30+ Awesome Grilling Gifts for Dad to Warm His Heart on This Father’s Day

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • April 13, 2020
30+ Awesome Grilling Gifts for Dad to Warm His Heart on This Father’s Day

With Father’s Day around the corner, many of us are searching for the best gift ideas for that special grill master. So what are some fantastic grilling gifts for men who love to barbecue?

Luckily, we’ve put together a list of some of the best BBQ accessories and gourmet gizmos Dad will enjoy.  If he loves to smoke meat, these supplies make killer gift baskets for all holidays, including birthdays and Christmas.

From personalized gifts for steak-lovers to unique grilling gadgets, there’s something here for every griller in your family.

grilling gifts: golfers bbq grilling set

For the golfer

Golfers BBQ Set


This BBQ set combines two of your dad’s greatest loves: golfing and grilling. The smooth grip handles mimic the feel of the clubs, while the stainless steel tools resemble items like a putting iron. One of the most unique golf gifts for dad, it’s the ideal way to give him something useful and thoughtful.

Price: $34.00

personalized grill gifts: personalized leather grilling gloves

Personalized Leather Grilling Gloves


These custom leather gloves make excellent Father’s Day BBQ gifts and keep the wearer from scorching their hands. They also allow for up to two lines of personalized writing on the front of the gloves. So whether you choose to write his name, initials, or a personal message, he’s sure to love it!

Price: $39.99

gifts for bbq lovers: grilling gift basket

Jim Beam & Jack Daniels Gourmet Grilling Gift Basket


If you’re looking for the gift basket that has it all, this grilling gift set combines snacks and salsas made for bbq lovers. With sauces and marinade mixes, as well as foods like jerky and pretzels, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.  

Price: $139.95

grill accessories gifts: premium bbq grilling gloves

Premium BBQ Grilling Gloves


Safety is key when grilling, so a gift that keeps his hands protected is a great way to show you care. These gloves shield against high heat levels, as well as cutting, keeping hands safe and in one piece.

Price: $13.99 

grill gifts for men: heavy duty bbq tool set

Heavy Duty BBQ Grilling Tools Set


For a gift that withstands the test of time, these sturdy grilling accessories are an absolute must! This heavy-duty grill set uses stainless steel tools that provide better grip and long-lasting quality. The manufacturer is so confident in its product’s ability to endure the elements, it even comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Price: $32.97

gifts for grillers: the grillfather apron

The Grillfather Apron


Also great Father’s Day gifts he can’t refuse, these “Grillfather” aprons are both humorous and stylish. Inspired by the cinema classic, The Godfather, is a great gift for movie buffs and BBQ lovers alike. 

Price: $22.73

gifts for bbq lovers: franklin barbecue cookbook


Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto


Something every pit master loves to try is experimenting with new flavors and strategies. What better way to give them the gift of inspiration than with a cookbook centered around smoking meat. The guide provides help on everything from the types of wood to use to necessary temperatures and times. 

Price: $18.15

personalized grill gifts: personalized bbq grilling plate

Personalized BBQ Grilling Plate


A personalized grill plate is just the way to show off all that hard work after grilling. In addition to reminding everyone who’s responsible for the delicious meal, the plate is also microwave and dishwasher-safe.

Price: $34.99

cool grill gifts: prime cut socks for men

Men's Prime Cut Socks


For a funny gift to give someone whose head over in heels in love with steak, these socks have it all. Providing comfort and humor, the pair sports juicy prime cut steaks to remind everyone who the real barbeque lover is. 

Price: $10.00 – $11.50

personalized grill gifts: custom cutting board

Custom Cutting Board


Another idea for personalized grilling gifts is a cutting board designed specifically for the user. This custom gift comes in three different sizes, with the option for either bamboo or walnut wood. You can also add a name and a personal message to the item. 

Price: $54.95+

bbq gift ideas: meat head cooking guide book

Cooking guide book

Meathead: The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling


Another item to add to your list of great grilling gifts is a different type of grilling guide. This guidebook focuses more on debunking common barbecue myths by understanding the science behind cooking. It also illustrates some amazing ways to handle accessories. 

Price: $22.78

bbq gifts: grillaholics grill mats

Grillaholics Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Mats


Cleaning in between the grill grates is a tireless chore no one wants to do. A cool grilling gift set that saves time and effort is this two-pack of grill mats. Simply place these over the grates when grilling and toss in the dishwasher when finished. It’s that easy!

Price: $19.95

cool grill gifts: custom steak brander

Custom Steak Brander


Nothing says “professional grill master” quite like having a steak branded with your initials. These personalized branders stamp the initials of the owner across every juicy slab of meat for a truly unique look. It’s perfect for weddings and housewarming gifts.

Price: $13.99+

barbeque magazines subscription

Barbecue Grilling Magazine Subscription


The unique gifts for pit masters that just keep giving, try a magazine subscription from Barbecue News. Each magazine delivers information about grilling from product reviews to tasty new recipes. Plus, it gives the recipient a new gift to look forward to each month.

Price: $15.00 – $25.00

grill master club subscription

Grill Master Club Subscription Box


Additionally, a fantastic subscription idea to boost flavor and spice into any meal is with a Grill Masters Club subscription box. These range in length from 1 to 12 months and come with a mix of dry rubs, sauces, and recipes. 

Price: $24.99+

gift for griller and beer lover: engraved beer mug

Engraved Beer Mug


To go with his other personalized grill gifts, give your grillfather his very own beer mug. These engraved glasses display both his initial and name in a stunning design. It’s the perfect way for him to round out his day.  

Price: $21.95

grilling gifts: gourmet grilling spice rub gift set

Gourmet Grilling Spice Rub Gift Set


More unique grilling gifts for men include these amazing dry rub spices inspired by some of the best flavors in the world. The Argentina Steak Rub infuses a delicious chimichurri spice combo, while the Chicago Steak Chop combines ingredients like sea salt and red pepper.  The Kansas City Classic uses a sweet & spicy cocktail of chipotle, brown sugar, and other spices. 

Price: $22.00

bbq gifts: make your own bbq sauce kit

Make Your Own BBQ Sauce Kit


For the adventurous grillers and hot sauce lovers, this DIY hot sauce kit is a unique way to try new tastes and combos. The kit includes a myriad of spices and bases, along with three bottles and blank labels in which to store your new creations. Great gifts for hot sauce lovers!

Price: $40.00

cool grill gifts: himalayan salt bbq plank

Himalayan Salt BBQ Plank


One of the more unusual grilling gadgets to buy is a Himalayan salt plank. When placed on the grill, the salt brick heats any food on top of it, enhancing the flavor with natural minerals. 

Price: $30.00

cool gifts for grillers: engraved bamboo grill set

Engraved Bamboo Grill Set


A great grill master needs a special place to put his tools at the end of the day. What better way to do this than with a customizable, engraved box? This gift comes with numerous design options to choose from and ships both with or without the tools included.

Price: $65.00+

unique grill gifts: tactical molle apron

Unique grill gifts

Tactical Molle Apron


For unique gag gifts that also provide a full range of functions, these tactical aprons are incredible! Not only do they keep clothing free and clear of splatters, but they also come with pockets and pouches to store all your grilling supplies. 

Price: $31.49

gifts for meat smokers: meat claws

Meat Claws


If anyone in your family loves pulled pork, these bear-claw-shaped tools are a necessity. Whether carving up large portions of meat, shredding, or handling in general, these claws make the job even easier. 

Price: $17.99

gifts for meat smokers: wood chips gift set

Gifts for meat smokers

Wood Chips for Smokers Grill Set


This handy grilling kit is among the ideal gifts for meat smokers out there. The grill set includes three different types of wood chips to test out new flavors to smoke meat. It also provides grilling essentials like a meat thermometer and stainless steel smoke box. 

Price: $49.95

gifts for bbq lovers: beer infused bbq sauce

Beer-Infused BBQ Sauce


When searching for grilling gifts for the beer lover in your life, nothing quite compares to the taste of these beer-infused sauces. With three different gourmet BBQ blends to choose from, including Thai-Style Sriracha, these yummy flavors will put a smile on any barbeque lover’s face. 

Price: $35.00

personalized grill gifts: personalized bar and grill sign

Personalized Bar & Grill Sign


One of the most unique Father’s Day barbecue gifts to get someone isn’t even a grilling accessory. Instead, this personalized sign is a fantastic way to decorate any grill or bar area. The design comes in six different colors with the ability to customize almost every part of the sign.

Price: $78.00+

bbq gift ideas: build your own grill spice gift box

Build Your Own Grill Spice Gift Box


This spice set lets you choose anywhere from 2-6 different options to ship as tasty gifts for bbq lovers. Complete with a stamped flavor passport, spices include delicious choices like Kashmir Station Exotic Flavor Fusion and Smoky Sweet Citrus Blend.

Price: $23.50+

grill gifts: meat thermometer

Meat Thermometer


One of the most critical gadgets every barbecuer needs is a reliable thermometer. This gadget takes all the guesswork out of traditional meat thermometers with an LED display screen and instant temperature readings. 

Price: $20.09

grilling gift ideas: basting pot with brush

BBQ Basting Pot with Brush


A great item to add to your list of pitmaster gifts is this basting pot and brush set. The stainless steel pot holds up to 32 ounces of your favorite sauce, while the brush fits seamlessly into the top.

Price: $26.95

unique grilling tools: bristle free grill brush

Unique grilling tools

Bristle Free Grill Brush


Cleaning a grill is just as important as cooking on it. Which is why some of the best barbecue gift ideas out there are cleaning accessories. This bristleless grill brush removes stuck-on food particles without leaving behind coarse, metal bristles. 

Price: $17.00

best grilling gifts: indoor smokeless electric grill

Indoor Smokeless Electric Grill


On those rainy days when cooking outdoors isn’t an option, this indoor grill is a treat. Its nonstick surface drains meat when cooking, while also providing tasty char-grilled texture to food. 

Price: $99.89

bbq gift ideas: custom beer can cooler

Custom Stainless Steel Beer Can Cooler


A crucial part of the grilling process is keeping your beer cold and crisp. One way to ensure your barbecuer’s drink maintains optimum freshness is with a stainless steel can cooler. The can comes in several colors, fonts, and is completely customizable. 

Price: $14.50+

grill gift for men: smokeless portable fire pit and grill

Smokeless Portable Fire Pit and Grill


Some barbeque gift ideas for those who like the outdoors is something they can take with them. This portable fire pit weighs less than 20 pounds, is foldable and easy to store. If your favorite pit master loves to cook around a campsite, this is the perfect gift for them.

Price: $20.00 – $250.00

unique grilling tools: 5 in 1 grill spatula

Unique grilling tools

5-in-1 Grill Spatula


One of the most unique grilling tools that you must get for your man. This tool is combines five different items into one. This seemingly ordinary spatula includes both a serrated and straight edge on either side for cutting. It also comes with a prong to flip meats and a bottle opener in the center.

Price: $19.57

grill gifts: steak knife set

Fine Edge Steak Knife Set


Another practical gift that’s spectacular for grilling is a sharp set of steak knives. This four-pack of fine-edged carving knives is rust-resistant and durable. It’s stainless steel blades are also super easy to sharpen whenever necessary. 

Price: $49.95

cool grill gifts: yeti cooler

YETI Roadie 20 Cooler


Every great grill master needs an equally great cooler to keep his supplies – and beer- cold until he’s ready to use them. Nothing is more equipped to handle that task than this YETI cooler, which comes in nine different colors.

Price: $199.99

Now you have a few new ideas for incredible grilling gifts for whoever works the grill at your home.

These fantastic BBQ gifts provide your grill master with new accessories and flavors to enhance an activity they cherish.

And don’t forget all the delicious steaks and meats you’ll get to eat, too!



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