35+ Best Gifts for New Moms That They’ll Love (2023)

  • BY Ivy Fanning
  • October 23, 2023
35+ Best Gifts for New Moms That They’ll Love (2023)

Finding gifts for new moms may be a challenge. But don’t be confused, this article will help you choose the right gifts. Because first-time moms deserve to receive it. Becoming a mother is a life-changing time, and she has new responsibilities. Show your support and encouragement spirit with these thoughtful gifts. Moms-to-be and those already enjoying motherhood will appreciate them!

Here are the best 35+ gifts exclusively for new moms, whether they are in pregnancy or after birth. Our gift list is intended for your wife, best friend, sister, daughter-in-law, or coworker who has just entered motherhood, these items will suit them perfectly.

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Custom Baby Photo Calendar gift for mom

“The Day You Became My Mommy” Desktop Plaque

With the hustle and bustle of life, a new mother seldom has time to rest. This desktop art is a wonderful way to get her to stop and savor the moment. Every time she sees this gift from baby to mom, she’ll remember the beautiful reason that makes everything worthwhile!

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"We Loved You Before We Met You" Canvas Print gift for the first time mother

“We Loved You Before We Met You” Canvas Print

The first-time mom will appreciate this piece of art, because it features the first picture of her baby, with a heart-melting quote. Imagine the thrill of her counting down the days till she meets her first baby. This gift is suitable for a baby shower celebration.

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Cute mug for new mom

Hello My New Name Is Mommy Mug

This “Hello My New Name Is Mommy” mug is a perfect item to celebrate her new responsibility. This mug also fits if she is your coworker who is returning to work. If you are looking for a gift for those who just had a baby, this gift is the best idea.

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Letterboard Set gift for first time moms

Letterboard Set

This letterboard is great for taking those adorable pics of your little bundle of joy! These are often used for baby’s birth announcement picture and to get a snapshot of milestones. Simply change out the letters to suit the occasion.

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Neck and Shoulder Massager

Neck and Shoulder Massager

This highly useful and thoughtful gift will definitely be loved by a mommy after birth who desperately needs massage sessions to feel a bit more alive. Childbirth is painful, and a mom will love this easy-to-carry and easy-to-wear gift item.

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Crossover Nursing Bra for pregnancy

Crossover Nursing Bra

Gifts for expecting moms don’t have to be flashy. Sometimes, what she needs is something useful and comfortable. This nursing bra fits both of those ideas and more. It’s a classic black design that offers a smooth silhouette. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly, which she’ll love!

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Mama-to-Be Gift Set

A Little Something for Mama-to-Be Gift Set

Don’t forget that every new mom needs pampering. With this collection of organic herbal products, she’ll feel like a queen. This neat care package will calm her on stressful days. Let her treat herself to a day at the spa without ever leaving her home!

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Box gift for mom at the hopital

Hatch-To-Hospital Box

She’s almost ready to give birth to her first child. Take the mystery out of packing for the hospital with this elegant and classy set. It contains everything she’ll need for a cozy stay with her newborn bundle of joy. It’s one of the best thoughtful preparation for new mothers!

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Sleep & Wake-up Light Therapy Lamp for mother to be

Sleep & Wake-up Light Therapy Lamp

A postpartum mom requires healthy sleep habits. She has enough stress, so worrying about a good night’s rest shouldn’t be one of them. Help her relax with this light therapy alarm clock. She’ll fall asleep fast and wake up naturally and refreshed. It’s great for mom and baby!

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The Ellie Nap Dress best gifts for new mother

The Ellie Nap Dress

This versatile dress should be a staple in every mother’s wardrobe. Whether she is wearing it to bed to help her feel comfortable in every sleep or pairing it with some pearls, this is sure to become a favorite in her closet.

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Custom gift for new mother

“Hello Sweet Baby” Photo Canvas Print

The first pictures freeze time. Babies don’t stay small for long, that’s why photos are invaluable. If you’re looking for the best baby gifts for first-time moms, a collage photo of her baby is always a nice idea. It will carry the memory of their newborn for years to come.

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The Birth Stats Photo Baby Blanket baby gift for new mothers

The Birth Stats Photo Baby Blanket

Mom and baby are sure to enjoy snuggling up in this birth stats blanket. Include her favorite picture of her little one and birth stat information for a one-of-a-kind gift for mom. The perfect gift for a new mama.

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Hands-Free Breast Pump Bra for new mama

Hands-Free Breast Pump Bra

While breastfeeding is a great way to bond with her baby, it’s also a chore. This hands-free breast pump bra will help her to gather that precious, liquid gold all while keeping her hands free to care for her new baby.

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Instant Pot Duo best gift for mom after delivery

Instant Pot Duo

New mamas have enough to worry about! Help save her time and sanity when it comes to mealtime with this Instant Pot pressure cooker. She can easily throw in her ingredients, turn them to the correct setting, and walk away.

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Sweet Mommy Poem Mother to be from Baby

Sweet Mommy Poem Mother to be from Baby

In the category of good gifts for new moms from husbands, this picture frame tells a story. Poetic and heartfelt, it’s a sentimental piece that any mother would be happy to own. It’s a meaningful reminder of the newest milestone in life she has achieved.

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Funny Book About The Realities of Motherhood

Gifts for first-time moms don’t always need to be serious. In fact, a new mother’s life could use some humor. This book is a funny and honest way of explaining what having a baby is really like. If your friend is a new mom surprise her with this resource that offers advice, tips, and encouragement.

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Baby Handprint Footprint Keepsake Kit

Baby Hand and Footprint Kit

The handprint and footprint kit lets her display her baby with pride! This will be a living reminder of that important first year of both the mother and the infant. The baby footprint frame is a one-of-a-kind keepsake they will remember for a lifetime and they will have you to thank for it.

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Backpack Diaper Bag best practical gifts for new mom

Backpack Diaper Bag

What is the best practical gift that you can buy for the 1st mother? It is a diaper bag backpack. Carrying a loaded bag is indeed tiring and exhausting. Also, a mom cannot fit every essential baby item in their tote or shoulder bag. For moms who have to take their children outside, this particular gift is a blessing.

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Newborn Soft Sole Shoes Congratulations Basket

Aren’t these adorable? Imagine mama’s heart-melting when she puts these cute little booties on her baby’s tiny feet! This darling box is one of the best baby gifts for moms after birth. She’ll fall instantly in love with these cuddly creatures.

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to an amazing new mom Necklace With Birthstone

Necklace With Birthstone

Any woman will appreciate some pieces of jewelry. Celebrate the eternal bond between a new mother and her child with this stylish handmade jewelry. This necklace symbolizes the eternal and unbreakable bond between two special individuals. A symbol of everlasting love.

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New Mom Gift Jewelry

New Mom Gift Jewelry

With a personalized necklace, she should feel special and beautiful. Everything about her first baby will be engraved on it. Even when they’re apart, that bond between mom and baby will shine bright!

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New Mom Spa Gift Box

New Mom Spa Gift Box

The self-care gifts for a new mommy take a lot of thought. She’s busy, and she rarely has time for herself. She should be pampered every once in a while! A spa gift box will be a great reminder that she deserves to relax and enjoy life.

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Spafinder Gift Card

When it comes to gifts for a mom who just had a baby, you can’t get much better than a day at the spa. She might not have time now to work on her beautification now that her little one is here. This is a birthday gift idea for new moms.

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Uprising Baby Everyday Photo Book

Uprising Everyday Photo Book

One of the top gifts for a young mom is a photo album. It’s timeless. What a thoughtful way for her to collect memories of the life she has created! At the turn of a page, as time goes by, she’ll watch her newborn become a grown-up!

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WildBird Ring Sling Baby Carrier, great gift for new mother

WildBird Ring Sling Baby Carrier

You may be wondering what to bring a new mom after delivery. What can you get that she doesn’t already have? This sling is a great idea! It’s a simple way for her to carry her baby. Ease her aching shoulders with this sleek and smart fashion design!

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Mama Needs A Mother Effing Nap

Mama Needs A Mother Effing Nap

Presents for new mothers come in all shapes and sizes. However, this mug is in a league of its own and speaks the truth! It’s a bold way to encourage her through the crazy days. Her responsibilities are many, so she needs a good laugh every now and then.

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First Christmas as Mommy and Daddy Photo Desktop Plaque

First Christmas as Mommy and Daddy Photo Desktop Plaque

Considering Christmas gifts for new parents can be a fun experience. What makes it even better is when you find a personalized, heartfelt item that you know they’ll love. Capture their precious family moments with this colorful and charming art!

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Bamboo Bathtub Caddy for new mommy

Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

Being able to take that time to relax and recharge is so important to a new mother’s wellbeing. This bathtub caddy is perfect for her “me time” in the tub after baby is in bed or while the dad is in charge.

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Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit for moms

Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit

Often people don’t realize how much an exhausted mom needs to care for herself. This recovery kit makes a great gift for postpartum moms to ensure she heals properly. It includes all the essentials she needs to heal “down there.”

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Mommy and Me Shirt

Mom and Baby Shirt

Mom and baby gifts have stepped up their cuteness factor with this matching clothes combo. Pick a color, and then let the mama and her mini-me strut around town in style. This set of shirts will turn heads and add fun to the day!

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Mama & Me Elephant Bracelet

Mama & Me Elephant Bracelet

This bracelet is elegant and adds a little enhancement to her spirits on those rough days when she’s feeling run down. Remind her that she’s golden. This tender bracelet shows her that the bond of family can never be broken.

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New Mom Keychain

New Mom Keychain

A little keychain brings a big meaning when it features baby birth stats and baby’s birthstone. The first-time mommy will cherish it and who knows it will become her inseparable thing.

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Ultrasound Picture Frame best gift for new mama

Ultrasound Picture Frame

Parenthood is a passage that’s walked by many, but each course is different. This picture frame shares the new mom and dad’s pathway to love. As a gift for the expecting mom, it displays the delightful odyssey of how their sweet baby came to be!

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Custom Photo Canvas Print gift from baby to new mom

I’m So Happy You Are My Mommy Canvas Print

Nothing compares to a loving and unique custom masterpiece when it comes to gift ideas for new moms. That’s why this divine wall art will be treasured forever. Touch her heart with something special! Give her a memory that will always make her smile.

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Baby Monthly Milestone Custom Blanket

Baby Monthly Milestone Custom Blanket

This blanket makes it easy to capture her baby at every age and create those picture perfect milestone photos. The ideal gift to give a new mama at her baby shower or while visiting her and baby in the hospital.


When it comes to gifts for new moms, a devoted family woman needs something special. With this lineup, you’ll be sure to find something thoughtful that she’ll cherish. Only the best will do for such a wonderful mama!

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