34 Best Thank You Gifts For Nurses (2021)

  • BY Joe Palinsky
  • November 25, 2020
34 Best Thank You Gifts For Nurses (2021)

Finding a gift to say thank you to a nurse for their care is not easy. When they dedicated all their time and effort to taking care of you and other patients, the gifts for the nurses must be equivalent in terms of spiritual value. That is what most of us think. Take it easy! As long as the thank-you gift comes from your sincere gratitude, the nurse will appreciate it, no matter the value. Here we did the hard job and collected the best gift ideas for the nurses that cross your life.


Scrub Life With My Scrub Wife Photo Canvas Print - Photo Gifts For Nurses

‘Scrub Life with My Scrub Wife’ Photo Canvas


A personalized photo canvas featuring a picture of the nurse in their scrubs can be a simple yet creative way to show them your appreciation.


Personalized Stethoscope Name Tag

Personalized Stethoscope Name Tag


This custom stethoscope name tag is one practical gift that any nurse will adore and put into use immediately. Thanks to the steth tag, she can easily identify her stethoscope. Even more, with her name on the tag, she can build an instant rapport with patients and families. Perfect for nurses, nursing students, and other hands-on healthcare workers!


Personalized Stethoscope Necklace With Name - Mother's Day Gifts For Nurses

Stethoscope Necklace With Name


The necklace is designed to pay tribute to medical professionals, including nurses. This stunning jewelry with a stethoscope-shaped pendant provides you an excellent way to convey your gratitude and appreciation. Customize it with her name, and tell that special nurse in your life just how much she means to you, whether her job is to save hearts or she has just won yours.


Nurse Retirement Guest Book - Retirement Gift For Nurses

Nurse Retirement Party Guest Book


After a lifetime of serving others, retirement offers a nurse the chance to rest and enjoy life. This Nurse letter art is perfect when you need retirement gifts for nurses because it offers the chance for everyone in the office to sign the gift and write some words of thank-you and encouragement.


Personalized Retractable ID Badge Holder - Gifts For New Nurses

Custom Nursing Badge Holder


A personalized ID badge holder can be a great gift for new nurses. You can choose the heartbeat or stethoscope style to show on the badge along with her name and profession. The badge holder will add some color and sparkle to her uniform.


nurse Christmas ornament - Christmas Gift For Nurses

Nurse Christmas Ornament


When it happens to be Christmas, you can get her some items that help decorate her home. And one of the best options available is a Christmas ornament with the nurse’s name on it. This decor makes a wonderful gift that brings festivity to her Christmas tree this year!


Personalized Nurse Name Sign

Nurse Name Sign


If she has an office or personal station at work, then a name sign can be a lovely and practical gift to consider. With the floral design, this beautiful stained wood piece will be a perfect addition to dress up her personal space at work.


Personalized Scrub Jacket For Nurses

Monogrammed Scrub Jacket


Need a stylish gift option with a personal touch? A monogrammed scrub jacket will offer plenty of comfort and durability while also showing off her occupation.



Nurse Caricature Wine Glass


Looking for something that is a bit less commonplace? This wine glass, with a hand-painted portrait of the nurse, is a gift that is both unique and creative. Now she can have fun savoring her favorite wine when off work!


Personalized Nurse Fob Watch

Personalized Nurse Fob Watch


Many nurses don’t wear normal wristwatches. Instead, they might tell time using fob watches, which are timepieces that clip onto the pocket of a nurse’s uniform or scrubs, with the dial upside down meaning that only the wearer can tell the time. This personalized nurse fob is not only for apt timekeeping but also helps to bring a sense of individuality to the uniform.


Dark Grey Initial Embroidered Throw Blanket As A Gift For A Nurse

Initial Embroidered Throw Blanket

$49.99 at Things Remembered

After a long day at work, a nurse wants to kick back and unwind. An embroidered throw blanket is perfect when you need customized relaxation gifts for nurses.


Personalized Engraved Wood Ballpoint Pen Nurse Gift

Engraved Wood Ballpoint Pen

$7.75+ at Etsy

A pen is an inseparable stationery item of any nurses who are working their shift. Inscribed with the nurse’s name, the pen is among gifts that they will use with joy when taking notes.


Best Nurse Ever Cosmetic Bag

‘Best Nurse Ever’ Cosmetic Bag


For many female nurses, a cosmetic bag can be just the perfect gift they are wishing for. And this is not just a makeup bag for anyone, it is for the best nurse ever! When she travels, it can fit her makeup and some toiletries. In daily use, she can use it to store her lip gloss, hand lotion, charger, or pens. Or to make the gift even better, you can make a nurse survival kit with this bag and fill it with a bunch of little things for your nurse.


Safety 1st Drink with a Nurse - Nurse Gifts For Women - Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler

‘Safety First’ Wine Tumbler


A glass of wine after a difficult shift can help take the edge off a long day. This wine tumbler offers a funny nurse joke and a perfect way to enjoy a drink.


Nurse Mates Ultimate Bag - Practical Gifts For Nurses

Ultimate Bag For Nurses


Not all nurses work in hospitals. Some home care nurses must travel from house to house to provide personal care to those unable to leave their homes. Therefore they need some durable bag that stands a lot of wear-and-tear and can hold all of the equipment for in-home patient visits, personal protection equipment, and devices for charting. And with this ultimate bag, you just save her life!


Nurse Appreciation Gift Box Set

Nurse Appreciation Gift Box Set


Relaxing gifts are never a bad idea when you want to give a nurse a present that goes a long way. And this home spa gift basket is the ideal way to encourage a nurse to use a day off as a ‘me day’ and release all the stresses.


portable massager - relaxation gifts for nurses

Portable Massager


Endless hours of standing can cause all kinds of annoying muscle problems for nurses. A portable massager makes for a great gift because she can bring it anywhere and use it to relieve tension any time of the day, whether it is throughout the day or after work.


Women trauma llama compression socks

FIGS Compression Socks


Compression socks make a great gift for nurses. These knee-high compression stockings can keep their legs from getting tired and achy. Along with the health benefits, she can seamlessly blend these stylish socks in with the rest of her outfit.


Grey's Anatomy Candle For A Nurse

Grey’s Anatomy Candle


Plenty of medical professionals love to watch shows involving doctors and nurses like Grey’s Anatomy, and maybe your nurse is one of them. So this is an inexpensive way to give a nurse something simple but effectively tap on their interest.



Nurse Tote Bag


Show your favorite nurse, medical staff, cna, rn some love with this cute, fun, unique custom tote bag designed especially for nurses. It has enough room for typical belongings of a nurse that you can name: a pair of scrubs, stethoscope case, clipboard, medium pencil pouch, blood pressure cuff, and granola bars! With the quote “Nursing Is A Work Of Heart”, she will tote around all of her favorite stuff to work or just shopping around town!


Live Love Heal Stethoscope Ring Jewelry for Women Nurse

Live Love Heal Stethoscope Ring


Imagine the honor and pride your favorite nurse will feel when receiving this gorgeous piece of nurse jewelry. With the inspirational engraved words: “Live, Love, Heal”, this ring is the perfect gift for anyone in the medical field.


The Prescription Coffee Mug - Gifts For Nursing Staff

The Prescription Coffee Mug


Just like many of us, a great number of nurses are fans of coffee because they cannot start the shift without a cup or more to perk them up. And why not make the ritual more fun with this Prescription coffee mug? The clever label on the mug is a hilarious way to start her day, and it also makes the mug an ideal gift for when the nurse needs a laugh.


Funny Lunch Tote For Nurses

E.M.T. (Emergency Meal Transport) Insulated Lunch Tote


Inspired by coolers used for organ transplants in the medical field, this insulated lunch bag is a great gag gift for your nurse. This clever and quirky lunchbox will keep her precious goods prepped, and ready to transplant right into her waiting stomach!


Funny Nurse Wine Bag

‘Nurses Don’t Cry We Wine’ Tote


A glass of wine or two after a difficult shift at the hospital is normal for a nurse looking to relax. If you want a gift to help her get a few laughs with her drink, a wine bag with a silly message is the way to go. And if you really want your gift to make an impression, be sure to include her favorite bottle of wine with the bag and get the reaction you desire.


Take No Shit Bracelet - Gifts For Female Nurses

‘Take No Shit’ Bracelet


Working in this field means being able to show a soft side without taking any crap from anyone. If you know a nurse who doesn’t take guff from anyone and still knows how to deliver exceptional care, then this funny bracelet is a beautiful and fun gift worth your consideration.


Sleeping Nurse Sign - Quirky Gifts For Nurses

Sleeping Nurse Sign


“Shhh! Nurse sleeping. Please do not disturb! (unless you need CPR).” This sign will be a funny, thoughtful appreciation gift for a nurse, especially overnight ICU ones. When people see this sign, they would not disturb the hardworking nurse and leave them a good sleeping.


Plush Organs - Funny Plush Toys For Nurses

Plush Organs


For a nurse who has a silly side, plushies (or plush toys) in the shape of organs might be a great gift idea. What could be more amusing after a long day than a stuffed animal in the shape of a human heart with a big grin and beaming eyes?


First Aid Notes - Hospital Themed Sticky Notes Booklet

Hospital Themed Sticky Notes Booklet


Trying to keep track of a million different details at once can be overwhelming. Since most nurses need to do this on a daily basis, consider hospital-themed sticky notes that give them a place to write important messages and features some hospital humor.


GIFTS FOR NURSES - Nurse Coloring Book: Sweary Midnight Edition

Nurse Coloring Book: Sweary Midnight Edition


Coloring is a great way to destress. This coloring book, containing hilarious, nurse related humor, can surely provide the nurse you know with hours of entertainment. Before you buy this product, know that it will have some crude and foul language. But to many nurses, it is a unique point of this adult coloring book and makes it even more relatable!


Nurse Gifts For Women RN – Good Day, Bad Day, Don’t Ask Novelty Wine Glass – Funny Gifts For Nurses

Good Day, Bad Day, Don’t Ask Novelty Wine Glass


Want a humorous and unique gift that would be sure to put a smile on your nurse? This “Good Day, Bad Day, Don’t Ask” wine glass is just what you are looking for. Add a bottle of wine and you’ve got an enjoyable gift for the nurse in your life.


Hand Sanitizer Holder - Green Medical Scrubs STYLE

Green Medical Scrubs Hand Sanitizer Holder


Hand sanitizer is a must these days! This wearable holder has a retractable lanyard design that keeps the hand sanitizer close at hand.


Nurse Water Bottle - GIFTS FOR NURSES

Nurse Water Bottle


These bottles make great, healthy accessories for the best nurse that comes to your life. The water bottle also comes with a gift box and will help both females and male nurses to stay hydrated while caring for patients all day at the hospital.


Minipresso GR, Portable Espresso Machine - A PRACTICAL GIFT FOR NURSES



When your nurse is a coffee fanatic, this is one practical choice of gift that allows them to enjoy an authentic espresso at home, in the office and on the go. All you need is ground coffee and boiling water. No battery/electricity needed!


FRESHLY MEAL GIFT for busy nurses

Freshly Gift Card

From $51.95

For an ICE nurse, especially during this tough time, they might work very long hours – often on their feet for more than 12 hours a day! Therefore, they hardly have time to rest, let alone time for preparing a decent meal to fill their stomach. This makes this Freshly gift card even more meaningful when you want to show your appreciation and care to the medical staff. Freshly has nutritious premade meals that the nurse can quickly heat up when they got home or if they found time for lunch during the day. You just need to give them the gift card, and they can choose the meals they want from the menu.

Have you picked the right gift for your nurse? This gift guide, hopefully, helps you discover the present that expresses your appreciation for all that she did for you and other patients and makes her feel loved and treasured.

If you are in need of gift ideas for nursing graduates, take a look at our Nursing School Graduation Gifts.



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