33 Best Hot Sauce Gift Ideas That’ll Bring Tears to Their Eyes (2020)

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • November 19, 2020
33 Best Hot Sauce Gift Ideas That’ll Bring Tears to Their Eyes (2020)

When it comes to the spicy food addict in your life, nothing hits the spot like these tasty hot sauce gifts. Not only do they spice up any special occasion, but they make excellent last-minute presents for birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays. 

Some of the best hot sauce gifts are completely tailored to the recipient. Starter packs make it easy for beginners to build their collection. While subscriptions and unique flavors tickle the taste bud of even the most experienced connoisseur. 

One thing’s for sure, you can’t go wrong with these incredible hot sauce gift ideas. Whether turning up the heat or adding to their collection of spicy flavors, there’s a little something for all the hot sauce lovers on your list.

Tear-Jerking Gifts for Hot Sauce Lovers

The best thing about food gifts is that they rarely go to waste. Especially when you buy them to suit the recipient’s individual tastes.

These great gift ideas add a personal touch to traditional starter packs and create a truly unique experience.

fuego box hot sauce subscription

Hot Sauce Subscription


Much like other subscription boxes, the Fuego Box allows hot sauce lovers to experience a new flavor each month. The sauces range from mild to extra hot heat levels, with organic options also available. Subscriptions run for one month, on a quarterly basis, or up to a year’s worth of hot sauce.

Price: $27.95++

cholula hot sauce gift set

Cholula Hot Sauce Variety Pack 


Cholula is a favorite brand among many hot sauce lovers. One way to bring a new twist to old loves is through a variety pack of flavors. This set of five includes the original flavor, along with new tastes like Chili Lime and Chipotle.

Price: $21.11

hot sauce gifts: yellowbird hot sauce combo

Yellowbird Hot Sauce Combo


If an all-natural experience is important for the hot sauce lover on your list, then Yellowbird is their brand. This variety pack boasts to contain all real ingredients without preservatives or artificial additives. Made in Texas, flavors include Serrano, Habanero, and Jalapeno.  

Price: $19.35

cool gifts for hot sauce lovers: sriracha ceramic mug

Sriracha Ceramic Mug


When you’re still on the fence about what type of hot sauce to get, play it safe with this fun mug. The green handle and red body already look like a hot pepper, while the sayings confirm the recipient’s love of all things spicy. This also makes the perfect companion piece to any pack of hot sauce. 

Price: $14.49

fuego box hot sauce gift set

The Good Hurt Fuego Gift Set


The best hot sauce gift set for fans of all levels is the Good Hurt Fuego set. This pack of seven is designed with specific foods in mind, such as Garlic Herb hot sauce for pizza. It also comes with varying levels of heat from milder Smokey Bourbon to intense Ghost Pepper flavor.

Price: $34.99

hot sauce gift idea: hot sauce recipe cookbook

Hot Sauce!: Techniques for Making Signature Hot Sauces


Something most hot sauce lovers enjoy is experimenting, whether with new flavors or heat levels. This book makes embarking on new tasty journeys even easier with the best techniques for creating signature sauces. It includes 32 recipes to start you off, as well as 60 recipes for using trying out those sauces. 

Price: $14.95

hot sauce gift: tabasco sauce keychain

Tabasco Sauce Keychain


For those who never leave home without their favorite bottle of tabasco, this keychain is ideal. The small hot sauce holder fits on a keychain or belt loop for easy access during meals.  

Price: $11.88

hot sauce gift set: the general's hot sauce heat seeker

The General’s Hot Sauce Heat Seeker


These grenade-shaped hot sauce bottles bring a whole new meaning to the term “explosion of flavors.” With three different varieties in 6-ounce bottles, each is packed with peppers enhanced through an aging process. In addition to being American-grown, a portion of all proceeds goes to support military families and veterans.

Price: $29.99

gifts for hot sauce lovers: hot honey

Mike’s Hot Honey


Some hot sauce gifts require a little added sweetness to really pique the interest. The Hot Honey brand perfects this taste by infusing its chili peppers with 100% pure honey. The result is a delicious sweet and spicy combo that you can add to pizzas, wings, and more! 

Price: $8.48

gourmet hot sauce gift set - firefighters hot sauce gift basket

Firefighters Hot Sauce Gift Basket


For those who prefer turning up the heat, this gift set promises a whole new level of fiery flavor. While the set offers one mild flavor for the less adventurous, it also contains the hottest sauce according to the Guinness World Book of Records. 

Price: $44.99

gift idea for hot sauce lover: kumana avocado sauce

Kumana Avocado Sauce


A delicious way to complement hot sauce is with avocados. For those wanting to add a little kick to their salads or a tasty marinade, this sauce works wonderfully.  It’s also low in calories and suitable for most diet programs.

Price: $11.89

gourmet hot sauce gift set - Dat'l Do It Global Hot Sauce Collection

Dat’l Do It Global Hot Sauce Collection


Hot sauce is that it’s found all across the globe, with each country bringing a unique blend of flavors. A phenomenal hot sauce sampler pack that showcases this variety is with this Global Collection. Flavors include Pharoah’s Revenge, Incan Heat, and Jamaican Habanero.

Price: $38.86

gift idea for hot sauce lover: peanut butter hot sauce

Peanut Butter Hot Sauce


Companies are always searching for a new way to add different tastes and textures to their sauces. This next one uses freshly ground peanuts in combination with hot jalapeno and habanero peppers. The result is fantastic, with reviewers raving over the impressive taste. 

Price: $7.95

Merfs Condiments Hot Sauce variety pack

Merfs Condiments Hot Sauce


Talking about fun, new flavor combos, Merfs Condiment Pack experiments with all sorts of new ingredients and ideas. This pack of four ranges from medium to hot heat levels and features fruit to punch up their sauces. Jamberry uses blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries, while Fool’s Paradise incorporates mango into its delectable recipe. 

Price: $28.95

hot sauce gift: weak knees gochujang sriracha hot sauce

Weak Knees Gochujang Sriracha Hot Sauce


This next hot sauce is the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. To complement the high heat of this sriracha, ingredients also include gochujang chili paste. The mixture creates a powerful explosion of flavor perfect for almost every meal.

Price: $10.99

unique hot sauce gift: white truffle hot sauce

White Truffle Hot Sauce


Truffles are well-known for their long-lasting and decadent flavor. So when coupled with an equally delicious hot sauce, the results are an elegant pairing of spice and sophistication. The use of rare white truffles makes this one of the best gifts for hot sauce lovers, especially collectors. 

Price: $34.99

gifts for spicy food lover: pineapple habanero

Heartbeat Hot Sauce – Pineapple Habanero


Who doesn’t love a little bit of pineapple? When it adds just a little sweetness to the perfect level of heat, you certainly can’t go wrong. Each batch is handmade, as well as vegan, and preserve-free.

Price: $11.95

gifts for hot sauce lovers: DIY hot sauce making kit

DIY Hot Sauce Kit


Part of the excitement of trying new hot sauces is getting to experiment with flavors. What better way to do that with a DIY kit that lets you control the ingredients? The kit includes two recipes and their ingredients, with plenty of room to mix and match as you please. 

Price: $45.00

Beer-infused Hot Sauce Variety Pack

Beer-infused Hot Sauce Variety Pack


A hot plate of wings and a cold beer is a staple in most bars. So why not combine the two and create the perfect one-of-a-kind beer gift for hot sauce connoisseurs? With yummy chipotle and serrano flavors, infused with delicious craft beer, it’s an ideal present for the beer lover in your life. 

Price: $24.99

Global Hot Sauce Gift Box

Global Hot Sauce Gift Box


Another gift set that focuses on worldwide delicacies is this hot sauce combo. The Kerala and Assam bottles feature flavors from India, with spices like Kashmiri chili powder. Other bottles showcase tastes from the United States and Ethiopia, with a berbere curry blend among the ingredients. 

Price: $45.00

gifts for spicy food lover: super spicy jerky

Super Spicy Jerky


Though not one of the traditional hot sauce gift, this bag of jerky packs a punch. The meat is coated in delicious cayenne pepper and chili powder ahead of time, resulting in a spicy kick to an old favorite. 

Price: $29.99

You're the Bomb Hot Sauce Gift Set

You’re the Bomb Hot Sauce Gift Set


Another fantastic hot sauce to try is the “You’re the Bomb” trio of flavors. Options range from garlic to red heat. This pack of three comes in little grenade-shaped bottles that hold up to 4.6 ounces of sauce.

Price: $14.99+

gifts for spicy food lover: world's hottest chocolate bar

World’s Hottest Chocolate Bar


A fun twist to the traditional Valentine’s Day gift for him, this chocolate bar is infused with mouth-burning spices. This microbar of chocolate may be tiny, but it does not lack in terms of heat. It’s considered the Hottest Chocolate bar on earth, rightfully earning its epithet with just one small bite.

Price: $16.99

spicy food gifts: meat snack sampler gift basket

Meat Snack Sampler Gift Basket


Beef jerky is a great way to experience an incredible amount of flavor in combination with spiciness. This sampler box includes a wide array of seasonings to try. There are five different boxes to choose from, with the option of either 4, 6, or 12 different beef jerky packs in the box.  

Price: $40.99

hot sauce gift idea: hot sauce socks

Hot Sauce Socks


If you aren’t sure which brand the hot sauce lover in your life prefers, spice up his wardrobe instead. These fun socks are a great way to bring a little of what he loves into the workday or for everyday wear. 

Price: $11.50

a card with hot sauce puns

A Punny Card


A funny way to show your boyfriend or husband you care is with some good old hot sauce puns. This hot sauce and taco card combines two of his favorite things in one card. The shop also offers digital prints for those who are shopping last-minute and cannot wait for shipping. 

Price: $6.71

gift for hot sauce lovers: "if it's not spicy i'm not eating" mug

Spicy Food Lover Mug


A mug is a great way for hot sauce loving dad to show just how much he loves the heat, especially if you don’t know his favorite sauce. The mugs come in two different sizes, too, holding either 11 or 15 ounces.

Price: $15.96+

gifts for hot sauce lovers: hot sauce cookbook

The Hot Sauce Cookbook


Most hot sauce lovers are always on the lookout for new ways to use their favorite condiment. Give them a hand with this incredible book of over 60 different recipes for how to cook with hot sauce. 

Price: $13.79

Spicy Hot Chocolate


The rich sweetness of chocolate creates a fantastic pairing for most spices and heat levels. Adding it to hot cocoa is no different. This recipe kicks up the cinnamon-spiced hot chocolate up a notch by dusting it with notes of spicy ancho powder. 

Price: $15.70

gifts for hot sauce lovers: the sriracha cookbook

The Sriracha Cookbook


You already know and love your favorite rooster sauce. But do you know how many different ways to use it on foods? This cookbook provides 50 different recipes specifically geared toward sriracha sauce. 

Price: $12.52

hot sauce gift idea: sriracha can cooler

Sriracha Can Cooler


Another fun hot sauce related gift is this sriracha can cooler. Complete with a fun design that shows their love of sriracha, the insulated grip makes it easier to handle both cold and hot drinks.

Price: $4.99

cool gift for hot sauce lovers: sriracha keychain

Sriracha Keychain


Similar to the tabasco keychain, this one represents the sriracha lovers. This wonderful hot sauce gift makes it easy to pull out your favorite additive whenever you need it. The keychain condiment holds only 1.7 ounces of product, but it comes in either a pack of three or ten.

Price: $12.00+

unique hot sauce gift: custom hot sauce holster

Custom Hot Sauce Holster


One of the best hot sauce gifts for dad is this unique leather holster. Instead of a small keychain, this full-size holder hooks to his belt and is even customizable. It holds about 5 fluid ounces of their favorite hot sauce.

Price: $59.00

hot sauce gift ideas: "some like it hot" art print

Hot Sauce Art Print


A great way for them to show off their love of hot sauce is with a print they can hang in their bar. The picture is approximately 8-½ by 11” in size. As an added bonus, most of the materials used are recycled items.  

Price: $14.23

We hope you enjoyed learning all about these unique and tasty hot sauce gifts. Some recipes create sweet decadent combinations perfect for almost every occasion.

While other options are so hot that they leave you breathless. One thing is certain, there’s a little something for every hot sauce lover on this list.

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