21 Homemade Gifts for Grandma to Express Your Love (2023)

21 Homemade Gifts for Grandma to  Express Your Love (2023)

Stumped on the perfect gift for Grandma? Forget generic store shelves. Imagine personalized photo albums whispering memories. Picture knitted scarves with a hug woven in. Or dainty jewelry telling untold stories. Every Grandma gets something special here, whether it’s your birthday, Christmas, or Mother’s Day!

Unearth a wonderland of handcrafted delights waiting to be discovered. Picture recipe books are brimming with family secrets. Quilts radiate love long before they even touch her skin. Exquisite jewelry whispers tales with every sparkle. Each gift is an adventure, promising to warm her heart and spark that contagious Grandma grin.

We searched Etsy and Amazon for fresh, beloved picks. Every item whispers quality and uniqueness, like tiny wishes waiting to be granted. The perfect present for Grandma is one click away. Embrace the magic of giving, and watch that smile bloom brighter than the sun on her favorite flower.

homemade mother's day gifts for grandma: child handprint clay jewlery-dish

Child’s Handprint Clay Jewelry Dish


Those tiny hands carry their grandparent’s hearts in their little hands so why not use this as a gift idea? Make your child’s handprint into handmade gifts for the granny by creating jewelry dishes out of them. This way, they will also get to carry her little trinkets in addition to all the love.

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mother day gifts from grandchildren: custom coffee mug

Custom Coffee Mug


There’s something extra beautiful about adding reminders of love to your daily lives. Gift this cute coffee mug to your mom or mom-in-law, customized with the names of your children. It will be quick, easy, and thoughtful, making their days special.

diy gifts for grandma: watering can photo gift

Watering Can Photo Gift


After our parents, grandparents are the first people to show us that nurturing love makes it grow. You can make a keepsake out of this sweet expression by helping kids craft a cute watering can gift with their photos. It will be unique and meaningful, making it granny’s favorite.

photo gifts for grandma: wood photo transfer

Wood Photo Transfer


If Nana’s favorite gifts include pictures of her grandkids, make a cool and rustic gift out of them. Instead of simply giving her photo frames, you can transfer the latest pictures of the kids to a nice piece of wood. Give the final product to their grandmother as a lovely decoration to keep in her house.

homemade gifts for grandma: photo coasters

Photo Coasters


Kids love getting crafty and their grandma loves coasters. Combine the two and create an easy DIY gift that will make both parties happy. You can simply help kids transfer some photos onto pre-purchased tiles to create customized coasters. Their grandmother will be ecstatic and treasure this cool gift.

diy grandma gifts: homemade lemon soap bars

Homemade Lemon Soap


Expressing love through personal care has been popular for centuries and homemade gifts for grandma involving these items are a forever favorite. Help your kids make these refreshing homemade lemon soap bars to give to their Gigi on Mother’s Day so she can enjoy some much-needed self-care.

photo gifts for grandma: custom desktop photo plaque

Custom Photo Plaque


Pictures with grandchildren are always a precious keepsake for grandparents. If you are looking for last-minute but meaningful gifts, consider giving her a plaque with a sweet wish and customized with the kids’ pictures. It will be the perfect addition to her household.

homemade gifts for grandma: back pain bath salts

Back Pain Aromatherapy Bath Salts


While grandmothers are great at looking after other people in the family, they often struggle to do the same for themselves. Therefore, help her indulge herself a little by giving her these aromatherapy bath salts to relieve her back pain. It will be a thoughtful gift, and one she will surely enjoy and be grateful for.

diy gifts for grandma: photo flower pot with kids' photo

Photo Flower Pot


If your mother or mother-in-law loves having a little greenery inside the house, you can get the kids to make a nice flower pot for her with their photos attached to it. This way, she will always be reminded of her love for them as she waters and cares for her beloved plants.

homemade mother's day gifts for grandma: grandma photo album

Grandma Photo Album


You’re already opting for DIY so why not get creative? Make amazing DIY gifts by putting on your crafty hat and creating this incredible photo album. Fill it with adorable pictures of the family and gift it to her. She will be touched and treasure this gift immensely.

homemade gifts for grandma: photo calendar

DIY Photo Calendar


Nanas love their grandchildren all year round so the perfect gift would be able to appreciate them for all the love and effort they pour into their families. Get her excited for her birthday month by gifting her a cute calendar with the kids’ photos. It will make her day extra special.

DIY Letter Planters

DIY Letter Planters


The best unique gifts for a gardening granny can combine her love for plants and her grandkids. You can take on the cute and creative project of planting flowers with your little ones in containers shaped like their initials. It will be quite a surprise for her, and she will love taking care of them.

diy gifts for grandma: photo fridge magnets

DIY Photo Fridge Magnets


When you already know how much your little ones’ grandmother adores them, making a gift becomes easy. Take cute pictures of your kids holding out letters to spell “Grandma” and make photo magnets out of them. It is a simple but meaningful gift that will be a good addition to her fridge decorations.

diy paintings for grandma: heart handprint canvas

Heart Handprint Canvas


Kids leave their handprints all over their grandma’s heart, and they know it. So, turn this fact into a crafty art project by making a heart-shaped canvas print and filling it with their handprints. It will be an exciting activity for your kids and a precious gift for grandma.

mother day gifts from grandchildren: tea towel with kids drawings

Personalized Tea Towel


Grandmas who love to cook are forever in need of a tea towel to keep their hands and spaces clean while they create magic. So, help your kids show their appreciation for all the deliciousness they create by helping them make a personalized tea towel for them. Of course, homemade gifts for grandma will go straight to their drawer and only come out for them to gush over it.

crafts for grandma: finger-painted paperweight

Finger-painted Paperweight


If your kids love collecting rocks, there’s a cool way you can make them into pretty little gifts for them to give to their grandma for a special occasion. Bring out the paints and the varnish and let them get creative. They will become cute paperweights for her to keep her documents in order.

homemade gifts for grandma from granddaughter: diy cupcake bouquet

Cupcake Bouquet


One of the best ways you can appreciate a grandma who shows her love through cooking is to cook for her. For this Mother’s Day, surprise her with a cupcake bouquet made out of the recipe she shared with you. It will be a sweet way of telling her that you continue to enjoy the love and affection in her cooking.

grandma handprint craft: handprint apron

Handprint Apron


You can show grandparents the best art, and most of them will still choose the scribbles their grandchildren gift to them with sincerity only a child can possess. Make a nana happy by helping your kids create this adorable handprint apron for her with their artistic abilities. She will love using it every time she cooks something special.

colorful handmade cloth napkins

Homemade Cloth Napkins


Cloth napkins are extremely handy, and you probably remember your mom and grandmother keep a few around the house mostly to set on the dinner table. A great way to make your grandma reconnect with warm memories is to gift her some homemade cloth napkins. They are easy to make and will have sentimental value for her.

mothers day crafts for grandma: cross stitch family portrait

Cross Stitch Family Portrait


Creative gifts are the best ones because they are fun to make, and you can pour out all your love into them. Go different this year by giving your mom or mother-in-law this cute family portrait for Christmas. It will be a unique decoration they can hang up in the house or place on the mantelpiece.

homemade gifts for grandma: heart photo display

Heart Photo Display


Homemade gifts for grandma allow them to relive beautiful memories and have a special place in their heart. So, compile all the special family pictures you have and help your kids make a photo collage out of them in the shape of a heart. It will be an emotional and memorable gift for their grandmother.

Final Words

This concludes our list of the best homemade gifts for grandma that will perfectly express their grandkids’ love for them. We hope you can select the best idea out of these for making the perfect gift.



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