27+ Stunning Housewarming Gifts for Couples in 2022

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  • December 1, 2022
27+ Stunning Housewarming Gifts for Couples in 2022

Celebrate that special milestone of moving in together with these beautiful housewarming gifts for couples. Whether they are purchasing a new home for their growing family or are first-time homeowners together, it’s a great way to say congratulations on this momentous occasion. From practical to personalized, you are sure to find something they will love.

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Home Is Where The Heart Is Canvas Print house warming gifts for couples

Home Is Where The Heart Is Canvas Print


It’s a special time when a couple first moved into their forever home. This is the home they will spend too much money renovating, making lasting memories in and growing old together. Get them something special to celebrate this occasion.

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good housewarming gifts for couples Family Name Signs Letter Art Canvas Print

Family Name Signs Letter Art Canvas Print


This name sign is a lovely, modern way to celebrate when a young couple first moves into their home. The sign is made from pictures of various architectural structures to symbolize their last name. A great housewarming gift for your son and daughter-in-law.

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Home Sweet Home Pillow for young couples

Home Sweet Home Pillow


When it comes to picking something out for the couple who has just moved into a new house, you can never go wrong with simple and minimalist home decor. This pillow is a great way to say welcome home.

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House Number Sign housewarming gifts ideas for couples

House Number Sign


Make sure that the outside of their home is just as beautiful as the inside with this custom home numbers sign. They will be happy to replace those old, out-of-date house numbers with this beautiful new sign. 

Absolutely, home decor items make great housewarming for anyone, and couples too. Take a look at the new-launched Welcome Garden Flags at 365Canvas to choose one that your favorite couples love.

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A Beautiful Bouquet of Flowers housewarming gift for young couple

A Beautiful Bouquet of Flowers


One of the classic housewarming gifts for couples is a bouquet of flowers. Having fresh flowers is a great way to brighten up their new home. Want to get something that will last longer than fresh flowers, they also offer sustainable house plants.

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Personalized Family Coasters first home presents

Personalized Family Coasters


Getting personalized gifts for their family is a great way to celebrate the occasion of a new home. These personalized coasters are a cute and practical gift for a new couple to use every day. They even include their pets!

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Money Tree housewarming gift for older couple

Money Tree


The money tree is said to usher prosperity into the home. Feng Shui says to place the money tree by the door to welcome in wealth. Not only pleasant to look at, but the money tree is also air-purifying and pet-friendly.

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Wine Decanter and Glasses housewarming gift for couple moving in together

Wine Decanter and Glasses


Whether they are winos themselves or they like to entertain, this wine decanter and matching glasses make a beautiful housewarming gift for a couple. Each item is personalized with the couple’s last name for a one-of-a-kind gift for them.

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Cheese Board and Knife Set housewarming gift for son and daughter in law

Cheese Board and Knife Set


Charcuterie boards are all the rage lately. They are a great addition to entertain when you have guests over. They are sure to be impressed with this cheese board and knife set. All they will need to complete this is some food.

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Personalized Handwriting Cutting Board house gifts for couples

Personalized Handwriting Cutting Board


Every home needs a sturdy cutting board for everyday use or for display. This gift checks both of those boxes. Create a beautiful custom gift for them with endless possibilities for designs. A truly special gift they are sure to cherish.

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gifts for couples moving in together

Mr And Mrs Custom Couple Mug


What better way for the newlyweds to enjoy their coffee together each morning than with these adorable, custom mugs. Each mug can include both of their first and last names for a unique his and her gift idea the new homeowners will love.

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Home Photo Collage Blanket housewarming gift ideas for couples

Home Photo Collage Blanket


There are tons of housewarming gifts for daughter and son-in-law. But what better way to do that than with this comfy, custom blanket. Include some favorite pictures from their family for a functional and fabulous gift.

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Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set home gift ideas for couples

Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set


Help them to create a peaceful atmosphere in their new house with this aromatherapy diffuser. Whether it’s taking away the stress of the day or just making the house smell nice, they’ll be sure to use this gift every day.

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Home Decor Gift Card housewarming gifts for newlyweds

Home Decor Gift Card


Sometimes it can be difficult to find the perfect housewarming gift for couples. Not sure what their style is or if they are going to use what you get them? Opt for a gift card instead! You can never go wrong with money.

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New House Gift Basket

New House Gift Basket


Celebrate your friend’s new home with this useful couple housewarming gift. IT includes everything from fun home decor signs to chocolates and champagne. What a wonderful gift to give a couple for the purchase of their first home.

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New Homeowners Candle

New Homeowners Candle


The new homeowners are sure to light up the joy when they receive this candle for a housewarming gift. The light, lovely scent will fill their home with happiness and joy. The glass container can even be repurposed after the candle is gone.

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Decorative Wood Tealight Candle Holder Set best housewarming gifts for couples

Decorative Wood Tealight Candle Holder Set


The two of them came together to become a pair of new homeowners. Together they are making this house a home and plan to make many memories there. These tea light holders are a simple and beautiful gift to celebrate this new union.

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Framed Wood Wall Art Our First Home Gift

Framed Wood Wall Art


This framed wood wall art is sure to be unlike anything they have ever seen before. This laser engraved map shows the location of their home in a beautiful way. This nice decor gift is sure to take their breath away when they open it.

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First Christmas In Our New Home

First Christmas In Our New Home


Christmas ornaments are a special way to celebrate those milestone moments. From weddings to births and, yes, even their first home together. Commemorate this special time with a custom Christmas ornament for them that will adorn their tree for years to come.

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Home Definition Desktop Plaque

Home Definition Desktop Plaque


What is the difference between a house and a home? Home has everything you love in it. Your family, your cherished items, your pets, and it is a place where you feel like you belong. Celebrate that special new home with this desktop plaque.

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Mr & Mrs Aprons Gift Set housewarming gifts for couples who have everything

Mr & Mrs Aprons Gift Set


If the couple loves being in the kitchen together, then they are going to adore these matching Mr. and Mrs. aprons and oven mitts set. It will feel like a special occasion each time they slip their aprons on and cook together.

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Housewarming Address Stamp

Personalized Address Stamp


Make sending thank you letters and Christmas cards easy with this personalized address stamp. It will save them hours of time from writing out their address all the time and makes each letter they send look great.

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Copper Moscow Mule Party Set new home gift ideas for couples

Copper Moscow Mule Party Set


You can never go wrong with getting gifts for entertaining. This copper Moscow Mule set is a practical gift for when they have company over. A fun housewarming gift to share drinks with friends and family when they come to visit.

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Personalized Doormat first home presents

Personalized Doormat


Greet friends and family with a cheery welcome with this personalized doormat. Let them know that all are welcome into their new home with this functional housewarming gift. Guests will be greeted with a smile and a hug whenever they visit.

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Our First Home KeyChain

Our First Home KeyChain


Of course they are going to need a keychain to put their new house keys on. This makes a great gift from friends and family or if you are a realtor looking to give your clients a little something special at closing.

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“Our First Home” Custom Map Framed Print

“Our First Home” Custom Map Framed Print


Searching for a sentimental housewarming gift to give to that special couple? This custom map print makes the perfect gift to give at a housewarming party. They will be so surprised when they open this gift from you.

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Family Rules Canvas Wall Art


Every family has a set of rules and values that govern their household. This Family rules canvas wall art is a great way to remind one another to say “I love you,” and to never stop dreaming big, no matter the challenges they face.

Final Thought

When it comes to housewarming gifts for couples, you want to be sure that it is a meaningful and practical gift that they will use. Any couple is sure to love any of the gifts listed above here. 

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