9 Great Big Canvas Ideas for Your Living Room and Bedroom

9 Great Big Canvas Ideas for Your Living Room and Bedroom

Have you just moved into your new home and been struggling to find decor items to fill the big empty wall? Then skip mediocre decorations and jazz it up with a great big canvas! It can completely change the style of a room and make your home feel more comfortable and personalized. These prints are usually best for large wall spaces, such as over the sofa in the living room or over the bed in the bedroom. 

There are different canvas sizes you can choose from. But hanging a large canvas print on the wall can raise the focal point in the room and make it feel more spacious. Depending on the print you choose, this beautiful home decor piece can also bring together your theme or color palette. You can bring warmth and love to the room by customizing your great big art. Not sure which design is right for your space? Check out these 9 custom canvas ideas and choose the perfect one for your home.

Living Room

Great big wall decor is a perfect addition to your living room, especially if you have empty wall space. Your living room is usually the most spacious and offers the blankest space. Therefore, decorating this large room can be overwhelming. However, a big custom art print can be the easiest and most versatile option for a large empty wall that needs color and décor. Check out these customizable options for your living room wall and change your space into something beautiful.

Welcome to Our Beautiful Chaos Family Canvas

Welcome to Our Beautiful Chaos Family Canvas is made to hang over the sofa in a living room. Since the living room is where the family gathers most often, this beautiful quote about love, laughter, and memories is sure to inspire on a daily basis.

Sister Poem Canvas Print

If you’re looking for great big wall art that expresses love and warmth, this sister poem canvas is the perfect accent for your living room. This customized canvas will show family members and guests how your sister inspired and loved you. With a neutral color and artistic font, these poems will liven up your living room.

Source: Sister Poem

There Are Friendships Imprinted In Our Hearts Photo Canvas

There Are Friendships Imprinted In Our Hearts Photo Canvas allows you to express your love for your friends in a big way. Choose the best photos of you and your friends and hang this beautiful piece in the living room, for all your guests to admire. 

Hello – Will You – I Do Canvas Print

Looking for the perfect gift for your loved one? This great big art print is a thoughtful present for your loved ones to make blank wall space into a masterpiece in the living room. Moreover, this canvas print features a beautiful way to express your love and always will be.


Large format canvas can also take your bedroom’s décor to the next level. Generally, the wall space over your bed is begging for a large piece of artwork. One of the best ways to personalize your bedroom and make it feel more inviting is to hang a customized piece in this space. Consider some of these custom options and bring your bedroom décor to the next level.

You Keep Me Safe I’ll Keep You Wild Canvas Print

When you fall in love with the right person they become your defender and your partner in crime, which can easily hang on the wall over your bed. Designed for the especially two of you, this unique canvas will make your love remember every day.

Spiral Song Lyrics Vinyl Record Canvas Print

Approaching your anniversary? Celebrate the occasion in style with this canvas print for your bedroom. This large custom canvas expresses the true feelings through song lyrics you’ve been together so you can cherish each one.

I Will Never Forget The Moment I Realized I Loved You Canvas Print

This canvas print is surely a unique way to show your love. You can put a personal touch to the print with the names and dates of you and your soul mate. This print will make your room feel light and bright while complementing your existing décor.

Good Morning Gorgeous Hello There Handsome Canvas Print

It doesn’t get much better than oversized canvases accented with sentimental messages. Instead of simply hanging simple quotes on the wall, display your love with these sweet talks. Use your wall space to declare your love and commitment to each other.

20-Year Anniversary Photo Collage Canvas Print

Approaching your twenty-year anniversary? Celebrate the occasion in style with this canvas print for your bedroom. This large custom canvas counts the number of years, months, weeks, days, hours, and minutes you’ve been together so you can cherish each one.


Final Words

If you have a wall in your living room or bedroom perfect for a great big canvas, choose a design you love. But don’t forget a large canvas print requires a large resolution, you can refer to our guide to get the best canvas print. Hang one of these customized prints on your wall today and watch it transform your room into a warm and inviting space!



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