30+ Special Gifts for The Woman Who Wants Nothing and Has Everything (2022)

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  • January 19, 2022
30+ Special Gifts for The Woman Who Wants Nothing and Has Everything (2022)

When you’re looking for gifts for a woman who wants nothing, you should think outside the box. There is always someone in your life that has everything or doesn’t know what they actually want, but when her special days come, you can’t really be empty-handed. Luckily, here are some gift guides for the most difficult person. We believe you will impress your wife, mom, grandma, aunt, sister, or best friend for any occasion. Make every birthday and anniversary unforgettable.

Any woman who claims she wants nothing for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day is lying, she just doesn’t know what she wants. You should find something that will surprise her. The ideal gifts for this case may be thoughtful sentimental items or useful things she probably does not know exist.

Scroll down now and buy something that will surprise and please her!

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gifts for the mom who has everything: custom photo blanket

Custom Photo Blanket


A mom who has tons of love from her family is a mom who has everything she could wish for! Show her how much you really care with this cozy personalized throw. Customize this gift idea for women with your favorite moments as a pack. Make a simple yet sentimental present she’ll cherish for life!

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Funny Mug for the women who has everything

Funny Mug


Whether or not it’s hubby or wife that has the funny bone, this mug will make a hilarious gift for her! This mug will bring a smile to her face every morning when she sips her coffee out of it.

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gifts for the woman who wants nothing: song lyrics photo canvas print

Song Lyrics Canvas Print


Turn your wedding song into a unique gift for the wife who wants nothing. That’s right! You can use the lyrics of that special tune to make a thoughtful gift for her. This adorable present will surely confirm what she already knows: That she married the most romantic guy in the world. Way to go!

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Dream catcher kit for her, gift for boyfriend to the woman who needs nothing

DIY Dream Catcher Kit


A personalized dream catcher is the best gift idea for the girl who has everything. She will feel loved when receiving a gift made by yourself. DIY gifts for her always are the wise way to catch her heart.

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what to get the woman who has everything: anniversary flower grow kit

Anniversary Flower Grow Kit


If your love for her is evergreen, a flower-growing kit might be the best symbolic gesture. Get it for your anniversary! Show your significant other how your feelings blossom with her tender care and appreciation. That’s a romantic gift for your sweetheart.

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Photo Collage Throw Pillow for sister who has everything

Photo Collage Throw Pillow


Your sister is your favorite person in the world, be sure to show her that with this pillow. Gather up all of your best pictures of the two of you and put them onto something that she will cherish forever.

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photo gift for mom who needs nothing

Desktop Photo Plaque


Get something for the mother who has everything with this beautiful photo plaque. Score some brownie points and become her favorite child when she opens this gift on that special occasion. She has truly done no much you can’t even measure.

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awesome gifts for women: custom morse code bracelet

Morse Code Bracelet


Here is a quirky gift idea, personalize this cute accessory with a hidden message only you and her will understand. You can rest assured there’s no cooler gift for the woman who wants nothing!

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Recipe Cutting Board gifts for women who need nothing

Recipe Cutting Board


If she has everything and she loves to cook. Let gift her this custom cutting board. It might seem like any other, but it holds a meaningful treasure. Customize this keepsake with the recipe to her favorite childhood dish.

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Philips SmartSleep Wake-up Light thoughtful gift for someone who doesn't like anything

Philips SmartSleep Wake-up Light


If you want to give her a good sleep gadget, get this SmartSleep wake-up light by Philips. It makes a fantastic gift for someone who has everything. Besides, this thoughtful gift will show her you care about her health and well-being.

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romantic gifts for wife: knock knock what i love about you

What I Love About You by Me Book


There are probably millions of reasons why you fell in love with your other half. List them in this adorable fill-in-the-blanks book. It’ll warm up even the coldest of feet! This affordable gift for the woman who wants nothing but wants her husband’s love has a priceless meaning! That’s for sure!

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gifts for the wife who has everything: tile mate

Tile Mate


Wondering what to get an older woman who has everything? Make her day-to-day life easier by surprising her with a useful gift. Tile Mate is an ideal gift for all women – old school or modern. It’s a clever way to track her keys, wallet, purse, or any other everyday thing.

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what to get the girl who has everything: bath and body gift basket

Bath and Body Gift Basket


You want to give her something thoughtful, but also practical… something they’ll really use. This beauty essentials gift set will not make you disappointed.

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gifts for the woman who wants nothing: shiatsu back and neck massager

Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager


She is a difficult person because this whole year has been a stressful mess! Help her unwind with a good massage. If you don’t have the skills, don’t worry. This practical gift will do the hard work for you. She’ll love you even more after the first use!

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gifts for the woman who has everything: phonesoap phone sanitizer

PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer


It’s challenging to find great gifts for the woman who has everything. However, this smartphone sanitizer is here to save the day. It will help her keep her phone cleaner, hence allowing her to always stay healthy and safe. It’s such a thoughtful gift even she wants nothing.

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Personalized Couple Established Pillow sentimental gift for woman who has everything

Personalized Couple Established Pillow


You don’t know what to get for her on this Valentine, how about surprising your life partner with this adorable pillow? A simple way to say that you belong together. It also makes a great gift for a woman who wants nothing.

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gifts for the woman who wants nothing: indoor herb starter kit

Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit


Here’s an inexpensive gift for the woman who wants nothing. She loves cooking, but she’s always complaining about the herbs she gets from the market not being fresh enough. Surprise her these holidays! Get her a cool starting kit to grow organic goods at home!

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tech gifts for women: charging cord bracelet

Charging Cord Bracelet


This is a great item for women who do not know what they want. It is a cute accessory and also a practical charger that will keep all of her devices juiced up whenever she needs them. She’ll have the power wherever she goes!

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practical gifts for her: tactical survival pen

Survival Pen


This is a gift for someone who has no hobbies or interests. If you want to protect your little woman when you’re not there, get her this self-defense device! She’ll surely appreciate this gadget. It’s an excellent present for a woman who values safety! This multi-function pen is the gift she didn’t even know she needed!

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Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger for the wife who doesn't need anything

Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger


Whether it’s a special message from her hubby, kids, or parents, this spinning message box is sure to be a gift that she has never gotten before. Every time she receives a love note, the little heart will spin with delight.

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The Book of Me Autobiographical Journal gift that inspires for woman

The Book of Me Autobiographical Journal


When looking for gifts for the woman who wants nothing, try getting something cute and practical, this autobiographical journal is a great start. It’s also a gift that inspires people to cherish every moment with their loved ones.

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gifts for foodies: snacknation box

Snacknation Subscription Box


These are gifts every girl wants from her boyfriend. Well, if yours is a foodie, go for the obvious. A SnackNation subscription box will make a great gift that keeps on giving! Bae will get yummy treats delivered every month.

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Coffee Maker gift ideas for the girl who has everything

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker


If she is a coffee lover and drinks coffee every day, she’ll like this coffee maker. It’s a thoughtful gift for someone who doesn’t want anything. Anytime it gets warm, she’ll be ready to brew another cup!

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Custom canvas print romantic gifts for her

Heart Shaped Song Lyrics Custom Canvas Print


Because maybe she just thinks she wants nothing until she receives this unique gift. Surprise her with her favorite song on a luxury canvas. It’s a gift idea for the woman who has everything. She will be satisfied with this sweet reminder of your devotion.

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Himalayan Salt Lamp things to get someone for christmas

Himalayan Salt Lamp


Is your woman unavailable because they have become busy women? How about surprising them with a Himalayan salt lamp? This is the perfect present for someone who wants to relax and forget about their worries. Besides, they also make excellent gifts for someone who doesn’t know what they want.

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Filtering Bottle for Great Tasting Water

Filtering Bottle for Great Tasting Water


Is she crazy about healthy living? Exceed all her Christmas wants by getting this cool filter bottle. It’s one of the best birthday gifts for the woman who wants nothing anyone could ask for. Remember to get in her favorite color, and she’ll be twice as happy!

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thoughtful gift ideas for women: calming lavender heat pillow

Calming Lavender Heat Pillow


You know how overwhelming work can get sometimes. Get your favorite coworker a nice gift to help her cope with stress. This calming lavender heat pillow is also an excellent present for your special woman! She’ll see la vie en rose every day and she’ll always be in a good mood! It’s worth every cent!

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Pet photo canvas print for the pet lover

Pet Photo Collage Canvas Print


She loves her dog as a family member and doesn’t want anything else. Gifting her this canvas print is a good idea, nothing in this world is more loyal than a dog. Dog moms will appreciate this gift.

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Bear Family Retro Map Custom Canvas Print for mom who needs nothing

Bear Family Retro Map Custom Canvas Print


She’s a mama bear and fiercely loves her cubs. Get her a personalized gift that she is sure to adore with this lovely wall art. This print represents everyone she loves in her family, her kids and her significant other.

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Bear Family Retro Map Custom Canvas Print for girl who needs nothing

Star Map And Spiral Song Lyrics Framed Print


This star map can represent a special night in her life, the map is surrounded by the lyrics to a song that also holds a special meaning. Even for the woman in your life who says she wants nothing, this gift is sure to bring joy.


She’s probably the hardest person you know to buy a gift for. But there is nothing like seeing her face light up when you get her something you know she will treasure. One of the most important gifts you can give the woman who wants nothing is the validation that comes from showing her that you see and hear her!
Hopefully, this guide will help you find the best present for your women. Remember, no expectation – no disappointment! What could go wrong?



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