40 Best Gifts for Wine Lovers – Not Just a Bottle of Vino (2020)

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  • November 5, 2020
40 Best Gifts for Wine Lovers – Not Just a Bottle of Vino (2020)

­If you know any wine lover in your life, then you know how obsessed they can get about their wines. Most wine enthusiasts are particular about pairing a bottle of red or white wine with the right food. Although you are no wine expert, you can be sure they’ll appreciate receiving fancy wine gifts and gadgets. Here are excellent ideas of gifts for wine lovers you can try besides tickets to wine tasting events.

wine accessories gifts: wine bottle opener kit

Wine Bottle Opener Kit

If there’s something that wine lovers have in common, it’s their love for fancy wine accessories and wine-themed gifts. No one enjoys working too hard when they can work smart. This automatic bottle opener is a unique gift for wine lovers. It’ll make removing the cork that much easier and faster, and without the inconvenience of spillage.

wine accessories gifts: wine chiller

Wine Chiller

Is your girlfriend a wine person, or better still, relatively wine-obsessed? Surprise her with a wine Christmas gift this year. Get her this impressive wine chiller, and she’ll love you for it! It’s one of the most unique wine lover gifts you can find in the market and at an affordable price. What’s best is that she’ll never have to suffer through warm wine ever again!

gifts for wine lovers: wine decanter carafe

Wine Decanter Carafe

Pouring wine is an art that every wine enthusiast takes seriously. What better way to show your wife that you love her this Valentine’s day? Surprise her with this elegant and unique wine decanter carafe, and she’ll be smiling every time she pours a glass. It is one of the best gifts for wine connoisseurs that you could ever buy.

gifts for wine drinkers: a bottle of riunite lambrusco

Riunite Lambrusco

Wondering what beverage to get your mother-in-law this Mother’s Day? Surprise her with this budget-friendly bottle of sparkling wine, and you’ll quickly become her favorite son-in-law. As most red wines are, this bottle is good to have with meals and desserts such as chocolate. It’s also a fun present for wine lovers looking to have a good time.

wine gift ideas: wine tote

Wine Tote

Looking for the best wine gifts for your gals this holiday season? Surprise them with this cool wine tote bag and transform their accessory from typical to extraordinary. Its insulated compartment is big enough to hold two bottles of their favorite wine. What better accessory for wine could they wish for?

wine lover gifts: starry wine glass

Starry Wine Glass

Is your girlfriend a sucker for cute wine accessories? Get her this lovely set of two starry wine glasses as she celebrates moving into her new home. It’s one of the best housewarming gifts for wine lovers. She’s sure to think about you every time she takes a sip out of her unique glass of wine.

best gifts for wine lovers: personalized wine board

Personalized Wine Board

Have you been wondering what cool wine-related gifts to get your wife for the coming festive season? You can surprise her with either of these sommelier gifts, whether in amber or blonde, and she’ll be forever grateful. Meals with her friends and loved ones will never be the same again!

gift for wine lover: wine glass pendant necklace

Wine Glass Pendant Necklace

If your girlfriend appreciates wine-inspired gifts, then she’ll love this charming necklace. It’s the perfect gift for the wine lover who has everything you could ever imagine. Moreover, the chain is also available in various materials to suit your budget and her tastes. You can even include a personalized message to make the gift more endearing.

gifts for wine drinkers: marble stone wine cooler

Marble Stone Wine Bottle Cooler

There’s nothing more frustrating to wine connoisseurs than warm wine. So what better gifts for wine snobs than these beautiful marble wine bottle coolers? Not only are they original wine drinking accessories, but they also double up as utensil holders and decorative vases. With such cool wine gadgets, their friends and loved ones are sure to become green with envy!

wine accessories: wine saver pump

Wine Saver Pump with Vacuum Bottle Stoppers

Although some wines taste better after a little oxidation, no one enjoys drinking it flat. Thankfully, the party doesn’t have to stop just because you left the wine bottle open. Surprise your husband on his birthday this year with this new wine gadget. His wine will stay fresh as it was when he first opened it.

gift ideas for wine lover: stemless aerating wine glass

Stemless Aerating Wine Glass

Have you been looking for new wine accessories to get your mom on Mother’s Day? Buy her these classy wine gifts and a good bottle of wine to match. She’s sure to love this wine glass set, whether she loves red or white wine. It’s also a great Christmas gift for wine lovers looking to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

wine related gifts: winewings champagne glass

Winewings Champagne Wine Glass

If you’ve been searching for the perfect gifts for champagne drinkers, look no further than this sleek, single stem winewings glass. It’s ideal for those who are looking to leave an impression on their guests. Just remember to include an expensive gifts bottle in the package, and you’ll be good to go.

gifts for wine drinkers: champagne flutes

Champagne Flutes

Champagne flutes are the epitome of elegance and good craftsmanship. That said, they make excellent wedding gifts for champagne enthusiasts. So if you’re looking to surprise the bride and groom, buy them these unique glass gifts. You’ll make them beam with pride every time they pop Chardonnay with their guests.

gift ideas for wine lovers: bamboo cheese board and cutlery set

Bamboo Cheese Board and Cutlery Set

Nothing screams holiday like a great cheese board and cutlery set. This set is one of the most unique Christmas gifts for wine lovers who love luxury wine accessories. Surprise your mom this holiday and enjoy sipping on vino and nibbling on cheese and crackers on the cozy deck. You can be sure you’ll have the biggest slice of ham at the dinner table.

wine related gifts: wine-infused coffee

Wine Infused Coffee Set

If you have ever tried wine-infused coffee, then you know how exciting and flavorful they are. Make mother’s day memorable for your sister and her family with these unique wine-related gifts. This set is exactly what to get someone who loves wine but can’t seem to decide which type they prefer.

best wine gifts: premium wine cooler

Premium Iceless Wine Chiller

Wine lovers are very particular about their wines. If you can barely tell a bottle of Shiraz from Merlot, then this high-end wine accessory will do the trick. It’s a special wine gift for that wine-loving friend in your life. Surprise your bestie on her birthday with this impressive wine cooler. You can be sure she’ll brag about you to her friends for the rest of the year.

gifts for wine lovers: custom wine stoppers

Custom Wine Bottle Stopper

COVID-19 has been a difficult time for everyone in the world. What better way to make merry during this quarantine period than by getting your friends these cool wine accessory gifts? You’ll be surprised how such small gifts for wine lovers can have such a significant impact on their lives. Remember to include a bottle of vino to make your friends feel great again.

gift ideas for wine lovers: blind tasting kit

Blind Tasting Kits

Looking to have a little fun with your cousins before the holidays begin? Test your seeing, smelling, and tasting wine skills and prove to everyone how awesome you are. Challenge even the hugest wine fanatic and see who the better sommelier is. It’s also a fun wine gift for friends looking to blow off some steam after a hard week at work.

wine accessories gifts: wine aerator pourer

Wine Aerator Pourer 

Have you ever noticed how some wines taste a little better after a bit of aeration? Surprise your husband on Valentine’s Day with this exquisite wine aerator pourer. Not only does it offer value for money, but it’s also a neat wine gift that every wine drinker should have. You can also rest assured knowing your husband will never complain about flat wine again.

wine gift ideas: wine rack countertop

Wine Rack Countertop

Has your wine-loving friend been saving up to build a home bar but can’t seem to meet their targets? Save him the trouble and surprise them with this sturdy wine rack they can easily place on a countertop. Remember to include an expensive gift bottle of wine to celebrate special occasions. You can also show off your favorite bottles of wine the next time your friends come over.

best gifts for wine lovers: bathtime essentials wine holder

Bathtime Essentials Wine Holder

Every woman fantasizes about enjoying her glass of wine while taking a bath. Whether it’s a glass of red or white wine, this wine holder will make life so much easier. Surprise your wife with this creative gift for wine lovers, and she’ll thank you for it. Her bathtime sessions will never be the same again!

gift for wine enthusiasts: wine travel bag

Wine Travel Bag

What’s a camping trip or picnic without your favorite bottle of wine? And, what if you could enjoy a glass of wine under the stars and at your preferred temperature? Impress your crush with this wine carrier accompanied by the best wine birthday present she could ask for. It’ll be a win-win situation for you since it tops the list of creative gifts to give with wine.

unique gifts for wine lovers: personalized wine tasting journal

Personalized Wine Journal

Is your little sister training to become a wine steward? Surprise her with the best sommelier gift she could ever imagine. She’ll have a jolly good time standing out from her peers during the training sessions. These journals make great gifts for wine connoisseurs and aspiring candidates alike. They also make great personalized wine gifts for wine lovers looking to attend wine tasting events.

wine accessory gifts: winesulator


Fantastic road trips are made of great company, music, and, of course, great wine! Unfortunately, the drinks can, at times, get so warm that they lose their aromatic flavor. Get your best friend this stainless steel, insulated wine canteen, and keep your wine cold all day long. Considering how efficient it is, this winesulator is one of the best inexpensive gifts for wine lovers in the market.

cool wine gifts: food and wine pairing tea towel

Food and Wine Pairing Tea Towel

So your sister’s 21st birthday is coming up, and you have no idea what to get her. How about this cheesy food and wine pairing towel? Although it might rank high on the list of funny wine gifts, she’ll appreciate you for it when she’s older. You can even pair it with a unique wine bottle, and you’ll make her day!

gifts ideas for wine lovers: monogram wine tumbler

Monogram Wine Tumbler

Is your wife always complaining about how her wine glasses keep breaking? Sweep her troubles away with this cute wine tumbler. Not only is it the coolest wine lover gift for her, but it is also one of the most useful gifts for wine lovers. She can also discreetly enjoy her favorite bottle of rose without explaining herself to anyone.

wine related gifts: personalized wine tote

Personalized Wine Tote

Have you been wondering what to get your mom on her next birthday? Whether she enjoys red or white wine, get her this cute floral wine bag. The best thing is that you can personalize it with her name, and it’s 100% recyclable. These unique features make it one of the most creative gifts under $25 for wine lovers. Better still, she can finally put her old bag to retirement.

gifts for wine drinkers: wine wars game

Wine Wars : A Trivia Game for Wine Geeks and Wannabes

Are you looking to take the gaming sessions a notch higher this Christmas holiday? Challenge your friends’ and family’s wine knowledge with this entertaining trivia game. It is one of the most unique wine gift ideas anyone could ever think of. It’s probably also one of the best gifts for oenophiles and wannabes alike.

funny gifts for wine lovers: wine condoms

Wine Condoms

Conventional gifts can get quite dull and predictable. Step out of the box and surprise your crush with this hilarious yet practical wine condom set. If you’ve been looking for gag gifts for her, then this novelty condom set will do the trick. She’ll be so surprised and amazed at your creativity, you’ll probably earn a second date.

funny gifts for wine lovers: 'when life gets complicated, i wine' coloring book

‘When Life Gets Complicated, I Wine’ Coloring Book

So your 30th birthday is coming up. Don’t wait for people to give you gifts this year. If you’ve been looking for funny wine stuff to get yourself, you won’t go wrong with this book. Reward yourself with one of the most unusual wine gifts to ease your troubles away. After, all who said coloring is only for children?

wine enthusiast gifts: probably wine enamel mug

Probably Wine Enamel Mug

Have you been looking for the perfect wine gag gifts to get that wine enthusiast on their birthday? This lightweight mug is one of the best gifts for wine lovers looking to have a good time. Just remember to include wine bottle souvenirs to make their day even more special.

inexpensive gifts for wine lovers: wine soaps

Wine Soaps

Good red wine gifts are hard to find, especially if you don’t have a wine gift guide to educate you. This innovative wine soap set is inspired by Pinot Noir, Cabernet, and other wine varieties to suit everyone’s tastes. It’s perfect for all occasions you can imagine – birthday, anniversary, and even Christmas! So the next time you’re looking for gifts for wine people, you’ll know precisely what to get.

wine lover gifts: wine folly guide book

Wine Folly: Magnum Edition: The Master Guide

Have you been searching far and wide for clever wine gifts for your wine enthusiast? Search no more! This master guide hardcover book makes the list of the top gifts for wine lovers. Within no time, they will become a wine connoisseur, and they’ll have you to thank for that.

gifts for wine lovers: funny wine coasters

Funny Wine Coasters

Does your BFF enjoy a good joke? Surprise her with this hilarious wine coaster set as she sets off for college. Not only are they cute accessories for wine enthusiasts, but they also make excellent wine housewarming gifts for the wine lover. Even though she’ll be miles away, she’ll not forget about you!

gift for wine lover: 'wine not" slippers

‘Wine Not?’ Slippers

Christmas is once again around the corner. That means that you need to come up with interesting Christmas ideas for wine lovers in your life. What better gift to get your wife than this comfy pair of house slippers? It’s our number one choice when it comes to wine-related gifts for her.

gifts for wine lovers: outdoor wine table

Outdoor Wine Table

Everyone knows that it can be tricky to find exciting and unusual gifts for wine lovers. Although you can send wine as a gift to your married friends, you can attempt to be a little creative. Surprise them with this collapsible wine table, which they can enjoy on their next picnic date.

wine lover gifts: wine infused salts

Wine Infused Salts

Rather than persevering through ordinary sea salt, why not get yourself this unique set of wine-infused salts. Besides adding an exciting flavor to food, they also make good cooking gift ideas for wine lovers. You can’t go wrong with this lovely set because it caters to both white and red wine enthusiasts.

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best wine gifts: dachshund wine bottle cork holder

Dachshund Wine Bottle Cork Holder

Is your girlfriend a dog lover? Has she always wanted to own a Dachshund? Well, what better birthday gift for her than this cool wine bottle cork holder? The best thing is that it’s one of the most creative gifts for wine lovers under $25. It can also double up as a cool décor item for her house.

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inexpensive gifts for wine lovers: wine scented candle

Cabernet All Day Scented Candle

What screams relaxation better than a candle infused with Cabernet wine? This candle is made from organic soy and tops the list of gifts for natural wine lovers. The next time you want cool gifts to get for red wine lovers, look no further than this lovely candle. You can be sure you’ll receive compliments for your ingenuity.

gifts for wine drinkers: gourmet gift basket with wine

Gourmet Gift Basket with Wine

Have you been looking for luxury gifts for wine lovers? Surprise your boss this Christmas with one these generous gift baskets. When it comes to finding the best food pairing options, these baskets have got you covered. They come with a bottle of wine, gourmet cheese, popcorn, ham, and other exciting appetizers.

Final Words

If you’re looking to earn praise from wine enthusiasts, surprise them with any of these gifts for wine lovers. Don’t just buy them bottles of wine. Find unique wine gifts and accessories that will stand out from the rest. Don’t forget to include classy wine gadgets if your budget allows it. Cheers!



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