The 44 Best Gifts for Wine Lovers To Elevate Their Experience (2022)

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  • April 14, 2022
The 44 Best Gifts for Wine Lovers To Elevate Their Experience (2022)

Do you ever get puzzled thinking about getting unique gifts for a wine lover? Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, or just their birthday, instead of getting them just a bottle of wine, you can give those wine snobs a whole bunch of fancy gifts that they will find extremely useful. However, chances are they already shop a lot of wine-related items. Don’t worry! With this article of the best gifts for wine lovers, you can never go wrong.

Best Wine Gifts for Wine Lovers

1. Freeze Cooling Cup

Freeze Cooling Cup for Wine

This gift is great for all those wine lovers out there as freeze cooling cups are ideal for all kinds of wines. They help maintain the perfect temperature with the help of their double insulated walls.

2. Personalized Wine Bottle Cheese Board

personalized wine bottle cheese board - housewarming gifts for wine lovers

You can get them this personalized wine bottle cheese board, which includes a cheese spreading knife, tied with a raffia bow. It makes for a great gift or get one for yourself as a unique serving piece!

3. “Cats And Wine Make Everything Fine” Photo Mug

cats and wine photo mug gift for a wine lover

Get your friends, mom, or wife a photo mug that amalgamates two of their favorite things – cats and wine. Present them a personalized gift by giving them this customized photo mug that will surely bring a smile to their face.

4. Wine Bottle Opener Kit

wine accessories gifts: wine bottle opener kit

This automatic bottle opener is a practical item that will make removing corks easier and faster, and without the inconvenience of spillage.

5. Red Wine Stain Remover

Red Wine Stain Remover Spray and Wipes

This is a must-have accessory for every wine lover. This red wine stain remover makes for a great and useful gift for their collection. Wine stains are not a problem anymore as this stain remover will get rid of all wine spots without a hassle.

6. Wine Wipes

wine wipes stain removal for teeth

Maybe they already have too many cork holders, wine glasses, bottle holders and more. So these wine stain removing wipes are what you should get them. They can wipe wine off with a cleaner without interfering with the taste or experience of enjoying wine.

7. Wine Chiller

wine accessories gifts: wine chiller

This wine chiller is one of the most practical item you can find in the market and at an affordable price. With it, they’ll never have to suffer through warm wine ever again!

8. Wine Decanter Carafe

gifts for wine lovers: wine decanter carafe

Pouring wine is an art that every wine enthusiast takes seriously. Surprise them with this elegant and unique wine decanter carafe, and they’ll be smiling every time they pours a glass. It is one of the best gifts for wine connoisseurs that you could ever buy.

9. Wine Bottle Puzzle

Wine Bottle Puzzle funny wine gift

Get them this wine bottle puzzle, and solve it together. This item will not disappoint them when it comes to quality entertainment!

10. Wine Tote

wine gift ideas: wine tote

Surprise them with this cool wine tote bag and transform their accessory from typical to extraordinary. Its insulated compartment is big enough to hold two bottles of their favorite wine.

11. Southern Sky Wine Glass

Southern Sky Wine Glass Gift

Is the recipient into cute wine accessories? Get them this lovely set of two starry wine glasses.

12. Wine Board And Wine Glass Caddy

sommelier wine board with caddy gift set

Give them either of these sommelier gifts, whether in amber or blonde, and the wine lovers in your life will be forever grateful. Meals with their friends and loved ones will never be the same again!

13. Wine Cellar Wall Decor

Wine Cellar Wall Decor Wall Art

Help them make their wine cellar fun and unique by getting them this creative wall decor.

14. Wine Glass Pendant Necklace

gift for wine lover: wine glass pendant necklace

If the recipient is a woman, this necklace is the perfect gift for her. The chain is available in various materials to suit your budget and her tastes. You can even include a personalized message to make the gift more endearing.

15. Marble Stone Wine Bottle Cooler

gifts for wine drinkers: marble stone wine cooler

There’s nothing more frustrating than warm wine. So what better gifts for wine snobs than these beautiful marble wine bottle coolers? Not only are they original wine drinking accessories, but they also double up as utensil holders and decorative vases.

16. Wine Saver Pump with Vacuum Bottle Stoppers

wine accessories: wine saver pump

Although some wines taste better after a little oxidation, no one enjoys drinking it flat. With this wine saver pump, their wine will always stay fresh.

17. Stemless Aerating Wine Glass

gift ideas for wine lover: stemless aerating wine glass

These aerating wine glasses bring simplicity and elegance to the tedious process of aerating and decanting wine. Simply uncork and pour into the internal cell, the wine will aerate as it showers into the glass.

18. Wine-Infused Coffee Set

wine related gifts: wine-infused coffee

If you have ever tried wine-infused coffee, then you know how exciting and flavorful they are. This full coffee set includes Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon flavor. It is exactly what to get someone who loves wine-infused coffee but cannot seem to decide which type they prefer.

19. Premium Iceless Wine Chiller

best wine gifts: premium wine cooler

This wine cooler keeps wine chilled up to 6 hours. Whether they are at home, around the BBQ, on the boat or anywhere in between, cold wine stays at the perfect temperature longer. No ice needed.

20. Custom Wine Bottle Stopper

gifts for wine lovers: custom wine stoppers

What better way to make merry during this period than by getting them these personalized bottle stoppers? You’ll be surprised how such small gifts can have such a significant impact. Remember to include a bottle of vino to for a more perfect gift.

21. Personalized Wine Chiller

personalized wine chiller - custom gifts for wine lovers

Wine chillers are the most useful item a wine lover can own. You can get them a monogrammed and luxurious wine chiller that helps them cool their wine in no time.

22. Blind Tasting Kits

gift ideas for wine lovers: blind tasting kit
From $65

Challenge even the hugest wine fanatic and see who the better sommelier is. It’s also a fun wine gift for someone looking to blow off some steam after a hard week at work.

23. Wine Aerator Pourer 

wine accessories gifts: wine aerator pourer

Have you ever noticed how some wines taste a little better after a bit of aeration? This exquisite wine aerator pourer can help with that. It is a neat accessory that every wine drinker should have, and you can rest assured knowing they will never complain about flat wine again.

24. Wine Rack Countertop

wine gift ideas: wine rack countertop

Get them this sturdy wine rack that can easily be places on a countertop. Also, give them a bottle of wine to celebrate the special occasion.

25. Wine Glass Holder for Bath and Shower

best gifts for wine lovers: bathtime essentials wine holder

Everyone may once fantasize about enjoying a glass of wine while taking a bath. This wine holder will make the task so much easier. With this small gift, their bath time will never be the same again!

26. Funny Wine Labels

funny wine labels gift

Nothing better than a classic bottle of wine to indulge in. Why not make it a little more creative by adding some funny wine labels on them? Get ones that ought to make its owner giggle and laugh. Such labels are easily printed as they’re a standard size that can stick to any bottle of wine.

27. Insulated Wine Travel Bag

gift for wine enthusiasts: wine travel bag

What’s a camping trip or picnic without your favorite bottle of wine? This portable wine travel bag will let them take their favorite wine bottles with you anywhere. Its thermal insulated material will keep the temperature of wine steady.

28. Personalized Wine Journal

unique gifts for wine lovers: personalized wine tasting journal

Whether a novice or a true wine connoisseur, they will treasure taking notes in this stunning, wooden wine tasting notes journal.

29. Insulated Wine Canteen 

wine accessory gifts: winesulator

Fantastic road trips are made of great company, music, and, of course, great wine! Unfortunately, the drinks can, at times, get so warm that they lose their aromatic flavor. Give them this stainless steel, insulated wine canteen, and they can keep their wine cold all day long.

30. Food and Wine Pairing Tea Towel

cool wine gifts: food and wine pairing tea towel

How about this food and wine pairing towel? All of the best food and wine pairings are printed onto the towel. These towels will make their kitchen look awesome, and they will have more ideas for their future pairings!

31. Monogram Wine Tumbler

gifts ideas for wine lovers: monogram wine tumbler

You can add personalization to the tumbler with the recipient’s initial or a text. The tumbler coming with straws and a straw cleaning brush is a major plus!

32. Personalized Wine Tote

wine related gifts: personalized wine tote

How about getting them this cute floral wine bag? The best thing is that you can personalize it with the name of the recipient, and it’s 100% recyclable. These unique features make it one of the best gifts for wine lovers under $25.

33. Wine Condoms

funny gifts for wine lovers: wine condoms

Conventional gifts can get quite dull and predictable. Step out of the box and surprise them with this hilarious yet practical wine condom set. It can seal up almost any opened bottle, and they no longer need to buy separate bottle stoppers for different sized bottles anymore!

34. A Coloring Book for Adults Who Love Wine

funny gifts for wine lovers: 'when life gets complicated, i wine' coloring book

For many adults, coloring has become a wonderful way to unplug, unwind, focus their energies and just be. At the same time, with this particular coloring book, they can let their inner creative spirit take flight to create some wonderfully satisfying – and FUN – pieces of “inspirational” wine-themed art!

35. “Probably Wine” Enamel Mug

wine enthusiast gifts: probably wine enamel mug

In need of a fun gift for a wine enthusiast? This mug is it. Just remember to include wine bottle souvenirs to make their day even more special.

36. Wine Soaps

inexpensive gifts for wine lovers: wine soaps

These all-natural vegan soaps bear the distinctive shades and subtle fragrances of the vinos that inspired them, like chardonnay or pinot noir. This is a perfect gift for wine lovers on all occasions you can imagine.

37. Wine Folly: The Master Guide

wine lover gifts: wine folly guide book

This master guide book makes the list of the top gifts for wine lovers. Within no time, they will become a wine connoisseur, and they’ll have you to thank for that.

38. Funny Wine Coasters

gifts for wine lovers: funny wine coasters

Gifts for a woman that love enjoying her vino are hard to find, so get her a gift that will last. The coasters are incredibly durable and bring a smile every time.

39. Merlot Wine Scented Sugar Scrub

merlot wine sugar scrub exfoliator for women

Spoil them to the max by giving them a Merlot wine scented sugar scrub for her to enjoy. It is the perfect exfoliator that gives one a full spa experience.

40. “Wine Not?” Slippers

gift for wine lover: 'wine not" slippers

What better gift to get this holiday season than this comfy pair of house slippers? They have unique exterior in colorful and fun patterns and are lined with a soft sherpa fleece inside.

41. Outdoor Wine Table

gifts for wine lovers: outdoor wine table

It can be tricky to find exciting and unusual gifts for wine lovers. Although you can send wine as a gift, you can try to be a little creative. Surprise them with this collapsible wine table, which they can enjoy on their next picnic date.

42. Dachshund Wine Bottle Cork Holder

best wine gifts: dachshund wine bottle cork holder

This is one creative gift idea for wine lovers that also love dog. Whether placed on the kitchen worktop or table, this wine cork collector is the perfect piece of wine kitchen decor for making your house a home.

43. Cabernet Scented Candle

funny wine infused candle

What screams relaxation better than a candle infused with Cabernet wine? This candle is made from organic soy and tops the list of gifts for natural wine lovers.

44. “Mom’s Turn To Wine” Custom Mug

mom's turn to wine mug with custom names

This cute and personalized coffee mug features a funny saying that rightly depicts a mother’s life. The mug is bound to keep her spirits high, throughout the day.


If you’re looking to earn praise from a wine lover, surprise them with any of these gifts. Don’t just buy them bottles of wine. Find unique wine gifts and accessories that will stand out from the rest. Don’t forget to include classy wine gadgets if your budget allows it. Cheers!


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