30+ Gifts New Parents Cannot Live Without (2022)

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • November 4, 2021
30+ Gifts New Parents Cannot Live Without (2022)

Mark the birth of a baby with useful and practical gifts for new parents. Offer your congratulations by being considerate about the big change that’s happening. These thoughtful gifts for first time parents will make life easier, enjoyable, and lovelier.

Bringing up a child comes with all sorts of challenges. It’s also the most beautiful thing that can happen to a couple. Help them discover how amazing it is to grow a family. They’ll surprise themselves at the amount of love they have to give!

gifts for new parents

1. Diapers Subscription

Babies, especially newborns, use up to 12 diapers a day! That’s a lot, and they cost a big load of money. That is why this is a wonderful gift for first time parents. Relieve their bank account by helping them out, even if it’s just one month’s supply!

gifts for new parents

2. Postpartum Recover Kit

The body goes through a difficult time during pregnancy and the birth of a baby. Help a friend out by giving her things new moms need for themselves. She’ll heal a lot faster and will be able to enjoy her beautiful baby with this thoughtful birth present.

gifts for new parents

3. Uber Eats Gift Cards

Food gifts for new parents are a great way to show friends how much you care. When parents bring a new baby home, they won’t have much time to do anything else. With gift cards, they won’t have to feel pressured to shop and cook.

gifts for new parents

4. “Welcome to the World” Baby Birth Stats Personalized Canvas Print

This might be the best gift for a newborn. Watch everyone’s face light up each time they see this thoughtful print. Place it in the baby’s nursery to entertain the little one. It’ll be the first thing the kid sees in the morning, and what a lovely sight!

gifts for new parents

5. Baby Monthly Milestone Custom Blanket

If you are putting together a care package for new parents, make sure to include this. A comfy blanket will make the baby always feel protected and warm. When a baby feels safe, that means sleep is just around the corner. What more can a new parent ask for?

gifts for new parents

6. A Precious Angel Custom Baby Mug

A baby can do absolutely no wrong. Celebrate the birth of an angel with a cool personalized mug. Since new parents will be sleep-deprived, they’re going to need lots of coffee. Give them the best gift for first time parents, so their mornings stay cheery and joyful.

gifts for new parents

7. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Focusing on work and entertainment won’t be a problem for new parents anymore. If you need new dad gift ideas, you can’t go wrong with a nice pair of headphones. The baby will sleep in peace, and conference calls will go on without a hitch. Perfect!

gifts for new parents

8. Silicone Baby Bib

When a baby starts eating solids, parents will discover how messy things can really get. These practical bibs are wonderful gift ideas for parents to be. There’s going to be a lot less cleaning up to do now. Keep their sanity intact and meal times mess-free!

gifts for new parents

9. Ten Little Fingers Custom Photo Desktop Plaque

When a new baby is born, there’s much to be thankful for. A plaque to place on a work desk or bedside table is the perfect congratulations gift. It reminds the lucky first-time parents how precious their family is, so they might even slow time down a bit!

The Night You Became My Daddy Custom Star Map Print

10. The Night You Became My Daddy Custom Star Map Print

Celebrate the day a man officially became a dad with this personalized print. To add customization, simply enter the location and the star map will be generated. Upload a cute photo of the new dad with his little bundle of joy.

gifts for new parents

11. Baby Birth Stats Personalized Photo Suede Pillow

A baby grows up so fast. Before you know it, they’re crawling around and babbling away. This pillow is a special gift for parents to remind them of the magical moment their kid was born. Pretty soon, the little one will be dragging this present all around the house.

gifts for new parents

12. Essential Oil Diffuser

If you’re putting together a gift box for new parents, make sure to include an aromatherapy diffuser. Once they discover the peaceful sleep it can bring, it’ll always be in use. Introduce them to the lovely scents of lavender, and their home will feel like a field of flowers!

gifts for new parents

13. One-Hand Bottle Prep Accessory

Have you ever tried to do things single-handedly with a screaming baby in your arms? Here’s a gift for new parents that will make anyone a master of preparing bottles. Say goodbye to spills and frustration. Now, it won’t be so scary to be left alone with the kid!

gifts for new parents

14. Liquid Hand Soap

Clean hands are so important when you’re taking care of a baby. Help young parents protect their family from germs and bacteria that lurk around. A healthy little angel is the best gift for new parents. They’ll be able to save so many trips to the doctor!

gifts for new parents

15. Baby’s First Christmas Personalized Photo Ornament

The holidays are an unforgettable time for many, but this is especially true if you have a newborn. Here’s a Christmas gift idea for new parents to help them remember this special season. The tree will finally look complete this year with a beautiful precious keepsake!

gifts for new parents

16. Baby Nursing Cover

A mother’s milk is nature’s gold. Help a baby experience the best that breastfeeding can bring with this gift for new parents after birth. Give the child a safe space to feed, sleep, and feel the comfort only a parent can give. That’s happiness in its truest form!

gifts for new parents

17. Instant Print Camera

Having a baby means experiencing something new every day. An awesome pregnancy gift for first time parents like this camera will capture those moments. This way, they’ll miss out on nothing. It’s about time photos don’t stay on our phones and computers. Now, everyone can enjoy them!

gifts for new parents

18. Portable UV Sterilizer

Pacifiers and bottles tend to fall on the ground at the worst times possible. This mum and dad gift is perfect for the family who’s always on the go. Parents won’t have to worry about their baby falling sick if they can sanitize things in less than a minute!

gifts for new parents

19. Portable Diaper Changing Pad

This changing pad has pockets for everything parents face when a dirty diaper comes around. Plus, everything’s organized and has its own little pocket. If you’re looking for gifts for new parents, this pad will change their lives. Going anywhere will be so easy now!

Baby Electric Nail Trimmer

20. Baby Electric Nail Trimmer

If there’s one thing new parents discover, it’s that a baby’s nails grow fast, and they’re always sharp. This is why babies always have scratches on their faces. Nothing is worse than accidentally hurting your baby when trimming nails. That won’t happen with this new parents gift!

Our Little Blessing Custom Baby Photo Canvas Print

21. Our Little Blessing Custom Baby Photo Canvas Print

Babies are the greatest blessings we’ll ever have, and this thoughtful gift for new parents is a reminder of that. Put together a collage of photos on a personalized print that will brighten any room of the house. The first year is a precious and memorable time. Celebrate it!

Baby Photo Album

22. Baby Photo Album

It isn’t easy to buy gifts for new parents who have everything, but we have just the thing. They will love filling up a book with special memories that will last a lifetime. Flipping through it will be everyone’s favorite thing to do. What a trip down memory lane!

Be Strong And Courageous Custom Photo Desktop Plaque

23. Be Strong And Courageous Custom Photo Desktop Plaque

Here’s a meaningful gift everyone in the family will appreciate. Offer new parents a plaque that will look perfect in a baby’s room. This gift idea for babies reminds us all that God is with us all the time. There’s nothing to fear as long as we’re with Him.

A Baby Carrier

24. A Baby Carrier

You can’t go wrong with this carrier if you’re hunting for practical gifts for new parents. Strollers are great, but this one allows a baby to feel comfortable while experiencing the new world. Imagine taking hikes and little adventures around. What a wonderful discovery it will be!

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

25. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Technology is a wonderful thing, and this robot makes life easier for all of us. This gizmo is so useful, the house will be cleaner than it ever was! If you’re wondering what to get new parents, how about a helper they can depend on?

Coffee Warmer Mug

26. Coffee Warmer Mug

This gift for young parents is so much better than a gift card for their favorite coffee place. Drinking cold coffee is one of the top complaints you hear from parents. When there are endless things to do, the best present is a drink that’s always at the perfect temperature.

Kindle Paperwhite

27. Kindle Paperwhite

Becoming a parent means missing out on favorite pastimes. Remind a couple about the pleasures of reading. A Kindle is a good gift for parents because it allows them to discover how important it is to relax. And there’s no better way to do that than with a favorite book!

Cozy Memory Foam Slippers

28. Cozy Memory Foam Slippers

Kids are needy, so new parents can expect to be walking around their house a lot. Foam slippers almost become a necessity at this stage because they keep tired feet warm and happy. This new parent gift is also quiet, so they won’t have to worry about waking the baby.

Mustachifier™ The Gentleman Mustache Pacifier

29. The Gentleman Mustache Pacifier

Turn any baby into a gentleman with this funny gift for new parents. The little boy will be able to work any room and impress all of his friends effortlessly. People better watch out, this fun kid’s going places and making everyone laugh along the way.

The Birth Stats Photo Baby Blanket

30. The Birth Stats Photo Baby Blanket

The best newborn gift makes a baby feel warm, safe, and comfortable. A blanket is a great example of that, especially one that’s made for no one else. Here’s a unique present that parents can pass on, and everyone will agree that there’s nothing lovelier than a keepsake!

Baby Sleeping Sign

31. Baby Sleeping Sign

The last thing a parent needs is the doorbell waking the baby, especially after a tough night. This Christmas gift for new parents will prevent that from happening. It’s the end of rude awakenings. The baby will sleep soundly, and the whole family will be happy!




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