43 Best New Dads Gifts for Any First-Time Father (2022)

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • March 22, 2022
43 Best New Dads Gifts for Any First-Time Father (2022)

Looking for the best gifts for new dads? We’ve got you covered.

As a first-time father, he has many sleepless nights ahead of him. A perfect gift can help him stay organized and feel appreciated when taking the first leap into fatherhood.

It isn’t always easy shopping for practical, sentimental, and cool gifts for new parents, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Here are some great gift ideas to make his first Father’s Day, Christmas, or birthday unforgettable.

(Prices change frequently, so they could be slightly different from what we mentioned at the time of publication)

Best Gifts for New Dads

When starting this new life chapter, every man tend to be stressed out and sleep-deprived.

Comfort and make them feel special with these best gifts.

1. Daddy Poem Desktop Plaque

gifts for first time dads: father and son desktop plaque

$29.95 $24.95 (17% OFF)

Embellish daddy’s office with this perfect daddy poem desktop plaque and brighten up his office days. It is suitable for a fireplace mantel, office desk, or side table.

The unique, high-quality plaque lets you include your custom photo and name to show love to the father. With a beautifully written poem, this frame makes a magnificent new dad gift for any special occasion.

2. Bear Family Map Canvas

new father gifts: Bear Family Map Canvas


This Bear family map canvas print is a perfect gift idea for any dad that they will surely adore and cherish.

How to customize it?

  • Custom each map with the place of birth of each family member
  • Add names and the established year

3. Baby Carrier

first time dad gifts: dad using baby carrier for his baby


You may be thinking of taking your baby with you on an excursion in those initial months (and beyond). There’s no better way to take a bit of the strain off than with a cool and breathable Ergobaby carrier. It will grow with the baby from a newborn to a toddler.

If you’re looking for a perfect push gift for a new dad, search no further.

4. Leveled Up to Daddy Mug

presents for new dads: coffee cup with photo of a dad and his son - gifts for new dad

$29.95 $22.95 (23% OFF)

Becoming a dad is one of the greatest achievements of a man’s life. This “Leveled Up to Daddy” white ceramic custom coffee mug is a unique, useful, and intimate gift for new dads.

You can also customize it by adding a photograph of the first-time father with his infant. The individualized high-quality print creates some deeply personal, long-lasting sentiment that he will cherish forever.

5. The Day You Became My Daddy

gifts for new fathers: the night you became my daddy custom star map


Becoming a dad is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Celebrate his special moment with this wall art. It is a meaningful gift for guys who have unconditionally loved their children ever since the day they first laid eyes on them.

6. Diaper Backpack

gifts for new dad: grey diaper backpack


This modern design boasts all the features necessary for toting around all the extra diapers, clothes, and bottles babies need regularly. This great baby accessory is one of the best gifts for new dads. It has great organizational features, such as the padded laptop pocket and mesh pocket organizers.

7. Video Baby Monitor

new dad gifts: video baby monitor


This baby monitor lets him stay in touch with his baby from another room or even from the outside of the house. Sometimes, his baby needs to hear his parents’ voice. With this device, you can talk and comfort your baby from another room.

8. The Dad Hoodie

gift ideas for new dads: the dad hoodie


Gone are the diaper bag days because The dad hoodie is revolutionizing the way parenting is done.

It features six internal compartments for holding baby stuff such as bottles, wipes, snacks, phones, glasses, books, diapers, and even hand sanitizer. Designed by a dad for dads, the hoodie features nothing but the highest quality fabrics from around the world. It’s perfect for new dads who like to have their hands free when leaving the house with their baby.

9. Baby Birth Stats Pillow

gift for first time dad: Baby Birth Stats Pillow


Having a new baby is a beautiful, life-changing moment. Mark the exciting occasion with a heartfelt personalized pillow. The adorable pillow will let the new dads keep the important details of their child nearby.

What can you customize?

  • Baby’s picture
  • Name
  • Birth stats, including the date, time, weight, height, and location

10. Little Girl Plaque

best gifts for first time dads: little girl custom desktop plaque


This is a cute and personalized plaque mug that is bound to bring a smile to his face. Easily customize it with the kid’s photo to turn it into a sentimental gift for the soon-to-be dad.

11. Matching Set

best gifts for first time dads: Father And Son Matching Set


Surprise your husband or any father with this cute and funny matching set onesie.

The shirts are made of 90% cotton and 10% polyester, with premium vinyl for easy machine washability. Keep the dad and baby comfy and stylish with this delightful popular set!

12. Be Prepared

gift for a new daddy: the book be prepared


If babies were easy to figure out, life would be a lot less interesting. It’s the minor challenges along the way that make it worthwhile.

“Be Prepared” is an all-important survival manual for new dads entering the trenches of fatherhood. It features useful how-to’s every new dad should know.

13. Whiskey Glass

gifts for new dad: whiskey glass with footprint


This beautiful handprint and footprint glass engraving is an absolutely unique and wonderful way of treasuring those little fingers and toes forever. It far exceeds the quality of most other etched glassware.

This is also an exceptional present idea for whiskey lovers. Daddy can enjoy his drinks for years to come and enjoy all the lovely memories of early parenthood.

14. Instant Pot

new dad gift ideas: instant pot


First-time dads have pretty hectic schedules, and cooking is never really on the itinerary. This instant pot can cook anything from roasts to chicken to desserts, and much faster than most other cooking appliances.

15. Leather Wallet

new dad gifts: Leather Wallet


This wallet, engraved with the year he becomes a dad, is one of the best gifts for new dads. It is made with high-quality genuine cowhide leather. The engraving on both sides can be done in actual handwriting or in a nice font.

16. Engraved Bracelet

gifts for new dad: bracelet


Nothing beats personalized items. This bracelet is custom-made with aluminum, brass, and leather. Go with baby names, dates of birth, or other significant information, so he always remembers what’s truly important.

17. Bondaroo T-Shirt

new daddy gifts: Bondaroo T-Shirt


This skin-to-skin shirt can enhance father-baby interactions and establish parental confidence, so it’s a perfect push present for dad. It will look incredible at home or in the clinic. These special, high-quality, easy-to-wear shirts are designed to be comfortable and protect the baby’s fragile skin.

18. Why A Daughter Needs A Dad

newborn dad gifts: book named why a daughter needs a dad


Showing the special bond a daughter will have with her dad, the book will perfectly connect a guy and his little girl. It is a unique baby shower gift for dad. With charming illustrations and heartwarming rhymes, we guarantee they’ll both enjoy it!

19. Neck & Back Massager

gifts for the new dad: neck and back massager


Between the long days at work and taking care of the baby, he can be exhausted. So it’s not surprising that the best-selling item for a new daddy is often neck and back massagers.

20. Coffee Maker

gifts for new dad: coffee maker


Most new parents need a quick pick me up in the morning ahead of a busy day. With this coffee maker, you can savor freshly brewed coffee using your favorite grounds.

If you are looking for a thoughtful gift for a first-time dad, check out this wonderful surprise.

21. Handprint & Footprint Photo Frame

things for new dads: baby's handprints keepsake frame


A personalized baby gift can be especially sentimental for a new parent. Cherish those exceptional moments with this photo frame kit.

It captures the timeless beauty of a baby’s little handprint, footprint, fingers, and toes forever. The premium quality frame and mounting equipment are beautiful and durable, making for an ideal holiday present.

22. Cotton Robe

gifts for a first time dad: cotton robe for men


Treat the new dad with this luxurious, super soft cotton bathrobe. This U2SKIIN robe is perfect for when he comes out of the bath or just cuddling the baby on the couch.

It is one of the warmest and most comfortable robes for new dads you can get for a baby shower.

23. Family Photo Collage Blanket

new father gifts: family photo collage blanket

$79.95 $59.95 (25% OFF)

Captured special moments will always make for great gift ideas for new dads. Showcase your treasured photos for generations to come with a family photo collage blanket. This beautiful blanket will brighten up any space by representing the family and all the love in your home.

24. One-Handed Opener

gifts for first time dads: one handed opener


GrabOpener has a powerful magnet designed to make opening your favorite beer or non-alcoholic beverage fun and convenient. This is an excellent tool for people with certain impairments.

It works exceptionally well because of the amalgamation of traditional functionality, artistic design, and improved user experience. Therefore, this opener is the perfect item for beer lovers, and daddy will surely love it.   

25. Slip-On Sneakers

gifts for new dad: slip on sneakers


Compliment a dad’s street style with these super lightweight slip-on sneakers. They feature a multi-density cushioned insole with memory foam and a slip-resistant anti-skid outsole.

26. Tile Mate

first time dad gifts: tile mate


Parenthood can be a hectic experience, and losing focus can happen easily. If daddy tends to misplace things, the new tile mate is a versatile finder for everyday items.

27. Pocket Printer

presents for new dads: pocket printer


Make his life brighter by taking a digital connection and turning it into a picture. It is the best present for a new dad. Why? He’s going to have a phone full of baby pictures and it’s great to print out some. Then he can make a baby book as a keepsake that lasts many years to come.

28. Smart Watch

gifts for new dad: black smart watch


If daddy leads a healthy way of life or just wants to get active, this smartwatch will help him stay motivated. It features an accurate waterproof tracker that adds a ton of the coolest smartwatch features and a great battery. Also, it will automatically track your steps, calories, heart rate, and sleep stages all day.

29. Men’s Grooming Kit

gifts for new dad: men's grooming kit


Look no further for the perfect gift idea because it is ideal for top activity and everyday gentleman’s hygiene. The grooming kit also features a uniquely formulated crop cleanser, crop preserver, and a useful crop reviver. It will keep any man refreshed and ready for anything.  

30. White Noise Machine

 gifts for new dad: white noise machine


The constant midnight diaper changes will make him try everything from meditation to journaling to weighted blankets. Unfortunately, he’s probably still not going to get a good night’s sleep.

This white noise machine creates a personalized sound environment that will surely give him a good night’s rest after many long sleepless nights.

31. Phone Case

gift ideas for new dads: phone case


Phone cases are really great gifts for new dads. Protector Series Pro will safeguard his phone from all kinds of dangers.

It also delivers the best professional-grade protection and enduring antimicrobial defense. This is a new father item he will truly love.

32. Vacuum Travel Tumbler Cup

best gifts for first time dads: Vacuum Travel Tumbler Cup


This stainless steel double-wall vacuum insulated mug will keep his drinks warm all day long. Even if he gets distracted by baby’s cries or diaper changing, a cup of hot coffee is always ready. This is one of the best first-time dad gifts you need to consider.

33. Portable Charger

gift for a new daddy: black portable charger


Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets make our lives a lot simpler. That’s until they run out of battery power, and there’s no outlet nearby.

The package includes a travel pouch, welcome guide, and a micro USB cable that will keep the da-da entertained at the hospital.

34. Rocking Chair

new dad gift ideas: gray rocking chair


After a long, hard day’s work, dad will need a comfortable place to relax. This rocking chair is designed with an extended front tip to keep him safe when holding the baby.

It is one of the best items for new dads. Modern as much as it’s comfortable, this lounge chair makes for a practical and thoughtful gift that he will love.

35. Star Wars Socks

new daddy gifts: star war socks


Show the man that he is the best in the galaxy with these awesome Star Wars socks. They’re made from a super-soft cotton blend and high-quality stretch vinyl that will never peel or fade.

These amazing socks will make for great gag gifts for dads. Dad or not, any husband will certainly appreciate this quintessential present.

36. The Best Hugs Plaque

1st time dad gifts: The Best Hugs Plaque


Daddy is one-of-a-kind, so he deserves a one-of-a-kind present. This beautiful plaque is a splendid new dad present. They are unique and can be personalized with a photo and the baby’s name.

37. Necklace

newborn gifts for dad: necklace with baby's footprints


One of the nicest gifts for him is an amazing necklace. The personalized baby footprint necklace features high-quality surgical, stainless steel that will not rust or tarnish. Adding a personalized message or symbol makes for a unique surprise from mom.

38. Trump Coffee Mug

unique gifts for new dads: Nobody Is Better At Fatherhood Than You Mug

$29.95 $22.95 (23% OFF)

This mug is a fun way to let him know that he’s a cool dad. Each time he takes a sip from it, he will definitely smile. It will be a great gift to celebrate the year he enters the new dad territory.

39. Funny Beer Mug

things for new dads: funny beer mug


This makes a funny and meaningful keepsake for him. Fatherhood is difficult and he may have no idea what he’s doing. Sometimes, to deal with stress, he just needs to slow down take a drink. Make it an interesting baby shower present that the man you know will enjoy seeing every time he pours himself a glass of beer.

40. Diaper Duty Apron

new daddy gifts: Diaper Duty Apron


He could use it to protect himself against diaper explosions, this is the funny yet thoughtful gift that he is waiting for.

41. Dad Life Coloring Book

best gifts for first time dads: Dad Life Coloring Book


Searching for a gag gift for a new dad around you? Look no further! This book will give him time to have a beer and feel the stress relief. While coloring this hilarious book, he will belly laugh looking at the drawings and reading the phrases. Even if he won’t color it, it’s also a fun little wink towards him crushing fatherhood.

42. DAD Custom Photo Canvas

gift for a new daddy: dad custom photo canvas

52.95 $42.95 (19% OFF)

Having a lot of sweet moments of the new dad and his baby? Turn them into a meaningful gift like this creative custom photo canvas. This sleek and modern design will display memorable moments, making for a unique present for any dad. You can design your custom canvas by

  • Uploading three of your favorite special photos
  • Adding the name of his new baby

43. Small Fingers Desktop Plaque

gift for a new daddy: My Fingers May Be Small Plaque

$29.95 $24.95

With the photos of the child, this plaque is bound to touch the heart of the dad.

Personalize this custom gift with 3 pictures. And you can add a sweet message to spoil the new dad.

For more great gift ideas for new dads, check out our guides here:

Bottom Line­

We tend to forget what first-time fathers go through and how they are often stressed out and sleep-deprived. It’s important to show them how much we appreciate them and make them feel a bit special. Sentimental and personalized gifts for new dads can provide an overwhelming sense of love and admiration. 

Whether it’s his Christmas or birthday, it’s always another reason to celebrate him. The new dad will need the most useful tools to keep him going through the not so pleasant times. The most special gifts will ensure that the baby will also enjoy their moments with daddy.



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