Best Gifts For Teenage Girls: 77+ Awesome Ideas for 2021

  • BY Keegan Kraemer
  • September 18, 2020
Best Gifts For Teenage Girls: 77+ Awesome Ideas for 2021

Finding cute and unique gifts for teenage girls can be a struggle. Why?

  • What was cool and trendy yesterday might not be so today.
  • It’s not always easy to find an age-appropriate gift that she will actually like either.
  • While it’s much easier to find gifts for a young girl (generally, glittery girl stuff will do), teens are harder. 

However, don’t worry. Here is our gift guide that will give you relief.

Whether for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, or a Christmas gift, you gift for sistersfind an awesome gift here.

We’ve laid out the best, top teen gifts for girls!

They cover everything from electronic gadgets to cool and cheap gifts she’ll appreciate.

No matter the teen girl you are buying for, you’ll find a good present here.

  • your daughter? sister? niece?
  • your girlfriend? best friends?

From gifts for sporty girls to simple, unique, and affordable, there is no shortage of gifts for teenage girls.

Teenage Girls Beauty Gift Ideas

Most teenage girls are into skincare and have heaps of beauty products.

While at the same time, they never seem to have enough.

Grab them some essentials off of their wish list with these awesome must-haves for teen girls.

(Prices change frequently, so they could be slightly different from what we mentioned at the time of publication)

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Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette - best gifts for teenage girls

Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette

For a 17-year-old young girl, makeup is everything! Treat her to a special birthday gift with this Sweet Peach, Too Faced eye shadow palette. Great for trying out a new look or arm swatches for her latest Instagram post.

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4 Rubber Brightening Masks

Rubber Brightening Mask

This isn’t your average face mask, this is a rubber brightening mask from Dr. Jart. A good gift if you are on a cheap budget that any skincare addict will love. Simply, dumb, shake, apply, wait…and peel!

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Neutrogena Whipped Body Balm

Neutrogena Whipped Body Balm

Looking for a sweet and affordable, Valentine gift for your girlfriend or other teen girls in your life? She will feel like a pampered princess with this whipped body balm. Infused with hyaluronic acid for extra smooth and nourished skin.

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FOREO LUNA Mini 2 in pink color


Searching for a big gift to give that special teen girl? Electronic gifts are a great choice for Christmas stuff for a teenage girl. A more expensive gift that will take her skincare routine to the next level.

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MAC Mini Lipstick Gift Set with 4 lipsticks in rose gold color - best gifts for teen girls

MAC Mini Lipstick Gift Set

Know a young lady that loves to try out the latest lip colors? This mini make-up set is a must-have for any cosmetic enthusiast. Give her the best, new colors with this M.A.C. mini-set.

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Pink Cosmetic Brush Cleaning Mat

Cosmetic Brush Cleaning Mat

For any teen girl who loves her makeup, having a makeup brush cleaning mat is essential. This large makeup brush cleaning mat will fit in with all her other girl stuff in the bathroom. Suitable for cleaning most brushes.

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Eyeliner Stamp and box - best gifts for teen girls

Eyeliner Stamp

One of the most popular looks of the century is the smokey cat-eye. This eyeliner stamp makes a trendy gift for a teenage girl. Fulfill her birthday wishes with this easy and fun to use eye makeup stamp.

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Face Roller set in light pink color

Face Roller

A rose quartz face roller makes a cool Christmas gift any young girls would like. How they look is important to a female of any age. Make sure she puts her best face forward with this natural face roller.

Looking for stocking stuffer gifts? Check out our full list here!

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Dior Lip Glow color code #1 - best gifts for teen girls

Dior Lip Glow

Every young girl loves having a variety of lip glosses. This Dior lip glow makes it into our top teen gifts for girls. An awesome lip gloss that brings out the natural color in her lips while hydrating them.

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Nail Stamping Polish with 6 bottles in 6 different colors (red, yellow, blue, purple, green, orange)

Nail Stamping Polish

This nail stamping kit makes a fun and creative gift for teenage girls who love to do their nails. Just about every high school girl enjoys doing her nails with her friends. These nail polishes are bright and long-lasting.

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Bath Bombs Kit in a box

Bath Bombs Kit

This bath bombs kit makes a fun gift for a teen daughter who has a crafty side. Let her get her hands dirty then pamper herself with this cute and easy to use bath bombs kit. A fun DIY project.

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4 Makeup Blenders from real Techniques

Makeup Blender

Makeup blenders are an essential accessory for getting that flawless face look. If you’re looking for small gifts for teenage girls, these are something she will appreciate. Whether for a birthday gift or just because she’ll love these beauty blenders.

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Murad Acne Spot Treatment

Murad Acne Spot Treatment

Being a teenager can suck, especially when it comes to acne and skin issues. This acne spot treatment by Murad makes a useful gift for your little girl to help her look her best. A thoughtful sweet 16 gift idea!

🌻✨ Click to find more sweet 16 gift ideas that will definitely make her day! ✨🌻

Cool Tech Gifts for Teen Girls

Tech gifts are all the rage.

From electronic, phone, and bluetooth accessories, you are sure to find cool stuff for the teenage girl on your list.

No matter the devices she uses, there is something for her on our list.

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Charging Station

Charging Station

For the Apple product fanatic, this charging station makes a good gift. The perfect place to keep her iphone, airpods, and apple watch all in one safe spot. A functional gift for a teenage girl who loves her tech.

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USB Charger Saver in Pikachu shape - gifts for teen girls

USB Charger Saver

Teenagers seem to go lose and misplace their phone and device chargers all the time. Make sure your daughter doesn’t lose her’s with this USB charger saver. A perfect gift for a 14-year-old who still loves those cute little characters.

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Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone in rose pink color - gifts for teen girls

Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Got a teen girl that loves to sing and entertain her friends and family? This bluetooth karaoke microphone makes a fun gift for your little girl. A great gift for a 13-year-old who loves to be the center of attention.

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Instant Print Camera in light pink color

Instant Print Camera

Bring back the good old days of the polaroid picture with this compact, instant print camera. Your high school girl will love taking pretty pictures with this fun camera. She’ll be able to give them to her friends and scrapbook.

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4 Power Banks in different colors

Power Bank

Running out of battery for her electronics is the end of the world for a young girl. Get useful Christmas stuff for a teenage girl with this adorable power bank. Make sure she’ll always have a backup when needed.

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Portable Bluetooth Speaker of JBL

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Got a best friend who loves to jam out and is always listening to music? This portable bluetooth speaker makes a great tech gift for an 18-year-old girl who loves her tunes. Perfect for clipping to jeans or on a bike.

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AirPod Case in Starbuck coffee cup shape - gifts for teen girls

AirPod Case

Looking for a cheap gift for a teenage girl to go with her latest electronic gadget? This airpod case makes a stylish, good gift to help protect her precious headphones. Available for the first and second generation and airpod pros.

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3 Personalized Phone Cases in pink color

Personalized Phone Case

Cute phone cases are another top teen gift for girls. This personalized phone case is an inexpensive and simple gift that your teen girl will love and use daily. Available for most phone styles in a lovely pink color.

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Bluetooth Headphones Wireless

Whether hitting the gym or in need of a quiet study session, these bluetooth wireless headphones make a great gift. With bluetooth capability being the most popular type of headphones, she’ll love getting this cool stuff from you.

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USB Bracelet

USB Bracelet

Looking for a small and affordable gift for a sporty 16-year-old? This USB bracelet is perfect for keeping images or her latest school assignments with her at all times. Stylish and durable, she will adore this cute and useful bracelet.

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Record Player in shape of blue suitcase

Record Player

While she might not have grown up listening to records, it’s never too late to introduce her to the classics. Encourage her to start a new trend of records being cool with this electronic record player. A nifty birthday gift.

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Personal Fridge - gifts for teen girls

Personal Fridge

Is your teen girl’s Christmas list looking a little dull? Gift her this personal mini fridge for her room. A perfect gift for a middle school girl who likes to keep her goodies separated and away from her siblings.

Teen Girls Room Decor Gifts

Your little girl hits a point when a room filled with cute characters won’t cut it anymore.

Let her get creative with this great room decor holiday gift guide.

These good present ideas range from lightboxes to fake plants.

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Cinematic Lightbox

Lightboxes are such a fun present and make for a cute Christmas gift. Add to her collection of girl stuff with some room decor she will be proud to display. A fun and creative gift for teenage girls.

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Graduation Collage Canvas Print from 365canvas

Graduation Collage Canvas Print

Have an 18-year-old that is about to graduate? This cute collage canvas makes a unique high school graduation gift. Include all of her favorite moments over the last 18 years for a special gift.

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Sequin Pillow

Sequin Pillow

Anything with flip sequences makes a fun and trendy gift. While you might think of gifts for teenage girls as mostly electronics and makeup, they still love cute gifts. This pillow features a mermaid and is personalized with her name.

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Led Neon Light Sign in shaped of Love

Led Neon Light Sign

Get her a creative and unique gift with this LED neon light. Available in four different styles, any young girl would love this in her room. A fun gift to fulfill her birthday wishes and light up her smile.

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Stickers Pack in blue color - gifts for teen girls

Stickers Pack

From their mirrors to their water bottles; teen girls love to put stickers on everything. These small, beautiful stickers make a cheap gift that anyone can afford. Your little girl will love placing these stickers on her notebooks and journals.

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Fake Plant Decor

Fake Plant Decor

Real plants can be difficult to care for, especially for a teen girl with a busy social life. Gift her these pretty plants that she can’t kill and will look great in her room. A simple, minimalist style she’ll love.

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Desktop Photo Plaque

Looking for Christmas stuff for a teenage girl but unsure what she likes? This photo plaque makes a great gift for sisters, biological or not. Sisters and besties share a special bond, celebrate it with a unique photo plaque.

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Natural Wooden Photo Hanger

Natural Wooden Photo Hanger

This natural wooden hanger makes a great complimentary gift to an instant print camera. A cool and unique gift for a teenage girl where she can display her favorite photos. A thoughtful gift for a 17-year-old daughter she’ll appreciate.

Teenage Gift Bag Ideas

Looking to take your gift ideas up a notch by including a gift bag that is also a gift?

These bags make a lovely birthday gift for a middle school girl.

They can be given on their own or filled.

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Clear Tote Bag - gifts for teen girls

Clear Tote Bag

This clear tote bag is a must-have for filling with all the best gift items. Perfect for giving to a girlfriend as a Valentine gift or other special occasion. Personalize it with her name or saying on the front.

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Straw Backpacks

Straw Backpacks

This adorable straw backpack is an awesome, trendy gift she’ll love to show off. Perfect for a daughter to carry all her essentials and small enough to save space. All of her friends will be asking where she got it.

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Fanny Pack

Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are back on the list of cool stuff for female teens now. Back from the early 90’s, these adorable fanny packs make a great birthday gift and easily hold all her essentials. A trendy gift for teenage girls.

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Shoulder Phone Bag

Sometimes it’s nice to have a little bag to carry her phone, money, and other necessities. A high school girl is not going to want to carry around a large purse. This phone bag makes a good gift for Easter.

Accessory & Jewelry for Teenage Girls

Looking for a special gift for a young lady on your list for a birthday or upcoming holiday?

Give her something meaningful that she will love wearing.

From necklaces to organizers here are some popular accessories gifts for teenage girls.

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Zodiac Necklace

Zodiac Necklace

This pretty zodiac necklace makes a great gift for a middle school girl. With each piece being custom made, you can rest assured this will be a favorite item on her Christmas list. Truly, a one of a kind accessory.

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Retro Hexagon Sunglasses in orange color

Retro Hexagon Sunglasses

It’s funny how styles come back around and become trendy gifts. These retro hexagon sunglasses are on our most popular list for 18-year-old girls. Perfect for lounging by the pool on a hot summer day and her latest Instagram post.

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Sunglasses Chain

Sunglasses Chain

Make sure she never loses her stunning shades with this beautiful and simple sunglasses chain. A useful gift she will be thankful for. This classic gold chain will fit right in with all her other girl stuff and minimalist accessories.

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Black Choker Set

Choker Set

Black choker necklaces are hot, hot, hot gifts for teen girls right now. This gift set makes an affordable Valentine gift or a quick birthday present. With 20 necklaces and styles included, she will never run out of fashionable options.

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Handwriting Bracelet - gifts for teen girls

Handwriting Bracelet

This handwriting bracelet makes a cute and unique gift for teenage girls. Perfect for wishing a high school girl the best birthday wishes on her special day. A sentimental gift from her best friends or family members she will cherish forever.

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Moon Phase Earrings

Moon Phase Earrings

These moon phase earrings make a beautiful and unique gift for teenage girls. Along with electronics and makeup, jewelry is among the top teen gifts. These make a special gift for girls that are into astrology and moon phases.

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Brooch Pin - gifts for teen girls

Brooch Pin

Brooch pins are another jewelry item that is quickly coming back into style. A special, small gift idea for a middle school girl. A lovely present for a 13-year-old girl that she can pin to a coat, sweater, or bag.

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Name Ring

Name Ring

This name ring makes a good present for Christmas stuff for teenage girls. Minimalist accessories are easy gifts to give and go with so many different styles. This adorable, classic ring will quickly become her new favorite jewelry accessory.

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Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry Organizer

Do you struggle with your daughter and being able to keep her room organized? This jewelry organizer is a beautiful and functional room decor piece as well. A fun gadget she can fill with cool stuff and trendy accessories.

Top Teen Clothing Gifts for Girls

Buying clothes and girl outfits for teen girls can be really difficult and challenging.

What is cute and on-trend for a high school girl nowadays anyways?

Here are some of the most popular ideas right from teen sources.

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Oversized Cardigan - gifts for teen girls

Oversized Cardigan

Sweaters of any kind always make a good gift for girls of any age. This oversized cardigan is perfect for lounging around the house or hanging out in her favorite coffee shop. A fun and functional gift for teenage girls.

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Denim Overalls

Denim Overalls

These denim overalls make a cute birthday gift for any young girl or teen. Trendy and on style, just a simple t-shirt to complete the look is all she will need. A perfect gift for a budding artist or fashionista.

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Custom Face Socks in pink color - gifts for teen girls

Custom Face Socks

Give your daughter or niece a fun Christmas gift with these custom face socks. Have mom or dad print their face on the socks for an unusual present she won’t soon forget. They will go great with any girl outfits.

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Line Dress

Line Dress

Is your girlfriend ready to go flaunt her new summer style? This fun wrap dress will fit right in with her other girl stuff and unique personality. A cute dress she can pair with all of her favorite summer accessories.

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Denim Shorts

Denim Shorts

Out of all of the things teen girls wear, denim shorts are probably the most popular. Surprise her with this trendy gift in time for summer. Available in a wide variety of styles, you’re sure to find something she’ll like.

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White Running Sneakers

Running Sneakers

For the sporty young lady who can’t get enough of the latest fashions, she will love these cool sneakers. Designer inspired style, she will fit right in with all of her friends. Perfect for running, jogging, or walking with friends.

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Cute Graphic T-Shirts

Cute Graphic T-Shirts

Looking for cat lover gifts for the young girl or teen girl in your life? This shirt makes a fun Valentine gift or something special for her birthday or other holidays. This comfy shirt will soon become her favorite.

😻 Find the top 50 gifts for cat lovers in 2022 just right here! 😻

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Crop Top Pullover

Crop Top Pullover

What goes best with high waisted jeans…colorful crop tops. This girl’s outfit works well on a high school girl who loves her fashion and is always playing with style. An adorable top any 18-year-old teen girl would love.

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Shark Warm Slippers in gray color - gifts for teen girls

Shark Warm Slippers

Not all gifts for teenage girls have to be on-trend with the latest fashion. These shark warm slippers make an unusual Christmas gift that she will love bumming around the house in. Bonus, they are also great for dusting.

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Monogram Personalized Scarf in three different colors

Monogram Personalized Scarf

A warm scarf makes a traditional birthday gift for a daughter or young girl on your list. Make it extra special by having it personalized with her name or monogram. Available in three classic colors to match her current wardrobe.

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Tie-Dye Kit

Tie-Dye Kit

Even the most popular teen girl loves to get creative and have fun with a tie-dye. This kit makes a great gift for a 13-year-old girl who loves to experiment with color. Easily tie-dye t-shirts and other clothing.

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Animal Onesie in shaped of unicorn

Animal Onesie

Whether she channels her inner unicorn or monkey, any middle school girl would love these cute animal onesies. Comfy pajamas are on our list of top teen gifts for girls. Available in many styles and perfect for last-minute sleepovers.

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Bucket Hats in white color - gifts for teen girls

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats aren’t just for fishermen anymore! Add to her collection of cool stuff with this unique, customizable bucket hat. A great gift for teenage girls for a day at the beach and to keep the sun off her face.

Teenage Girl Hair Accessories & Products

Looking for girl stuff gifts for a 15-year-old teen?

Any girl with hair will love to get hair accessories and put together her own hair kit.

From cute clips to the classic scrunchie, she will love these useful hair accessories.

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Hair Scrunchies in many different colors

Hair Scrunchies

These scrunchies with a tie are an affordable must-have gift for teen girls. These hair ties make a great gift for girls with longer hair. With a pack of 12, she will never have a shortage of hair accessories.

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3-in-1 Hair Styler in pink and black color

3-in-1 Hair Styler

Why buy different hair tools when she can create many different styles with just one tool? This 3-in-1 hair styler makes a useful gift for a female teen looking to change her style. A practical gift for any hair kit.

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2 Personalized Hair Clips - best gifts for teen girls

Personalized Hair Clips

These personalized hair clips make a pretty and useful gift for your little girl. For a birthday gift, customize with her name, cute, or funny saying. She will be all blinged out in style with these fun hair clips.

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Button Headbands with different colors

Button Headbands

Is your high school girl sick of wearing a face mask around her ears? This trendy gift is a functional gadget to save her ears and look great. Available in a six-pack, she’ll have a color for every outfit.

Outdoor Gifts for Teen Girls

What teen girl doesn’t love to have fun with her friends?

While these are all outdoor-themed gifts, they work great for Christmas stuff for teenage girls.

From useful items like roller skates to fun in the sun on pool floaties.

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Pool Float in shaped of unicorn

Pool Float

This fun, unicorn pool float makes a great gift for a 16-year-old who loves to lounge by the pool. A useful gift for a young lady who loves to spend her days in the pool or at the beach.

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Girls Roller Skates with pineapple prints

Girl’s Roller Skates

Bring back the days of roller skating down the boardwalk with this fun and sporty gift. While a bit more expensive, it is totally worth it. Any teen girl would love to skate around town in these cute skates.

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Scratch Off World Map - gifts for teen girls

Scratch Off World Map

Looking for cool stuff to give your girlfriend or other teen girls? Travel-related gifts are among the top teen gifts for girls. This scratch off world map makes a great gift for teenage girls who want to travel the world.

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5 Stainless Steel Water Bottles with 5 different colors - gifts for teen girls

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Brightly colored stainless steel water bottles are some of the most popular gifts for teenage girls. These water bottles make a great birthday gift or quick present for Easter. Easily customize with her name or a funny saying.

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She Explores book

She Explores

She Explores is the perfect gift for a high school girl that dreams of traveling the world. This book makes a Christmas gift for teen girls dying for adventure in their lives. Filled with empowering stories to inspire her wanderlust.

Cooking Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

Fuel that young girl’s passion in the kitchen with cooking gifts.

Whether she loves to bake or make awesome creations in the kitchen, she’ll love these cooking gift ideas.

She’ll be rolling out the dough and her best recipes yet.

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Engraved Rolling Pin

Engraved Rolling Pin

This engraved rolling pin makes a fun gift for a baker 🍪 . With a Totoro anime theme, she can combine her love or cookies and characters all in one tasty treat. A truly unique gift for teenage girls she will cherish.

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Mini Maker-Waffle with heart-shaped - perfect gifts for teen girls

Mini Maker-Waffle

This mini waffle maker is perfect for making tiny waffles for one or two people. A good gift for a 13-year-old daughter who loves to try new things in the kitchen. Also the perfect size for her future dorm room.

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Popcorn Maker in yellow color

Popcorn Maker

For the middle school girl who loves her movie nights, this classic popcorn machine makes a cool, retro gift. Making up to 10 cups of popcorn at a time, she will have plenty to share with friends and family.

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American Girl Cooking - gifts for teen girls

American Girl Cooking

Take her love of the American Girl doll series into the kitchen with this fun and creative gift. A gift for teenage girls that will have her reminiscing about all her favorite American girl doll stories and adventures.

Other Gift Ideas for Teen Girls

Still unsure what cool and fun gifts to get a teenage girl?

With all the girl stuff out there it can be hard to choose just one.

Give her a pretty gift that she will love with these gift ideas.

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Photo Collage Mug - gifts for teen girls

Photo Collage Mug

This custom photo collage mug makes a unique gift for a girlfriend or friend on your list. A lovely Valentine gift for her that she will use daily. Perfect for a cup of coffee, tea, or making mug cakes.

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The Muse Tarot Kit

Tarot Kit

Are you looking for a unique Christmas gift for a high school girl on your list? Perhaps a girl who is exploring her spirituality and the world around her. These tarot cards are a beautiful gift and include a guidebook.

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Scented Candle

This cake scented candle makes for a simple gift for a young girl on your list. A lovely and inexpensive gift for a birthday or other special occasion. You can never go wrong with something that smells like vanilla cake.

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Blanket with Sleeves

Blanket with Sleeves

With this fun gag gift, she can channel her inner Wonder Woman (or other superheroes). A perfect Christmas gift for a fierce female ready to take on the world, from her couch. Plus, it’s super comfy and warm.

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Personalized Phone Wallets with phone ring

Personalized Phone Wallets

Now that your teen girl is getting older, she needs to store things like an ID and debit card. Help her keep track of those important items with this useful birthday gift. Easily personalize the phone wallet with her name.

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Harley Quinn Figure - gifts for teen girls

Harley Quinn Figure

Looking for a good present of her favorite comic book character, the infamous Harley Quinn? This poseable figurine isn’t just some expensive toy she won’t use. It’s a replica of her favorite female butt-kicker she will be proud to display.

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Llama Journal with pink cover

Llama Journal

Every little girl should have a journal that she can write down all of her thoughts in. This llama journal is so cute and comes with lined pages for easy writing. Customize this unique top teen gift with her name.

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17 Key Kalimba

17 Key Kalimba

A kalimba is a small, easy-to-learn instrument that sounds beautiful. A great gift to get teens interested in the trend of learning to play a musical instrument. She will impress all of her friends with her new gadget.

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Body Spray bottle

Body Spray

Body spray is an affordable, must have gift for teenage girls. Any 17-year-old would be happy to have different scented sprays to choose from. One of the best gifts you can give to a girl who likes to smell nice.

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Embroidery Kit

Embroidery Kit

Quilting and embroidery aren’t just for grandmas anymore. This simple embroidery kit makes a cheap gift for quilters looking to flex their skills. She will finish this project with a pretty little embroidered image she’ll be proud to display.

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The Teen Girl's Survival Guide

The Teen Girl’s Survival Guide

Navigating teenage life can be a difficult and confusing time for any girl. This awesome little book can be very helpful for a teen daughter, niece, or friend. Perfect for a holiday gift guide for those looking for the unusual.

Final Words

Finding the perfect gifts for teenage girls can be a daunting task.

It can be difficult to know what is currently trendy and in fashion as it changes so quickly.

While each teen girl has different tastes, they often like many of the same types of things.

This can be makeup, accessories, or the latest tech gifts.

You might be shopping for a 13-year-old’s Christmas list, a sweet 16 birthday wishes, or simple gifts for Easter.

You are sure to find something on our list of 77+ gifts for teenage girls that she’ll actually love.



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