37 Best Going Away Gifts to Say Bon Voyage in 2021

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  • November 4, 2020
37 Best Going Away Gifts to Say Bon Voyage in 2021

Most people have a hard time finding perfect and useful going away gifts for their loved ones.

Goodbyes aren’t easy, especially if your friend or family member is leaving the country.

The hardest part is accepting that they will embark on new adventures without you.

However, there are many fun and thoughtful ways to say goodbye without the cloud of sadness.

Although you won’t be together as they move, you can show you care by finding something that suits them.

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Canvas Print - going away gifts

Canvas Print

Saying goodbye to your friends doesn’t need to be a sad affair. With this unique canvas gift, you’ll reassure them of your love for them. Give it a personalized touch with all your favorite pictures. It’ll definitely be one of the best long-distance gifts they’re ever received.

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Amber Necklace

Amber Necklace

So your favorite coworker has gotten a transfer and is moving to a new town. What better way to remind her of your friendship than with this cute amber necklace? It’ll make her sentimental and give her the strength she needs to start her life in a new city.

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Desktop Photo Plaque - going away gifts

Desktop Photo Plaque

Love is a powerful emotion – it can overcome distance and time. Frame a picture of you and your best friend at memorable events – her graduation, birthday, or wedding day. Add a personalized message to it, and voila! The result will be a creative wall art that she can place on her work station.

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New Adventure Bracelet

New Adventure Bracelet

Most people imagine that office going-away gifts are often expensive. Someone moving away doesn’t mean that everyone in the office needs to break the bank. Surprise your colleague with this cheap yet lovely rose gold bracelet as she embarks on a new adventure. She’s sure to remember you fondly every time she wears it.

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Photo Collage Pillow

Photo Collage Pillow

What’s a good going away gift for a mom who’s relocating to another country? Get creative as a family, and get her this cool collage pillow with pictures of all her kids and grandkids. Remember to add a personalized message at the back, whether it’s her favorite slogan or Bible verse. It’s the best gift for someone leaving the country.

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Compass Earrings

Compass Earrings

Have you been wondering what to get your childhood friend as she moves out of state for college? What better goodbye gift for friends than these cute, sterling silver compass earrings? Let her know that even though she’s leaving, the earrings will always help her find her way back home.

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Silver Plated Teaspoon - going away gifts

Silver Plated Teaspoon

Is your cousin a tea or coffee lover? Did she always have a pot of coffee ready every time a friend or family member came over? Show her how much you care with this unique silver-plated teaspoon. It’ll make for a great gift that she’ll forever hold dear to her heart.

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Homesick Scented Candle

Homesick Scented Candle

Is one of your employees getting a transfer out of state to a sister branch? What better way of reminding her of her hometown than with this scented candle? Seeing Texas’s map will make her sentimental as she recalls the great times she shared with her colleagues.

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Long Distance Blanket - goodbye gift

Long Distance Blanket

Going to college or the university often comes with a heavy heart, especially for siblings who’ve grown up together. Surprise your little sister with this cool blanket that will always remind her of home. You can have it personalized with her name and home state, so she feels like she never left.

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Name Family Canvas Print - housewarming gift

Name Family Canvas Print

Getting your neighbors a nice moving away gift is not an easy feat. The first thing is to figure out what going away gifts will best suit her and her family. Get her this easy-to-customize canvas. It’ll be one of the best moving gifts she’s ever received, and it’ll also make for a great housewarming gift.

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Postcard Pillows - moving gift

Postcard Pillows

If your girlfriend appreciates creative and happy gifts, surprise her with this unique postcard pillow. With a variety of colors and fabrics, you can customize this pillow with a message of your choice. Every time she misses you, she can just reach out and hug it, and it’ll be like she never left.

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Crystal Bracelet - farewell gift

Crystal Bracelet

Does your favorite aunt love religious jewelry? What better way to send her off than with this beautiful Saint Christopher bracelet? It’s one of the best Christian gifts for women, regardless of age. The turquoise beads will also mesmerize her that she won’t even realize that you bought it at the last minute.

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Map Keychain - going away gift

Map Keychain

Is your girlfriend traveling overseas to become a student at the university of her dreams? Surprise her with this thoughtful bon voyage gift, and you’ll be amazed at her sentimental reaction. Even though the relationship will be long distance, the keychain will keep you close to her heart.

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State Map Canvas Print - going away gift

State Map Canvas Print

Finding the perfect farewell gift can be difficult, especially where family is concerned. What you need is a sentimental gift that will always remind them of home. So if your grandpa wants to relocate to another state, get him this customizable canvas and warm his dear heart. He’ll treasure it forever!

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Digital Picture Frame - long distance gift

Digital Picture Frame

Moms do their best to shower their families with love and happiness. Surprise your kids’ mother with this thoughtful digital picture frame as she embarks on her new career abroad. Even though she won’t be close to boss the family around, she’ll know that she’s incredibly loved.

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Supervisor Goodbye Mug - farewell gift ideas

Supervisor Goodbye Mug

Supervisors are the first bosses that most people meet in their new jobs. Surprise your favorite supervisor with this lovely coffee mug as a ‘we will miss you present.’ It’s one of the best retirement gifts for women and men alike. She’s sure to appreciate it, and she’ll probably never drink coffee from any other mug.

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Good Luck Tumbler - office farewell gift

Good Luck Tumbler

So your coworker recently handed in her resignation, and you realize you’ll miss her terribly. If she loves a good joke, get her this fun and humorous stainless steel tumbler as a parting present. She’s sure to laugh every time she takes a sip from it. What’s even better is that she’ll hardly forget you.

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Photo Luminary - going away gift

Photo Luminary

If you’ve been wondering what goodbye present to get your teacher, look no further than this unique glass photo luminary. This gift will perfectly express your love and well wishes for her without seeming too cheesy. Simply select your preferred photo of her, add a personalized message from the whole class, and voila!

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Goodbye Journal - going away giftw

Goodbye Journal

Finding awesome office farewell gifts for coworkers can be challenging, especially if you’re doing it alone. However, this means that you have the leeway to get her something fun and creative. Surprise her with this hilarious journal, and she’s sure to remember you every time she jots down some notes.

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Photo Board - moving gift

Photo Board

Everyone knows that a girl’s best friend holds a special place in her heart. This impressive photo display board is the perfect way of professing your undying love for her. It’s also an excellent DIY project since it entails attaching all your cool and quirky photographs. You can even make it more special by arranging them in chronological order.

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Farewell Pen - going away gifts

Farewell Pen

Customized items make excellent parting or retirement gifts. Surprise your favorite teacher or boss at their farewell party with this beautifully crafted pen. Combined with its gorgeous casing, you can include their name and a personalized message or quote. Your beloved teacher is sure to whip the pen out and brag every chance they get.

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Message and Quote Chest - leaving gift

Message and Quote Chest

Have you been searching for farewell gift ideas for your best friend? This wooden chest comes with meaningful quotes to remind your loved one that you care for them. What’s even better is that she can enjoy them every day, knowing that she is forever on your mind. It’ll be like you never said goodbye in the first place.

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Photo Collage Mug - going away gifts

Photo Collage Mug

Saying goodbye has never been easier than with this photo collage mug. It’s one of the best gifts for friends moving, whether regionally or overseas. Show your best friend that you appreciate all they’ve ever done for you by collecting your best pictures together. You can make it even more personalized by buying the mug in their favorite color.

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Smudge Kit

Smudge Kit

Is your sister or a friend spiritual and in tune with her feelings? Buy her this thoughtful smudge kit as her farewell present as she prepares to travel abroad for further studies. What’s even better is that you don’t even need to understand it. She’ll be thrilled even if you get it at the last minute!

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Gift Set - goodbye gift

Gift Set

Do you want to surprise your best friend as she moves away for college? Get her this cute going away gift box to help her adjust to her new environment. It’s one of the most fun best friend gifts you can get her. She won’t even mind the long-distance friendship as the personalized messages will keep her smiling.

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Time Zone Clock

Time Zone Clock

Are you looking to get your favorite aunt or someone moving away a meaningful goodbye gift? Get them this customizable wall clock to show the new country’s current time alongside their loved ones’ timezones. You can also buy it in their favorite wood color just to make it more personalized.

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Travel Pillow - travel gift

Travel Pillow

Who doesn’t love a good travel pillow? Get your close friend or family member this cheap yet thoughtful send-off gift to keep them company during the journey. This gift is also perfect for people moving from state to state every so often. They will appreciate this handy pillow as it’ll make their journeys seem shorter and more bearable.

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Goodbye Memory Book - goodbye gift

Goodbye Memory Book

Have you been searching for the best farewell gift ideas for colleagues that are affordable yet fun? Surprise them with this quirky memory book that you and your fellow employees can enjoy filling in. Get silly and creative as you write down all the memorable moments you’ve shared. The end goal is to make sure that they laugh as they reminisce about the good times.

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Ornament - long distance gift


Christmas holidays can be difficult, especially if your loved ones live far away. If your sister is moving abroad for work, be sure to get her this lovely Christmas ornament. It’s the most perfect going away gift she could ever want. Customize it with her favorite pictures, and you’ll definitely warm her heart and shorten the long distance between you.

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College Care Package

College Care Package

Care packages mean the world to most people, especially college students moving out of state. Reward your favorite niece or nephew with this remarkable gift set, and they’ll remember you for the rest of their college life. What’s even better is that you’ll have saved a pretty sum that they can use to buy something else.

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Tote Bag to Stitch

Tote Bag to Stitch

Have you been searching for unique going away gifts for best friend who’s going globetrotting? What can be better than this creative tote bag made from 100% organic cotton? She can use it to carry stuff around, as well as map her journey around the world. Her bag will look super cool by the time she’s done traveling!

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Wine Glass - going away gifts

Wine Glass

You can never go wrong with showing a little appreciation to the people you care for. These can be your teachers, coworkers, friends, and family. Get your coworker this lovely stemless wine glass, and they’re sure to remember you every time they use it. They probably won’t even want to use their boring old wine glasses again.

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Fill-in-the-Blank Journal

Fill-in-the-Blank Journal

Saying goodbye gifts keep getting better and better. Surprise your sister with this cute “Why I Miss You” journal, and she’s bound to get excited once she reads the content. Designed to keep a relationship fun and exciting, this journal will come in handy when she’s feeling too nostalgic. She’ll be writing away every time she gets a cool idea.

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Military Letter Art - send off gift

Military Letter Art

Is your friend going away to serve in the Air Force or Navy? This military letter art is the perfect going away gift for them. You can have their loved ones sign off with a congratulatory message so that they know they’re loved. Any time things get hard, your friend will glance at it, and they’ll be okay.

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Peapod Necklace - going way gifts

Peapod Necklace

A leaving gift for your sister doesn’t have to be boring. This peas in a pod necklace is a sure way to remind her of the unbreakable bond you share. You can also choose the number of pods to match the number of siblings in your family. After all, who said that symbolism only applies to poems?

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Long Distance Friendship Lamps - goodbye gift

Long Distance Friendship Lamps

Distance often affects most relationships. Let your friendship not fall into this mess. Get your bestie this friendship lamp if you don’t mind spending more for the best going-away gift. Besides calling you, she’ll also light up your favorite color any time she misses you.

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Walmart Gift Card

Walmart Gift Card

Is your little sister moving away to start a new job? Say goodbye to her in a way that only a big sister can. Surprise her with this Walmart gift card, and she’s sure to be thrilled! It’s not only a thoughtful gift, but it will also help her settle into her new environment comfortably.



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