41 Cool Gifts for Teen Boys That Will Blow Their Minds (2021)

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  • November 23, 2020
41 Cool Gifts for Teen Boys That Will Blow Their Minds (2021)

Getting stuck when finding the best gifts for teen boys?

We totally understand that!

Teenagers are notoriously difficult to shop for, which is especially true for teenage guys.

If you think it’s hard to know what they like, then you will find these gift ideas very helpful.

There’s something that appeals to every kind of teenager, from sports and music to video games, tech, and even fashion! 

Next time you find yourself fretting over what to get them as birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or graduation presents, look no further than this list.

We have found the best and coolest gifts to surprise your teenage guys. Check it out!

Cool Teenage Guy Clothing Gifts

Fashion plays a big role in a teenage boy’s life.

Whether they use it to express themselves or just feel good, there is a fashion gift below for everyone!

Look through our list of stylish gifts to find the perfect one for the teen boy in your life.

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black men's shorts, a good gift for teen boys

Men’s Shorts


Price: $21.64 – 21.78

Everyone knows a teen boy’s favorite clothing item is a pair of gym shorts. Why not get him a pair that are not just comfortable, but look great too! They come in three colors so you can get one that suits him best! 

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best gift for teen boys: Jogger Pants

Jogger Pants


Price: $40.00 $22.05

Fashion is all about athleisure these days, so bring your teenage boy to the 21st century by giving him something that emulates the past! These retro fleece jogger pants are the perfect gift for teenage boys.

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Colorful Funny Socks

Colorful Funny Socks


Price: $6.59 – 22.59

Teenage boys are all about fun, being full of energy, and exuding youthfulness. Why not give these socks as an inexpensive and funny gift to let him represent how he feels on his feet!

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Iceburg Men’s Jacket is a great gift for teenager boys

Iceburg Men’s Jacket


Price: $47.47 $30.00

Does the teen in your life live in snowy or cold weather? Give him the option to bring some style into his winter wardrobe with this board jacket! It’s cool, trendy, and super comfortable; everything a high school boy wants from a jacket.

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Fleece Sweatshirt is also a good gifts for teen boys

Fleece Sweatshirt


Price: $6.00 – 26.10

This simple, classic sweatshirt won’t just keep the teen in your life warm in the winter; it’ll keep him looking cool too. This is the perfect addition to the closet of a preppy boy looking to up his fashion game.

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Star Wars T-shirt - gifts for teen boys

Star Wars T-shirt


Price: $12.99

Is your boy just entering his teenage years? This T-shirt makes for the best birthday present for a middle-school boy to show off his knowledge about the Star Wars franchise. If he plays with a group of boys sharing the same interest in Star War, this T-shirt can become their group uniform.

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Hoodie is a great gift for teen boys



Price: $24.99

Basics will always stay popular in fashion, and that remains the case with this uber-comfortable hoodie. Perfect for 16-year-old boys and up, this hoodie comes in four different pastel colors that look great on everyone!

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Adidas Backpack

Adidas Backpack


Price: $60.00 $39.99

Throw away the ratty, torn up backpack your teen boy has been carrying around. It’s time for an upgrade! This Adidas backpack is spacious, looks fantastic, and comes in a variety of colors; you’ll be spoilt for choice!

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Men's Sneaker

Men’s Sneaker


Price: $49.95 – 169.00

Since you’re upgrading the teen boy’s backpack to a fashion-forward and functional one, why not get shoes to go with them! These Adidas sneakers are fresher than ever, have tons of color options, and go with almost anything! Your 17-year-old boy will absolutely love it.

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Retro Sunglasses

Retro Sunglasses


Price: $16.99

Fashion works on a cycle, so we know retro is back in! These classic retro sunnies are timeless and can be worn repeatedly for years to come without losing their style factor. A perfect gift idea for teenage boys who love to have fun in the sun.

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Yankees Basic Cap


Price: $14.99

This classic fashion statement has been a popular choice for boys of all ages for years. Get this cool gift for teenage guys for the one in your life so he can feel like part of the crew. 

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Canvas Duffle Bag: a good gift for teen boys

Canvas Duffle Bag


Price: $31.99

Though weekend trips might not be a regular occurrence for teen boys, this special, cool, and well-crafted duffle bag will only help them start understanding the value of quality goods. High school boys can use the bag for sleepovers or gym sessions alike.  Perfect for his birthday gift or Christmas present.

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Chest Crossbody Backpack - gifts for teen boys

Chest Crossbody Backpack


Price: $19.99

If the teenager in your life marches to the beat of his own drum, this crossbody bag will make for the perfect present idea. It best fits teens between 13-16 years old. Small but impactful! You boy can carry all the essentials he would need!

Decoration Gifts for Teenage Boys

Teenage boys don’t buy decor items for themselves, but it is definitely something he will appreciate.

Give the perfect gift for a teen boy by selecting one of the options below! 

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Custom Name Sign Canvas is another good gift for teen boys

Custom Name Sign Canvas


Price: $69.95 $49.95

If you want to give a cool gift as a birthday present for a teenage boy, this personalized custom name canvas could be the one! The USA-themed print would look great hung up in his room and give him a sense of identity too!  

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Photo Collage Canvas

Photo Collage Canvas


Price: $49.95 $39.95

Love transcends age, and if you’re a teen celebrating Valentine’s Day with someone special, this custom collage canvas could be the perfect gift. Customize it by adding your favorite photographs with him, and the gift will be ready to give!

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Custom Photo Plaque

Custom Photo Plaque


Price: $29.95 $24.95

Another perfect present for puppy love, this custom photo plaque holds a sentimental message to let your soulmate know just how much he means to you! Perfect for his birthday gift or Valentine’s present.

Tech and Gaming Gifts For Your Young Men

There’s nothing cooler than receiving a tech or gaming gift if you are a teenager guy.

The gifts below have been carefully selected to appeal to teen boys specifically.

We hope you find one your teen will appreciate!

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Portable Charger

Portable Charger


Price: $31.99

Teenage guys are always on the go, from one place to another. Be it from home to school to the gym, followed by a sport and then to a friend’s house. You want to make sure that they have ample juice in their phones and devices to keep up with their lifestyle! Want a perfect Christmas gift to surprise him? This external battery pack is the one you need.

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Nintendo Switch Case is a cool gift for teen boys

Nintendo Switch Case


Price: $19.99

If you know a boy always attached to his Nintendo Switch, this is the best gift for gamers. This case not only carries the Switch around safely but also has a really fun Zelda motif adorning it. This one can be one of his best birthday gift ever!

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The Witch Wild Hunt Figure

The Witch Wild Hunt Figure


Price: $49.99+

Gamer boys love collectibles! This Witcher Wild Hunt figurine is the perfect gift to add to a collectibles collection. The teen boy receiver of this birthday gift will be ecstatic and impressed with your knowledge of his interests!

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SEGA Genesis Mini Console - gifts for teen boys

SEGA Genesis Mini Console


Price: $79.99 $49.99

Retro is not just in with fashion, but with video games too. Retro game consoles have become coveted in the gaming world. Gift this mini SEGA console to a teenage boy who loves gaming to experience some old-school charm. 

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Codenames Board Game

Codenames Card Game


Price: $19.95 $15.26

Codenames is a game of wit, to see which team can work together to outsmart its opponents. Gift this interesting card game to someone who loves to hang out with friends or family for games night! This would make a lovely Christmas gift for teenage boys.

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Drone With HD Camera - gifts for teen boys

Drone With HD Camera


Price: $79.99 $69.99

If you are looking to splurge a little on a gift, this is one of the coolest things you can get a teenage guy. This drone is more than just a toy! With an advanced HD camera and sleek design, this is one he will never want to put down. 

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Apple Watch Series 5- gifts for teen boys

Apple Watch Series 5


Price: $429.00 $329.00

For a tech-head, there is no better gift than a smartwatch. If the teenage boy you’re looking to give a gift to is an iPhone user, the Apple Watch is the best option for him. This might be a bit of a splurge, but it’s worth every dollar! Want to make him go crazy when receiving his Christmas gift? Get this one.

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Bluetooth Beanie

Bluetooth Beanie


Price: $14.99

Cool high school boys can be seen sporting beanies, but the corded headphones attached for music on the go are out of style! Instead, this amazing beanie has a built-in speaker and microphone so he can even make calls without lifting his phone up.

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Airpods Case - gifts for teen boys

Airpods Case


Price: $11.99 – 12.99

Is your teen boy a gamer and an AirPodS user? This little case combines the power of two by protecting his AirPods with an adorable retro gameboy carrying case.  

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Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker


Price: $79.90

Which teenage boy doesn’t love music? The JBL Flip 4 has amazing sound quality that gives him clear sound when playing music. Moreover, it is portable and even waterproof! This would make a great gift for teenage guys who love to spend time at the beach or by the pool!

Outdoor Gifts for Teenage Guys

There’s nothing greater than the great outdoors! Well, expect to receive a present that helps you with your wilderness adventures! This list of gifts for outdoors appeals to every teen boy who loves camping, hiking, or simply sitting with nature.

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Paracord Keychain - gifts for teen boys

Paracord Keychain


Price: $11.99

If the teenage boy in your life loves spending time in the great outdoors but is always losing his keys, this gift is the one for him. This keychain is sturdy, cheap, and a great gift for hikers

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Electric Skateboard With Remote Control

Electric Skateboard With Remote Control


Price: $219.00

How cool would you feel rolling around on a remote-controlled electric skateboard? So, imagine how much a skater boy would appreciate this gift! This fast-paced skateboard is light and can travel long distances at a fast speed, a rush the teenage boy will never get over!

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Hydro Flask Water Bottle - gifts for teen boys

Hydro Flask Water Bottle


Price: $29.59 – 59.99

Single-use plastic bottles are so out of fashion, mainly because of their negative impact on the environment. Give your middle schoolboy a lesson on eco-conscious living, but in style by giving him this water bottle!

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Fujifilm Instax Mini

Fujifilm Instax Mini


Price: $95.99

If your 14-year-old boy loves taking photos, he’s probably told you all about the charm of a polaroid picture. Let him instantly print memories that he can cherish forever by giving him the Fujifilm Instax Mini as a gift this Christmas.

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Survival Kit - gifts for teen boys

Survival Kit


Price: $25.99 $17.99

This one is for the camping enthusiast! This outdoor survival kit has everything a teenage boy could need to help him through his adventure in the great outdoors. It features eight different tools for any and every situation.

Great Music Gifts for Teenage Boys

If your teenage boy is ready to start learning new skills and is naturally talented when it comes to music, these gifts below will help him hone in his craft and perfect his style!

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electric guitar set - gifts for teen boys

Electric Guitar Set


Price: $130.00

The teen years are all about picking up new skills and developing new interests. This gift will give teenage guys a great starting point for picking up a musical hobby. With this electric guitar kit, he will be able to unlock any potential musical genius hidden within!

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Tabletop Electronic Drum Kit

Tabletop Electronic Drum Kit


Price: $179.00 $79.00

If you have been searching this guide for a gift that’s ideal for a boy who wants to learn to drum, you’ve reached the right one! Instead of investing in a massive drum set that you won’t know where to place, this compact portable drum kit could be your answer!

Other Gift Ideas for Teen Boys

If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, don’t worry! Here’s a list of gifts not specific to any interest but appeal to teen boys generally. We hope you find one that fits your needs.

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Gifts for teen boys: Snack Box

Snack Box


Price: $44.99

If there’s one thing teen boys are famous for, its how much they love to eat! Here’s is one of the best gifts for brother, son, or any relation you may have to a teenager. The Hangry Kit snack box is packed full of all sorts of goodies any boy would appreciate!

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Uppercut Deluxe Hair Pomade - gifts for teen boys

Uppercut Deluxe Hair Pomade


Price: $17.49 $15.49

Every high school boy loves to dress to impress at school! This fashion-forward attitude doesn’t just stop at their wardrobe; they treat their hair as part of the look! This deluxe hair pomade is the perfect styling tool to add to their collection.  

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Electric Shaver - gifts for teen boys

Electric Shaver


Price: $27.99

Ah, it’s that time in your son’s life where he needs to start shaving! Growing up comes with all kinds of challenges but make this experience a little easier by giving him a high-quality shaver to ease the learning curve!

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Custom Mug - gifts for teen boys

Custom Mug


Price: $26.95 $18.95

This Valentine’s Day, surprise your teen love with a personalized mug to commemorate your love! The mug has an adorable image of Mickey Mouse. The mug can be bought as a pair so you can keep the Minnie to his Mickey!

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Personalized Leather Bracelets - gifts for teen boys

Personalized Leather Bracelets


Price: $19.99 – 27.99

Accessories are what make the man. This beautifully crafted black leather braided bracelet can be paired with any outfit. It’s a statement piece that he will love with the option of personalized charms that can be added too!  

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Scratch Off Map of The World

Scratch Off Map of The World


Price: $49.99 $19.97

If he’s got the travel bug, this map will make the perfect Christmas gift for a teenage boy! The scratch-off map will allow him to display the places he has visited everyone in his room. Every time he travels, he can expose a new color by scratching it off the map!

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Levi’s Slimfold Wallet

Levi’s Slimfold Wallet


Price: $24.99

Teenagers are at a point where they are ready to grow up and start living their life on their own. A true grown-up gift is a wallet where they can start storing all their earnings. By gifting a teen boy this wallet, it will show him that you respect him and are starting to see him as an adult.

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amazon gift card - teen boys gifts

Gift Card


Price: From $25.00

Still having a blank and don’t know what to get for your teen boy? A gift card will do the work. Sometimes, letting him choose what he wants is the best gift that he won’t thank you enough.

We hope this list of gifts for teen boys helps you find the perfect one for the teenager in your life.

These gifts include something for everyone, and whatever you choose is sure to put a smile on his face!

Whether you’re shopping on a budget or want to splurge a little, our list has it all!



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