50+ Best Graduation Gifts for Him (2022): from Practical to Personalized Picks

  • BY Joe Palinsky
  • April 20, 2022
50+ Best Graduation Gifts for Him (2022): from Practical to Personalized Picks

Graduating from high school or college is a huge accomplishment and the start of a new journey. You are probably looking for the best graduation gifts for him to celebrate this special occasion and we have you sorted.

Here are our recommendations for the perfect graduation gifts for your son, brother, friend, or boyfriend to commemorate his journey and encourage him for the future. From inexpensive to luxurious, practical to funny, unique to personalized, our gift list is sure to help you choose the right one!

Best Graduation Gifts for Him

graduation gifts for him: a gaming chair

A Gaming Chair


Looking for cool grad presents for guys? Get your boy the ultimate gaming product out there. This chair is an excellent way for him to relax after a hard day at work.

keepsake graduation gifts for him: Hugs From Home Custom Pillow

Hugs From Home Custom Pillow


Give him this personalized pillow when he is moving out for college. This is a cute going-away present that is also practical and useful. This pillow is sure to brighten up your son or grandson’s dorm room and remind them of home.

gift to get a guy for his graduation: 2022 Graduation Collage Canvas Print

2022 Graduation Collage Canvas Print


Wondering what to get a guy for graduation? Give him a trip down memory lane as he recalls the times he’s had with his best friends. What a great way to decorate his room!

Sentimental Graduation Keepsake for Him: Personalized Desktop Photo Plaque

Personalized Desktop Photo Plaque


This is one simple yet among the most unique high school graduation gifts for him. Customize the item with a photo of him on his graduation day, his name, and the school year. And he can carry this gift with him on his journey ahead.

good grad gifts for him: A Record Player

A Record Player


When it comes to good grad gifts for guys, you can never go wrong with a record player. The music will never stop with this thing around. It’s not just decorative, this bad boy is modern and sexy, too!

A Study Apron for an engineer or craftman graduates

A Sturdy Apron


If your guy is a future engineer or craftsman, this is one of the best graduation presents for him. With this apron around, he’ll be able to carry his tools and devices and keep them close at hand.

graduation gift for him: A Personalized Graduation Print

Personalized Graduation Print


Graduation ticks off a major milestone in his life and he deserves a memorable gift to celebrate it. The personalized print will become a keepsake for him and one he will look back on with fondness. It will also be the perfect decoration for his room.

Useful college graduation gifts for him: Carry-On Luggage

Carry-On Luggage


Useful graduation gifts for him like this suitcase equals luxury. It’ll be perfect for his new career! When he’s strolling through the airport with this, he’ll be traveling in style.

good graduation gifts for him: A Made-to-Measure Suit

A Made-to-Measure Suit

from $299

What are good graduation gifts for men? How about an outfit that will help him score his dream job? Make him stand out among the rest of the men with a suit that fits him to a tee. 

motivational graduation gift for him: "Always Remember You Are Braver Than You Believe" Photo Canvas Print

“Always Remember You Are Braver Than You Believe” Photo Canvas Print


A trip down memory lane is a great way to commemorate graduation. And this custom photo canvas print featuring the best images of the happy graduate can be a simple, sweet graduation gift for him.

inexpensive graduation gift ideas for men: Whale Done Graduate Socks

Whale Done Graduate Socks


If your guy loves puns, you have got to get him some fun socks. They’re inexpensive and great graduation gift ideas for him! When he has them on, he’ll be sailing through interviews and work meetings.  

custom cartoon portrait for graduates

Custom Cartoon Portrait


If you need something more creative for him, get a yellow cartoon character portrait of one person as a graduate or college student. This portrait will be a hit and the greatest graduation gift for him.

“The Future Belongs To Those Who Believe” Desktop Photo Plaque

“The Future Belongs To Those Who Believe” Desktop Photo Plaque


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” is the best advice you can give to a recent graduate going to college. He can keep this personalized photo plaque on his desk as a keepsake. And every time he looks at the quote and the photo, he can gain some inspiration.

a pocket watch engraved with the words to our son - meaningful male graduation gift

“To Our Son” Pocket Watch


Aside from a celebration of accomplishment, graduation is also a matter of pride for the parents. The pocket watch is beautifully laser engraved with a sentimental message. Get him this sentimental keepsake to show your appreciation and to wish him the best for his future journey.

medical graduation gifts for guys: 3D Night Light Psychology Grad Gift

3D Night Light Psychology Grad Gift


If your young man is a medical wonder, give him a light that’s useful and pretty, too. When it comes to personalized graduation gifts for guys, this one takes the cake. 

“Class Of 2022” Graduation Photo Collage Mug

“Class Of 2022” Graduation Photo Collage Mug


Customize the mug with his graduation photos and custom text. Every time he sips his favorite beverage in this mug, he can reminisce the special moments of that day!

graduation class of 2022 personalized tumbler

Graduation Class of 2022 Tumbler


Graduation gifts for him don’t always have to be fancy. You can also get this fun tumbler to give to him. It is engraved and can be personalized which will make it an inexpensive, useful, and meaningful grad gift.

graduation gift for him: Custom Class Ring

Custom Class Ring


If he has a lot of positive memories associated with his college, the customized class ring will be the perfect gift for him. It will become a meaningful keepsake that he will always cherish and appreciate.

University Campus Landmarks Art Print

University Campus Landmarks Art Print


The print is not a map of the university, but rather a “family portrait” of the campus buildings. The most iconic landmarks are collaged together in a unique “Line Art” style print.

Whether you call it minimalist, industrial, abstract, etc… there is no lack of detail in this cityscape and skyline art maps. You’ll be sure to find something new every time you look! The perfect gift for any alumni or graduate of the university.

graduation gift for a friend: Custom Year Graduation Ornament

Custom Year Graduation Ornament


Here’s a graduation gift for a friend that means the world to you. This ornament will look great anywhere, be it a Christmas tree or car. It’ll remind him of the best time in his life.

practical grad gift for him: stylish backpack

Stylish Backpack


A male isn’t hard to shop for; just go for practical items! One of the finest things to get him for graduation is this backpack. It’ll be great company during his work commutes.

grad gift for him: Blanket with His Initial

Blanket with His Initial


Keep your guy warm with a sweet blanket with his initial on it. This personalized graduation gift for him is a fabulous keepsake he’ll treasure for years to come. stylish and meaningful? Check!

custom wood block graduation gift for him

Custom Wood Block


This customized wood block is also a cool and creative way to commemorate the special occasion, especially if he is moving away for college. It is a simple and thoughtful gift that will keep him connected to his roots and remember his accomplishments.

Believe Morse Code Cuff Bangle

Believe Morse Code Cuff Bangle


This cuff bangle is a gift to inspire and encourage fresh graduates. It is engraved with the Morse Code ‘Believe’ which will constantly remind him to have faith in whatever he does in life. The simple, yet meaningful bangle gift will also make him look so cool on any occasion.

be confident compass key ring gift for male graduates

A Compass Key Ring


The perfect graduation gifts for your guy celebrate his success and encourage him for the future that awaits him. The compass keyring is an inexpensive and meaningful gift that will help you show him how much you believe in his potential.

meaningful graduation gift for him: Work/Life Balance Keychain

Work/Life Balance Keychain


After graduation, anyone will be extremely eager to land a job. And sometimes, they will be worn out by working all day and night. This keychain conveys the message that we each hold the keys to balancing our lives. So it makes a meaningful graduation gift to remind him to balance work and life and that life is not just about work.

personalized graduation gift for him: A Wooden Watch

A Wooden Watch


A wooden graduation gift like this doesn’t come by often. This watch is a grad gift that keeps on giving. Help your guy add punctuality to his list of admirable qualities!

a personalized sign with the motivational words - graduation gifts for him

“Before You All Your Dreams” Graduation Sign


Sometimes, the best gifts are ones that recognize the struggle, instill hope, and help him remember that there are people who believe in him. This custom sign is all that and more, making it a meaningful convocation gift and keepsake.

graduation gift for him: “Today Is A Brand New Day” Inspirational Canvas Print

“Today Is A Brand New Day” Inspirational Canvas Print


You know he is talented and you believe in his potential. But the key is to encourage him to do the same. This inspirational print is a great gift to give your guy to take along to his college. It will keep encouraging him even when you cannot in person.

Cool Graduation Gift For Boyfriend - Personalized License Plate Sign

Personalized License Plate Sign


If you want to opt for fun and cool graduation gifts for him, check out this personalized license plate sign. It is unique and will be a great way for him to remember this day.

Letter Art Wood Class Sign as a gift for male graduates

Letter Art Wood Class Sign


Go creative and give a graduating senior boy this unique wood class sign to celebrate his accomplishment. There are many more milestones to achieve, but this one will always hold a special place in his heart.

graduation present for him: Congratulations Suede Pillow

Congratulations Suede Pillow


Are congratulations in order? Show the massive pride you have for your grandson with a graduation present for him. He’ll love how huggable it is and that it serves well as decoration, too. 

Monogrammed Business Card Holder

Monogrammed Business Card Holder


Classier and safer than a rubber band: this monogrammed business card holder with magnetic closure gets down to business. This gift is something that would look more professional than keeping his future business cards in his wallet.

unique college graduation gifts for him: Gentleman’s Gift Set

Gentleman’s Gift Set


If you’re scouring the internet for unique graduation gifts for him, we’ve got you covered. This set comes with cufflinks, a money clip, and a tie clip. They’re all he needs to show the world what he’s about. 

graduation gift for male graduate: Custom Engraved Leather Wallet

Custom Engraved Leather Wallet


Give him a new leather wallet to send him off to adulthood. And to make it more personal, you can personalize it with his name, initials, or monogram.

Leather Journal gift set for male graduates

Leather Journal


This leather journal set is a perfect gift for a high-school graduate. It includes a stainless-steel pen and a leather bookmark. Also, a useful pen loop is stitched inside so he can make notes, shopping lists, and diary entries wherever he is.

last-minute graduation presents for guys: Graduation Congrats Candle

Graduation Congrats Candle


On the lookout for last-minute graduation presents for guys? If you have a buddy about to embark on a new journey, this candle is perfect. He’ll light it for inspiration and whenever he needs some motivation!

graduation gifts for a guy: an Instant Pot

Instant Pot


A young man needs affordable meals to fill him up. That’s why the Instant Pot ranks high on the list of graduation gifts for a guy. When it comes to saving money, the budget option is always good. 

best graduation gift for your son: a Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker


This is the best graduation gift for him if he spends a lot of money on coffee. Fresh coffee every morning is unbeatable, and that’s why this popular brewer is the clear winner. 

personalized cooler bag gift idea for male graduates

Personalized Cooler Bag


He will be starting his post-academic journey soon, so why not give him a gift that will make life convenient for him? The personalized cooler bag, with his first initial & last name, will be the perfect partner for all the journeys he is about to undertake.

graduation gifts for him: Leather Briefcase for Men

Leather Briefcase for Men


Graduation is the perfect time to give graduation gifts to him that would be useful for him professionally. An elegant leather briefcase is a practical accessory to keep around and will help him make a good first impression at his job.

meaningful keepsake for him on grad day: Custom Leather Tray

Custom Leather Tray


If you want to give him a fancy gift, get this custom leather tray. Not only is it luxuriously hand-crafted, but it will also be personalized. It will become a meaningful keepsake of this memorable moment as he continues moving towards his goals.

thoughtful graduation present for your brother: Brother Acronym Photo Mug

Brother Acronym Photo Mug


Whether he is your sibling or brother in blood, here’s a thoughtful graduation present for him. Show him how much he means to you with an awesome mug. Coffee will never be the same again!

personalized wooden charger - a graduation gift for him

Personalized Wooden Charger


Help him declutter his dorm room with a minimalist charging station handcrafted from solid wood. This versatile dock keeps his iPhone, Airpods, Apple Watch, and other gadgets securely in place and easily locatable. Such a practical gift to celebrate his graduation. You can have the gift engraved with the boy’s initials, name, or custom logotype to complete the look of the charger.

one of the best college graduation gifts for him: Blanket with Words of Encouragement

Blanket with Words of Encouragement


Send him a comforting message in the shape of a blanket. This is one of the best college graduation gifts for him because it’ll give him the confidence he needs. 

small graduation gifts for guys: An Engraved Pen

An Engraved Pen


In the category of small graduation gifts for guys, this pen packs a punch. Get him something engraved to call his own. With this by his side, he’ll be putting down his signature in style!

star wars poster set - graduation gift for men

A Cool Star Wars Poster Set


Of course, Star Wars had to be included in a list of recommended graduation gifts because the list would be incomplete otherwise. The poster set not only looks cool, but it will also be a great addition to his new college dorm room once he starts his classes. The Star Wars fan in him is going to be absolutely ecstatic to receive it.

Alexa-Enabled Smart Speaker

Alexa-Enabled Smart Speaker


Hunting for the perfect graduation gift for him? Here’s a useful device he won’t be able to refuse. With this sweet thing, he’ll have good music and podcasts playing all day long. 

graduation gift for boys: Kindle Oasis

Kindle Oasis


A book can transport a person to magical heights. If your man loves reading, get him this Kindle. It’s got to be on your list if you’re shopping for a graduation gift for boys!

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise Cancelling Headphones


College life can be distracting. Whether he is at the gym, on a long weekend trip, or spending hours in a study session, any guy will appreciate a set of noise-canceling headphones. This is one of the best and most useful graduation gifts to help encourage a sense of focus.

practical graduation gifts for him: Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue Light Blocking Glasses


Recent studies have found that the blue light from digital devices might be harmful to the eyes. Since college might involve hours of staring at screens, a pair of blue-light-blocking glasses makes a thoughtful, practical gift that protects his eyes.

cute graduation present for your boyfriend: The Mug of Motivation

The Mug of Motivation


Looking for a cute graduation present for your guy? If he loves a hot beverage, he’ll adore this mug. It’s full of animals telling him that he can achieve anything he sets out to do. 

graduration gift for him: A Great Big Hug Across Miles Pillow

A Great Big Hug Across Miles Pillow


Looking for a cute graduation present for your guy? If he loves a big great hug, he’ll adore this sentimental pillow. He’ll love how huggable it is and that it serves well as decoration, too.  

Supprising graduation gift for him: Money Tissue Box

Money Tissue Box

Want to give cash as a surprise grad gift for him? Do it in a unique way with this DIY money tissue box!

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To sum up, the perfect graduation gifts will not only celebrate his accomplishments but also encourage him for his next journey after high school or college.

We hope you found the right gift for your graduating son, boyfriend, or best friend from the list, and have a lovely time enjoying the occasion with him.



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