30 Gifts for New Grandparents They’ll Actually Want (2023)

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  • March 3, 2022
30 Gifts for New Grandparents They’ll Actually Want (2023)

When choosing gifts for new grandparents, you want them to be useful and practical, yet sentimental. Having a grandchild is a memorable event for first-time grandparents. This is something they’ve been dreaming about for a very long time.

Give grandpa and grandma a present that will bring them closer to their grandkid, even if they live a distance away. If there’s one thing they do best, it’s spoiling your baby. Let them, because nothing will make them happier.

Gifts For New Grandparents

1. A New Granddaughter to Love Desktop Plaque

The joy first-time grandparents feel when they hold their grandchild is a very beautiful thing. Give them a plaque to look at every single day to remind them that there’s a new person to love. They won’t be able to believe how blessed they are!

Gifts For New Grandparents

2. Nana and Papa House Rules Wall Art Canvas Sign

If you are hunting for unique gifts for grandparents, you’ve come to the right place. It’s always fun to be spoiled, and that’s what a grandchild can always expect. Make this lovely sign a part of the grandparents’ home. You’ll have a very happy kid on your hands.

Gifts For New Grandparents

3. Grandpa Your First Grandbaby Arriving Custom Photo Mug

What’s better than gifts for a new grandpa to make his coffee taste better with each coming day? Pretty soon, he’s going to have a little one to spoil and shower with hugs and kisses. Caffeine dressed up in this grandparent gift will be exactly what he needs.

Gifts For New Grandparents

4. Adventures in Grandparenting Book

Here’s a gift idea for grandparents that will entertain and delight everyone. It’ll open their eyes to all the fun adventures that await in this new phase of their lives. Having a grandchild is a second chance to discover life in all its splendor. How lucky are these two?

Gifts For New Grandparents

5. You Are Going To Be Grandparents Puzzle

A grandparent announcement gift has to be special and meaningful, and this thoughtful puzzle is all that and more! Watch them put together the jigsaw and jump around when they discover the happy news. This is a moment worth capturing for everyone to relive over and over again.

Gifts For New Grandparents

6. Tumbler Set

Tumblers are fantastic personalized gifts for grandparents because you’ll be sure they’ll come into great use. Watching the grandkids with a favorite beverage that’s always at the perfect temperature is now possible. Coffee stays hot, and wine remains cold. What more can you ask for, really?

Gifts For New Grandparents

7. Welcome To Nana & Papa’s House Doormat

Grandbabies are the best because they are so much fun to play with. This gift is a great way to welcome grandchildren home and to get them geared up for enjoyment. A grandparent’s home is where the ice cream never runs out. That’s a kid’s dream come true!

Gifts For New Grandparents

8. “The Day You Became My Grandma” Custom Star Map Photo Canvas Print

Only the stars know how much love the best grandparents have for their lucky grandkids. The sweetest gifts for a new grandma are those that perfectly capture how much she cares. This print allows her to experience the moment she first became a proud grandmother time and again.

Gifts For New Grandparents

9. First Christmas as Grandma and Grandpa Photo Desktop Plaque

The holidays are going to be extra merry because of the new kid on the block! Even your baby can participate and offer these two grandparents Christmas gifts this year. Capture a beautiful photo of them holding the newborn to come up with an amazing present they’ll love looking at.

Gifts For New Grandparents

10. Family Tree Custom Photo Canvas

There is nothing cuter than the way new grandparents go around showing off photos of their grandchildren. If your parents don’t get to see their grandkids much because of distance, they’ll love this gift. It’s a great way for them to look at their growing family!

Gifts For New Grandparents

11. Letters to My Grandchild

No matter how we look at it, life is short. Make full use of it with this grandparent gift idea. Get your parents to pen down everything they have always wanted to tell their grandkid. These messages will be invaluable keepsakes that will remain in the family forever.

Gifts For New Grandparents

12. Apple – 10.2-Inch iPad

Is there a more practical gift for new grandparents than an iPad? It’s a great way for long-distance families to keep in touch. They’ll want to do that even more now that they have a grandbaby to love. Don’t let the miles separate. Let technology do its part.

Gifts For New Grandparents

13. Promoted to Grandparent Shirt

Instead of calling your parents to say, “You’re going to be grandparents,” surprise them with these shirts. Imagine all the compliments they’re going to get from friends and strangers alike. Nothing will beat the pride they feel from all that attention, except finally holding their grandchild!

Gifts For New Grandparents

14. Diaper Bag Tote Set

If the grandparents are going to be watching your baby a lot, they’re going to love this bag. It’ll make trips to the park easy and diaper changing a breeze. Since this new grandparent gift comes with so many practical pockets, they’ll use it even without the baby in tow.

Gifts For New Grandparents

15. Legacy Journal: Grandparent Journal and Memory Book

Get your parents to pass down their stories and wisdom with precious keepsakes for their grandchildren. If they’re stuck with writer’s block, the prompts will help their ideas flow. There are so many things grandparents have to share, but time isn’t always on our side!

Gifts For New Grandparents

16. Baby Handprint and Footprint Frame Print

If you’re looking for gifts for grandparents from grandchildren, consider this. It’ll be your kid’s first art project. Your parents will love looking at a print their grandkid made for them. It’ll be their most treasured item from now on. Their home won’t be complete without it!

Gifts For New Grandparents

17. Our Little Blessing Custom Baby Photo Canvas Print

There’s nothing that will make your parents more excited than news of their grandbaby. What’s a greater blessing than a new angel to love? Put together six beautiful photos of your kid to make them a custom grandparent gift. It’ll be proudly displayed for all to see!

Gifts For New Grandparents

18. Echo Show 8

Here’s a great way for your parents to feel connected to their grandchild, despite living apart. The creations of the modern world really do wonders to keep us close. The Amazon Echo is a superb gift to get grandparents. They’ll be able to witness your baby grow up!

Gifts For New Grandparents

19. Our First Christmas Grandparents Personalized Ornament

It’s the most magical time of the year. Shopping for Christmas presents is fun, but can be tough. If you’re looking for gift ideas for new grandparents, how about a personalized ornament? Their tree is going to be extra pretty this year, there’s no doubt about it!

Gifts For New Grandparents

 20. Beer Glass Set for Grandparents

Now, the grandparents will be able to enjoy their favorite drinks in style. Happy hour will be happening a lot more often, and they’ll have more reason to celebrate with these grandparent gifts. What’s a better excuse to have beer or wine than a grandkid brightening up their days?

Gifts For New Grandparents

21. Long-Distance Touch Lamp

Celebrate Grandparents’ Day with gifts for your parents as well as your child. With these lamps, missing each other will be much more bearable. A touch will mean so much, especially one that can travel vast distances. Is there a more original way to stay connected with loved ones?

Memories for My Grandchild

22. Memories for My Grandchild

Have your wonderful parents pen down their memories for their grandchild to discover years from now. The joy that comes from this precious keepsake is truly irreplaceable. It’s the perfect gift for grandparents because they too will be able to relive their days gone by.

Happiness Is Having Grandkids To Love Photo Pillow

23. Happiness Is Having Grandkids To Love Photo Pillow

To a grandparent, happiness is having their whole family under one roof. This sentimental gift for grandparents will make them smile each time they hug it. They’ll love seeing the beautiful faces because it reminds them how lucky they are to have grandchildren to spoil!

Grandchildren Sign With Names

24. Grandchildren Sign With Names

Everyone should consider this new grandparent gift idea because your parents are going to love it. Complete their home with a hanging piece featuring all their grandchildren’s names. Their hearts may be full of love now, but because they’re so awesome, there’s always space for more!

Pairs Well With Becoming Grandparents Wine Label

25. Pairs Well With Becoming Grandparents Wine Label

Take any bottle of wine, dress it up with this label, and what do you get? A fantastic pregnancy announcement gift for grandparents! Just imagine their expressions when they receive the good news. They’ve been waiting for this for so long. It’ll be the best reason to have a drink!

Family Birthday Calendar Wall Hanging

26. Family Birthday Calendar Wall Hanging

What is a good gift for grandparents? This decoration piece is one. It’ll help them remember the days that truly matter. Pretty soon, they won’t have an excuse for forgetting birthdays. Plus, it’s a great way to welcome a new family member into the fold.

Grandkids Spoiled Here Tea Tower

27. Grandkids Spoiled Here Tea Tower

Complete your parents’ kitchen with the best Christmas gift for first-time grandparents. Better yet, use it to surprise them with your pregnancy! That’s one moment they’ll want to remember forever, and this funny tea towel is a great way to do that. One spoiled grandchild coming right up!

28. Personalized Photo Calendar

Put together some memorable photos of the family and design a special calendar for your parents. This is a one-of-a-kind present for grandparents. Flipping through it as each day goes by will be a new favorite pastime. They’ll be so sorry when the year ends!

Baby Car Seat

29. Baby Car Seat

If you are scouring the internet for gifts for a grandparent to be, how about this child seat? Offer the grandparents a useful present they’ll be able to use with all their grandkids. It’ll keep the baby safe and put everyone’s minds at ease. So many adventures await!

Grandparent Countdown Blocks

30. Grandparent Countdown Blocks

Reveal your pregnancy with a gift for these soon to be grandparents. They’re going to update the blocks as the weeks go by as they await the arrival of their grandchild. The excitement is going to be off the charts. Finally, a little baby to share life’s treasures with!

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