25+ Best Gifts for Police Officers to Thank Them for Their Service (2021)

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  • December 1, 2021
25+ Best Gifts for Police Officers to Thank Them for Their Service (2021)

Our boys in blue serve and protect us at the cost of their own well-being, and that’s why they deserve the best of everything. If you are looking for gifts for police officers for occasions like birthdays, Christmas, retirement, or graduation, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are our recommendations for gifts for badge holders who keep the thin blue line intact and keep our communities safe. More, you will be surprised with our list of gift ideas for him. Let’s start!

Personalized Gifts for Police Officers

1. Personalized Thin Blue Line Photo Canvas

This personalized canvas is the perfect gift for a policeman who has vowed to safeguard families even as his own waits for him to come home safe and sound.

It is an emotional gift that will remind him that his job not only helps him protect but also allows him to make the world safer for his own family.

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2. Tactical Tumbler for Police Couple

Couples who serve together, thrive together! If you and your partner are both law enforcement officers, this tactical tumbler will be the perfect Valentine’s gift to give to them.

It aptly encompasses your shared commitment to saving lives and reinforces that both of you are in this together, no matter what.

3. Thin Blue Line Desktop Photo Plaque

gifts for police officers

Crimes never stop and neither does the work of a police officer, which means a lot of their time is spent working. Being away from family is difficult. Give your spouse this personalized desktop plaque so they can keep their family close to their hearts even when they are away.

4. Funny Personalized Etched Glasses

The one thing you know due to being related to a police sergeant is that they can never predict how their day is going to end. To bring some humor to this uncertainty by giving him these glasses that perfectly capture the sentiment.

Be sure to notice how much they fill their glasses up to get a good idea about how their day went.

5. We Love You Thin Blue Line Canvas Print

Policemen are in the frontline – ever ready to maintain the law and order in the city. For Father’s Day, this “We Love You Thin Blue Line” canvas print is the best way to honor your retired or your dad who is the police.

6. Christmas Ornament

This Initial Family Name ornament is the perfect Christmas gift for cops. It definitely is a great way to express love in this most wonderful time of the year!

7. Police Badge Pendant Necklace

A police officer’s badge number is one of their most important job-related aspects and has a great degree of emotional value for them. For their upcoming birthday, get a pendant necklace made for him with his badge number.

8. Retired Canvas

This “Year Retired” custom canvas says goodbye to countless meetings and never-ending work calls. It will be a pleasant surprise for him and because it is one of the best retirement gifts for a cop.

9. Customized Sign for Police

gifts for police officers

One of the most important parts of being a law enforcement officer is receiving support from the communities you protect with your life. So, this sign is a fantastic retirement gift for police officers as it not only shows support for what they did but also helps them continue supporting their former colleagues.

10. Cool Coffee Mug

gifts for police officers

Novelty mugs are affordable and are some of the best gifts for police officers who like receiving little trinkets of appreciation. These mugs have a simple design with attractive illustrations. It is the perfect coffee mug for the long nights they need to pull at effective work.

11. Metal Sign Police Badge

gifts for police officers

A policeman holds his badge and badge number in high regard because they have a lot of symbolic value for him. For this birthday, surprise him with this metal sign police badge to hang outside or inside the house. 

It is an incredibly thoughtful gift and one he would cherish immensely.

12. Novelty Police Socks For Cop

gifts for police officers

Cops protect us against several threats so it is only fair that we extend some kindness to them by gifting them novelty socks to wear. 

They are funny gifts and the cop you gift them to will be extremely happy upon getting to wear them to work.

13. Be Safe Daddy Keychain

gifts for police officers

Your kids’ police dad is dedicated to being a guardian for everyone but of course all of you, as his family, worry about his safety just as much. Thus, this personalized keychain from kids will be the perfect gift for him this father’s day.

14. Personalized Charging Station Gift For Police Officer

gifts for police officers

Troopers and police sergeants are often on the go, which means their digital devices often go unchanged for long periods. Give your police boyfriend this charging station upon his promotion. For he can simply place the items on it to keep them from dying out at crucial moments.

15. Personalized Hanger For Law Enforcement

gifts for police officers

Academy graduation always calls for special gifts and special celebrations. Therefore, this hanger is a unique gift for the recruit who will need to keep his uniforms pressed and well maintained.

Having this personalized hanger will also fill him with a sense of pride for his accomplishments.

16. Customized Wall Decor for Police Officer

gifts for police officers

Fathers are their kids’ first superheroes, and this is especially true for police dads who use their strength to protect everyone else. 

Help your kids buy this customized wall décor for your husband as a birthday gift to help them express their pride and affection for him. So, this gift will have sentimental value for them that hardly any gift can replace.

Best Gifts for Police Officers

1. Police Officer Coffee Mug

Police Officer Coffee Mug

This coffee mug is a great gift for your favorite cop who just had their academy graduation and is all set to start their career as a police officer.

The line of work can often be pretty grim, so the humorous message will get them to crack a smile after they sit down to a cup of coffee during a long day at work.

2. 4-in-1 Great Pen

4-in-1 Great Pen for Cops

Despite looking like a simple pen they can use to write a ticket, this pen is a useful multipurpose device for law enforcement personnel. It also helps them collect DNA, break glass, and deploy basic self-defense in case of emergencies.

Any policeman will be grateful to you for giving them this tactical device.

3. Funny Fantastic Police Officer Tumbler

Funny Fantastic Police Officer Tumbler

If you are looking for gag gift ideas for your dad’s birthday, this funny tumbler will be a perfect choice.

The unique message will have him laughing. So he will enjoy carrying it along to work to add some much-needed lightness to his schedule.

4. Whiskey Glass Gift Set

gifts for police officers

Retirement is always bittersweet, especially for a sheriff who has spent his entire life serving his community. This whiskey glass set is, therefore, a great retirement gift to give him since it’s essentially a cop’s home bar.

He may set out the whiskey glasses and stones, and enjoy a few rounds with his fellow officers as they reminisce over their respective experiences.

5. Useful Badge Holder Wallet

gifts for police officers

Some of the best gifts for police officers or detectives for promotion are tactical and practical. This wallet will help them hold their badge and optimize storage space.

It is also simple and straightforward, making it the right choice for a law enforcement professional who wants to maintain similar traits while on the job.

6. Engraved Watch Law Enforcement Oath of Honor

gifts for police officers

Academy graduations are a prestigious moment for the newest recruit and should be celebrated as such. Therefore, this watch is the perfect graduation gift for a cop. Because its backside comes engraved with the oath of service and protection they take.

The watch is stylish and will continue to remind them of this promise so they can adhere to it and the progress in their career.

7. Thin Blue Line Flag

gifts for police officers

The thin line blue flag digital file is the perfect father’s day gift. Because you can use it to get t-shirts, phone covers, or laptop cases made for cops who mean the world to you. 

The versatility of its application is a major attraction. So you can also keep it for later, in case you will need to use it again for gifting purposes.

8. Whiskey Decanter Set With Glasses Gift

gifts for police officers

Police-themed gifts, like this whiskey decanter set, are pretty cool and the right Christmas present for cops who enjoy kicking back and relaxing once in a while.

It is also elegant to look at and can be a decorative item in the house when not in use.

9. Retired Police Officer T-Shirt

gifts for police officers

They may be retired but their career was a big part of who they are as a person. This shirt is a good gift to give to a newly retired cop. For it will help them find comfort in staying connected to this part of themselves.

New cops will likely look up to him and learn from his example so he may as well put the conviction of his oath for everyone to see.

10. Chocolate Gun

gifts for police officers

It is going to be a combination of funny and alarming if you walk up to your detective boyfriend and casually take a bite out of the gun. Thus, this incredibly convincing ‘gun’ is a huge piece of chocolate. It will be a great gift for a person with the right sense of humor.

You know your boyfriend will enjoy both the joke and the chocolate, which makes it even better.

11. Blue Line Shot Glass

gifts for police officers

Cops dedicate their life to upholding the thin blue line and no one can understand their perspective as well as fellow officers. So give this meaningful appreciation gift to a fellow police officer who has been doing their job with honor and conviction.

12. Police Officer Portrait

gifts for police officers

If you want to give your favorite cop a unique gift, this Simpson’s themed officer portrait is the perfect decision.

They would be especially ecstatic if they are fans of the cartoon show and are excited about hanging up this classic portrait in the house.


We hope you enjoyed going through our recommendations for gifts for police officers. We kept them diverse and hope that you found the perfect ones to celebrate your boys in blue who have sworn to protect people.

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