Best Gifts for Quilters (2023): 51 Unique Gifts for Sewers and Quilters

  • BY Simon Smize
  • March 7, 2023
Best Gifts for Quilters (2023): 51 Unique Gifts for Sewers and Quilters

What to get a quilter or a person who loves to sew? There are several ways to go about the process. Considering the person’s interests is an easy way to purchase a present he or she will actually love. If a friend or family member is a sewing enthusiast, then unique gifts for quilters are a great fit! From useful gadgets designed to improve DIY projects to personalized sewing objects you can grab as under $10 gifts or some subtle items that every quilter or sewer needs, there are plenty of exciting options out there for you to explore for the quilter in your life.

Whether you’re searching for a present for Christmas, a way to commemorate special occasions or ideal Mother’s Day gifts, fantastic quilting gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Explore these top gift ideas for quilters to find the perfect fit for your favorite quilter and people with a passion for sewing, or quilters who have everything.

Quilting and Sewing Gifts That Every Quilter Needs

There are a ton of practical gifts for quilters to consider. Quilting gadgets can be the perfect fit when you’re seeking the best quilting gifts that are sure to be put to good use and help quilters take on new challenges with their work.

1. Any Day Spent Sewing Is a Good Day Mug

best gift for quilters and sewer 2022: Any Day Spent Sewing Is a Good Day Mug


Give this seamstress mug to your favorite quilters and sewers in your life. Your amazing crafter will enjoy a cup of coffee in style. This mug comes with 3 designs that offer gifting options to your mom, grandma, sister, or friend who likes to sew.

2. 45mm Rotary Cutter by Quilters Select

useful gift for quilters: a rotary cutter


A good, quality rotary cutter is one of the essential tools for any sewing or quilting project. With an innovative ambidextrous design, it will change your quilter’s life in cutting fabric.

3. Quilting Words Tote Bag

cool gifts for quilters: Quilting Words Tote Bag


There are times when you need to take your favorite hobby with you on the go. This tote bag is a quilting lover gift that makes transporting all of the tools and materials a simple experience.

4. Spool Huggers

inexpensive gifts for quilters: Spool Huggers

from $9.99

Just because a gift is inexpensive doesn’t mean it can’t deliver a ton of fun. Thread spool huggers are essentially small quilt projects for gifts, helping you deliver an engaging activity as a present.

5. A Pair of Bird Sewing Scissors

useful gift for quilters: Sewing Scissors


Keeping a sewing project clean and neat is a challenge. If you want your gift to be received with excitement, a pair of bird scissors is the answer.

6. Oliso’s Iconic Smart Iron

useful gift for a quilter: a smart iron


This smart iron features Oliso’s most-loved patented iTouch technology which allows lifting and lowering with the touch of your hand, preventing burns, saving your wrists, and saving time. It makes a useful gift for a quilter.

7. Sewing Station

small gift for quilters: Sewing Station


If you want to spend a little bit more on your gift, consider investing in a sewing station. Affordable and durable, this is a present that the quilter in your life will be able to use for hours on end.

8. Round Pearl Head Pins

practical gifts for quilters: Round Pearl Head Pins


Certain tools are essential to the quilting process. If you need simple gifts for quilters, consider colored headpins. With a fun design and practical use, this is a gift he or she will be sure to love.

9. Wrist Pin Cushion

gifts for quilters and sewers: Wrist Pin Cushion


Sewing often involves both hands at once. This wrist pin cushion can be worn on the wrist, providing easy access to one of the most important components of the craft.

10. Detail Scissors

useful gift for quilters: Detail Scissors


If the sewer in your life already has a good pair of standard scissors, consider grabbing detail scissors as a gift. This handy tool makes it easy to take projects in fun new directions.

11. Quilting Tools and Materials Kit

Quilting Tools and Materials Kit for Quilters


The beauty of quilting is that many of the tools and materials involved are small. This adorable tin is a great place to store all of the essentials in one convenient place.

12. Machine Quilting Ruler Set

Machine Quilting Ruler Set for quilt lovers


Gadgets meant to enhance the sewing machine can often be useful gifts to consider. This template sampler set provides a nice variety of options for a quilter.

13. A Quilt Kit

quilting gift for quilters: a Quilt Kit

from $34.95

If you are looking for a stunning gift for a person in favor of quilt and sewing projects, a quilt kit can be an ideal pick. These convenient quilting kits can deal with wasting your time and fabric.

14. Throw Pillow Gift for Quilter

gifts for quilters who have everything; throw pillow

$24.99 – $48.99

An adorable home decor piece like this throw pillow featuring a quilting or sewing theme quote can be a great gift for your sister or friend who loves sewing and quilting.

15. Fabric Charm Pack

quilting gift that quilters will love: Fabric Charm Pack


A bit of flair turns a routine sewing project into an exciting endeavor. This pack of quilting charms is a gift that will inspire new ideas and exciting future projects.

16. Quilting Art Print

home decor gift idea for quilters: quilting art print

$22.00 – $88.00

Adding a bit of color to the walls of a sewing room can help to brighten the way the space feels. This art print is a stunning gift for quilters that can help add some life to a room.

17. Sewing Box

best gifts for quilters: a sewing box


A sewing box is a trusty resource for anyone who looking to start a quilting project. This kit is ideal when you want to select a gift for first-time sewers and experts alike!

18. Colorful Crazy Quilt Patchwork Pattern Jigsaw Puzzle

gifts for quilters who have everything: Quilt Patchwork Pattern Jigsaw Puzzle

from $20.60

The beauty of quilting is perfect pattern mixings of fabric pieces. Turn this beauty into a great game with customizable puzzles!

19. SINGER Sew-It-Goes Stackable Storage Case Sewing Organizer

a sewing organizer for first-time sewers and experts alike


A sewing organizer is a trusty resource for anyone who looking to start a quilting project. This storage case is ideal when you want to select a gift for first-time sewers and experts alike!

20. Angelus Self-Healing Cutting Mats

useful gift for quilter: Self-Healing Cutting Mats


Cutting mats are necessary when quilting or sewing. They not only protect the crafting table or furniture surface but also protect rotary cutters. Add one mat to your favorite quilter’s supplies.

21. Eco-Friendly Sewing Machine

Eco-Friendly Sewing Machine for quilters


Looking for a gift for a quilter who cares about the environment? This mini machine for sewing has an eco-friendly design sure to please the sustainably minded.

22. Evergreen Art Supply Sewing Kit

gift for first-time sewers: a Sewing Kit


Notions are key to creating a sewing project that is robust and attractive. A sewing kit with notions included is a simple and smart way to grab a gift for a quilter.

23. Quilting Book – Journey to Inspired Art Quilting

Quilting Book - Journey to Inspired Art Quilting for people who love to quilt


Quilting is an amazing journey with inspiring and creative art. This quilting book is full of intuitive color and design so that you can learn how to recognize those “big ideas” that become inspirational starting points for your art.

24. Mini Crafting Iron

practical sewing themed gifts: Mini Crafting Iron


Being practical about sewing themed gifts helps you land on a present that will actually be put to use. A lightweight mini iron is designed to help quilters control their projects and work with tight spots and new techniques.

25. Quilting Room Wooden Sign

Quilting Room Wooden Sign - home decor gift for quilter


For the quilter who has his or her own quilting room, a little decor can be a wonderful gift option. A personalized wooden sign is perfect for letting everyone know who the room belongs to.

26. Sewing Tool Kit

ideal gift for quilt lovers: Sewing Tool Kit


Beginners and experts alike need the right tools in order to sew. A tool kit is an ideal present to grab for a quilter when you’re not sure exactly what to get.

Small Gifts for Quilters and Quilting Lover Gifts

When you’re on a budget, finding the perfect sewing gifts can seem difficult. Luckily, there are plenty of fantastic gift ideas for sewing enthusiasts under $10. From useful quilting objects to handy notions, these ideas are great presents that won’t break the bank.

27. Tailor Sewing Tools Mug

gifts for quilters 2022: Tailor Sewing Tools Mug


With the sewing theme, the seamstress gift mug is a great item that your favorite quilter can use every day to enjoy their beverage. This adorable mug is a perfect gift for your friends and family who love sewing.

28. Sewing Quote Pencils

small gifts for quilters under $10: Sewing Quote Pencils


Gifts for quilters don’t always have to be used for sewing projects. A pencil set featuring quotes related to sewing can be the perfect quilt retreat gift idea.

29. Handheld Sewing Machine

Handheld Sewing Machine - useful gift for quilters


Want to help inspire a little one to take up the craft of sewing? This handheld machine is perfect for kids or beginners who are looking to quilt.

30. Sewing Machine Heartbeat Lifeline Decal

inexpensive gifts for quilters - Sewing Machine Heartbeat Lifeline Decal

from $3.23

Someone who spends a lot of time in front of a sewing machine will appreciate a gift that improves the look of the machine. A sewing machine decal is an inexpensive option and a great way to spice up a workstation.

31. Sewing Machine Keychain

gifts for quilters under $10: Keychain

from $9.60

If you’re in search of customized quilting gifts on a budget, a keychain is a great fit. Simple and affordable, this is a great personalized option.

32. Bobbin Pins Matched With Spools

Bobbin Pins Matched With Spools - small gift for quilters and sewers


An ordered workspace isn’t always easy for quilters to maintain. Make the seamstress in your life happy with bobbins that are matched to thread spools for ideal organization control.

33. Sewing Machine Pins

unique gift for quilter - Sewing Machine Pin


Quilting sewing is an artform that has existed for centuries. A sewing machine pin is a gift that will help invoke a vintage feel for his or her next sewing project.

34. Measuring Tape Heart Necklace

Measuring Tape Heart Necklace for someone who loves quilting and sewing


Some gifts are both silly and sweet. Gift this necklace to someone who loves quilting and sewing and it will do wonders to show how much you care.

35. Quilting Bracelet

gift idea for a seamstress under $20: Quilting Bracelet


Looking for a simple and sweet gift for a seamstress? A bracelet with sewing charms can help you bring her hobby into her jewelry.

36. Multipurpose Sewing Clips

Multipurpose Sewing Clips - gift for quilter under $10


Fabric is not easy to control. Even the most experienced of quilters will appreciate a set of multipurpose sewing clips.

37. Quilting Rulers

quilting sewing tools - Quilting Rulers for quilters


As far as quilting sewing tools go, a ruler is vital. Invest in quality rulers for quilters and give a gift that will see years of use.

Handmade Gifts for Quilters

A person who enjoys sewing and quilting definitely will appreciate a homemade gift. Whether you create something on your own or you pick up a handcrafted item from an artisan, there are a number of homemade gifts for quilters worth your while. 

38. Chicken Pin Cushions

handmade Chicken Pin Cushions

Watching a quick quilt tutorial can be a great way to feel inspired or to help a sewer discover a new technique. Consider this option when you want a gift that will inspire a bit of a challenge.

39. Christmas Tree Table Runner

handmade quilted Christmas Tree Table Runner

Living a busy lifestyle can make it tricky to find time for personal hobbies. If a quilter in your life is working on limited time, a gift of rag quilt patterns meant for quilt-as-you-go projects can be great.

40. A Quilted Sewing Machine Cover

Homemade Quilted Sewing Machine Cover

Get part 1 of this sewing machine cover tutorial

Making your own quilted sewing machine cover is a great idea when you need a gift! Make a cover from a fabric style you know your friend will love and put a bit of effort into your present. 

41. DIY Quilted Bag

DIY Quilted Tote Bag

Let’s try to combine your skills in quilting and sewing with this fun project. Sewing your girl quilted tote bag with this tutorial from Suzy Quilts.

42. Quilted Leaf Coasters

Quilted Leaf Coasters - DIY project

Patterns are a source of excitement for quilters. With this easy project, help unlock this joy by gifting a cute set of gorgeous sewing coasters.

43. A Needle Book

gifts for the quilter who has everything - a handmade Needle Book

It isn’t always easy to discover the gifts for the quilter who has everything. Consult a needlebook tutorial and learn how you can craft a customized gift in no time at all.

44. A Quilted Dog Bed

Quilting project - Dog Bed DIY

Quilting gifts are not only for humans, impress your pets with this homemade Triangle Jitters quilted dog bed from Suzy Quilts and share the quilty love with your puppies.

45. Row Markers

handmade Row Markers for quilters

Involved quilting projects often require a number of markers. Help your loved one keep his or her supplies neatly ordered with this adorable accessory. 

Funny Gifts for Quilters

For many, quilting is an engaging and exciting passion. When you’re shopping for gifts for quilters, remember to keep it fun! You want your present to invoke a sense of joy. Consider these options for a surefire way to please someone who loves to sew.

46. Funny Quilting Sewing Mask

Funny Quilting Sewing Mask


This It’s All Fun And Games Until The Bobbin Runs Out mask will surely turn heads and get smiles! This unique and funny quilter gift can be a stylish and protective accessory during the covid pandemic.

47. Funny Trump Mug for Quilters

Funny Trump Mug for Quilters


A quality coffee mug is a classic gift option that can easily be put to good use. For the active quilter, this mug is sure to bring a smile with every cup of coffee.

48. Make Quilts! – Ceramic Ornament

christmas gifts for quilters: funny Ceramic Ornament


Give a person with quilt passion this fun ornament. Hang it on a Christmas tree to bring more holiday cheer to it.

49. Funny Quilting T-Shirts

Funny Quilting T-Shirts


A funny shirt is never a bad idea when you need a gift for someone with a great sense of humor. The quilting joke in this t-shirt is bound to produce a few deep laughs!

50. Sewing Room Rules Canvas Print

Sewing Room Rules Canvas Print: gifts for quilters


Create an eye-catching wall with this funny canvas print. You can put it in a frame to make it more stunning with a hint of vintage style.

51. Quilt Quotation Custom Playing Cards

Quilt Quotation Custom Playing Cards for quilters or sewers


A fun present or stocking stuffer that won’t break the bank with these custom playing cards. It’s perfect for those who love both poker playing cards and quilting.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best gifts for quilters is all about exploring the many exciting and interesting options out there. Whether you decide to get a practical and modern gadget or you opt for a silly present that points out the humor of sewing, a quick search can easily inspire you to find the ideal fit for your needs.



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