31 Best Graduation Gifts for Her: Top Grad Present Ideas (2021)

  • BY Keegan Kraemer
  • December 24, 2020
31 Best Graduation Gifts for Her: Top Grad Present Ideas (2021)

Celebrate her years spent in college or high school with these graduation gifts for her. These gifts are not only thoughtful but practical as well.

As she is about to enter this new step into adulthood and post-grad life, equip her with a few practical gift items.

Whether the gifts come from a proud mama or a friend celebrating her grand achievement, she is sure to love these special gift ideas.

Pick from our list of items to find the perfect gifts for her. From jewelry to tech, she’ll appreciate any one of these 31 thoughtful gift ideas.

If you’re looking for more graduation gift ideas, we’ve got you covered:

Top 31 Great Graduation Gifts for Her

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grad gifts for her - Little Moments Big Memories Photo Mug

Little Moments Big Memories Photo Mug

This handy drinking vessel makes a great gift to give for any type of graduation ceremony. Celebrate all the wonderful times you have shared together on your journey with your besties with this creative mug. Make sure she is able to keep her best friend close even when they are far away with this thoughtful graduation gift idea.

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Graduation Collage Canvas Print - keepsake graduation gifts for her

Graduation Collage Canvas Print

Be sure that she is able to cherish all those amazing memories from her educational years with this personalized canvas. The class of 2020 is a special year for any graduation, celebrate it with this beautiful keepsake print. Simply upload all of her favorite photos from her time at school for a gift she will be proud to display.

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Hotter By One Degree Water Bottle - graduation gift ideas for her

Hotter By One Degree Water Bottle

Getting a degree can really work up a sweat. When searching for the best college graduation gifts for her, get her something that will bring a smile to her face. A small but meaningful gift she can use after she is finished with her last class. The perfect gift for a friend or girlfriend on her graduation day.

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Casual Watch - graduation gift ideas

Casual Watch

Every new graduating professional can use a traditional watch in their new career role. A simple but practical grad gift for the newest graduating lady in your life. Whether it is a niece, daughter, granddaughter, or cousin, they are sure to appreciate this classic, designer watch made from high-quality materials that will last her a lifetime.

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Custom Year Graduation Ornament - unique graduation gifts

Custom Year Graduation Ornament

Whether graduating from college or high school, your new grad will appreciate this custom Christmas ornament. 2020’s certainly a year to remember. Make sure even with all of the craziness that happened, that your graduate will be able to remember all of the special times they had. A graduation gift idea that will adorn their holidays for years to come.

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Weekend Bag - women graduation gifts

Weekend Bag

Will your new graduate be traveling often for work or play? This weekend bag makes the perfect companion for women who have just landed a career that will have them jet setting. Perfect for storing all the essentials for a quick business trip or weekend with the girls. A practical gift to give at her graduation ceremony.

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Defining Decade - unique graduation gifts

The Defining Decade

The 20’s are a defining decade in everyone’s life, with an astounding 80% of life’s significant events happening during this time for most people. From buying a home, having kids, graduating, and choosing life long career paths. This cool book makes a great gift for a daughter or granddaughter when she graduates to help set her up for success.

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Personalized Graduation Print - graduation presents for her

Personalized Graduation Print

This meaningful, personalized graduation print includes the classic graduation quote, “the tassel was worth the hassle!” A beautiful high school graduation gift for girls that they can hang in their dorm room when they leave for college on their adventure to get their next tassel. Easily personalize with hair color, style, gown, and drink options for a truly unique gift.

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You Are Braver Than You Believe - graduation gifts for her

You Are Braver Than You Believe

It takes a certain level of bravery to go after your dreams and find out what you are truly capable of achieving. Make sure she never forgets how brave she really is with this customized photo plaque. It includes a sentimental quote that will uplift her every time she looks at this cute photo frame.

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Echo Dot - keepsake graduation gifts for her

Echo Dot

Whether playing her favorite tunes or reminding her of all the things on her calendar, this high-tech gift will be greatly appreciated. This useful little gadget makes a practical gift for many living situations. She can set up her home or apartment as a smart home starting with this compact device which can easily be connected to other smart devices.

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Personalized Notebook - women graduation gifts

Personalized Notebook

In search of truly unique graduation gifts for that special girl in your life? With the ability to include any text on the cover, this personalized notebook makes a sentimental gift for a female graduate student from a teacher or professor. Include her name or favorite quote on the front cover for a one of a kind gift.

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Grad Gift Necklace - keepsake graduation gifts for her

Grad Gift Necklace

A minimalist piece of jewelry makes a luxury graduation gift for her without breaking your budget. While jewelry is a typical gift to give to many women for life events, this beautiful necklace makes a lovely graduation gift from school. This necklace will remind her that no matter where life takes her, that she should always follow her dreams.

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Coffee Maker - unique graduation gifts

Coffee Maker

Any new grad would appreciate a quality coffee maker to speed up their morning routine. While a more expensive coffee maker, it is certainly worth the price tag. She can easily brew the perfect cup of jo with this compact and thoughtful graduation gift. Perfect for keeping at her office desk or putting in her coffee bar at home.

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Nurse Bracelet - graduation presents for her

Nurse Bracelet

If you are specifically searching for nurse graduation gifts for her, then you are going to love this special little item. These creative and dainty bracelets celebrate “she believed that she could” complete her nursing degree and she did it. There are several ways to personalize this bracelet to make it a truly unique gift.

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Leather Passport Cover - grad gifts for her

Leather Passport Cover

For the graduate that has just finished her Master’s degree, get her something extra special. While it’s small, this gift is perfect for a daughter who will be traveling for her new post-graduate work. Made from beautiful, hand-stamped leather, this gift will last her through anywhere life has to take her.

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Bluetooth Portable Suitcase Record Player - graduation gifts for her

Bluetooth Portable Suitcase Record Player

For a young woman who has just graduated from law school, be sure to get her a high-quality gift that she will truly appreciate. This bluetooth record player brings back the nostalgia of yesteryear while playing all of her favorite songs and artists. A stylish gift she will be proud to display in her brand new office.

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Amazon.com Gift Card - graduation gift ideas

Amazon.com Gift Card

Just need to grab a simple monetary gift to give the new graduate? What better than an Amazon gift card? Gift cards are great if you’re on a budget, don’t have time to wait for something to be delivered, or just don’t know what she will like. A great gift to give a sister or friend on her graduation day.

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Weighted Blanket - graduation gifts for her

Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are like a warm hug from someone you love. Spoil your granddaughter or daughter on her high school graduation with this ultra comfortable blanket. A meaningful gift for a young woman who might be leaving her family and home town for the first time. Let her enjoy the calming and relaxing benefits that weighted blankets have to offer.

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Graduation Year Necklace - graduation gift ideas for her

Graduation Year Necklace

This simple, hand-stamped necklace makes the perfect medical school graduation gift for her. Featuring the “est.” year to represent her graduation year and the caduceus medical symbol. Whether a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, or therapist, this gift works well for any young woman who graduated with a college degree in the medical field.

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Laptop Tote Bag Office Travel School - grad gifts for her

Laptop Tote Bag Office Travel School

Not sure what to get the senior just graduating from school? This laptop and office travel bag makes a thoughtful and traditional gift for a new grad. The perfect gift for a girlfriend that is venturing off to the professional world or her new campus. Able to fit her laptop and everything else she’ll need to carry around campus.

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Instant Film Camera - graduation gift ideas for her

Instant Film Camera

Searching for fun and useful last minute grad gifts for her? Be sure she is able to capture all of the fun memories from her graduation party and beyond with this instant mini camera. Perfect for snapping a quick selfie or grabbing some pics with her besties before she heads off on her next adventure.

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Personalized Jewelry Dish - women graduation gifts

Personalized Jewelry Dish

Whether she graduated from her home town or across the country in the year of 2020, this personalized jewelry gift makes a lovely keepsake graduation gift for her. Hand engraved with her graduation year and able to be personalized in other ways, this minimalist gift makes the perfect accompaniment to the gift of minimalist jewelry.

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Birchbox Subscription - graduation gift ideas

Birchbox Subscription

Make sure your graduate is looking her best when she goes off on her next adventure with this thoughtful gift. Any female would appreciate these luxury items. From the latest makeup and beauty products, this gift will have her glowing. In addition to subscription boxes, you can also find skincare sets and other items you won’t find anywhere else.

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Blue Apron Gift Card - graduation gift ideas

Blue Apron Gift Card

Things can get pretty busy after graduation, especially for a young woman joining the workforce. Give the gift of a hot meal with this thoughtful gift card. Blue Apron offers gourmet level meals without the hassle (or expense) of going out to eat. An ideal women’s graduation gift idea for the busy professional climbing the corporate ladder.

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Graduation Pearl Earrings - keepsake graduation gifts for her

Graduation Pearl Earrings

Pearls are a highly feminine gift that represents hidden knowledge, which makes them the best graduation gift for a sister, daughter, or granddaughter. A beautiful luxury gift that she can wear with any type of professional uniform or suit. These earrings make a lovely gift to give on their own or with another piece of minimalist jewelry.

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How to Adult, A Practical Guide - graduation gift ideas for her

How to Adult, A Practical Guide

Make sure she is ready to step out into the real world with this practical guide on how to adult. A simple but meaningful gift that will help her to navigate all the ins and outs of adult life. Which include how to be the best employee, advice on relationships, and how to spend her money once finished school.

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Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock - women graduation gifts

Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

Traditional alarm clocks can be very jolting. This light based alarm clock and radio will gently wake her up like the rising of the sun. The perfect gift for people who HATE that annoying beeping every morning. A thoughtful gift for a wife that has just graduated from college and is about to start a new profession.

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Noise Cancelling Headphones - graduation presents for her

Noise Cancelling Headphones

College dorm rooms can be really loud. Make sure she is able to study with this cool, high tech gift idea. The latest tech makes ideal graduation gifts for teenage girls about to head off to college. These headphones are able to cancel the noises of the outside world with an all in one, convenient wireless package.

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You're Doing Fucking Great Candle - graduation gifts for her

You’re Doing Fucking Great Candle

Not all graduation presents for her need to be serious and sentimental. Let her know how great she’s doing with this funny candle. A cute grad party gift for a sister or friend she’ll get a kick out of. She’s sure to love the light and fragrant scent of wood and fruits that come from this handmade soy candle.

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Kitchen Utensil Set - grad gifts for her

Kitchen Utensil Set

With graduation also comes moving out on her own. Make sure she has a kitchen fully stocked with cook tools. A practical gift for female graduate students that she is sure to get a lot of use out of. From sauteeing to mashing, she will be set with this complete kitchen utensils set. Perfect for gifting with a meal kit.

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Nevertheless She Persisted Necklace - graduation presents for her

Nevertheless She Persisted Necklace

Graduation is the perfect time to give gifts of motivational jewelry. This beautiful and minimalist piece includes her graduation date and a quote about resistance in the face of adversity. A thoughtful gift that she can wear close to her heart to remind her how far she has come and how far she can truly go.

Let Her Know How You’re Proud Of Her!

Whether graduating from college or high school, be sure to let her know how proud you are of her with these graduation presents for her.

These 31 gift ideas offer unique and thoughtful, personalized present ideas for young girls graduating. Whether purchasing for a daughter, granddaughter, or best friend, she is sure to love anything you get her.



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