40 Unforgettable Going Away Gifts For Coworkers (2024 Gift Guide)

40 Unforgettable Going Away Gifts For Coworkers (2024 Gift Guide)

As colleagues become friends and workspaces transform into second homes, saying goodbye to a cherished coworker can be bittersweet. If your coworker is leaving the office or is getting ready to retire, give them the perfect parting gift. Celebrate your bond with colleagues by gifting them a special farewell present, cementing your friendship, and creating cherished memories.

Today, we are going over 40 unforgettable ideas that go beyond the standard office going-away gifts. We’ve got sentimental keepsakes that highlight the connection between you and your co-worker. We’ll also explore practical items that ease the transition into new adventures, our list has it all. Explore the joy of gifting personalized albums, tech that simplifies their life, and sentimental gifts that lock memories forever.

Embarking on a new career, moving to a new city, or taking a break? We’ve got the perfect gifts to celebrate your coworker’s exciting journey. Get ready to spread some love and bid a fond farewell with these heartfelt and thoughtful going-away gifts for your awesome coworkers. Read on to channel your inner creativity and find the perfect gift they will love for years to come.

Best Farewell Gifts For Coworkers

Coming up with good send-off gifts for your colleague isn’t an easy task. Here are some creative ways to say goodbye to the best former coworker ever!

1. Chance Made Us Colleagues Plaque



Snap a photo of the whole office crew or teammates and include it in this personalized farewell gift. An inexpensive meaningful going-away gift to impress any departing female coworkers. Leave a message to say that being separated by thousands of miles doesn’t mean losing touch!

2. New Adventures Gift Box



If you’re looking for cute parting gifts, look no further! This going-away gift box is full of carefully selected natural self-care products that are bound to make your colleague feel special. As far as farewell gifts for female coworkers go, this goes to the top of the list!

3. “A Wise Woman Once Said” Funny Mug



For all female coworkers who are going away because of a new job, their early retirement, or their own business, this funny mug acts as a source of inspiration. Whenever she drinks her coffee or tea, this unique mug will bring her joy and laughter.

4. New Chapter Letter Art



Instead of a farewell card, say goodbye with printed letter art that includes signatures from all of you. Remind your coworker who is leaving of the good times you’ve had with heartfelt messages. This going-away canvas present will look great on a wall with a nice frame!

5. Iced Coffee Maker



With a great iced coffee maker, your gift can make it easier for your coworker to get their favorite drink, especially which can cool hot coffee in 60 seconds flat! Consider the practical coworker farewell gifts to make their life more convenient.

6. Another 8 Hours Funny Mug



This congrats on the new job mug is an ideal gift to celebrate your coworker’s big win. Simply pair it with a card to make it more memorable. Your coworker will smile like a Cheshire cat whenever they drink their morning coffee.

7. We Will Miss You Chocolates



Everyone loves chocolates, and they’re awesome as a farewell gift for a colleague. Celebrate your beloved coworker’s last day of work with something sweet to brighten this day. Tell them how much you and your teammates will miss them, and perhaps you’ll be able to have a bite of these delicious goodies!

8. A Big Hug Across The Miles Pillow



Is your coworker moving somewhere far away? This pillow is a sweet and memorable going-away gift to let her know how much you’ll miss her. The simple design is perfect for her new house or office. Get one now.

9. Under Desk Footrest



This last-minute coworker going away gift is so fantastic, it’ll seem like you planned it for ages. This farewell gift idea relieves aches and tired feet with a flick of a button. It’ll be like going for a foot massage while still sitting at the desk!

10. Perfect Gift Basket



A coworker farewell gift basket can be made with this. Including a ceramic cup with a cover, a drinking sock, and other accessories. The farewell gift is presented beautifully, and it includes a message of good wishes.

11. Donut Ever Forget About Us



Fill this memory book with sentimental anecdotes and farewell messages, and it’ll make the best going-away gift for your favorite coworker. Retirement is a bittersweet milestone, and your friend will flip through this book over and over again. Your coworker will truly appreciate a trip down memory lane whenever they miss the office.

12. Reasons We Miss You Sign



Fit everything you’ll miss about this great colleague you’ve worked with for so long into this unique gift. Your departing coworker will definitely feel loved and appreciated. It’s such a fantastic going away present idea, they’ll immediately hang it on a wall!

13. A Truly Great Mentor Canvas



As a meaningful goodbye gift for coworkers, give this inspirational wall art to someone who has inspired and motivated you to succeed. It will make a memorable keepsake and a reminder to your mentor of how valuable their advice is. Give it a personal touch by adding a message so they may cherish it forever.

14. Little Moments Big Memories Mug



The memories you shared together are so priceless. Help your departing coworker remember all of them with this photo mug. They can put it anywhere, including on the desk at their new place of work. They will definitely think of you whenever they enjoy their daily beverage.

15. You Are Irreplaceable Desktop Photo Plaque



Your coworker will appreciate being able to bring a piece of the old gang along. Personalize this creative going away gift with a lovely photo in a high-quality desktop plaque. It sits nicely on a desk without being intrusive and will surely make settling into a new job easier!

16. Chance Made Us Colleagues Tumbler



This small goodbye gift idea packs a punch. Bid a coworker’s farewell with a chic tumbler that keeps favorite beverages hot or cold. From now on, every drink will bring up fun memories from the workplace. What a great way to celebrate new beginnings!

17. Water Bottle With Time Marker



Everyone has trouble drinking enough water. With this thoughtful going-away gift, that will no longer be a problem. Help your departing coworkers form and keep this healthy habit, and they’ll be so grateful for it. Simply refill once a day – that’s all it takes!

18. Desk Organizer



Help your coworker who is leaving decorate their new work area with a nice office gift. This clever farewell gift is multifunctional, useful, and pretty, too! The best part is this organizer effortlessly doubles as a makeup holder, so it’s perfect for a lady!

19. Gift Card



Everyone shops online these days, so it’s only practical to offer your coworker or employee a gift card as a departing gift. It’ll give them the chance to purchase anything their heart desires, so it’s as good as money. It’s the perfect gift idea for someone leaving a job!

20. Smart Planner For Your Coworker



Nothing beats a smart planner that guides us on living a better life and feeling happier with ourselves. Best of all, this simple going-away gift for a coworker is award-winning for its goal-tracking and scoring functions. This practical office gift is a keeper!

21. Lumbar Support Pillow

Lumbar Support Pillow: coworker leaving gift


Sitting in an office chair all day can leave you feeling stiff and sore. What is better than a pillow that can provide your relief? The lightweight, portable pillow is made just for a coworker and that wants a comfortable chair and can be used at the office, in the car, and beyond.

22. Hand Cream Favorites Variety Pack

Hand Cream Favorites Variety Pack: farewell gifts for coworkers


Sometimes, it’s the little things that get you through a long day at the office, like a nice lotion to keep your hands moisturized throughout the day. This set comes with four mini tubes in fun scents for you to choose from. The perfect one of the choice going away gifts for coworkers that make them love their smell. 

23. Instant Happy Notes

Instant Happy Notes: farewell gift ideas


This desk calendar is designed to boost happiness and joy! An ideal gift for visual people who enjoy being able to look at their affirmations, goals, and other notes on their wall or in their home office. Definitely ensure your coworkers into the next stage of their journey with positivity and encouragement.

Funny Going Away Gifts For Coworkers

What are good going-away gifts for coworkers? It’s simple! Just throw in a bunch of humor because laughter is the best medicine!

24. So Long Wool Rug

So Long Wool Rug: gifts for coworker leaving


So Long Wool Rug is totally handmade. Now your coworker and their guests can enjoy this farewell gift and be amazed by the cute little dachshund. 

25. Fun Farewell Games

Fun Farewell Games: goodbye gifts for coworkers


Keep your coworkers fun and joy with these easy-to-print games that include This or That? Easy to play and simple to join. 

26. Piranha Desk Plant

Piranha Desk Plant: parting gift for coworker


This nature-inspired aesthetic touch fits on your coworker’s coffee tables, in-home offices, and dining room tables.  A simple desk plant is better than flora without extra effort. 

27. Coworker Leaving Candle



Scented candles are a great gift for a coworker leaving. Lighting it will only bring fond memories of fun times you had in the workplace. This custom farewell gift contains a humorous message that will cement your relationship as the best office buddies ever!

28. Work Would Succ Without You Box



This is one of the top-rated going-away gifts for coworkers! It includes a cute little succulent and a scented candle. Plus, you have the option of including other unique items in it, too. How lovely it is that this creative idea for a farewell gift has a plant to care for and nurture!

29. Dinosaur Funny Mug



Want to say goodbye to your departing coworker in a special way? Let this T-Rex guide you if you’re unsure about what to get him or her! This humorous dinosaur mug is sure to make people smile. It’s a great farewell gift to send off your work buddy with a sense of humor.

30. Wine Label



This cheap farewell gift idea is perfect for any goodbye party. Liven things up with a bottle of wine that superbly fits the occasion. Inject some humor into a corporate farewell gift. It comes with a guarantee that your company will always be top of your coworker’s minds although you haven’t worked together anymore.

31. Funny Colleague Leaving Card



It’s definitely going to suck not having your beloved coworker there with you. Gift a farewell present to express how awful things are going to be from now on. Write down memories and wishes for new adventures. This inexpensive going-away gift for coworkers is simple and effective!

32. Favorite Coworker To Work With Keychain



If you’ve formed a close bond with your work bestie, you’ll be sorry to see them go. Keep the relationship alive and strong with a gag gift they’ll chuckle at each time they reach for their keys. This funny coworker’s farewell gift is lighthearted but brutally honest!

33. Best Coworker Ever Unicorn Mug



Who doesn’t love unicorns and their magical powers? As your favorite colleague is leaving, make sure they know how great they are with a cute going away gift. Say farewell to your coworker and let this adorable mug serve them delicious coffee and make a statement!

34. Last Day Office Party Balloons



It’s time for an office farewell party like no other, filled with decorations that will have everyone laughing their pants off! If you’re looking for goodbye party ideas for a coworker, balloons are a must-have. Send your colleague off with a smile and make a lasting memory!

Farewell Gifts For Bosses

You aren’t just bidding farewell to a boss who is leaving, you’re saying goodbye to a leader and mentor. These going-away gifts for coworkers here will say thank you in the best way possible!

35. Leader Appreciation Necklace



Express your gratitude for the precious guidance given by a terrific leader with a simple and beautiful piece of jewelry. A goodbye gift for a boss who made things better in the office has to be special. This thoughtful going-away gift is versatile and complements any outfit!

36. Good Luck Finding Employees Better Than Us Mug



Telling coworkers or bosses how much they’ll miss having employees like you is very tongue in cheek, but it’s true! This small going-away gift for a departing boss is going to serve the best coffee or tea. It’s a fun farewell gift for a manager who appreciates a good joke!

37. Personalized Journal



This elegant, chic, and custom engraved leather journal here is a great gift for bosses on the last day because it looks and feels like it was made just for them!

38. We’re Proud To Be Led By You Wall Art



Create a framed art piece for your coworker or boss. It can be hung on a wall or placed on a desk. When thinking of farewell gift ideas for a great boss, go sentimental. You can’t fully capture how you feel, but this going-away present is a start!

39. Thank You Wooden Pen



Using a personalized pen to sign important documents just signifies a level of class. A farewell gift for an inspirational person should be meaningful and unforgettable, and this does the trick. Include an eloquent message to say just how instrumental your boss or coworker has been to you!

40. Funny Boss Lady Glass



Who doesn’t love a good joke coupled with a much-needed drink at the end of the day? A going away gift like this glass with a funny and loving message can cure the worst workday. This is the perfect farewell gift for a female boss who understands humor!


Send your office buddy off in style, so they realize how valued they are for all their effort. With these going-away ideas of gifts for bosses and coworkers leaving work, you’ll surely find something that makes them feel appreciated for all the work they’ve done.

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