30 Incredible Gifts for Roommates to Show You Care (2022)

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  • March 19, 2022
30 Incredible Gifts for Roommates to Show You Care (2022)

Celebrate National Roommate Day with your roomie with these fun goodies. Living in the same house with someone might be challenging, but warming up to your roommates is easy. Take advantage of these gift ideas for roommates listed here. They’re a great step to building a fantastic relationship. Our gifts for roommates are useful, unique, and make living together an experience you’ll never forget. If you play your cards right, you’ll gain a friendship that will last a lifetime. 

gifts for roommates

1. The Mug of Motivation  

Here’s a mug that will entertain and charm the owner, so they’re bright and cheery every morning. Everyone loves a roommate gift that gives a little motivation, and this mug packs a punch. Remind your roomie that everything’s possible in life, especially when the day starts with coffee. 

gifts for roommates

2. Bathroom Rules Sign Canvas Print  

If you’re sharing a bathroom with somebody, this roomie gift is more than necessary. A clean home is a sure way to keep things smooth and happy when living with others. Once you have that down, everything else will simply fall into place. It’s that easy! 

gifts for roommates

3. Happy Birthday To You Custom Photo Blanket  

Are you looking for awesome birthday gifts for your roommate? A personalized blanket might be just the thing. Here’s something that will comfort and warm them while giving a feeling of love all around. Select a few photos of your closest friends, and voila, you’ve got the perfect blanket! 

gifts for roommates

4. The Roommate Book  

There’s never been a great guide to being a roommate until now. Welcome your new roommate with a gift that’s funny, insightful, and full of wisdom. This book will be the foundation of your time together as housemates, and it might even change your lives.  

gifts for roommates

5. Batman Door Mat Floor Mat  

If superheroes are his thing, then this cool roommate gift idea is worth its weight in gold. After all, who wouldn’t appreciate his room being referred to as The Batcave? Plus, it’s a great way to keep the floors clean and free from dirt. Score!  

gifts for roommates

6. Scented Soy Candle  

Here’s a gift that will bring some calm to a hectic day and give a room a spa-like atmosphere. This candle is a fun Christmas gift for your roommate. If something comes in a jar with a brutally honest and direct message, it has to be good.  

gifts for roommates

7. Dishwasher Magnet Clean Dirty Sign Indicator  

Are people in the home always wondering if the dishes in the dishwasher are clean or dirty? Here’s a gift for college roommates to eliminate that confusion once and for all. It’s the kitchen add-on so useful, your roomies won’t be able to live without it!

gifts for roommates

8. Throw Blanket  

Do you happen to be living with a cat lover? If so, this might be the perfect gift for your roommate. Say hello to the cat blanket! The fun design choices are great conversation starters and are going to be a hit with any kitty parent. 

gifts for roommates

9. It’s Amazing How Someone Walks Into Your Life Photo Desktop Plaque  

If you’re living with someone you adore, you can count yourself super lucky. Make sure your bestie knows how things would suck without this sunshine in your life. Here’s a roommate present that does a great job of expressing your love and appreciation!  

gifts for roommates

10. House Plant  

A little bit of green around the house will turn it into a gorgeous home. Make this potted plant a National Roommate Day present, and everyone will enjoy some much-needed zen. Who doesn’t love easy to care for flowers that continue to bring joy year-round?  

gifts for roommates

11. Bluetooth Speaker  

Here’s a fantastic present idea for your housemate who loves to party and share good music. When speakers are as portable as this, a trip to the pool or the park becomes extra fun. Dancing shoes aren’t required, but don’t forget to bring the drinks!  

gifts for roommates

12. At-Home Spa Kit  

Are you scratching your head for gift ideas for a girl roommate? This one will help her relax without having to spend her money at the spa. You’ll gain from this gift basket, too. After all, a relaxed housemate is a happy one. Happy vibes await! 

gifts for roommates

13. A Friend is One of The Nicest Things Custom Photo Pillow  

Pillows make cute roommate gifts, especially if they’re custom-made with a specific person in mind. Give your special friend a fluffy present that’s fit for hugging, day or night. Top it with a fun photo from one of the many times you guys had a blast! 

gifts for roommates

14. Everyone Wants to Change the World Funny Bathroom Canvas Print  

Passive-aggressive gifts are a godsend when it comes to maintaining a great relationship with a roommate. This sign will make sure you’re never stuck on the throne with no toilet paper again. Hurrah for useful home decor that comes with a dose of humor!

gifts for roommates

15. The Voting Game Card Game  

You’ll never know who your friends really are until this game makes an appearance. This new roommate gift idea will bring a whole new meaning to game night. What a fun way to build friendships that will last a lifetime, with stories and non-stop laughter! 

gifts for roommates

16. Tub Drain Protector  

If your roommate is constantly clogging the drain with hair, this will make all problems disappear. Say goodbye to having to unclog the shower again and again. This good gift for roommates will save everyone a load of trouble, and they’ll be sure to appreciate it. 

gifts for roommates

17. Waffle Maker  

Nothing beats the fantastic smell of waffles in the morning. All of us need a good breakfast to get ready for the day. Here’s what to get your roommates for Christmas this year. Throw in a bottle of syrup, and you’ve got a waffle kit that’s good to go. 

gifts for roommates

18. Pajamas Set  

Sleeping in comfortable pajamas is a sure way to get a good night’s rest. Get you and your housemate matching roommate gifts in the form of sleepwear that’ll make every night a fun sleepover! It’s so presentable that no one will judge if you wear it during the daytime, too! 

gifts for roommates

19. Funny Quote Mug  

Women will be a much happier bunch of people once they simply let things go with the flow. Here’s a funny roommate gift to remind your housemate of this wisdom nugget. Coffee served in this mug will definitely taste like the most calming drink ever! 

gifts for roommates

20. “Loads of Fun” Laundry Room Canvas Sign  

With this gift for roommates, everyone will be fighting to do laundry. Make washing and drying a fun activity with a sign that comes with a mantra worth repeating. Expect clean clothes and the sweet smell of detergent flowing out of the laundry room in no time! 

gifts for roommates

21. Storage Crates  

It’s hard not to love this roommate gift idea. Make organizing fun and turn any area of your home into a neat little nook filled with books and decor. The best thing about these crates is that you can arrange them however you want, and they’ll still look good! 

gifts for roommates

22. Fire TV Stick  

Turn your living room into a home theater and make movie night an event to remember. This roommate gift promises fun for everyone with voice controls and advanced streaming features. Who won’t want to hang out in your place once you’ve got this bad boy? 

Wireless Headphones

23. Wireless Headphones  

Remove all distractions and experience sound the way it’s supposed to be with a set of awesome headphones. What’s not to love? They’re ideal for noise-free calls and music without any cables hanging around. You can be sure that this roommate gift will always be in use! 

Just Love Printed Plush Robe

24. Just Love Printed Plush Robe  

This robe will leave you feeling like a superstar whenever you climb out of the shower. Hanging around in the daytime wearing nothing but this will be a new hobby from now on. If you are looking for gifts for roommates who are female, you’ve found it! 

Mini Aquarium

25. Mini Aquarium  

Want to get your roommate a pet that’s low maintenance? If that’s the case, a fish is your best bet. And when this sea creature comes in a cute aquarium like this, everyone will look forward to feeding time. Offer this for a friendship day or even National Roommate Appreciation Day! 

Let It Snow Suede Pillow

26. Let It Snow Suede Pillow

Bring on the holiday cheer with pillows as Christmas gifts for your roommates. Make sure to play some favorite carols while you’re at it. If this doesn’t get your housemates in the mood, nothing will! Flannel is made cool again when it’s in the form of pillows welcoming the snow! 

27. Face Masks Set  

Bonding sessions aren’t complete without face masks. They make the best gifts for roommates, male or female. After all, everyone can do with a bit of pampering once in a while. It’s time to look good with healthy skin that shines. Don’t forget a jug of cucumber water! 

Tea Gift Set

28. Tea Gift Set  

Haven’t you heard? Drinking tea is in. And there’s no better way to introduce your roomie to the joys of aromatic leaves than this gorgeous sampler pack. This year, celebrate a roommate’s birthday with a tea party like no other. A discovery of a lifetime awaits!

Foosball Table

29. Foosball Table   

Set those mobile devices aside because it’s time for a game of foosball! Keep things competitive and fun while warming up to roommates you’ll grow to love soon enough. Among all the gift ideas for roommates at college, this has got to rank at the top! 

Key Holder & Mail Holders

30. Key Holder & Mail Holders  

Say goodbye to a messy entryway and misplaced keys, glasses, or coats. Organize everything neatly with this gift idea for roommates. They’ll love how useful it is and the way it looks. Everyone will be left wondering how they ever lived without this in their home!

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