29 Gifts for Hard to Buy for Men That Makes Your Life Easier (2021)

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • January 4, 2021
29 Gifts for Hard to Buy for Men That Makes Your Life Easier (2021)

Finding gifts for the impossible man is challenging, to say the least. Admit it. Sometimes, the man in your life is just impossible to shop for. But don’t fret any longer!

These gift ideas for men will help you deliver the best for Father’s Day, a housewarming, and other special occasions. Watch his face light up as he unwraps a meaningful gift he’ll love! Here is a list of unique ideas he’ll very much enjoy!

gifts for the impossible man: custom map wall art canvas print

Custom Map Print


Relive the day you first met each time you lay eyes on this print. Fall in love all over again as you remember the serendipitous encounter that changed your life for the better. Make this a romantic anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift for your husband. This gift for the impossible man is easy to personalize. Add the location of your wedding day and your names to create an incredible souvenir!

gifts for hard to buy for dad: photo collage mug

DAD Photo Collage Mug


Are you wondering what to buy for a man who has given you everything? Make a custom mug for your dad this Father’s Day. Show your father that, thanks to his care and guidance, you are who you are today! He will drink his coffee with pride in his very own cup that no one else will dare touch.

gifts for the impossible man: manscaped perfect package 3.0

Manscaped Perfect Package 3.0


A well-groomed man makes a happy wife. Help him keep his lower half smooth, clean, and fresh with a kit that has all he needs. Protect his privates and ensure they always smell great with a deodorant and a toner made especially for him. Plus, this gift for tough guys comes with new boxers and a handy travel bag. He will love it!

perfume subscription box

Fragrance Subscription


Your hunt for what to buy for a guy might end right here. Excite him with fragrances that match his personality. This gift will leave him smelling fantastic and feeling like a million bucks. Fill out a fun quiz to figure out the best scents to elevate his confidence each month. With access to over 700 luxury products, he’ll be able to determine his signature cologne in no time.

gift for the hard to buy for man: bullet shaped whiskey stone gift set

Premium Bullet Shaped Whiskey Stones


Make any guy feel like the boss each time he takes a swig from the unique crystal glasses. Allow him to treat his guests with style, using some elegant tongs and natural slate stone coasters. Present him with a gift all guys like. He’ll proudly display it on his bar. Once he’s tried whiskey chilled with bullet-shaped stainless steel stones, he’ll never go back to ice.

gift for hard to buy for guy: wallet ninja multi-functional card

Wallet Ninja


Camping and boat trips will be made much easier now with less clutter involved. This cheap wallet ninja may be small in size, but it packs a bunch. Not only does it peel fruit, but it acts as a wrench, box cutter, can and bottle opener, and more. This item is one novelty gift to get a guy he’ll never want to leave home without.

gift ideas for hard to buy for man: wine cork states

Wine Cork States


Racking your brain for what to buy a guy in your family? Save the corks of special celebratory drinks and combine them into a meaningful art piece. Fill up the state shaped board to pay tribute to awesome company, delicious food, and wine-drinking experiences. He can then mount this gift in his dining room for all to admire. Help your brother relive his most memorable nights!

funny dad gifts: golf club grilling accessories kit

Golf Club Grilling Set


Every grillmaster deserves a grilling set that ranks among the best. Cooking meat with a golf-themed grill kit will make food taste better and have it be a fun experience, too. Any daddy who loves the outdoors will enjoy the portability and the convenience of packing this for his weekend getaways. This gift for hard to buy for men means great food for fantastic friends!

gifts for the impossible man: phonesoap phone sanitizer

PhoneSoap 3 UV Smartphone Sanitizer


Did you know phones can get dirtier than toilets? That’s why it’s crucial to clean them regularly. Keep your loved one safe from germs and bacteria that accumulate on his smartphone, keys, and other items. This gift for hard to shop for men sanitizes and charges a phone in a smart portable device. Disinfect everyday objects with UV light technology to ensure you and your family don’t fall sick!

hot sauce gift box from fuegobox

Hot Sauce Subscription


Here’s what to buy a man who doesn’t want anything. Give your hot sauce lover a subscription that will set his mouth on fire for his birthday. Choose between monthly or quarterly surprise packages, or get him one unforgettable spicy box of awesome. You’ll be able to fine-tune your gift for the impossible man according to preferred spice levels to suit his taste.

unique gift for men: personalized ammo box

Personalized Ammo Box


When it gets hard to buy for your man, get him a real military ammo box filled with unusual stuff. Personalize it further with his name and a special note. Make him feel like a man who knows what it’s like to fight and win. Include some cigars, beer, and any of his favorite things to design a special gift for the impossible man.

gift for the hard to buy for man: engraved cutting board

Personalized Cutting Board


Serve any meal at an elevated level with a kitchen tool that looks as good as this one. Use it as a serving board for cheese and charcuterie for guests to admire. Engrave it with whatever you wish to make it the best personalized gift for your hard to shop for man. Plus, premium hardwoods promise superior quality, so they last for a lifetime.

gifts for the hard to buy for man: personalized leather keychain

Personalized Leather Keychain


A special man deserves a simple but priceless custom-made keychain this Father’s Day. He’ll enjoy the smooth leather texture and the delicate embossing of words of your choice. Be as creative as you’d like. Show him how much he means to you by giving him something he’ll carry around everywhere he goes. It’s an inexpensive gift for difficult boyfriends full of meaning, and one he’ll treasure for years to come!

gifts for the impossible man: engraved wooden charger

Engraved Wooden Charger


Present your favorite millennial with a charger for his phone, smartwatch, and wireless earbuds. He’ll enjoy being able to place everything neatly by his bedside or work table. Engrave this cool housewarming present with his name to make it personal. The sleek design will appeal to any male. Complement his style with function and declutter his space. This item is the perfect Christmas gift for your hard to buy man!

gifts for the impossible man: ancestry and traits test service

Ancestry + Traits Test


Who doesn’t love finding out more about themselves? With this DNA kit, your guy will unveil his ancestry! The fun reports included will help him locate lost relatives and figure out where his freckles come from. On a more serious note, he’ll also gain insight to keep him aware of potential health risks. If it’s hard to find gifts for him, something like this will do the trick!

beer gift ideas: beer foaming stones

Beer Foaming Stones


Nothing can beat the taste of beer on tap. Thanks to science’s wonders, these stones give his drink active carbonation. Your beer lover will now be able to enjoy nice bubbles that will remain until the last drop. As an added bonus, if you keep them in a freezer, your booze will always stay ice-cold! This easy gift for him will deliver fizzy goodness time and again.

gifts for hard to buy for man: booze infused jerky crate

Booze-Infused Jerky Crate


Watch him giggle with glee as he opens his crate full of dried meat. This is no ordinary jerky, though. It all comes infused with alcohol! Party snacks never tasted this good. Pair every mouthful of these bite-sized delights with its matching drink for a double dose of fun. Enjoy a wide range of flavors from rum to tequila to cabernet. It’s the ultimate gift for the impossible man.

personalized gift for men: engraved collar stays

Engraved Collar Stays


Dressing neatly spells success. Ensure your best friend attends every meeting with style and elegance. These collar stays are all he needs to conduct negotiations like a pro. Engrave them with a short and sweet note for extra thoughtfulness. Such accessories are the perfect gift for guys that are hard to buy for. Yes, even when they never seem to want anything.

gifts for him: men's moccasin slippers

Moccasin Slippers


Offer him a pair of classic slip-ons he can wear all day long. Their thick cushion provides warm comfort, and a gripped sole ensures he’s steadily walking whether he’s indoors or out. Show him some love with moccasins that he can simply throw into the washing machine when dirty. When in doubt, slippers are the ideal gifts for the hard to buy for man!

tech gifts for men: electric toothbrush

Electric Toothbrush


Are you tired of scouring the internet at the last minute for what to buy for him? Make sure he never loses his dazzling smile by giving him an electric toothbrush. Your partner will be certain to brush for the recommended two minutes and with the exact amount of pressure. A long-lasting battery means it’s perfect for travels. You will ensure dental care is always a part of his routine!

valentine's day gifts for dad: bacon roses & dark chocolate

Bacon Roses


Yummy snacks top the list of men things to buy. As manly as he is, your husband will gush over these select bacon roses. Give him a taste he won’t ever forget as he sinks his teeth into these babies. Mixing the savory and sweet of bacon and chocolate never fails to deliver an incredible result. Make sure he saves one for you!

funny gift ideas for men: if you can read this socks

‘If You Can Read This’ Socks


Wondering what to buy a man who’s always asking for his drink? Get him to relax and put his feet up. These hilarious gag socks will rescue him from having to ask for his favorite beverage every single time. They’re cheap but bring endless joy, especially on those warm nights in front of the fire. Give him a laugh with one of the best funny gifts for him.

urban map glass with pittsburgh map

Urban Map Glass


Raising a glass to pay tribute to the town he grew up in has never felt so good. High-quality etching of maps of popular cities makes these glasses great gifts for a difficult man. He’ll have fun talking about the epic adventures he had from gallivanting around his favorite watering holes. It’s a surefire way to cure any trace of homesickness.

camper gift ideas: survival paracord bracelet

Multitool Paracord Bracelet


This useful life-saving bracelet packs in a fire-starter, paracord, whistle, compass, and even a knife. Since it fits around your man’s wrist, he’ll always be ready to deal with whatever nature throws at him. His hiking and camping trips will never be the same again. But that’s not all! This gift for your hard to buy for guy will also ease your worries whenever he’s away!

gifts for the hard to buy for: personalized money clip

Personalized Money Clip


Engraved leather makes this money clip the best present to get a guy. Customize it with sweet loving words that will lift him up each time he reads them. If he feels that a wallet is too bulky for him, then this will have him excited. This magnetic clip keeps cash and cards in one neat pile and won’t take up too much pocket space.

useful gift for men: anker powercore 20

Anker PowerCore 20


When a man lives his life on the go, he needs something practical to power up his devices. No longer will he be stuck on a long commute, unable to send you a message. With the Power Core 20, he’ll even be able to charge two gadgets simultaneously. This gadget settles the question of what to get for a guy, especially one that uses his phones a lot.

tech gift for him: echo dot 4th gen

Echo Dot


Smart devices are the ideal gifts for men that are hard to buy for! Your boyfriend will love this present so much, he’ll start calling Alexa his new best friend. There’s nothing he’ll enjoy more than being able to switch his lights on and off without having to get up! Music and news will magically play from whatever room he’s in. The Echo Dot is technology done right.

gifts for hard to buy for guys: mini projector

Mini Movie Projector


Ever questioning what to get a guy who loves film? Delight him with a portable cinematic experience. Play movies and slideshows with ultra-clarity in the comfort of your living room or at outdoor parties. Connect it to your computer, DVD player, and even your phone. You don’t need additional audio outputs. This gift for the impossible man comes with a built-in speaker for maximum entertainment.

tile mate and slim 4-pack

Tile Mate + Slim Pack


There’s no impossible gift. Is your guy always hunting high and low for his keys, phone, or wallet? You might want to check this out! He’ll easily locate his missing device even if he mistakenly put it in the laundry basket. A gadget on silent mode will no longer be a pain to find. Phones forgotten at a favorite restaurant won’t be a problem, either!

No Man Is Impossible to Shop For

Say goodbye to the days of breaking out in cold sweat trying to find gifts for the impossible man. Our ideas of gifts for guys who are hard to shop for will ease your shopping woes. It’s time to treat him to a present he will actually use and enjoy!



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