Gifts For Nurses: 50 Novelty Ideas To Show Your Appreciation In 2020

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Gifts For Nurses: 50 Novelty Ideas To Show Your Appreciation In 2020

Are you wandering around the Internet searching for the best gifts for nurses? Look no further since we are here to help!

Whether you need gifts for nurses from patients, thank you gifts, or presents for Nurse Appreciation Week (May 6 – 12) or International Nurses Day (May 12) in 2020, it isn’t always easy to find the ideal way to showcase exactly how you feel. Luckily, there are lots of great options to consider.

It doesn’t matter if you need secret Santa gifts on Christmas for a nurse in your social circle or Mother’s Day gifts for nurses in your family, a little exploration can show you an array of fantastic options. Look over these ideas and discover the perfect way to thank the nurses that have had a big influence on your life.

Personalized Gifts For Nurses

Though nurses tend to be in charge of the same tasks regardless of where they work, it would be silly to think that the same gift will work well for all nurses.

One of the best ways to find gifts that will make an impression is by opting for personalized gifts for nurses. Customized gift options allow you a bit of creative room and helps you cater the present to the unique personality of the recipient.

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Photo Gift For Nurses

Scrub Life with My Scrub Wife - Photo Canvas



Do you work in a hospital or medical field with a nurse that you consider an amazing friend? A personalized photo canvas featuring a picture of the two of you together in your scrubs can be a simple way to show a dear friend how much they mean to you.

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Nurse Graduation Gifts

Personalized Stethoscope Name Tag



When someone in your family is about to graduate from nursing school, it is a celebration worthy of a gift. A personalized stethoscope name tag is one of the more personal registered nurse graduation gifts you can consider. A simple and professional way to congratulate a loved one on a job well done.

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Nurse Graduation Gifts

Personalized Stethoscope Necklace



A nurse who is also a mother has her work cut out for her. Between taking care of sick patients and running the affairs of the family, she might never take time for herself. A stethoscope necklace is one of the simpler Mother’s Day gifts for nurses to help remind her how special she is.

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gifts for midwives

Nurse Print



The particular field a nurse works in can be incredibly useful when you’re trying to select the best present. When you are in need of gifts for delivery nurses, this midwife print can be a wonderful idea. A simple piece of art that can be beautifully displayed at home or in the office.

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nurse retirement gifts

Nurse Retirement Party Guestbook



After a lifetime of serving others, retirement offers a nurse the chance to rest and enjoy life. Nurse letter art is perfect when you need retirement gifts for nurses because it offers the chance for everyone in the office to sign the gift and write some words of encouragement.

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Gifts for New Nurses

Personalized Retractable ID Badge Holder



Starting a career as a nurse can be intimidating. To help ease a friend or relative into a new position at a hospital, personalized ID holders can be great gifts for new nurses. This is a practical option that also can be personalized to match the nurse’s style.

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nurse graduation gifts

Nursing Graduation Pin



Another great way to go about nurse graduation gifts is by grabbing something small that sends a big message. A customized pin to commemorate a graduation is a simple way to make a lasting impression on someone just starting a career in nursing.

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family nurse practitioner gifts

Personalized FNP Hanger



A nurse practitioner is a position with a lot of responsibility attached to it and a white coat to symbolize the status. If you want a truly unique gift, consider a personalized hanger made for a nurse practitioner to hang a white coat on.

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Christmas gifts for nurses

Nurse Christmas Ornament



When you need Christmas gifts for nurses, one of the best options available to you is a Christmas ornament. A gift like this offers a sweet reminder of your kindness every year when it is time to decorate the tree.

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Personalized Name Signs

Nurse Name Sign



If the nurse in your life has an office or personal station at work, then a name sign can be a very lovely and practical gift to consider. This is a great way to dress up a personal space at work and inform patients who they are interacting with.

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School Nurse Appreciation Gifts

School Nurse Keychain



All students remember trips to the school nurse, whether the illness was real or faked. If you’re graduating and want to show your school’s RN some love for all the care, a keychain is an easy and touching way to accomplish this.

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custom nursing apparel

Monogrammed Scrub Jacket



Need a stylish gift option with a personal touch? A monogrammed scrub jacket is as functional as it is clever and is a great gift for close friends and family members.

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Nurse Appreciation Gift

Nurse Caricature



Looking for gifts for nurses that are a bit less commonplace? A custom caricature drawn by a talented artist provides you with the opportunity to give a gift that is unique and thoughtful. Coming with a personal thank you message, the caricature is one of the standout gifts for nurses from patients.

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medical cutting board

Personalized Human Bones Cutting Board



Nurses spend a long time in school looking at drawings and diagrams of every aspect of human anatomy. A personalized cutting board featuring a diagram of human bones can be a gift that looks great and can offer a good laugh.

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Bridal Shower Gifts For Nurses

This Nurse Is Getting Married Robe



In need of a gift for a nurse who just got engaged? This robe is a super comfortable way to celebrate an upcoming marriage.

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nurse graduation gifts

Nurse Graduation Photo Desktop Plaque



Graduating from a nursing program is an exciting moment for a nurse. Help that special someone in your life remember this moment forever with nurse graduation gifts like a stunning personalized photo plaque that sits beautifully on a desktop.

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nursing watch

Personalized 3-D Nursing Watch

Personalization Mall


In the digital age, it can be difficult to remember that watches are invaluable to professionals who can’t keep their phones on them. A nurse working demanding hours will love a watch that was selected with care.

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gifts for graduating nurses

Personalized Nursing School Survivor Shirt



Gifts for graduating nurses don’t always have to be sentimental. Give a graduate a deep laugh with a shirt that helps point out just how grueling the academic side of nursing can be.

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relaxation gifts for nurses

Initial Embroidered Throw Blanket

Things Remembered


After a long day at work, a nurse wants to kick back and unwind. An embroidered throw blanket is perfect when you need customized relaxation gifts for nurses that are cozy and soft.

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personalized pens for nurses

Engraved Wood Ballpoint Pen



A pen is an inseparable stationery item of any nurses who are working their shift. Inscribed with the nurse’s name, the pen is among gifts for delivery nurses that she will use with joy when taking nurse notes.

Practical Gifts For Nurses

Putting in long hours at the hospital means that a nurse doesn’t always have the chance to run to the store and grab certain essentials. If you want to give a gift that makes a real impression, consider practical gifts for nurses. These ideas are meant to make a nurse’s life a lot easier and a bit more efficient.

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nursing tools gift ideas


$29 for Starter Pack

Nursing school involves some very heavy courses. To help a student keep it all straight, consider nursing tools gift ideas like Scrubcheats. Designed to fit in the pocket of standard scrubs, these cards are essential for remembering the basics.

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gifts for labor and delivery nurses

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream



When a nurse spends all day putting on gloves to help deliver babies, it can dry out the skin and cause all kinds of irritation. Gifts for labor and delivery nurses like hand cream can be the perfect way to show you care.

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Nursing Student Gifts

Cosmetic Bag For Nurses



When a medical environment is short-staffed, many nurses need to pull extra shifts to help out. A cosmetic bag makes the experience a lot more manageable and is a lovely fit when you need a gift idea.

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Nurse Gifts For Women

Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler



A glass of wine after a difficult shift can help take the edge off a long day. This durable stainless steel wine tumbler offers a funny nurse joke and a perfect way to enjoy a drink.

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thoughtful gifts for nurses

Smartphone Sanitizer



Medical workers come in contact with all kinds of germs on a regular basis. While there are plenty of rules in place for sanitation, it isn’t always possible to stop the spread of germs to a personal device like a smartphone. Help the nurse in your life stay confident with a smartphone sanitizer that keeps the phone clear of danger.

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nurses bag

Ultimate Bag For Nurses

Nurse Mates


Not all nurses work in hospitals or offices. Some must travel from house to house to provide personal care to those unable to leave their homes. If you know someone like this, a durable bag can be a perfect gift. A quality option that can fit all of the tools of the trade is a gift that helps a nurse live her best life.

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nurse accessories

Nurse Penlight



A penlight is a tool with infinite uses in a medical environment. From illuminating documents in a poorly lit file storage room to checking a patient’s reaction to light, this gift idea is as practical as they come.

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relaxing gifts for nurses

Nurse Appreciation Gift Box Set



Relaxing gifts for nurses are never a bad idea when you want to provide a present that goes a long way for a special nurse in your life. A home spa gift basket is the ideal way to encourage a nurse to use a day off as a “me day.”

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gifts for nursing students

Stethoscope Magnetic Bookmark



Not all days are hectic when you’re a nurse. There are plenty of overnight shifts where a good book helps pass the time. A magnetic bookmark is a gift that helps a nurse keep track of the page when it’s time to check on a patient.

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nurse accessories

Nursing Clipboard

Tribe RN


A nurse needs to keep track of a number of different documents at any given time. If you want practical gifts for nurses that she’ll actually use, go with a clipboard. A durable place to keep pertinent medical files goes a long way.

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relaxation gifts for nurses

Portable Massager



Endless hours standing can cause all kinds of annoying muscle problems for nurses. A portable massager makes for a great gift because it can be used to relieve tension on the go.

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nursing apparel

Lightweight Zip Up Jacket


$18.49 – $38.98

Working in a drafty environment can be uncomfortable. A lightweight zip jacket is a great gift for a nurse who wants to stay comfortable when there’s a chill in the air.

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Christmas gifts for nurses

It's Lit - Compression Socks



Involved in a Secret Santa and unsure what to get for a nurse? Compression socks make for inexpensive Christmas gifts for nurses that also help to make for a more comfortable experience.

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Secret Santa Gifts For Nurses

Greys Anatomy Candle



Plenty of medical professionals love to watch shows involving doctors and nurses like Grey’s Anatomy. A Grey’s Anatomy candle is a great and inexpensive way to gift a nurse something simple.

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handy gifts for nurses

Nurse Tote Bag



A tote bag is a simple gift that will always come in handy for a person on the go. Whether used at work or to run errands on days off, this is a gift nurses are sure to appreciate.

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scrub caps

Glam Scrub Hat



Following hospital uniform regulations doesn’t mean scrubs need to be drab. A glam scrub hat is a unique gift option for the nurse who enjoys being fashionable.

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Registered Nurse Jewelry

Nurse Heartbeat Stethoscope Ring



Nursing is a very unique profession in many ways. A nurse, more so than a doctor, must look after a patient from minute to minute to provide appropriate care. A heartbeat ring is a touching way and makes a unique gift to symbolize just how vital a nurse is in keeping a patient alive and healthy.

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gifts for the coffee lover nurse

Coffee Sleeve



Does the nurse in your life rely on coffee to get through long shifts at the hospital? If so, then you definitely want to grab a coffee sleeve as a gift. This is a great way to help improve the experience of downing a cup of coffee every few hours.

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valentine's day gifts for nurses

Stylish Silicone Rings

Enso Rings

From $29.99

Since diamonds are sharp and hazardous in medical environments, many nurses are unable to show off their engagement rings or wedding bands. If you are seeking Valentine’s Day gifts for nurses, consider silicone rings. These pieces of jewelry are incredibly durable, comfortable and stylish.

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Christmas gifts for the coffee lover nurse

Coffee Sampler - 3-Month Gift Subscription

Bean Box


Being a nurse is a job that requires a lot of energy. Help the nurse stay motivated and sharp by gifting a personalized monthly coffee subscription that provides her with the boost she needs to conquer the day.

Funny Gifts For Nurses

The life of a nurse might be demanding, but that doesn’t mean that it is all grim and gritty work. Plenty of nurses know how to laugh at life’s little quirks. If you want to find gifts for nurses with jovial personalities, then it can be worthwhile to opt for a silly gift. Take a look at these funny gift ideas for nurses to see what will get the nurse in your life to crack a smile.

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funny gifts for the coffee lover nurse​

The Prescription Coffee Mug

BigMouth Inc


Coffee can often feel like a requirement for professionals in the field of medicine. This funny coffee mug illustrates the point with a design that explains just how vital coffee is to those working in a hospital.

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funny gifts for the coffee lover nurse​

This Nurse Lifts! Racerback Tank



A lot of physical demands are placed on nurses, which means plenty go to the gym on their days off. For the nurse who lifts, think about this funny gift that informs the world just how strong the nurse is.

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quirky nurse appreciation gifts

Sleeping Nurse Sign



In some hospitals, doctors and nurses need to take a nap in a designated area to invigorate their senses and feel refreshed. Help prevent disruptions with a handcrafted sign informing others that a nurse is asleep.

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novelty gifts for nurses

Plush Organs



For a nurse who has a silly side, plushies (or plush toys) in the shape of organs might be a great gift idea. What could be more amusing after a long day than a stuffed animal in the shape of a human heart with a big grin and beaming eyes?

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lunch box for nurses

E.M.T. (Emergency Meal Transport) Insulated Lunch Tote

Fred & Friends


Designed to look like the coolers that carry organs for transplant, this insulated lunch bag is a great gag gift. Not only will it get a laugh, it provides the perfect place to keep a meal fresh while working.

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Nurse Wine Bag

Nurses Don't Cry We Wine - Wine Tote



A glass of wine or two after a difficult shift at the hospital is normal for a nurse looking to relax. If you want a gift to help her get a few laughs with her drink, a wine bag with a silly message is the way to go. If you really want your gift to make an impression, be sure to include her favorite bottle of wine with the bag and get the reaction you desire.

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Registered Nurse Jewelry

Take No Shit Bracelet



Working as a nurse means being able to show a soft side without taking any crap from anyone. If you know a nurse who doesn’t take guff from anyone and still knows how to deliver exceptional care, then this funny bracelet is a beautiful and fun gift worth your consideration.

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Nursing Supplies

Hospital Themed Sticky Notes Booklet

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild


Trying to keep track of a million different details at once can be overwhelming. Since most nurses need to do this on a daily basis, consider hospital-themed sticky notes. This gift idea provides a place to write important messages and features some hospital humor.

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gift ideas for rn graduate

Nurse Keychain



When you need an inexpensive gift for a nurse who had an impact on your life (or a RN/LPN graduate), a keychain is the way to go. If you want to provide a gift to a nurse from a child, a keychain is the simple and sweet gesture you’re looking for.

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white elephant gifts for nurses

Funny Safe Swear Words for Nurses - Nurse Adult Coloring Book

Nyx Spectrum


Novelty gifts for nurses don’t always need to be gag gifts. In fact, an adult coloring book is a silly option that also acts as relaxation gifts for nursing. Help the nurse in your life unwind after a stressful day with a coloring book themed after the eternal struggle of the medical professional.

Nurses play a pivotal part in the lives of most people from the moment they are born in a delivery room until the day they must rely on them for assisted care later in life.

Whether you know a nurse personally or you are simply looking to thank someone who went above and beyond for you during a rough time, you want to dedicate time to finding the best gifts for nurses.

With a little research and a lot of love, you’ll discover a gift that sends the right message to the nurse who spends so much time helping others.

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