61 Gifts for Whiskey Lovers: An Ultimate Guide for Every Taste & Budget

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • July 8, 2020
61 Gifts for Whiskey Lovers: An Ultimate Guide for Every Taste & Budget

There’s nothing like the smooth taste of their favorite spirit to really get whiskey drinkers excited. And there’s nothing easier for you than buying them the brand of bourbon or scotch they love most. Even if you don’t know which bottle to choose when birthdays and Christmases roll around, these fantastic gifts for whiskey lovers give you plenty of ideas to start.

With so many different options out there, you may not know what to give a whiskey lover, at first. Do you stick with the basics, or give them something new and exotic? Try a variety pack for men to give them plenty of options to choose from. Or offer them a brand new spin on their favorite drink.

Are you looking for a smart bar accessory or bottle of whiskey? Whether it’s for yourself or someone else, you are in the right place.

We have grouped 61 gifts for whiskey lovers into 4 categories: gifts for consumption, affordable gifts, mid-range gifts, and high-end gifts. 

No matter what you choose, here are the best options the whiskey connoisseur in your life will love.

Whiskey Gifts for Consumption

Whether you’re invited to dinner or looking for a special gift, a bottle of whiskey is always a good idea. Especially if you know the person. The following ideas include a lot more than good bottles.

whiskey sampler gift set for whiskey enthusiasts

The Ultimate Whiskey Sampler


If you aren’t sure where to start, a sample pack makes a fantastic gift. This set gives them plenty of variety of whiskeys, including Glenlivet, Bourbon, and Woodford Reserve. It also comes with complimentary foods like popcorn and delicious chocolates.

Price: $99.95

a bottle of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey


When all else fails, sometimes a classic is all that’s needed. Picking up a bottle of whiskey from the store for someone isn’t easy when you live on the other side of the country. So luckily, Drizly delivery allows you to send a bottle directly to the recipient’s door.

Price: $24.99 – 45.99

gifts for whiskey lover: Bourbon Barrel Maple Syrup Trio

Bourbon Barrel Maple Syrup Trio


You don’t have to be a food expert to recognize quality products and you don’t need to be a whiskey taster to appreciate these syrups. However, anyone who enjoys BBQ, pancakes, or whiskey would find this pack exceptional. The syrups give subtle hints of smoke, fruit, and oak, with buttery smooth vanilla and caramel undertones.

Price: $30.00

gift for whiskey lover: whiskey sauce

Johnny’s Whiskey Sauce


This whiskey sauce is not just a great gift for whiskey lovers, it’s a clever and inexpensive present for someone who also enjoys cooking. The sauce is mildly spiced and gives hints of cracked peppers, molasses, and of course, whiskey. It’s great for BBQ (meat and veggies), pasta, and even grilled cheese sandwiches.

Price: $10.68

whiskey drinker gift: Bourbon Bitters Bundle

Bourbon Bitters Bundle


A self-respected whiskey lover should know that the best bitters make the best cocktails. If you, however, don’t know that and are looking for gifts for whiskey lovers, know that Woodford Reserve won’t disappoint. Each of the 4 cocktail bitters has been barrel-aged in bourbon barrels.

Price: $39.99

gift for whiskey drinker: a bottle of Maker's Mark Bourbon Whiskey

Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whiskey


Those looking for gifts for bourbon lovers should check out this Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whisky. With no rye, it has a less spicy flavor. It has a scent of honey, cut fruit, and citrus along with a taste of vanilla bean, butterscotch, a finish of caramel, and a hint of dry oak spice. 

Price: $29.99$55.04

whisky gift ideas: a bottle of Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey

Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey


Every bourbon lover out there will appreciate a bottle of this whiskey. For those of you who don’t know it, this is the very first bourbon to be produced in New York. This is a traditional gift for both real whiskey experts, enthusiasts, amateur testers, or just people who love drinking in general.

Price: $43.99 – $53.99

japanese whisky: suntory whisky toki

Suntory Whisky Toki


The blend can be enjoyed on the rocks, as a highball, in a cocktail or neat. What makes it a great gift is the fact that you can add custom engraving with a personal message to this Japanese whisky bottle.

Price: $52.00

whiskey gift idea: a bottle of fire ball cinnamon whisky

Fireball Cinnamon Whisky


A bottle of Fireball makes the ideal gift for anyone. The whiskey can be enjoyed as a shot or as a mixed drink. Some people prefer mixing it with coke or a hard cider.

Price: $17.99 – $28.99

bourbon gift ideas: Bourbon Gourmet Cherries

Bourbon Gourmet Cherries


It’s likely that any whiskey-drinking fan that you know loves to make drinks. To elevate their drink-making game, you can gift them with these gourmet cherries which are ideal for topping off many hand-crafted cocktails. The cherries themselves are delicious, and they also come in a decadent sauce.

Price: $34.79

bourbon gift idea: Bourbon & Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee

Bourbon & Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee


An incredible companion drink to whiskey is this high end collection of coffee. Each package in the set is geared toward a specific drink, making it the perfect compliment or solitary refreshment. 

Price: $39.95

whiskey drinker gift: whiskey pairing chocolate

Whiskey Pairing Chocolate Bars


Some perfect and affordable Valentine’s Day gifts for whiskey lovers are these chocolate bars. They are designed specifically to complement the different flavors and variations of whiskey. Now, whiskey lovers can join in on the pairing fun that the wine drinkers enjoy.

Price: $19.95

gifts for bourbon drinkers: bourbon whiskey gift basket

Bourbon Whiskey Gift Basket


Instead of gifting just a single bottle of whiskey, you can send an entire bourbon whiskey gift basket. Choose from some of the finest bottles of whiskey and other treats that will complement the drink and make the whiskey lover in your life smile.

Price: $110.00 – $312.99

Affordable Whiskey Gifts (Under $20.00)

If you’re on the budget and looking for inexpensive whiskey gifts, this is the section for you.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a lovable gift, and below you can see the smartest gift ideas under $20.

gifts for whiskey drinker: Personalized Engraved Flask

Personalized Engraved Flask


Every whiskey drinker needs a flask on the go. This one comes in a wooden box with a funnel and 4 shot cups. The front of the box and the flask can be engraved in a font of your choice. Since everything comes in a box, this is already packed like a gift and is definitely one of the most affordable options on the list.

Price: $11.99+

gifts for whiskey lovers: whiskey wedge and glass

Whiskey Wedge and Glass


There is a way to enjoy whiskey on the rocks without melting too much of that ice into the whiskey. It’s this diagonally bisected glass that is not only ensuring slower melting but makes a strong design statement. It can hold 2oz of liquid when filled with ice.

Price: $18.00

whiskey gift idea: forest landscape whiskey glass

Forest Landscape Whiskey Glass


If you know someone that enjoys both good whiskey and hiking, this is the whiskey gift set to buy. The two 11oz glasses are printed with high-quality ink that would never wash off. Except for the amazing landscape design, the glasses are made of a thick base that gives a nice feel to the hand. Overall, these hand-blown crystal glasses are meant for the whiskey connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

Price: $18.99

funny gift for whiskey lover: whiskey birthday card

Whiskey Birthday Card


Everyone knows that the older the whiskey – the better. Sometimes, the same goes for people, and this card is the cutest way to congratulate the hero of the occasion, especially if they like whiskey. The recycled brown cardstock comes with a brown Kraft envelope and makes a perfect addition to any gift but is creative enough to be given alone as well.

Price: $5.00+

bourbon gift ideas: bourbon socks

Bourbon Socks


If you’re looking for creative bourbon gift ideas, these HOTSOX products are definitely a win. Whether as an addition to a larger gift, part of a box set, or just a small, sentimental gift, these socks are worth buying. The bourbon print can come with denim heather or gray heather.

Price: $7.20 – $15.99

star wars gift for whiskey drinker: death star ice mold

Death Star Sphere Ice Mold


Lots of people like whiskey, lots of people like Star Wars. It only makes sense that there are a lot of people who like both. This Death Star sphere ice mold is the perfect gift for a Star Wars fan that also enjoys whiskey. The BPA-free silicone makes it easy to peel it off and get to the perfectly frozen tiny little Death Star.

Price: $12.00

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whiskey gift: whiskey soap set

Whiskey Soap


This Kentucky bourbon soap is made in small batches with real whiskey and quality, all-natural ingredients. The scent is derived from the whiskey itself and can be described as smelling rich, peppery, and oaky. It can be used as a shampoo, for the body, face, and even for shaving.

Price: $24.99

gag gift for men: "tears of my enemy" hip flask

Damn Fine Hip Flask


This “Tears of My Enemies” flask is a unique gag gift for whiskey lovers. It’s made of high-grade stainless steel (#304). It holds 6oz of liquid (not necessarily whiskey) and it’s built to last.

Price: $12.99

funny gift for whiskey drinker: "whiskey helps" t-shirt

“Whiskey Helps” T-shirt


If you know someone that needs that kind of help, this shirt is a cool and affordable gift that will be highly appreciated. Available in all sizes for both men and women, you can choose between 3 colors – black, navy, and asphalt. The shirts are also available in 100% cotton, 90% cotton + 10% polyester, and 50/50.

Price: $17.93

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The Complete Whiskey Course guidebook

The Complete Whiskey Course: A Comprehensive Tasting School in Ten Classes


This is the definitive book of understanding and appreciating the world of whiskey. It’s a must-read for aspiring connoisseurs, and it also makes a great whiskey gift on the budget.

Price: $18.99

ice cube and sphere trays for whiskey drinking

Ice Cube & Sphere Trays


Ice complements a nice glass of whiskey. For those looking for useful whiskey-related gifts, this ice tray is perfect. It’s a clever way to keep the whiskey cold while not diluting it as the ice takes longer to melt after being made in these molds.

Price: $12.99

whiskey drinker gift: "101 whiskies to try before you die" book

101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die


True to its name, this book offers over 100 ideas for whiskies to try in one’s lifetime. While not all listed are award-winning drinks, they are just as important. Selected from countries all over the globe, each drink brings a unique blend of flavor to their whiskey-loving journey.

Price: $15.80

gifts for whiskey lovers: If You Can Read This Bring Me Novelty Socks

If You Can Read This Bring Me Novelty Socks


Another inexpensive and hilarious idea for your whiskey connoisseur is this pair of socks. They’re comfy and clearly show off the owners love for a smooth drink.

Price: $9.95

Cool Whiskey Gifts (Between $20 & $50)

A more personalized and aesthetically pleasing gift will cost more. Check out our coolest gifts for whiskey lovers under $50, below.

housewarming gift idea for whiskey drinker: whiskey - work door mat

Whiskey – Work Door Mat


Every serious whiskey drinker will appreciate this gift. The double natural coir doormat creates a happy moment right at the doorstep. You can choose the size (4 different options available) and all of them are made with resilient and effective coconut fiber.

Price: $39.95+

whiskey gift: globe decanter set

Globe Decanter Set


The set includes 2 glasses, a wooden stand, a bottle stopper, 2 silicone ice balls, and a pouring funnel. The 10oz glasses are etched with the world map while the stand with an antique ship. This is one of the best 8-in-1 sets for its price and quality.

Price: $49.97

custom whiskey gift: Personalized Leather Coasters Set

Personalized Leather Coasters Set


No other coaster can stand up to moisture like these customized Full Grain Leather coasters. They are manufactured with Horween leather, they’re thick and come in 5 beautiful and limited edition colors. The best thing is you can customize the shape (round or square) and choose the wording or even print a custom logo.

Price: $24.00+

whiskey gift for golf lovers: golf ball whiskey chillers

Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers


One doesn’t have to be a whiskey expert to enjoy a nice glass on a special occasion. And topping off a round of golf with a round of cool drinks is always a good idea. This is why this gold ball chiller set is the perfect gift for golf lovers. The set includes 2 golf ball whiskey chillers and a velvet pouch.

Price: $30.00

whiskey bullet gift set

Whiskey Bullet Gift Set


One clever way to make their next whiskey drink memorable is with these incredible ice cubes. Instead of ice, these unique whiskey gifts are made with stainless steel and shaped like bullets. They even come with a set of rubber-ended tongs to transfer them to your glass. 

Price: $21.99

whisky gift ideas: Personalized Barrel Stave Towel Hanger

Personalized Barrel Stave Towel Hanger


Some of the best gifts for whiskey lovers don’t come in a bottle. Instead, they can be found at the bottom of a barrel, or rather, made from one. These customizable towels holders come from an old barrel stave and offer two different styles.  

Price: $36.00+

whiskey drinker gift: diamond whiskey glass

Diamond Whiskey Glass


For many whiskey drinkers, it’s all about the presentation. Which is why one of the best gifts for whiskey lovers is this stunning diamond glass. It looks incredible, while the unique shape also enhances the taste.

Price: $29.99 for a set of 2

funny whiskey drinker gift: probably whiskey mug

Probably Whiskey Enamel Mug


Another funny gift perfect for the avid whiskey drinker is this mug. It holds up to 16 ounces of whatever drink you choose. Though it’s clever phrase suggests it’s “probably whiskey” no matter what.

Price: $24.00

gift for whiskey lovers: whiskey poster

Whiskey Poster


Among the top gifts for whiskey lovers are items they can hang on their wall. This artwork brings with it the evolution of how their favorite drink came to be. It also shows different whiskeys from all over the world. 

Price: $25.00+

whisky gift ideas: whiskey sour scented candle

Whiskey Sour Candle


One way to enjoy whiskey without drinking it is through recreating its fragrance. This pleasant candle captures all the allure of a whiskey sour without needing to take a sip. In just seven ounces of soy wax, subtle notes of citrus, sweetness, and whiskey waft through the air. 

Price: $24.00

unique gift for whiskey drinker: Personalized Cigar Holder Glass

Personalized Cigar Holder Glass


The perfect way to celebrate a memorable event is with a glass of whiskey and a good cigar. With this personalized engraved whiskey glass, appreciating the evening will be brought to another level. The cigar holding glass measures 11.25oz, and you can choose one from the many designs, but custom engraving is also an option at no additional cost.

Price: $28.99

unique gifts for whiskey lovers: bullet rocks whiskey glass

Bullet Rocks Glass


A set of 2 hand-sculpted rock glasses with a real 0.308 bullet makes the coolest gift for a whiskey lover. Locally manufactured in Wisconsin by the father-and-son business BenShot, with a high-quality glass guarantee. Also, no gunpowder or lead was used in the making process, so the glasses are 100% safe to drink from.

Price: $34.99 for a set of 2

gifts for whiskey lovers: Old Fashioned Whiskey Infusion Kit

Old Fashioned Whiskey Infusion Kit


This is one of the unique and useful rye or bourbon drinking accessories. Drinking Old-Fashioned cocktails at home has never been easier with this simple DIY kit. Combine this with a good bottle of bourbon/rye and you’ll have an unforgettable night.

Price: $35.00

scotch gift idea: scottish whisky photo frame

Scottish Whisky Frame


Photo frames are common gifts, but this one is like no other. This frame is crafted from segments of scotch retired whiskey barrels. Everyone can get a bottle of whiskey, but this frame is a unique gift for a scotch lover. The design utilizes the curve of the original barrel and also includes wall-mounting hardware on the back.

Price: $45.00

whiskey enthusiast gift: Crosshatch Whiskey Wall Art

Crosshatch Whiskey Wall Art


This print is an original piece by Matthew Ray of Whiskey Hatch. The piece can surely make a statement in any room and makes a perfect gift for bourbon lovers as it illustrates a Woodford Reserve Bourbon whiskey. The paper is of museum-quality that is built to last.

Price: $32.00+

whiskey enthusiast gifts: Whiskey Math Cocktail Recipe Screen Print

Whiskey Math Cocktail Recipe Screen Print


This print is a great interior design addition for every whiskey cocktail lover. It’s handmade, and the materials used are oak wood, recycled paper, acid-free ink, and magnets. Speaking of magnets, you can purchase a magnetic oak frame which arrives with hanging hardware.

Price: $30.00

gift for scotch lover: Square Scotch Glasses

Square Scotch Glasses


The handmade design of the glasses catches the eye. They are dishwasher-safe, with a strong base, and come in an embossed magnetic closure gift box. Perfect for any kind of whiskey, this is a great gift for any occasion.

Price: $34.95 for a set of 2

whiskey chilling stone gift set

Whiskey Chilling Stones


These whiskey rocks let you experience and appreciate the original true whiskey flavor. Each of the stones is ECO-friendly and has a different color and granite style. They come with a hardwood presentation tray and altogether, they take whiskey on the rocks to a whole new level.

Price: $20.90

unique gift for whiskey drinkers: everest whiskey glass

Everest Whiskey Glass


This is the perfect gift for those who want a premium whiskey glass that is both bold and inspiring. The glasses are handmade with a 3D modeled Mount Everest. Enjoying a glass of whiskey on the rocks will never be the same when it’s sipped out of this glass.

Price: $44.95 for a set of 2

Spiced Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit

Spiced Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit


Looking for unique gifts for whiskey lovers? This kit can help those enthusiasts craft the perfect artisanal cocktail with tons of bold flavor. It has all that you need for an Old Fashioned with a twist. The kit has mandarin chips, a three-chile simple syrup, and chocolate bitters.

Price: $30.00

gifts for whiskey lovers: Personal Whiskey & Water Decanter

Personal Whiskey & Water Decanter


Looking for a gift for a whiskey drinker? This dual-chambered globe is perfect. It’s a water and whiskey decanter that lets you hold both in separate chambers. Adding water to whiskey helps awaken some of the more subtle flavors. When you’re ready to pour, add some whiskey and some drops of water.

Price: $25.00

gifts for scotch lovers - scotch-infused toothpick gift set

Scotch-Infused Toothpicks Gift Set


Scotch-infused toothpicks make great gifts for scotch lovers. There’s a subtle taste of a fine single malt scotch that is infused in each one of these toothpicks. Each one has a distinct and smoky flavor that also features notes of caramel. The flavor is released by gently biting the wood.

Price: $35.95

gifts for whiskey lovers: geometric whiskey stones

Geometric Whiskey Stones


Not many people like a watered-down drink. These whiskey stones can cool a drink without making it watery. They come in big and fun shapes and are made out of soapstone and marble. Pop them into the freezer for a bit before drink-making, and they’ll be ready to chill the drinks.

Price: $35.00

whiskey enthusiast gift idea: Mixology Bartender Kit with Stand

Mixology Bartender Kit with Stand


Every good host needs a mixology kit. There certainly isn’t a better option available than this heavy-duty set of cocktail shakers. The collection also comes with a bottle opener, strainer, and mixer.

Price: $45.97

whiskey gift idea: Kollea Whiskey Glasses with Ice Silicone

Kollea Whiskey Glasses with Ice Silicone


A cool gift for those whiskey drinkers in your life are these glasses that can help keep the drink at the optimal temperature. Those who prefer to have a cold cocktail will enjoy sipping their drink from this glass from the very first sip until the last.

Price: $29.99

whiskey accessory: Glencairn Whisky Glass

Glencairn Whisky Glass


This whiskey glass set is ideal for a housewarming gift idea for any whiskey or bourbon-lover in your life. It has 4 glasses made from transparent and radiant crystal. It also features a short yet elegant base stand. Fit for royalty!

Price: $32.99 for a set of 4

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Luxurious Whiskey Gifts ($50+)

This section is meant for the most special occasions and people. If you want to impress someone with a refined taste for whiskey accessories and are willing to spend a bit more money, take a look at the following ideas.

cool gifts for whiskey lovers: Gun Whiskey Decanter and Glass Set

Gun Whiskey Decanter and Glass Set


With 2 gun-shaped decanters, 8 shot glasses, 2 liquor pourers, a cowboy belt holster, and a protective carrying case, your whiskey lover will be set. This is a great gift for someone that enjoys hunting or spy movies.

Price: $75.95

unique gift for whiskey drinker: Personalized Whiskey Barrel

Personalized Whiskey Barrel


For a high end way to polish off their whiskey collection, buy them their own barrel. This custom barrel comes in 2 liter and 5 liter sizes, with the option to add alcohol, as well. It’s a cool way to store spirits as if they own a small distillery at home.

Price: $85.00 – $200.00

gifts for whiskey lovers: Ultra Rare Edition Engraved Eastham Whiskey Gift Set

Ultra Rare Edition Engraved Eastham Whiskey Gift Set


This unique whiskey gift set is perfect for whiskey lovers sharing their favorite drink. It includes a wooden box, 2 matching custom rocks glasses, and a set of 9 whiskey stones. The glasses and the box are engraved with a design that you can customize with two lines of text and a year.

Price: $79.95

gift idea for whiskey lovers: stone drink dispenser

Stone Drink Dispenser


This drink dispenser gives a whole new meaning to “on the rocks.” Instead, your drink is inside the rock, housed neatly in a granite fixture. Not only does it look great, it’s stainless steel tap is easy to use.

Price: $45.00 – $150.00

whiskey drinker gift: leather bottle holder

Leather Bottle Holder


This high-end whiskey case is perfect for traveling or just storing a favorite bottle that creates an heirloom piece aging, as well as the beverage inside, does. While you can mostly see leather, the ends are made of cedarwood to protect the bottle in the case. Walnut Studiolo’s leather case will fit any bottle up to 13’’ tall and 3.375 in diameter.

Price: $123.25+

whiskey gift idea: whiskey & leather scented candle

Whiskey & Leather Scented Candle


When looking for top gifts for whiskey lovers, consider this hand-poured whiskey and leather-scented candle. The top notes of the candle blend in with the rest, revealing an astounding scent. Whiskey and mandarin are at the top while notes of whiskey and incense are in the middle, followed by leather, dark musk, and smoke.

Price: $65.00

gifts for whiskey lovers: engraved decanter set

Engraved Decanter Set


Another great way for your whiskey lover to make their mark is with a glass all their own. This personalized decanter set includes their name and initials in elegant script. It’s a fun way to show off something they enjoy in a personal bar or drink collection.

Price: $59.95+

unique gift for fiance who is a whiskey lover: whiskey barrel ring

Whiskey Barrel Ring


If you have a whiskey-loving fiancé, they’ll likely love to receive this as a gift for your wedding day. It’s a ring that features timber and titanium. The timber that is used comes from a barrel of Jack Daniels whiskey, and the titanium is manually shaped.

Price: $360.00

gifts for whiskey lovers: Personalized Whiskey Crate gift set

Personalized Whiskey Crate


For a more personalized gift for whiskey lovers, this crate has everything they’ll need. It features 2 personalized 9-oz. Heavy-bottom glasses, 2 ice sphere molds, 2 slate coasters, salted pistachios, and mixed nuts to go with the whiskey that will be drunk, and 33 Drams Whiskey Drinking Journal.

Price: $99.99

Let’s Wrap Up

Regardless of the budget that you have, all the ideas in this post are suitable for people who are whiskey connoisseurs to an extent (or at least they think they are, so let’s just address them as whiskey lovers).

Whether they are family, friends, or colleagues, they will be proud of knowing you when they receive any of these gifts.



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