30+ Gift Ideas for the Woman Who Wants Nothing (2020)

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • November 19, 2020
30+ Gift Ideas for the Woman Who Wants Nothing (2020)

Seeking gifts for the woman who wants nothing? Here are some ideas on gifts for your wife, mom, grandma, aunt, sister, or best friend for any special occasion. Make every birthday and anniversary unforgettable.

Any woman who claims she wants nothing for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day is lying. Surprise your special lady, even if she’s a woman who has everything. These gifts for her will never disappoint the special women in your life!

gifts for the mom who has everything: custom photo blanket

Custom Photo Blanket


A mom who has tons of love from her family is a mom who has everything she could wish for! Show her how much you really care with this cozy personalized throw. Customize this gift idea for women with your favorite moments as a pack. Make a simple yet sentimental present she’ll cherish for life!

gifts for the woman who has everything: custom photo mug

Photo Mug


Want a unique present for a friend? Let this cute mug make her days brighter! Remind your bestie of her good looks with a daily greeting as she sips her morning coffee! This inexpensive keepsake is a terrific Christmas gift for women in 2020. Don’t forget to customize it with your favorite pic of her!

best anniversary gifts for wife: photo coasters

Photo Coasters


Show the love of your life that you’re sticking like glue with a thoughtful keepsake! Customize these coasters with your wedding pics to make a memorable gift for your wife. They’ll be a constant reminder of how much you love her. Without a doubt, it’s the best present for a woman who has it all!

gifts for the woman who wants nothing: song lyrics photo canvas print

Song Lyrics Canvas Print


Turn your wedding song into a unique gift for the wife who wants nothing. That’s right! You can use the lyrics of that special tune to make a thoughtful gift for her. This adorable present will surely confirm what she already knows: That she married the most romantic guy in the world. Way to go!

what to get the woman who has everything: anniversary flower grow kit

Anniversary Flower Grow Kit


You might not know what to gift a woman who makes your days so special. Well, check this out! If your love for her is evergreen, a flower growing kit might be the best symbolic gesture. Get it for your anniversary! Show your significant other how your feelings blossom with her tender care and appreciation.

gifts for the woman who wants nothing: custom handwriting blanket

Handwriting Blanket


When in doubt, write her a love letter. Better yet, print it on a cozy throw blanket and keep her warm this winter with your romantic words. If you’re looking for an incredible gift idea to surprise your special one on her birthday, search no more! This bold but thoughtful keepsake will do the trick!

awesome gifts for women: custom morse code bracelet

Custom Morse Code Bracelet


It’s no lie your best friend keeps your deepest and darkest secrets. With this Morse code bracelet, she can wear them too! How cool is that? Personalize this cute accessory with a hidden message only you and your BFF will understand. You can rest assured there’s no cooler gift for the woman who wants nothing!

great gifts for women: personalized recipe  cutting board

Custom Recipe Cutting Board


Let us start by saying this is not a gift for any woman. This cutting board might seem like any other, but it holds a meaningful treasure. If you have a newlywed or recently engaged daughter, customize this keepsake with the recipe to her favorite childhood dish. It’ll make the perfect Christmas gift for her!

thoughtful gifts for her: birth flower necklace

Birth Flower Necklace


Do you have a sister? This accessory might be the ideal birthday gift for her! She’ll look beautiful whenever she’s rocking this handcrafted gold necklace. Now, birthstones are not unheard of, but birth flowers? Talk about an unusual present! If you still don’t know what gift to get her for Christmas, problem solved! You’re welcome!

romantic gifts for her: engraved music box

Engraved Music Box


Here’s a unique gift idea for a special woman. If she makes your heart sing, get this lovely engraved music box for her on Valentine’s day! This precious memento has a timeless message for your wife! It’s a durable and meaningful present that she’ll keep close for as long as your love lasts! How nice!

romantic gifts for wife: knock knock what i love about you

What I Love About You by Me Book


There are probably millions of reasons why you fell in love with your other half. List them in this adorable fill-in-the-blanks book. Such a creative idea makes an excellent present for your wedding morning. It’ll warm up even the coldest of feet! This affordable gift for your wife has a priceless meaning! That’s for sure!

gifts for the wife who has everything: tile mate

Tile Mate


You don’t need to wait for a special occasion to have a nice gesture. You can always look for gifts to get your girlfriend just because. If your boo has a history of misplacing important things, help her out with this fantastic tech gift for her! It’s a wonderful last-minute idea for Christmas as well!

what to get the girl who has everything: bath and body gift basket

Bath and Body Gift Basket


“I want nothing for Christmas!” Who hasn’t heard these five words? Yet, Christmas morning comes, and there it is, the expectation in her beautiful eyes. Don’t let the holidays take you by surprise! Get her a present she won’t be able to resist! This beauty essentials gift set will bring the spa to her home.

gifts for the woman who wants nothing: shiatsu back and neck massager

Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager


This whole year has been a stressful mess! Help her unwind with a good massage. If you don’t have the skills, don’t worry. This handy device will do the hard work for you. Get it this Christmas as a gift for the woman who wants nothing! She’ll love you even more after the first use!

gifts for the woman who has everything: phonesoap phone sanitizer

PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer


Desperate times call for desperate measures, right? If your best gal has become a bit of a neat freak, get her this device. It’ll be her favorite present this holiday season. Plus, it’ll give her peace of mind by keeping her phone squeaky-clean. There’s no doubt this is the gift every woman wants this year!

gift for wine lovers: rose wine bottle

Whispering Angel Rosé Wine


Cheers to your favorite wine lover! Spoil your beautiful fiancee with a nice bottle of wine to share with her friends! The Whispering Angel rosé is such a delight! Secretly, it’s the one thing a girl wants for her birthday but doesn’t dare to ask. So just send it her way, and she’ll be thrilled!

gifts for the woman who wants nothing: indoor herb starter kit

Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit


Here’s an incredible housewarming gift to give a woman with a green thumb. We all know a girl like this. She loves cooking, but she’s always complaining about the herbs she gets from the market not being fresh enough. Surprise her these holidays! Get her a cool starting kit to grow organic goods at home!

tech gifts for women: charging cord bracelet

Charging Cord Bracelet


Do you need stocking stuffers for this festive season? Look no further! Here’s a good Christmas presents for women who’re addicted to tech. Dead smartphones and tablets are a thing of the past! This practical charger will keep all of her devices juiced up whenever she needs them. She’ll have the power wherever she goes!

practical gifts for her: tactical survival pen

Survival Pen


If anyone understands the art of multitasking, it’s a woman. That’s why she’ll surely appreciate this gadget. If you want to protect your girlfriend when you’re not there, get her this self-defense device! It’s an excellent present for a woman who values safety! This multi-function pen is the gift she didn’t even know she needed!

kitchen gift ideas: self-watering herb pot

Self-Watering Kitchen Herb Pot


These days, cooking gifts are underrated! Bring her kitchen to life with this fantastic self-watering herb pot. It’s a practical gift idea for women who like cooking but are a little forgetful. Her plants will never wither, and they’ll always be fresh to use on any dish. Imagine all the delicious meals she’ll be making!

the happy in a hurry cookbook

The Happy in a Hurry Cookbook


If your wife loves spending time in the kitchen, but she barely has any to spare, get her this book! It’s full of simple recipes that won’t take too much effort. This gift for the woman who wants nothing will make her happy. Go the extra mile and cook a meal or two as well!

gifts for foodies: snacknation box

Snacknation Subscription Box


Are you wondering what do girlfriends want for Christmas? Well, if yours is a foodie, go for the obvious. A SnackNation subscription box will make a great gift that keeps on giving! Bae will get yummy treats delivered every month. She’ll think of you with every bite, although we don’t promise she’ll want to share!

coffee gift ideas: coffee variety box

Keurig Coffee Lovers’ Collection Variety Pack


Some girls run on caffeine. They just need that extra boost of energy! That’s when coffee related gifts like this one come in handy! They keep you buzzing while adding variety to your mornings. Get your cool aunt this gift set, and she’ll be forever grateful! It’s one of the top gifts for ladies this year.

fun gifts for wife: how to traumatize your children book

‘How to Traumatize Your Children’ Book


This book is the ultimate gag present for any mom with a sense of humor. If your wifey appreciates this kind of literature, get it as a funny gift for her on Mother’s Day! Such a hilarious novelty item is a cool gift for the woman who’s raising your kids! It’ll surely make her laugh!

christmas gifts for bakers: embossed rolling pin

Embossed Rolling Pin


Admit it. There’s nothing better at Christmas than waking up to the smell of cookies! If your grandma is a great baker, buy her this embossed rolling pin. Such a beautiful baking gift is just what she needs in her kitchen. For the love of everything holy, get what the woman wants this holiday season!

unique cooking gifts: state spoon rest

State Spoon Rest


Here’s a sweet gift for the woman you love. If your wife has been feeling a little nostalgic lately, get her a spoon rest shaped as her home state! This beautiful novelty item will keep her kitchen clean and her heart happy. It’s a special gift that doubles as a lovely decoration for your home!

home & garden tool: living composter

Living Composter


We get it. You’re not shopping for a present for your girlfriend. You need a gift for a friend that’s a girl. *wink* Well, if you want to show this lady your appreciation in a fun way, here’s how! Get her an eco-friendly living composter! Nothing will ever go to waste in her kitchen again!

thoughtful gift ideas for women: calming lavender heat pillow

Calming Lavender Heat Pillow


You know how overwhelming work can get sometimes. Get your favorite coworker a nice gift to help her cope with stress. This calming lavender heat pillow is also an excellent present for your incredible wife! She’ll see la vie en rose everyday and she’ll always be in a good mood! It’s worth every cent!

Bedside Smartphone Vase For Women

Bedside Smartphone Vase


Now you can bring fresh flowers to your tech-savvy girl in style. Get her this cool bedside smartphone vase on your anniversary! It will hold her beautiful buds and her smartphone all at once! Isn’t that cool? Such a useful item tops the list of perfect gifts for the woman who wants nothing in 2020.

gifts for the woman who has everything: crystal infused water bottle

Crystal Infused Water Bottle


If you want nothing but good vibes at work, get this water bottle for your boss. The power of its healing crystals will bring nothing but harmony and grace into her life. She’ll feel more energized and refreshed with every sip! It’s a lovely present idea for women who prioritize their well-being over anything else.

gift for woman who has everything: bathtub caddy tray

Bathtub Caddy Tray


Every new mom needs a little “me time” after spending the day caring for her new bundle of joy. This bathtub tray will make a great addition to her relaxation routine. It’ll hold all her essentials while she enjoys the bubbles and the warmth. Low key, this is a gift that everyone wants for Christmas.

gifts for the woman who has everything: bathtime essentials wine holder

Bathtime Wine Holder


Nobody wants soap in their wine! If she likes taking a glass into the tub with her, she’ll need this additament. It’s the best present for someone who enjoys the luxury of sipping on her favorite harvest while surrounded by bubbles. Get it as a gift for the woman who wants nothing for Valentine’s Day!

last minute gifts for wife: sephora gift card

Sephora Gift Card


What to get a lady who wants nothing? Don’t overthink it! Play it safe with a gift card from a high-end beauty store. It’s certainly a gift a girl wants on any special occasion! You don’t even have to know what her favorite products are. She’ll be able to get exactly the ones she likes!

last minute gifts for her: spafinder gift card

Spafinder Gift Card


All mom needs to wrap up such a hectic year is some time to chill. What if we told you that you could give her what she wants? Get your mother the ultimate spa experience. She’ll be ecstatic when she receives her Spafinder gift card! It’ll make the best last-minute stocking stuffer this holiday season!

­Every time you think you know everything a girl wants, they change the rules. However, buying gifts for the woman who wants nothing just became way easier! Hopefully, this guide will help you find the best Xmas present for your wife. Remember, no expectation – no disappointment! What could go wrong?



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