30 Best Stepmom Gifts for Any Occasion (2023)

  • BY Ivy Fanning
  • April 25, 2023
30 Best Stepmom Gifts for Any Occasion (2023)

Whether you’ve known her for many years or she’s a recent addition to your life, a stepmother can play an important part in your family. When the time comes to show some love and appreciation, you may struggle to find the best gifts for stepmom that capture the bond you share. A present can be a thoughtful gesture that makes this special woman in your life feel celebrated. To truly honor your second mom in a sentimental and simple way, you want to give yourself the chance to explore the options in front of you.

Whether it’s Mother’s Day, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day, grab something special for your “bonus mom.” Instead of buying any old thing you come across, you definitely want to put a bit of thought behind your search. Consider these affordable and touching gifts and discover a token of affection that will truly make mom feel loved.

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Best Gift Ideas for Stepmom in 2023

1. Special Gift for Stepmom: Custom Canvas

Stepmom Definition Custom Photo Canvas Print - gifts for stepmom


Your bonus mother may not have given birth to you, but she adores you and treats you as if you were her own child. Our photo canvas poster “Stepmom Definition” is for all the amazing extra moms who have welcomed, loved, and cared for another woman’s children as if they were their own.

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2. Stepmom Apron

stepmom apron - Stepmom gifts


Show stepmom she’s a real superhero with this personalized apron. If she loves to spend time in the kitchen, she’ll definitely appreciate this humorous gift.

3. To My Bonus Mom – Photo Plaque

To My Bonus Mom – Stepmom Desktop Photo Plaque


This makes a sentimental decor for your stepmother’s bedside or office desk. The plaque comes with a heartfelt message to your stepmom and showcases memories you spent together.

4. Wine Glass

Wine Glass - gifts for stepmom


Some moms exude a bit of class with every move that they make. A wine glass is a perfect option for a stepmother who enjoys the finer things in life. Simple and elegant, this piece will add an effortless touch of luxury to her home.

5. Personalized Wooden Spoon

kitchen gifts - wooden spoon


Celebrate a stepmom who loves to bake with a personalized wooden spoon. Customized to prominently feature her name, this handcrafted utensil is both practical and captures a rustic style that will look great on display.

6. Customized Coffee Mug

I Smile Because You Are My Stepmother - Photo Mug For Stepmom


When you’re searching for the right gifts for your stepmom, humor always helps. A personalized coffee mug will have her chuckling whenever she indulges in her daily caffeine fix.

7. You Are Our Hero Custom Photo Collage Blanket

bonus mom custom blanket


The blanket has an attractive and visually appealing design layout. It is perfect as a décor item as well. This practical gift will allow your bonus mom to have comfortable nights of sleep. This is a great Mother’s Day or birthday gift. Your stepmother is definitely going to love it.

8. Gift For Stepmom: Custom Mom Pillow

We Love You, Mom Custom Photo Suede Pillow - sentimental gifts for stepmom


This Mother’s Day or on your mom’s birthday, surprise her with a cute-looking customize photo pillow. We Love You Stepmom custom photo pillow is a unique gift that lets you show love to your mom.

9. Stepmom Keychain

Stepmom Keychain


Often, it is a simple gift that can make the biggest impression. This sentimental keychain offers a straightforward message of love and appreciation to the one you view as your mom.

10. To My Other Mother Necklace

To My Other Mother Necklace - jewelry presents for stepmoms


Jewelry is a classic gift that works perfectly for any special event or holiday. This beautiful necklace is a reminder of the love you have for your stepmom.

11. Why I’m Grateful for You Fill-in-the-Love Book

Why I’m Grateful for You Fill-in-the-Love Book for stepmom


Gratitude can take many forms. To truly put into words your feelings about your stepmom, consider this fill-in-the-blank book that offers several ways to show your appreciation.

12. All About My Stepmom Kid Questionnaire

All About My Stepmom Kid Questionnaire - gift for bonus mom


For little kids, an “All About My Stepmom” questionnaire can be an adorable gift idea. Let the children fill in the blanks and bring a tear of joy to mom’s eye.

13. Random Acts Of Kindness Kits

Random Acts Of Kindness Kits


Is your stepmom someone who believes that one person can truly make a difference in this life? A “Random Acts of Kindness Kit” is a present that can help inspire her to take action in new ways to improve the world through kindness.

14. Amazon Gift Card in Various Gift Boxes

Amazon Gift Card in Various Gift Boxes


You can never go wrong when you’re stuck on gift ideas and decide to go with a gift card. Simply put an Amazon GC in a greeting card and send it off to your stepmom for a gift she can use toward whatever she desires.

15. Bonus Mom Planters

Bonus Mom Planters


Beautiful planters are ideal gifts to show your appreciation for your bonus mother. Because my stepmother is also a plant mother.

16. DIY Terrarium Light

DIY Terrarium Light - DIY gifts for stepmom


When you want to flex your creative muscles, DIY lanterns are great gifts for stepmoms. Dedicate a bit of time to this craft and make something that will literally add a bit of light into her life.

17. Sea Stone Splash Sponge Holder

gifts for stepmoms - Sea Stone Splash Sponge Holder


Kitchen gadgets and accessories are never a bad idea when you need gifts for your stepmom. This stone sponge holder offers a practical solution to the age-old problem of sponge storage.

18. Custom Family Portrait

custom family portrait - stepmom gifts


Let this wonderful custom family portrait be a celebration for your stepmother. This is one of the simplest ways to demonstrate that your stepmom is an important family member.

19. Green Herbal Tea Kit

Green Herbal Tea Kit


The modern world can easily add a lot of stress to someone’s shoulders. If your stepmom is the type who needs a bit of help when it comes to relaxing, an herbal tea kit can be the best fit to encourage some serenity in your mom’s life.

20. Stepmom Candle


When you’re stuck on what type of gift to grab for your stepmom, a candle is never a bad option to explore. This candle is sure to invigorate her senses and act as a thoughtful gesture.

21. Funny Stepmom T-Shirt

Funny Stepmom T-Shirt


The old stereotype of the “wicked stepmother” is an unfair one. If you want stepmother gifts that will break the cliche and capture how you feel, consider this hilarious “Wicked Awesome Stepmother” shirt that she can wear with pride.

22. Self-Watering Lavender Grow Kit

Self-Watering Lavender Grow Kit


For the stepmom who absolutely loves to tend to plants, gardening gifts can be perfect. A Self-Watering Lavender Grow Kit is a wonderful present that allows her the opportunity to care for flora all year long.

23. Other Mother Spa Gift Box

Other Mother Spa Gift Box


A day at the spa is a classic activity for stepmom and daughter. A spa gift box is a simple and fun way to take that trip and turn it into a totally relaxing experience she can enjoy from the comfort of her home.

24. Wine Soaps

wine soaps - beauty gift for stepmother


What’s better than slipping into a warm and relaxing bath? Adding wine soaps to the experience! These nourishing soaps are made from wine and create a truly luxurious feel in the tub.

25. Lavender Foaming Bath

Lavender Foaming Bath - gifts for stepmothers


Enhancing bathtime is a fantastic way to encourage your stepmom to relax and unwind for a bit. Help her enrich the activity with Lavender foaming that allows her to effortlessly slip into a state of pure bliss.

26. Perfume Oil Samples

Perfume Oil Samples - gifts for stepmom


The right scent can make all the difference when it comes to perfume. If your stepmom is picky about what she likes to wear, consider a natural perfume oil sampler that will introduce her to a number of new olfactory options.

27. Pedestal Jewelry Holder

Pedestal Jewelry Holder


A place to store jewelry is never a bad idea for a gift when you want to show your stepmother how much you care. This gorgeous piece will look great in her bedroom and provide a sensible and stylish way to keep her jewelry stored.

28. Stepmom Tumbler

Stepmom Tumbler


Stepmoms are special people and deserve to be appreciated, so why not get your stepmother a special gift? A stepmom tumbler is a great option and a great way to show your stepmother how much you care. It’s a thoughtful and unique gift that she’ll love.

29. Cutting Board

Cutting Board for bonus mom


If you’re looking for a kitchen gift for your stepmother, a cutting board is a great idea. With an engraved sentimental message, it’s a thoughtful and unique way to show your appreciation for your stepmother and make her feel special.

30. Best Bonus Mom Ever and Message Custom Mug

Best Bonus Mom Ever and Message Custom Mug


Finding the perfect gift for your stepmother can be challenging. A bonus mug with a heartfelt message is a great stepmom gift idea that will show her how much you appreciate her.


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It is easy to understand that your stepmother plays a very important role in your life. When the time arrives for you to show her a bit of appreciation for all that she has done for you over the years, you absolutely want to put a bit of thought into the task. There are plenty of options worth your consideration. Whether you’re looking for practical, funny, or sentimental gifts for stepmom this Mother’s Day, you’ll easily be able to find a perfect fit when you consider her interests. Take time to explore what’s out there and discover an option that expresses your feelings



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