45+ Best Gifts For Veterans To Honor Their Service (2022)

  • BY Keegan Kraemer
  • September 28, 2022
45+ Best Gifts For Veterans To Honor Their Service (2022)

Whether they just served for a few years or they have spent their entire career in the military, they are sure to appreciate these amazing gifts for veterans. Celebrate their service to their country and honor their dedication with this list of curated military gift ideas for veterans’ day or any other special occasion.

Choose from gift ideas for retirement or give them as a way to commemorate any military member, young and old. After spending so much time caring for others, it’s time to take care of themselves with these lovely gift ideas for soldiers.

Patriotic Gifts For Veterans Day

Patriotism and being a veteran go hand in hand. They hold their pride in their country close to their hearts. Be sure that your favorite veteran can share their love of their country with the world with this curated list of patriotic gifts for veterans. A thoughtful way to honor their service and their sacrifice for their country.

1. I’m An Army Dad Photo Mug

I’m An Army Dad Photo Mug: gifts for military men

$29.95 $22.95

Gift your favorite Army dad a personalized mug for Memorial Day! This sweet mug is a great gift for a military man or active duty soldier alike. He will love having his morning coffee in a cup that reminds him of his most important job: Dad.

2. Veteran Letter Art Canvas

Veteran Letter Art Canvas: veteran gifts

$79.95 $59.95 

A unique canvas print is a special gift for a soldier on Veteran’s Day indeed! Show your hero that you appreciate him and his service. Choose from three letter designs and two color options. Add his name and service branch for a handsome present that shows your pride.

3. Remembering Our Veterans Challenge Coin

Remembering Our Veterans Challenge Coin: gifts for army veterans


Veterans hold their patriotism close to their hearts. Make sure they can always have that special little something to remind them what they were fighting for with this antique coin. With the Marine symbol on one side, this makes the perfect gift for “the few, the proud” soldiers.

4. Being A Veteran Is An Honor Canvas

Being A Veteran Is An Honor Canvas: military gifts for him

$79.95 $59.95

Show that his life is about more than his service! Heros are parents, siblings, and grandparents first. Let his pride in his favorite job show through with this customized canvas print. This is one of the best papa gifts on our list.

5. The Only Thing I Love More than Being a Veteran is Being a Papa Mug

The Only Thing I Love More than Being a Veteran is Being a Papa Mug: gifts for soldiers

$26.95 $22.95

He’s served his time for his country and now it’s time to serve his time for his family. While being a veteran is part of his identity, he prefers spending time with his grandchildren (or maybe even great-grandchildren). If your grandpa is a veteran, he’s sure to adore this gift.

6. Military Book Cover

Military Book Cover: gift for a soldier


Having a space to write down their thoughts can be extremely therapeutic, especially for those veterans that don’t have a large support system. This book cover makes a great compliment to a small notebook or journal. They’ll be able to record all of their thoughts and feel great.

7. To My Veteran Dad In Uniform Canvas Print

To My Veteran Dad In Uniform Canvas Print: military gift

$59.95 $46.95

A dad in his military uniform is a sight that makes everyone proud. This canvas print is a great way to honor your dad and thank him for protecting you and his country. He will be proud to display this in his home or office for all to see. 

8. Proud Army Dad Photo Mug

Proud Army Dad Photo Mug: gift for army man

$29.95 $22.95

If you have been searching for a Father’s Day gift for an army dad, then look no further. As a military dad, he takes pride and support in the fact that his child has joined the military. Let everyone know how proud you are of your son or daughter with this mug. 

9. Challenge Coin Holder

Challenge Coin Holder: gifts for army soldiers


Here’s a wonderful thank you gift or meaningful retirement present! This keepsake coin display rack holds a collection of challenge coins and memorabilia. Make it part of a patriotic display at home or in the office. Either way, he’ll appreciate the thought that went into this gift.

10. Tactical Beer Koozie

Tactical Beer Koozie: army pcs gifts


These small tactical-style vests are fun veteran gifts for military men. They make awesome beverage cozies for a military-related retirement party. A vest would also be a good accessory for a child’s stuffed toy during a parent’s deployment. Some people even use them as vests for tiny service animals.

11. Bullet Beer Bottle Opener

Bullet Beer Bottle Opener: gift ideas for soldiers


Are you looking for small gifts for army Veterans? These bottle openers are great tokens for your war hero and his friends. Put one on a key ring or stash the glove box. Each 556 shell is laser engraved and comes from a veteran-owned business.

12. Military Shaker Bottles

Military Shaker Bottles: military gifts army


Just because they might not be on active duty right now, doesn’t mean they aren’t hitting the gym just as much if not more! These BPA-free shaker bottles are made for some heavy weaponry. Easily make a tasty protein shake to take on the go while answering, “where did you get that?!”

13. Premium Marine Phone Case

Premium Marine Phone Case: gift for military man


Searching for a phone case with the best protection that is also going to show off their Marine style? Then look no further than this veteran-inspired phone case. An affordable and functional gift that members from any branch of the military will appreciate. 

14. Customized Military Slim Wallet

Customized Military Slim Wallet: gift for troops


Give him a wallet upgrade with this custom, slim wallet, perfect for members of the military. What an awesome gift to give your guy when he comes home from deployment or for any other special occasion. This wallet will easily fit into his uniform while also carrying all of this stuff. 

15. Engraved Army Flask

Engraved Army Flask: cool gifts for military guys


Show your appreciation for his service with a stunning engraved flask. You can customize this war military veteran gift idea with your vet’s name and branch emblem. Choose from Army, Navy, Air Force, Maines, or Coast Guard to honor his sacrifice.

16. Father Husband Veteran T-shirt

Father Husband Veteran T-shirt: gifts for men in the military


An ultra-soft tee is a fantastic Christmas, birthday, or Father’s Day present. This gift for your Army husband is the perfect thing to wear when he’s not at work. Regardless of the season, he’ll sport the “Father, Husband, Veteran, Hero” with pride.

17. Bullet Whiskey Glass

Bullet Whiskey Glass: gifts for a soldier


Support a veteran-owned business when you gift this unique whisky glass to your war veteran! Army or Marines, active duty or retired, everyone will love this glass! Etched glass with a real .308 bullet in the side demonstrates appreciation, patriotism, and pride.

18. Luxury Personalized Cigar Set

Luxury Personalized Cigar Set: military personalized gifts


There’s always a reason to celebrate being alive, so why not commemorate their time in the service with this leather case, personalized cigar box. Like a mini humidor, your veteran is sure to adore this cigar box set. It comes complete with everything he needs for a good time.

19. Folding Knife With USA Flag Handle

Folding Knife With USA Flag Handle: military gifts


Every soldier needs multiple pocket knives. In the Army or civilian life, you know he keeps them everywhere. Bring some patriotism to his next project with a beautiful flag-handled folding knife. A great thank you gift for veterans.

20. Army Pocket Coin

Army Pocket Coin: gifts for army man


Sometimes it helps to have that extra little reminder to keep going when things get tough. This special message reads, “be strong when you’re weak, be brave when you’re scared, be humble when you’re victorious, be badass every day.” A thoughtful gift to give to someone before they go to basic training. 

21. Custom Veteran Soldier Backpack Ornament

Custom Veteran Soldier Backpack Ornament: gifts for military


This ornament is a clever way to commemorate his service.  Whether he has been in the service for his entire career or is just starting out, he will certainly enjoy this solder gift. He’ll be able to hang this up in his vehicle, display it on his desk, or display it in his home. 

22. Army Playing Cards

Army Playing Cards: gifts for army men


When you need gifts for Army veterans, these playing cards are an awesome idea. If your hubby served in the Marine Corps, Air Force, or Navy, don’t worry! They have cards for all the branches! Tuck a deck into his stocking or surprise his unit with a care package.

23. Custom Ammo Can

Custom Ammo Can: military gift ideas for him


Bring a touch of practicality into your home. Every soldier needs some way to carry all his stuff once he’s out of uniform. Use this ammo can as a lunch box, for tools, or as a bar set. This can is one of the most unique veteran gift ideas for army men of any era.

24. Military Musette Backpack

Military Musette Backpack: military souvenirs


This military-inspired musette backpack is perfect for an overnight or day trip with friends and or family. Made from sturdy heavyweight cotton, it’s a durable and practical gift that they are sure to get a ton of use out of. You can even customize it with their initials. 

25. America Flag Blanket

America Flag Blanket: military keepsakes


A military-themed flag blanket is a truly versatile present. It is an ideal birthday gift for your active duty child or a Christmas gift for veterans. Thank them for their service with a cozy fleece blanket perfect for keeping warm on a cold night.

26. U.S. Army Veteran Cap

U.S. Army Veteran Cap: military souveniers


Your favorite Army vet will wear this hat with pride every Veteran’s Day. Some gifts for a military man are loud. This simple ball cap appeals to those who want a less noticeable statement.

27. Army Uniform Bag

Army Uniform Bag: best gift for military man


For personal cool military army gifts for veterans, consider a custom bag. From diaper sacks and purses to totes and wallets, you can’t go wrong! Send an old uniform with the details of what you want and get a custom bag in return.

28. Bullet-Shaped Whiskey Stones Set

Bullet-Shaped Whiskey Stones Set: best gifts for military guys


If he is a fan of whiskey then he is going to love these bullet-shaped whiskey rocks. A unique gift that he can use to chill his drinks and show off to his buddies when they come over. Simply keep them stored in the freezer for when it’s time for a drink. 

29. Gun Whiskey Decanter Set

Gun Whiskey Decanter Set: gifts for infantryman


Since he’s retired, he likes to spend time in his man cave. This whiskey decanter makes a cool alternative for a classic gift idea. While a bit more on the pricey side, this is sure to be a conversation starter for anyone who sees it. 

30. Bullet Pen Whiskey Barrel

Bullet Pen Whiskey Barrel: military appreciation gifts


This is a pen that your favorite veteran is sure to love. This handmade beauty comes in a mini tactical case. A truly unique piece described as “ Jim Beam Bolt Action Bullet Pen.” Another fun conversation starter for sure! This is one of those pens that everyone is going to want to steal. 

31. Personalized Mini Bar

Personalized Mini Bar: something for soldiers


While they might be used to carrying some other liquids in a Jerry can, your veteran is sure to be happy about the liquids they can put into a fun and unique gift. This is a great gift for a picnic, simply add a couple of rocks and glasses to complete it. 

32. Engraved Military Box

Engraved Military Box: army gift ideas


Every military member covets their dog tags. Be sure that they have the perfect storage spot for them with this engraved wooden box. Whether they are headed off to deployment or retiring for good, they can keep their tags safe in their personalized box. 

33. Custom Marine Bobblehead

Custom Marine Bobblehead: gift for army soldier


If you are searching for a really amazing gift crafted from polymer clay, then you are going to love this gift idea! This bobblehead is a really cool, custom accessory that your Marine is sure to love. Simply send in a picture to create a one-of-a-kind gift for them. 

34. Smells Like F*king DD214 Candle

Smells Like F*king DD214 Candle: personalized army gifts


Celebrate your veterans’ retirement or discharge with this custom soy wax candle. A DD214 simply stands for certificate or release or discharge from active duty. Choose from various scents, like Tobacco cedar or Very sexy man, and celebrate the fact that he is a free man again! 

35. Military Paddles

Military Paddles: veterans gift ideas


There are many great military theme retirement gifts for veterans to choose from. These beautiful paddles add a shiny touch to any home decor. Available with various insignia pins to create a truly custom and one-of-a-kind gift for that special veteran. Just make sure you present it in a big way for optimal gifting.

36. Heavy Duty Beads

Heavy Duty Beads: unique military gifts


These Rugged Rosaires are perfect for saying their prayers out on the battlefield. Designed for optimal comfort and durability, crafted from metal, this gift is sure to last forever. A truly unique gift that your veteran is sure to love and appreciate. The perfect gift for a Christian veteran. 

37. Tank Slippers

Tank Slippers: army gifts


These handmade tank slippers are so much fun! Perfect gifts for veterans, your veteran will enjoy a tromp around the house in these slippers. Don’t be surprised if you hear them making smash noises and a fake explosion here or there. Why not have a little fun with them, right?!

38. Army Shadow Box

Army Shadow Box: gifts for veterans


Shadow boxes are great for collecting memorabilia. Beautifully display items from their military career behind a pane of glass. The display of the rugged flag is a nice complement to the items that will be placed there. This would make a lovely gift for someone who has recently retired. 

39. Air Force Emblem Plate

Air Force Emblem Plate: gift for veterans


If your veteran is headed into retirement, then consider getting them this handcrafted display. A beautiful statue made from solid wood, so you know it’s going to be sturdy. Choose their rank and even add their name for personalization. Truly wonderful gifts for veterans that they are sure to appreciate.

40. Gun Soap

Gun Soap: gifts for veterans ideas


Make sure that your veteran will smell divine with this soap shaped like a gun. He’ll be able to take aim at getting squeaky clean with hints of tangerine, limewood, cinnamon bark, and bergamot. Made from all-natural ingredients and essential oils, he’ll not only smell great but also have smooth skin.

41. Honor The Soldier Bracelet

Honor The Soldier Bracelet: best gifts for veterans


Having to deal with the loss of a fallen comrade can be very difficult. Make use of that they live on in their memory forever with this beautifully engraved memorial bracelet. While they might be gone, they will never be forgotten. Just be prepared to handle a few tears when they open this gift. 

42. Personalized Beer Mug

Personalized Beer Mug: veterans gifts ideas


Whether he’s enjoying a pint of his favorite brew or trying out a new mixed drink, he’s certainly going to enjoy this stainless steel mug that holds up to 17 ounces of his favorite beverage. It’s sure to keep his beer colder without making his hands cold.

43. Memorial Flag Display

Memorial Flag Display: veteran gift ideas


Every military personnel should have a flag display box. A gorgeous way to display a memorial flag. The wood stained with mahogany or black makes a beautiful display for a mantel or buffet to commemorate their time in the service. Engrave their name, rank, and time in the service on the front of the display.

44. Our Hero Is Coming Home Countdown Blocks

Our Hero Is Coming Home Countdown Blocks: veterans gift ideas


When your hero is out on deployment, you count down the seconds until you get to see them again. You’re sure to think about your sweetheart each time you look at this custom calendar. Each day you can send them a picture of your countdown and let them know you’re thinking of them.

45. Sergeant BBQ Apron

Sergeant BBQ Apron: gifts for veterans ideas


He’s used to carrying all of his gear around with him. While this apron won’t keep you protected from the heat,  it’s a necessity on a Sunday while watching the game and grilling out. Made from a durable fabric, he’ll keep all of his equipment within arm’s reach.

46. Personalized Wood Engraved Military Wall Plaque

Personalized Wood Engraved Military Wall Plaque: small gifts for veterans


Particularly for a retirement gift, this wood plaque is certainly a statement piece. An eye-catching piece of home decor that will let everyone know that a veteran lives in that house. You can easily customize it with various colors, emblems, and personal information. A truly, one-of-a-kind gift. 

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When it comes to gifts for veterans, there are so many amazing ideas. From custom plaques to military-themed gifts for his man cave. Be sure to celebrate that veteran in your life with these amazing gifts for veterans. Just be sure to plan the gift in advance if you are choosing something with personalization.

There are many wonderful items for a meaningful holiday, birthday, or Veteran’s Day gift. Whether you’re an active-duty parent, retired spouse, or both, our last miniute gift guide has you covered. The next time you need veteran gift ideas, you know where to look.



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