20+ Godfather Gifts: Special Gift Ideas Every Godfather Will Cherish

  • BY Keegan Kraemer
  • September 10, 2021
20+ Godfather Gifts: Special Gift Ideas Every Godfather Will Cherish

Looking for the best gifts for a Godfather for Father’s Day, Christmas, or his birthday?

Godfather’s hold a special place in their godchild’s heart. According to Christian traditions, a Godparent’s role extends far beyond witnessing a baby’s baptism.

They must honor the responsibility of educating the child on Christianity and spiritual guidance. However, Godfathers can take on many more roles in their Godchild’s life.

From being a guardian, role model, protecting them, teaching them about the world, and of course, to love and support them.

Then, create a stunning Godparent proposal with these awesome godfather gift ideas. A thank you gift from his goddaughter or godson is just a small token of gratitude.

To My Loving Godfather Desktop Plaque

To My Loving Godfather Desktop Plaque

BUY NOW | $24.95

The heartfelt quotes printed on the plaque are a poignant reminder of the love and bond shared. A godchild and godfather have a wonderful relationship that should be nourished. 

Godfather Definition Canvas Print

Godfather Definition Canvas Print

BUY NOW | $49.95

This printable Godfather definition wall art is perfect for gifting to a new Godfather. A thoughtful gift for Godfather that he will cherish for years to come as he watches over and protects his Godchild. 

Leveled Up To Godfather Mug

Leveled Up To Godfather Mug

BUY NOW | $22.95

The perfect mug to keep the Godfather’s coffee (or whiskey) at the right temperature. Celebrate how OK the Godfather is with this mug that makes a simple statement. 

Daddy To The World You Are One Person But To Us You Are The World Photo Canvas Print

Daddy To The World You Are One Person But To Us You Are The World Photo Canvas Print

BUY NOW | $49.95

Make this Father’s Day or your godfather’s birthday a memorable one by giving him this customizable canvas print. Express what’s in your heart and make sure your godfather knows his efforts aren’t going unnoticed.

Custom Morse Code Bracelet

BUY NOW | $38.00+

Looking for a unique gift that special Godfather in your life will love? This morse code bracelet can be customized with a number of personalized sayings. Such as, “World’s Coolest Godfather.”

Godfather Proposal Desktop Plaque

Godfather Proposal Desktop Plaque

BUY NOW | $27.90

Putting together a meaningful godparent proposal can be difficult. Make it easier with this Godfather proposal frame. That uncle will feel extra special when he realizes he will be promoted to Godfather. 

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best gifts for godfather: godfather inspired flask set

Personalized Godfather Flask

BUY NOW | $24.00+

For the Godfather who is a movie buff, he will get a laugh out of this Godfather flask set. Modeled after the iconic movie logo, with a few additions, he is sure to show off this flask set. 

gifts for god father: godfather poem frame

Godfather Poem Frame

BUY NOW | $14.95

If the Godfather you are shopping for is the sentimental type, he will appreciate this Godfather framed poem. Not only does this make a great gift idea for a brand new Godfather, but also for the experienced Godfather.

Love Between A Godfather and A Godchild Lasts Forever Desktop Plaque

Love Between A Godfather and A Godchild Lasts Forever Desktop Plaque

BUY NOW | $24.95

Give a cool Godfather a beautiful piece of desk art. Make it special with a favorite picture, and design him something he’ll treasure forever! This desktop plaque is a true gem. Birthday, holiday, or Christening gifts for him should brighten his day! This frame definitely does the trick.

personalized godfather gift: godfather inspired wallet

Godfather Inspired Wallet

BUY NOW | $25.00

Similar to the Godfather flask, this Godfather inspired wallet is perfect for keeping all of his essentials. The inside can be left blank or engraved with a sentimental saying. Also, a great way to ask the big question! 

gift for godfather: godfather clay bowl

Godfather Clay Bowl

BUY NOW | $32.95

A beautiful and minimalist gift for a brand new Godfather on the day of the christening. A lovely clay bowl to hold all of his small trinkets and remind him of his Godfatherly duties. 

will you be my godfather gift box

Godfather Proposal Gift Box

BUY NOW | $14.50

Looking for unique “will you be my godfather” gifts? This Godfather proposal gift comes with a hefty beer stein. You could also put a few additional gifts in this adorable gift box. 

godfather proposal wine bottle label

Godparent Proposal – Wine Bottle Label

BUY NOW | $11.00

Are you looking for a special way to propose to your favorite guy and prospective Godfather? Use this wine bottle label in celebration of the meaningful gift of becoming a Godfather. Don’t forget to choose his favorite wine as well. 

godfather gift ideas: godchild hand print frame

Godchild Hand Print Frame

BUY NOW | $24.99

Give the new Godfather a one of a kind gift from his godchild. This gift is perfect to cherish baby’s handprint as a keepsake. This gift works for a birthday, Baptism, or any other holiday. 

gift idea for godfather: the grillfather cutting board

The Grillfather Cutting Board

BUY NOW | $19.95+

This bamboo cutting board puts a fun spin on the traditional Godfather gifts. This Grillfather board makes a lovely grilling gift for those guys who can’t wait to get their grill going. 

father's day gifts for godfathers: yoda best godfather mug

Yoda Best Godfather Mug

BUY NOW | $10.79

Is the Godfather you are giving a gift to a huge Star Wars fan? Make sure he knows that he’s the best Godfather in the whole galaxy with this adorable Yoda Godfather mug. Perfect for sipping his morning coffee. 

cool godfather gifts: custom bullet keychain

Custom Bullet Keychain

BUY NOW | $28.00

Looking for a unique baptism gift that any new Godfather would love? This custom bullet keychain makes a perfect gift for Godfathers that are veterans or are currently serving in the military. 

godfather gift ideas: best godfather ever mug

Best Godfather Ever Mug

BUY NOW | $12.95

Remind that special Godfather that he is the best there is with this Best Godfather Ever mug. Adorned with arrows to remind him of his duty to keep his godchild on the straight and narrow path. 

the godfather gifts: godfather beer mug

Godfather Beer Mug

BUY NOW | $39.99

What guy doesn’t love beer gifts? Ensure the Godfather’s man cave is equipped with a lovely beer glass. The perfect mug for keeping in the freezer and pouring an ice-cold pint. 

personalized godparent gift: custom godfather keychain

Personalized Godfather Keychain

BUY NOW | $21.00

Make sure that special Godfather always keeps his godchild close at hand with this custom keychain. Engraved with a beautiful saying and stamped with this godchild’s name and special date. This keychain makes a meaningful baptism gift.

star war gifts for god father: i am your godfather t-shirt

I Am Your Godfather T-shirt

BUY NOW | $23.98+

“Luke…I am your…Godfather?” A comfortable t-shirt with a funny spin on the iconic movie line. But just in case the godchild’s name is not Luke, this shirt can be easily personalized with any name. 

christmas gift for godfather: porcelain ornament

Personalized Porcelain Ornament

BUY NOW | $19.95

Christmas is a great time to celebrate those special people in yours and your child’s life. What better way to celebrate their Godfather than with a beautiful ornament to hang on his tree year after year. 

gifts for godfather at baptism: Personalized baptismal clock

Personalized Baptismal Clock

BUY NOW | $54.00

This personalized clock makes a wonderful gift for a couple who are godparents to a child. Each and every godparent is special because they are chosen, don’t ever let them forget that. 

thank you gift for godfather: a red wine gift box

Thank You Red Wine Gift Box

BUY NOW | $54.99+

Is your child’s Godfather a red wine lover? Then he will love this red wine thank you gift box. Don’t forget to include a lovely bottle of red wine as well (and maybe some chocolates for good measure). 

godparent gifts: compact cheese board with knives

Compact Swivel Cheese Board with Knives

BUY NOW | $64.00

Make sure your child’s Godfather is ready for entertaining his godchild when they arrive with this compact swivel cheese board. Perfect for serving aged gouda, or string cheese and goldfish crackers, any fun snacks his godchild or guests will love. 

Will You Be My Godfather Desktop Plaque

Will You Be My Godfather Desktop Plaque

BUY NOW | $24.95

This personalized plaque is not only a gift for a godparent but also a keepsake for the baby and family. It will preserve one of the most sacred moments of the baby

Create an unforgettable Godparent proposal with these thoughtful Godfather gifts. From sentimental and personalized gift ideas to funny gifts for the Godfather who can’t get enough bad dad jokes. Whether a gift from his Godchild or their parents, he will cherish these gifts for years to come. 



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