than a fire escape shelf? It definitely adds personality to those bare walls.

29. Personalized Globe Decanter Set

housewarming gift idea for wine lover: Personalized globe decanter set


An ideal set for enhancing the flavor of whiskey, this decanter set is a manly housewarming gift for men, with the option to personalize both the glasses with the name and initials of your gift’s recipient.

30. Gourmet Grilling Spice Rub Gift Set

housewarming gifts for men who loves to grill: grilling spice rub gift set


Add some spice to his life! If he’s moved into a new home recently, you can be sure he’ll be throwing a party for it soon. These spice rubs could result in a great addition to the menu.

31. Record Clock

gifts for new male homeowner: Record Clock


Is he a die-hard for those classic tracks, or a metalhead? Surprise the guy at his housewarming party with this cool-looking clock. Available in Rock, Soul, Jazz, and ’80s, this clock is an excellent housewarming gift for those brand new walls.

32. Eat Like a Man: The Only Cookbook a Man Will Ever Need

best housewarming gifts for guys: 'eat like a man' cookbook


Men who love food probably have that roasting pan and the spices, but do they have the book with all those gourmet secrets? If he didn’t have one before, gift him one now! In fact, a cookbook is one of the most practical housewarming gifts for men and will probably help him out the most.

33. Echo Dot

new home gifts for him: echo dot 3rd gen


Whether it’s playing music or simply hollering at Alexa for the time, you can’t go wrong with an Echo Dot! If the new place is a smart home, you’d be making his life so much easier!

34. Custom BBQ Grill Set

male housewarming gifts: BBQ Grill Set


A grilling tool case is an excellent option for anyone moving into a new house. Not only is it useful, but you can add a little bit of a personal touch by getting it engraved with their personal details.

35. Personalized Magnetic Bottle Opener

Welcome home gift for men: beer bottle opener


An excellent gift for men, this personalized and manly bottle opener becomes a conversation piece and can be customized with deep laser engraving to add a personal touch.

36. Housewarming Gift Basket

Housewarming gift idea for guy: gift basket


A housewarming gift basket for guys is great because there are a number of gift baskets with different items that you can get, depending on your guy. These baskets can be filled with anything from flowers to snacks, or you could even get a custom basket to fill yourself.

37. Beware Of Dogs Sign

gifts for new male homeowner: beware of dogs sign


Any art piece is a spectacular addition to the bare walls of a new home. If your new homeowner is a dog lover, this sign is a perfect choice for his place.

38. Wooden Map of Any City in the World

new home gift for men:  Wooden Map of Any City in the World


A wooden city map has a ‘housewarming present’ written all over it! There couldn’t be a better idea for a housewarming present than a small wooden map of the city with the location of his home pinpointed to celebrate moving into a new house.

39. New Home Candle

housewarming present for boy: new home candle


Eco-friendly and cruelty-free, this candle can be a great gift to add sophistication to a single guy’s home with its clean burn and long-lasting fragrance.

40. Personalized Cutting Board

welcome home gift for male: Personalized Cutting Board


A personalized butcher block to add a little bit of fun to the kitchen may not be your first thought for a housewarming gift, but it is definitely a great idea for one!

41. Coffee Machine

perfect housewarming gift for him: coffee machine


What is better than a cup of coffee to brighten up a day? A coffee machine will be one of the best housewarming gifts ever. It might not be an affordable present; however, this daily gift will warm up his morning and he’ll remember you every day.

42. Sandwich Maker

new home celebrate gift for men: sandwich maker


Upgrade his breakfast with this sandwich maker. Whether he is a home cook or he’s just started learning, this practical present will be a great supporter in his kitchen. This machine is also an ideal housewarming gift for newly divorced men.

43. First Christmas In Our New Home Ornament

housewarming present for guys: First Christmas In Our New Home Personalized Ornament


If your friend’s family has just got their house, this ornament will surely give them a big wow. You can give it a personal touch by adding their names, the special year that they both settle down, and the address of their new home. This ornament will rewind all the priceless memories they have on the first Christmas for many years to come.

44. Custom Key Map Canvas Print

new home gifts for him: Custom Key Map Canvas Print


This map art is the perfect keepsake that will mark the location of where his heart belong to. If you’re looking for a perfect house-warming gift for any special couple in your life, we’ve got your back.

45. Welcome Cow Garden Flag


Giving your loved ones this Strip and Star American Welcome Cow Garden Flag on their special day or housewarming is the ideal gesture. With this unique gift, you may add some fun and personality to his home and garden! Finding more outdoor decor at 365canvas.


Of course, there are many other suitable housewarming gifts for men, but with a list as extensive and foolproof as this, why would you go looking for anything else? Whatever gifts you choose, he will appreciate it from the bottom of his heart.



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