26 Best Gifts for Single Moms She’s Sure to Love (2021)

  • BY Keegan Kraemer
  • September 17, 2021
26 Best Gifts for Single Moms She’s Sure to Love (2021)

Searching for appreciated gifts for single moms? Here we have curated a list of thoughtful and practical gifts for the single mother on your list.

While it might seem like every day is a struggle for her to raise kids alone, you know that she is doing her best and is a hard-working woman. From a few helpful gifts to ones that will just make her feel good, you’re sure to find something on this list that any superhero mom will love.

Best Gifts for Single Moms

1. Bear Retro Map

meaningful single mom gifts: bear retro map

This mama bear will protect her cubs at all costs. This canvas print is great for including each individual child she is raising as a strong and independent single mother. She doesn’t need to be married to have a strong family unit.

Buy it: Bear Retro Map, $49.95 at 365canvas.com

2. The Night You Became My Mommy Star Map Canvas

what to get a single mum: The Night You Became My Mommy Star Map Canvas

The day her child (or children) were born changed her forever. This print makes a great gift from her close friends as a new mother gift. She is sure to appreciate this gift for many years to come.

Buy it: Star Map Canvas, $49.95 at 365canvas.com

3. Not Like A Regular Mom Mug

gift for newly single mom: Not Like A Regular Mom Mug

Every mom wants to be considered the “cool mom.” Be sure that she knows she’s the cool mom for sure with this meaningful mug. This makes a great gift for her birthday from her loving children or close friend.

Buy it: Not Like A Regular Mom Mug, $22.95 at 365canvas.com

4. The Best Dad A Mom Could Be T-shirt

gift ideas for single moms: The Best Dad A Mom Could Be T-shirt

As a single mother, she plays both the part of mom and dad. You know that she’s doing the best on her own for her kids. This shirt is a funny and meaningful gift idea for single moms. Available in a wide variety of colors to suit any mom.

Buy it: The Best Dad A Mom Could Be T-shirt, $17.08 at Etsy.com

5. Necklace

holiday gifts for single moms: Necklace

Seaching for thoughtful gifts for single moms that are sure to bring a tear to her eyes? These beautiful and simple necklaces make a perfect Christmas gift for that special woman in your life who is doing it all on her own. Choose from several, stunning and minimalist designs.

Buy it: Necklace, $39.00 at Etsy.com

6. ”To Us You Are The World” Plaque

awesome gifts for single moms: ”To Us You Are The World” Plaque

As a single mother, her children’s world revolves around her. While she might just be another single mother to everyone else, to her children, she is their universe, their entire world. Remind her how special she is with this beautiful, custom plaque.

Buy it: “To Us You Are The World” Plaque, $24.95 at 365canvas.com

7. Mama Bear Custom Name Mug

gift ideas for single moms: Mama Bear Custom Name Mug

Gifts for single mothers often include items about her children, or in this case, cubs. Besides her wonderful children, what else does she need? A strong cup of coffee to handle her kids! And of course some bear hugs at the end of the day.

Buy it: Mama Bear Custom Name Mug, $22.95 at 365canvas.com

8. Floral Satin Robes

single mum gift ideas: Floral Satin Robes

Single moms often put themselves last over their kids’ needs. From our mom’s gift guide, this satin kimono robe is not only a practical gift but will make her feel like a real woman. A lovely gift from family and friends she’s sure to appreciate.

Buy it: Floral Satin Robes, $9.59 at Amazon.com

9. Spa & Wellness Gift Card

presents for single mother: Spa & Wellness Gift Card

A spa and wellness gift card is one of the most thoughtful gifts for single moms that she is sure to thank you for again and again. Whether it’s a quick mani-pedi, or an hour-long massage, she sure deserves it! Because all moms deserve to be pampered.

Buy it: Spa & Wellness Gift Card, $25.00 at Spaweek.com

10. “Mom, You Are Our Hero” Blanket

holiday gifts for single moms: Mom You Are Our Hero Blanket

What better gift for a single mother to snuggle up with her little ones than with this ultra-soft, custom blanket. This would make a lovely gift from grandma and grandpa for a daughter that they know is a superhero in her kids’ eyes.

Buy it: “Mom, You Are Our Hero” Blanket, $74.95 at 365canvas.com

11. “You Are The World” Pillow

awesome gifts for single moms: You Are The World Pillow

Want to give her something for Mother’s day that she can snuggle up with all year round? Then this sweet pillow is the perfect gift. The world might just think of her as another mom, but to her kids, she is their entire world.

Buy it: “You Are The World” Pillow, $27.95 at 365canvas.com

12. Spa Gift Basket

presents for single mother: Spa Gift Basket

Moms deal with a lot of stress every day, especially a divorced mom who has to co-parent. These good gifts for stress relief will make any struggling mom breathe a sigh of relief. Give this gift as a single mom care package by itself or with a bottle of wine.

Buy it: Spa Gift Basket, $43.89 at Amazon.com

13. “The Queen Lived Happily Ever After” Tumbler

gift for newly single mom: The Queen Lived Happily Ever After Tumbler

Any divorced mom can relate to having to take care of herself and her kids. This relatable and hilarious tumbler makes a great gift from friends when celebrating her independence from her spouse. Because this queen doesn’t need a king to take care of her!

Buy it: “The Queen Lived Happily Ever After” Tumbler, $32.95 at Etsy.com

14. Funny Trump Mug

what to get a single mum: Funny Trump Mug

Single moms can experience a lot of lonely times in their lives. What better way to give her a quick pick me up every morning than with this hilarious mug from the big boss himself.

Buy it: Funny Trump Mug, $22.95 at 365canvas.com

15. Foot Massager

hardworking single mom gifts: Foot Massager

Many single working moms are on their feet day after day, caring for their family, working, caring for the house, and so on. Celebrate this hardworking mama with a foot massager. She doesn’t need a man to rub her feet for her every night when she has this great gift.

Buy it: Foot Massager, $99.99 at Amazon.com

16. Whole Again

gift for struggling mom: Whole Again

Newly single moms can struggle a lot, especially if they are coming out of a toxic relationship. Now is the time to heal herself and be with her kids. This book is a practical gift for a woman who needs those words of encouragement.

Buy it: Whole Again, $12.24 at Amazon.com

17. Custom Babysitting Ticket Voucher

hardworking single mom gifts: Custom Babysitting Ticket Voucher

Single mothers can’t just leave their kids with their partners when they have things to do. This DIY gift is perfect to offer a bit of help from friends or a family member. While she loves spending time with her kids, sometimes she needs a bit of time to herself.

Buy it: Custom Babysitting Ticket Voucher, $4.95 at Etsy.com

18. “Mommy, I Love You” Plaque

single mother gifts: Mommy I Love You Plaque

Whether searching for a gift for an upcoming holiday or just because you want to remind your single mom of how much she is loved, she’s sure to adore this photo frame. Include her favorite photo of her little one for a truly special gift idea.

Buy it: “Mommy, I Love You” Plaque, $24.95 at 365canvas.com

19. Pajamas

single mother gift ideas: Pajamas

She is sure to adore these ultra-soft pajamas. She will feel like a young kid again slipping these on and having a movie and popcorn night with her kids. Available in lots of colors and sizes, so you’re sure to find the perfect pair for her.

Buy it: Pajamas, $38.99 at Amazon.com

20. Makeup Organizer

single mom present: Makeup Organizer

She tries to look her best every day. Her makeup stash, on the other hand, seems to be a bit of a hot mess. Help her to stay organized with this practical gift. A useful gift idea for single moms she’ll love.

Buy it: Makeup Organizer, $49.95 at Amazon.com

21. MOM Photo Wall Art

single mother gifts: MOM Photo Wall Art

Whether her little ones are still little or they are about to leave the nest, she will always be their mom. Even as they grow older, she will always be there for them, no matter how big they get.

Buy it: MOM Photo Wall Art, $49.95 at 365canvas.com

22. Planner

single mother gift ideas: Planner

Busy moms have a lot to keep track of, doctor appointments, sporting events, school activities, and all the things. Be sure she never misses a beat with this mom planner. Perfect for keeping all of her important information in one place and her life well organized.

Buy it: Planner, $15.55 at Etsy.com

23. Clay Mask

gifts for single moms for christmas: Clay Mask

Every hard-working single mother deserves to take a little time to herself. While she may not have time for a spa day, she’s sure to make enough time for an at-home spa treatment. She can treat herself to this clay mask even while making dinner.

Buy it: Clay Mask, $28.95 at Kiehls.com

24. Fuzzy Slipper Socks

gifts for single moms for christmas: Fuzzy Slipper Socks

These fuzzy slipper socks top the list for holiday gifts for single moms. They are perfect for wearing around the house and make a lovely affordable gift from a friend. Give these socks as a gift on their own or with some gourmet hot chocolate for a fun winter present.

Buy it: Fuzzy Slipper Socks, $9.99 at Etsy.com

25. Instant Pot

single mom present: Instant Pot

On the top of our list of helpful gifts for a single mother is an Instant Pot. They are a truly revolutionary kitchen appliance. It can save space by replacing other appliances and cook a full meal in a fraction of the time.

Buy it: Instant Pot, $134.99 at Amazon.com

26. Motivation Decor

gift for struggling mom: Motivation Decor

Sometimes struggling single moms could use a little extra bit of motivation to get them through the day. This beautiful sign will remind her of how strong she truly is. A thoughtful gift from friends and family she’ll be eager to hang in her home.

Buy it: Motivation Decor, $42.95 at 365canvas.com

She’s one of the strongest women you know. Show her how much she’s appreciated and loved with these gifts for single moms. These ideas work for any holiday or just because you want to remind her how great she is.



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