61 Best Groomsmen Gifts They Will Actually Use (2021)

  • BY Joe Palinsky
  • July 22, 2021
61 Best Groomsmen Gifts They Will Actually Use (2021)

Finding the best groomsmen gifts can be challenging. You should show appreciation to your favorite guys with some cool or unique gifts.

However, there are plenty of choices of gifts for groomsmen out there.

But don’t worry! We narrowed them down and make a full list of the most creative and practical gift ideas for groomsmen here.

Whether you opt for an affordable present or a customized groomsmen gift, you will find something special for your closest guys.

(Prices change frequently, so they could be slightly different from what we mentioned at the time of publication)

Unique Groomsmen Gifts

These unique and cool groomsmen gifts are a great selection of practical, popular, and fun items the guys at your wedding day will love.

Find the best fit for your crew and keep the whole gang happy.

Custom Photo Collage Mug - groomsmen gifts

1. Custom Photo Collage Mug


A photo collage mug is a creative way to go about finding the perfect present for non-drinkers. Whether you select funny photos or pics from the most important moments of your life, a collage mug is a thing your dudes will definitely dig.

Pocket Watch

2. Pocket Watch


Some options are considered classic when it comes to groomsmen gifts. Customized pocket watches are a way to take a typical gift like a watch and transform it into a unique and memorable keepsake without spending a fortune.

Wooden Bow Tie Set - groomsmen gift ideas

3. Wooden Bow Tie Set


If you’re throwing a rustic wedding, it can be fun to get a gift that fits your specific theme. One of the top presents you can consider for non-drinkers in a rustic setting is a wooden bow tie set. A great option that brings together the aesthetic of your big day.

Pocket Knife - groomsmen gift ideas

4. Pocket Knife


A pocket knife is an essential and manly item all men should own. Putting a personalized spin on this common gift option is a nice way to make the present unique. Think up a good message to include and you’ve got the perfect wedding present for your groomsmen, especially those who are great ourdoors.

Groomsmen Gift Box - groomsmen gift ideas

5. Groomsmen Gift Box


If you’re struggling to find the best groomsmen gifts, a gift box is the right answer you need. There are no gift sets could be more highly recommended than this one. Featuring items with a classy touch of luxury, this box is anything but typical. The assortment included in this box is sure to impress your group.

Black Men’s Toiletry Bag - best groomsmen gifts ideas

6. Men’s Toiletry Bag


Prepping for a destination wedding requires some forethought. A clever way to help the forgetful members of your group is with a non-alcohol gift like a toiletry bag. A perfect present to help your guys look their best on your big day.

Engraved Leather Wallet - groomsmen gift ideas

7. Engraved Leather Wallet


Another classic groomsmen gift option to think about grabbing for your guys is an engraved leather wallet. A wallet is an extremely engravable and useful option. All you need to do is select a color and style that matches each man’s distinct personality.

Personalized Growler - groomsmen alcohol gifts

8. Personalized Growler


One of the more popular gifts for men especially for groomsmen these days is a personalized growler. This customized gift can be filled with a favorite beer and even consumed right away at the wedding reception. Plus, the bottle serves as the perfect keepsake for this important event.

BBQ Set - best groomsmen gift ideas

9. BBQ Set


Guys love grilling. If you want a gift that is a bit different and isn’t too expensive, a BBQ set is the way to go. A great option when you’re looking for a non-alcoholic gift for your guys.

Personalized Poker Set

10. Personalized Poker Set


For a group of guys who love to get together and play cards whenever they get a chance, an engraved poker set is the way to go. Find a way to celebrate your favorite activity together with this cool, personalized gift option.

Whiskey Decanter Set in wood box for groomsmen

11. Star Wars Whiskey Decanter Set


This is an excellent way to go about finding modern and unique groomsmen gift ideas. Put together his love of bourbon with his name craved. Then, you get a decanter set that makes for an awesome present.

black Catchall Tray with sunglasses, phone and car key on it

12. Catchall Tray


Another common way to go about your groomsmen gifts is with a leather catchall tray. This simple piece of decor can be used to help the guys in your wedding party remember essential items by providing easy access to everything in a stylish way.

groomsmen gift ideas

13. Money Clip


With so many responsibilities to focus on, forgetting a gift for your groomsmen is a likely scenario. One easy last-minute gift you can grab in a pinch is a money clip. A small token of gratitude that can be customized or presented as-is.

Cocktail Shaker Bar Set - best groomsmen gifts

14. Cocktail Shaker Bar Set


Another non-traditional gift you can consider for your groomsmen is a cocktail shaker bar set. A good way to help the guys in your group perfect their mixology abilities and reminisce on all the fun nights of drinking you’ve shared together.

Video Game Cufflinks - cheap groomsmen gifts

15. Video Game Cufflinks


Did you and your bros spend a lot of time playing video games together over the years? Whether for adult or teenage groomsmen, gamer cufflinks are a creative way to tap into a bit of digital fun with your gift ideas.

Melted Absolut Vodka Bottle - groomsmen alcohol gifts

16. Melted Absolut Vodka Bottle


A bottle of liquor is a traditional gift idea for wedding parties. One way to put a different spin on these classic drinking gifts is by grabbing a melted bottle. A cool piece of decor, this is a clever way to get something new out of a classic gift concept.

Ammo Box - groomsmen gift ideas

17. Ammo Box


For a group of guys who have served in the military together, a practical way to go about groomsmen gifts is by incorporating this theme. A personalized ammo box is a classic option for a gift that has real sentimental value.

Engraved Horn Mug

18. Horn Cup


Ever fancy having a drink in the fashion of the Vikings? Horn cups are unique thank you gifts for country groomsmen that allow you and the guys to toss back a few beverages the way your ancestors once did.

badass groomsmen gifts - hot sauce gift set

19. Hot Sauce Gift Set


Some guys cannot get enough heat when they eat. If the dudes in your big day think that hot sauce is the best, a fun party gift to consider is a hot sauce gift set. Filled with flavors your crew will enjoy, this gift is definitely a smoking hot deal.

Floating Beer Pong Table - groomsmen gifts

20. Floating Beer Pong Table


If your wedding is in the summer, a floating beer pong table is a clever and fun outdoor option for beer groomsmen gifts. Whether at the beach or lounging in the pool, this gift makes playing a round of beer pong as easy as possible.

Whiskey Stones Football Set - gift ideas for groomsmen

21. Whiskey Stones Football Set


Whiskey stones are a classic gift option for groomsmen, as these items transform the drinking experience from dull to elegant. These whiskey stones with a football theme can help to bring another level of personal excitement to this gift idea.

Personalized Groomsmen Gifts

When you’re stuck on how to get the most badass groomsmen gifts for your favorite guys, opting for personalized presents can be a great choice.

Some of the top modern gifts out there are able to be customized. All you need to do to get started is figuring out what item you’d like to put a personal spin on for the dudes in your bachelor and wedding party.

These options will get your wheels turning!

Oyster Knife - groomsmen gift ideas

22. Oyster Knife


Another favorite groomsman gift option that has become popular in recent years is an oyster knife. A personalized gift like this is an inexpensive way to go about finding the best fit for your crew.

Engraved Lighter - best groomsmen gifts

23. Engraved Lighter


Smoking a few cigars is a normal way of celebrating an important event like a wedding. If you want to add an extra touch of class to this moment, grab your groomsmen’s engravable lighters. A gift that is as useful as it is refined.

Wooden Tankard - groomsmen alcohol gift

24. Wooden Tankard


Another popular gift to consider for your gang is a wooden tankard. This great option has become a hit with country groomsmen in recent years, and the beautiful craftsmanship can be customized to include a message of your choice.

Cooler Beer Bag - gifts for groomsmen

25. Cooler Beer Bag


Some customized gifts are incredibly practical. A cooler beer bag is a modern option for outdoorsmen. Plus, you can use the cooler itself as the gift bag and include a few beers and other small items for your guys.

Passport Cover - groomsmen gift ideas

26. Passport Cover


If a destination wedding is on the horizon, a passport cover is an easy way to go about getting the right gift. This leather gift has a beautiful look and serves an incredibly important purpose during travel.

Bottle Opener Keychain - groomsmen gifts

27. Bottle Opener Keychain


You never know when a bottle opener will come in handy. If you need to grab some small last-minute gifts for your groomsmen, keychain bottle openers are a great fit. This is an inexpensive present that can be quite useful during a wedding weekend.

Whiskey Glass Set - gifts for groomsmen

28. Whiskey Glass Set


Friends who are the absolute best deserve the best gifts. One way to go about finding groomsmen alcohol gifts is with a luxury whiskey glass gift box set. Help him improve his drinking game with a present that packs a powerfully classy punch.

Sports Gifts - gifts for groomsmen

29. Sports Gift


Another top choice to consider when it comes to non-alcohol presents is a football gift. Sports gifts are an easy pick when you and your friends have a favorite team or game that you enjoy together.

Cigar Accessories - groomsmen gift ideas

30. Cigar Accessories


If you plan on having a few cigars with your bros during your wedding, some cigar accessories can be a clever way to go. A gift set with a cigar cutter and some other key items will definitely be a useful option to play with, and it also makes a great gift for your best man.

Wooden Watch - groomsmen gifts

31. Wooden Watch


A wooden watch is a modern spin on a classic wedding gift. This unique present is anything but typical and carved in an expert way out of wood. Though a bit more expensive than other gifts, these watches sure beat the typical beer mug when it comes to impressing your groomsmen.

Whiskey Box - groomsmen gift ideas

32. Whiskey Box


Another modern favorite when it comes to drinking gifts is a whiskey box. This is a simple and straightforward way to go about grabbing a sensible gift for the guys at your party.

Engraved Whiskey Glass - groomsmen  alcohol gift

33. Engraved Whiskey Glass


An engraved whiskey glass is one of the easiest and most affordable options available to you for customized groomsmen gift ideas. Grab these gifts, pop open a bottle of whiskey when handing them out, and enjoy a drink with your guys in style.

Cheap Groomsmen Gifts

You don’t need to spend a ton of money in order to get some cool groomsmen gifts for your friends.

In fact, there are plenty of small and affordable presents out there a groom can grab.

Take a look at these gifts (most of them are under 20 bucks) and see how you can get some winning options without much of an effort.

Bottle Caps Drop - groomsmen gift ideas

34. Bottle Caps Drop


When you want to grab a non-traditional gift without spending a lot of cash, a bottle cap drop game is one of the best beer groomsmen gifts you can consider. This is a creative way to pass the time and impress the guys at your party.

Tactical Pen

35. Tactical Pen


A tactical pen is another inexpensive way to go about finding gifts that will fulfill your needs without breaking the bank along the way. Perfect for a variety of purposes, this gift is a modern alternative to a pocket knife.

Tie Clip - groomsmen gift ideas

36. Tie Clip


Want to help your guys in your wedding party look uniform when walking down the aisle? A tie clip is an affordable last-minute gift you can grab to give everyone a clean and polished finished look.

groomsmen gift ideas: Monogrammed Socks

37. Monogrammed Socks


Personalized socks are a great way to keep your gifts within your budget and still deliver impressive results. Have socks monogrammed with the initials of each man at the party and you’ve got a great gift!

Wood Sunglasses - groomsmen gifts

38. Wood Sunglasses


There are plenty of non-alcohol related gifts to grab for the guys at your wedding party. For an outdoor affair, wooden sunglasses are a perfect fit. Stylish and unique, these glasses will definitely see some immediate use the morning after your wedding.

Can Coolers - groomsmen gifts

39. Can Coolers


There are a ton of practical groomsmen gifts you can find for under 20 dollars. Can coolers are a cheap gift that doesn’t sacrifice quality for cost. Plus, you’ll help your guys keep their drinks nice and chill.

Groomsmen Print - best groomsmen gifts

40. Groomsmen Print


A simple print can also say a lot. This is a creative way to express through your gift how important your groomsmen are to you.

Beer Bottle Shot Glasses - drinking gifts for groomsmen

41. Beer Bottle Shot Glasses


Need ideas for inexpensive groomsmen alcohol gifts? Beer bottle shot glasses are a clever option to consider. This simple idea is as fun as it is useful.

Wine Stopper - gifts for groomsmen

42. Wine Stopper


For a group of guys who prefer wine to beer, a wine stopped is a gift idea that makes a lot of sense. Find a cool design that works for your crew and give a gift that will be put to use right away.

Leather Journal - groomsmen gift ideas

43. Leather Journal


A leather journal is another cheap way to find gift ideas that are non-alcoholic in nature. Help your guys keep track of their thoughts, ideas, and important events with a simple and stylish gift like this.

Men Loafers - groomsmen gifts

44. Men Loafers


A good pair of loafers can be hard to beat. If you want to grab some simple and affordable gifts that your guys will love, a pair of loafers for the wedding is a great option to play around with.

Practical Groomsmen Gifts

One clever way to go about selecting the best groomsmen gift ideas is by investing in something practical for the guys at your party.

Think about these favorite options and find an easy way to keep everyone happy with your gift.

Beard Care Kit - gift ideas for groomsmen

45. Beard Care Kit


Modern fashion has many men growing out their facial hair. If the guys in your group have a bit of scruff, a beard care kit is a great gift option. This kit includes everything your dudes need to look their absolute best.

Groomsmen Tumbler - gift ideas for groomsmen

46. Groomsmen Tumbler


A different gift idea to consider for your group is an engraved stainless steel tumbler. Featuring a distinct image and the name of each groomsman, this is a present with a personal twist.

Wireless Charging Station - badass groomsmen gifts

47. Wireless Charging Station


Some gifts are perfect for the modern age. A wireless charging station is a portable way for the guys in your group to keep all of their electronic devices nice and charged during your wedding and beyond.

Shoes Care Kit - groomsmen gift ideas

48. Shoes Care Kit


Want to make sure your groomsmen’s shoes are free of scuffs in your wedding pics? A practical way to ensure this is with a shoe care gift set. This kit includes everything you guys will need for kicks that look fresh.

Headphone Rack - groomsmen gift ideas

49. Headphone Rack


A headphone rack is an affordable present to consider for young groomsmen. These devices help guys keep their headphones in perfect condition when not being worn.

Wood Razor - groomsmen gift ideas

50. Wood Razor


Another unique way to go about grabbing special gifts for non-drinkers is with a wood razor set. All guys shave in some capacity and this set will help your group do it in a classy and stylish way.

Tie Travel Case Roll - groomsmen gift ideas

51. Tie Travel Case Roll


There are many typical and unique gifts you can consider for a destination wedding. A tie travel case is a perfect present to help your groomsmen preserve their ties while traveling.

Birchbox Gift Subscription - groomsmen gift ideas

52. Birchbox Gift Subscription


If you’re in need of a last-minute gift option for some young guys in your group, consider a Birchbox subscription. This gift box contains everything a man needs to look and feel his best when going into the world.

Groomsman T-Shirt - gifts for young groomsmen

53. Groomsman T-Shirt


If there are any junior groomsmen in your party, then a little t-shirt is totally a great gift to consider grabbing. An adorable way to include even the smallest of dudes in your festivities.

Bluetooth Speaker - groomsmen gift ideas

54. Bluetooth Speaker


Need a classy gift option for a group of outdoorsmen? Bluetooth speakers are the perfect electronic present. Help your guys take their tunes with them wherever they travel with this great outdoor gadget.

Funny Groomsmen Gifts

Not all presents for guys need to be practical or elegant.

In fact, you might be surrounded by geeky dudes, non-drinkers, and young guys who don’t care about the more traditional gift options out there.

To find a better fit, consider these good and funny options for a mixed crowd.

Groomsmen Flask - groomsmen gift ideas

55. Groomsmen Flask


One of the top creative drinking gifts to think about grabbing for groomsmen is a customized stainless steel flask. This personalized gift option allows your guys the chance to have a truly unique gift handed to them.

Beer Soap Gift Set - groomsmen gift ideas

56. Beer Soap Gift Set


In need of some cool ways to ask groomsmen to be involved in your big day? A beer soap gift box is a fun way to achieve this goal without spending a lot of money.

Bobbleheads - groomsmen gift ideas

57. Bobbleheads


Bobbleheads are a classic piece of memorabilia. For those who want a cool and non-traditional approach to wedding gift options, customized bobbleheads are a totally wacky idea to explore.

Photo Socks - groomsmen gift ideas

58. Photo Socks


Another way to go about finding the best and most inexpensive gift for your groomsmen is by looking at your options with photo socks. These gifts can be customized with personal pics for a truly hilarious fit.

Funny Bigfoot Silk Ties

59. Funny Bigfoot Silk Ties


Finding ways to incorporate geeky ideas and themes is a fantastic way to go about grabbing gifts for your wedding party. Funny silk ties with patterns that cover all sorts of weird designs are sure to please the crowd.

funny groomsmen gifts

60. Face Photo Lounge Shorts


Want to make the guys in your group bust out laughing with your present? Lounge shorts that have been customized with a face photo will definitely be a present that will elicit more than a few chuckles.

badass groomsmen gifts

61. Groomsmen Mug


Nothing beats a mug when it comes to finding a cheap and easy way to present a groomsmen proposal. Pop the question in a simple and refined way by offering this personalized gift option.

How Much Should I Spend on Groomsmen Gifts?

Budgeting is a crucial part of planning for a dream wedding. So, you need to have a good plan for it. Otherwise, you both will face some problems after the big day.

Here are some easy tips to help you find a simple way to invest in the best gifts for groomsmen and balance your wedding budget.

Tip 1

You need to think about your overall budget first before looking for thank you gifts for your groomsmen. There’s no doubt that gifts for groomsmen will also cost a part of it. This will make it easier to figure out exactly the amount of money you can afford on the guy’s presents.

Tip 2

The more groomsmen in your party, the more you will need to restrain yourself from purchasing gifts. If you have only one or two men at your bachelor party or wedding day, you can splurge a bit more.

Tip 3

Be practical when selecting gifts and try to control spending based on emotional whims. 

Tip 4

Try to spend the same amount on every groomsman. The father of the groom or bridesmaids might merit a special gift, but everyone else should get a gift of equal value.

Tip 5

A safe range to stay within for your gifts is between $20 and $100, but you can play around with this budget as you see fit. 

Tip 6

The groomsmen often assume various financial responsibilities with a wedding. The more you ask of the guys at your wedding, shower, or bachelor party, the more you should spend on the gift. One simple equation for this is buying a gift that costs about 10-25% of the funds the men have had to put forward.


Finding some high-quality gifts for the special men in your life is no small task.

In order to grab affordable and unique presents that don’t feel rushed or cheap, you need to think long and hard about the most appropriate groomsmen gift ideas for your crew.

The more you explore your options, the easier it will be to land on the best possible fit for your party.


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