50+ Unique Gifts for New Boyfriends to Win His Heart 2024

50+ Unique Gifts for New Boyfriends to Win His Heart 2024

Looking for the best gifts for a new boyfriend can be challenging. You’ve just started dating for a short time, so don’t come onto your man as weird or too strong if you don’t want to scare him off.

Here is a list of cool and unique new relationship gift ideas for him. They aren’t too lovey-dovey to freak out your beloved boyfriend. Whether it’s for his birthday, Christmas, or any occasion, you’ll find something to impress him.

(Prices change frequently, so they could be slightly different from what we mentioned at the time of publication)

Best Gifts for New Boyfriend

When you’re in a brand new relationship, don’t scare off your partner with something that screams serious commitment. Our gift guide ahead will help you out.

1. The Night Everything Changed Star Map

The Night Everything Changed Star Map


  • Memorable Keepsake
  • The star map and design create stunning wall decor


  • Small Text Limitations

Searching for romantic gifts for a new boyfriend that you met at a special place? Then this gift is perfect! This cute and unique wall art features the location where the two of you met and the night sky constellation map at that moment.

2. Where It All Began Map Canvas Print

Where It All Began Map Canvas Print


  • The canvas print is made with high-quality materials
  • A thoughtful and meaningful gift


  • Map Detail Limitations
  • Size Restrictions

Personalized gifts for your boyfriend don’t always have to include pictures or sappy sayings about how much you love him. This custom canvas print highlights with an adorable little red heart where it all began for the two of you. This one-of-a-kind picture makes a great gift for a relationship milestone or upcoming anniversary.

3. Star War T-Shirt

Star War T-Shirt


  • Officially licensed Star Wars T-shirt
  • A great gift for Star Wars fans


  • The t-shirt is a bit expensive
  • Not suitable for everyone

If your significant other is a big fan of the Beatles and Star Wars, he is going to love this gift! He will think this shirt is absolutely funny. Besides, the material is soft and the imprint is of great quality.

A customer reviewed, ‘Bought my boyfriend this for his birthday and he loves it! He is 5’11 and a medium fit perfect!’

4. Swiped Right Desktop Plaque

Swiped Right Desktop Plaque

Looking for a new relationship gift idea for him? This desktop plaque will be a perfect choice. If your man is the one who always lights up your day, this gift will be the perfect thing to express your love.

5. You’re My Purrson Mug

You're My Purrson Mug

With this cute mug, you can express your love in a creative way. If your new man is a cat lover, this mug is the ideal gift to celebrate your relationship. Crafted from ceramic, this mug guarantees food and beverage safety. Plus, it’s dishwasher and microwave-safe for easy care.

6. Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Whether he is hanging out with his buddies or spending a day at the beach with you, this waterproof speaker will become a staple in his daily activities. He can easily toss it in a bag and be ready for 12 hours of nonstop music. A cool birthday gift for your new boyfriend that he will love using every day.

7. Famous Couples Typography Pillow

Famous Couples Typography Pillow

This is a gift that you can add to over time as your relationship develops. If he isn’t much for framed prints, then a pillow is a great option. This makes a great gift for your first Valentine’s day or the sweetest gift for your boyfriend.

8. Fun Crew Cotton Socks

Fun Crew Cotton Socks

Is it appropriate to give a first-date gift? Sure it is! These socks make a perfectly acceptable gift to give when you first meet your new partner. They are cheap and fun gifts that you can use as an icebreaker to strike up a conversation. They will certainly score you some bonus points if he is a history buff!

9. Where We Met Custom Map

Where We Met Custom Map


  • Personalized Keepsake
  • Memorable Design and Easy to Hang


  • Limited Design Choices
  • Map Limitations

If you are looking for a cute customized gift to celebrate your early relationship, this map is a perfect choice. Simply custom it with your name, map, date, and photo.

10. Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized Sunglasses

Gifts for men fall into a few different general categories, clothing, sports-related, and romantic. Any of these types of gifts would work well for a new boyfriend. These polarized sunglasses are perfect for the guy who likes to look stylish while out and about. Ergonomic and lightweight, he will never want to take these sunglasses off.

Here’s what a customer shared, ‘These are stylish and comfortable. I like the glare protection. I keep them in the pouch they came in so they don’t get scratches. For the price I am very happy, I would purchase another pair.’

11. Our First Christmas Photo Ornament

Our First Christmas Photo Ornament

This custom ornament is the perfect holiday decoration to celebrate your very first Christmas together. Simply upload one photo and add your name and date. Then you’ll have a special thing that’s like no other. This Personalized Christmas Ornament boasts high-quality aluminum construction, adorned with exquisite one-side UV printing, a brushed metal matte finish, and comes complete with a red satin ribbon for easy hanging.

12. Gourmet Hot Sauce Set

Gourmet Hot Sauce Set

Young men can handle the heat of a new relationship, but can they handle the heat this hot sauce is throwing? If he would rock a hot wing challenge at the local bar, then he is going to love this gift. Made from high-quality ingredients like black truffles, he won’t want to share!

13. Wine Subscription

Wine Subscription

Who says you need a special occasion to give your new boyfriend a gift? Wine, beer, and liquor-related gifts make great gifts to give him just because you want to treat him to something special. Choose from different subscriptions or give him a gift card if you are not sure what kind of wine he is into.

14. Button Down Casual Shirts

Button Down Casual Shirts

Celebrate your first Christmas together with this ultra-comfortable button-down flannel shirt. He will be looking stylish and think of you every time he wears this simple and practical shirt. Available in a wide range of colors and sizes, you are sure to find the best new boyfriend gift that he will enjoy wearing often.

15. Beard Kit

Beard Kit

If your new boyfriend spends more time in the bathroom getting ready than you do and grooming his beard, then consider getting him this beard essentials kit. This clever kit has everything he could ever need to grow and groom his facial hair. But be warned, with such a nice beard, all of the ladies will want to touch it.

A 5-star Amazon review stated, ‘I love this kit!!! The straight razor is really great to use and cuts smooth. I use the beard wash everyday and my face has never felt cleaner. The beard balm works great and smells so good. Definitely would recommend.

16. Punderdome Card Game

Punderdome Card Game


  • Creative, Humorous and Challenging
  • Encourages Quick Thinking
  • The game is easy to learn


  • Reliant on Players’ Sense of Humor
  • Repetitive Gameplay

What better way to spend an evening than having a game night with your guy and your closest friends. Grab some beverages, invite your friends over, and prepare to laugh until your sides hurt. This game is perfect for the guy who loves bad jokes and also doubles as a conversation starter when things seem dull between you two.

17. Shirt Jacket

Shirt Jacket

This shirt jacket has been a staple in guys’ wardrobes for some time. Get him this gift to make sure he keeps up with the trend. This flannel-lined jacket is not only stylish but a useful and versatile clothing item. Available in three standard colors to suit any guy’s taste, this gift will quickly become his signature jacket.

18. Sweatpants


Joggers have become a go-to style for men and women alike of all ages. They are comfortable, go with everything, and are just as acceptable to wear in class as they are to work out. Give him something for Valentine’s day that he won’t want to take off. This gift pairs perfectly with other clothing items or a sporty gift.

19. Lego The Simpsons House

Lego The Simpsons House

Doh! You are never too old to play with Legos! If your new man is a fan of The Simpsons, he is going to love this cute little Lego set. Have fun building this little piece of Springfield together or give him some time to himself so he can get lost in this gigantic Lego set. The perfect set for fans of LEGO brick building and The Simpsons! House is hinged in the middle for easy access. The Simpsons House measures over 9″ (23cm) high, 16″ (42cm) wide and 9″ (24cm) deep.

20. Men’s Scuff Slipper

Men's Scuff Slipper

When you haven’t been together for very long, it can be difficult to find new relationship gift ideas for him that aren’t lame. You don’t want to look too needy or like you don’t care about him. Slippers make a great gift idea for Christmas. Who couldn’t use a pair of slippers for scooting around the house?

21. Bath Towel Set

Bath Towel Set

Guys don’t tend to think about things like towels and bathroom decor but he will surely appreciate these cotton bath towels after a hot shower. Luxury bath towels make a thoughtful gift for the guy who lives on his own. Things for his home make practical gifts that your new boyfriend will actually use.

22. Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Super Mario 3D All-Stars

Does your boyfriend seem to spend more time playing his Nintendo Switch than he does texting you back? Well, make sure he’s at least playing something that you join him in playing with this Super Mario game. A great new boyfriend gift for young men that will have him battling you through awesome 3D adventures.

23. Home Tool Kit

Home Tool Kit

Guys can never have enough tools! This home tool kit is an easy gift to give that includes everything he needs to do simple projects around the house. Tools make practical gifts for guys that they will get a ton of use out of. Plus this will give him no excuse to not complete that honey-do list.

24. Weighted Blanket

Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets make amazing gifts for your significant other. They have been shown to have significant health benefits, such as improved sleep quality and relief for those with sensory disorders. They also feel like a big hug every time you snuggle up with them. Show him how much you care about his well-being and comfort with this weighted blanket.

25. Sandwich Maker

Sandwich Maker

For the guy who loves to spend his free time in the kitchen, there is no shortage of available gift ideas. When you start dating it’s always fun to be able to cook and make exciting creations together. Try out delicious gourmet sandwich recipes with this sandwich maker and panini press that also doubles as a small, indoor grill.

A customer shared, ‘My husband uses this for EVERYTHING. chicken, paninis, beef, grilled cheese, quesadillas…literally everything. It’s super versatile and was a great addition to our home. It’s slightly inconvenient to clean due to it being electric but it’s really not bad.’

Cool New Boyfriend Gifts

Just be dating for one or four months and you want to give him something cool? We got you covered.

26. I Love You This Much

I Love You This Much


  • Its compact and elegant design
  • Easy to Display


  • Limited Design Customization

They say that love can’t be measured, but here‘s a keepsake that proves them wrong. Next time he asks, simply point to this cute plaque! To make things even more romantic, you can customize it with pictures that mean the most to you.

27. My Girlfriend Is Hotter Than My Coffee

My Girlfriend Is Hotter Than My Coffee

We, hot ladies, deserve some praise from our men! This mug will be a fun gift he will love. Also, it will bring out smiles from both of you. When your relationship is filled with jokes, you’re sure it’s one to last. Now, isn’t he the luckiest man out there?

28. Air Purifier

Air Purifier


  • Effective at removing allergens and pollutants
  • The air purifier is very quiet


  • The filter needs to be replaced regularly
  • The air purifier can be a bit large and bulky

While an air purifier might seem like a weird gift idea for your boyfriend, it is actually very thoughtful. If he suffers from any kind of allergies, has pets, or smokes, this is a practical gift that will show him how much you care about his health. The perfect size for his bedroom or small apartment.

29. The Science of Cooking

The Science of Cooking

Maybe your man isn’t a pro in the kitchen and could benefit from this “science of cooking” book. A perfect gift for the budding chef filled with answers to all of his burning cooking questions. From the complex process of taste to how to tell the quality of meat, he will be a pro in the kitchen after reading this.

30. Leather Jacket with Removable Hood

Leather Jacket with Removable Hood

Get him something special for his birthday with this leather jacket with a removable hood. Made from genuine leather, this comfortable leather jacket is a timeless piece that will complete any look he throws together. Clothing gifts are always a winner from a girlfriend, especially something that will make him look this handsome. Made from 100% genuine leather, and lined with polyester, this motorcycle jacket also features a cotton filling for ultimate warmth and comfort; multiple pockets offer ample storage.

31. Shot Spinning Roulette Game Set

Shot Spinning Roulette Game Set

Get your new man something fun and unique that he will love to show off to all his friends. This shot-spinning roulette game will be a great gift to use with his buddies or for a couple’s casino night. Your boyfriend will love this gift even more if you include his favorite liquor to fill up the shot glasses with.

32. Pasta Maker Machine

Pasta Maker Machine

What is your new boyfriend’s favorite type of cuisine? If it is Italian food, then he is sure to love this pasta maker. He will have no excuse not to cook for you with all of the different types of pasta that he could make. Spaghetti, linguine, ravioli, angel hair pasta, the pasta-bilities are endless!

33. Classic 5-Pocket Jeans

Classic 5-Pocket Jeans

For the guy with a classic style that likes to keep things simple, these classic denim jeans make a perfect gift. Whether he’s sporting jeans to work, hanging out with his buddies, or just wearing them every day, they make a useful gift for your new bae. These authentic Wrangler jeans will quickly become a staple in his minimalist manly wardrobe.

34. Fishing Rod Bag Holder

Fishing Rod Bag Holder


  • Provides protection against moisture
  • The bag has multiple compartments
  • Conveniently folds for easy storage when not in use


  • Not as lightweight as some other bags
  • The bag can be a bit bulky

For the outdoorsman, there is no shortage of gifts to get him. If he has more fishing poles than ex-girlfriends, he is certainly going to appreciate this fishing rod bag. He will know that he has a good catch in you when you give him this practical gift.

35. Rapid Cold Brewer

Rapid Cold Brewer

If your new bae is a caffeine junkie, he is going to love this rapid cold brew coffee maker. A thoughtful and practical gift for a guy you just started dating. While this might seem like a little gift, you know it is something he will appreciate and use on a daily basis.

One customer commented, ‘It makes a good cup of coffee that’s drinkable right away. It does not make the concentrate that you get from the 24-hour steeping process….!!!!’

36. Novelty Pullover Hoodies

Novelty Pullover Hoodies

These novelty sweatshirts make great gifts for any time or occasion. They are comfortable and come in so many different styles you will want to get him one of each. If you’re searching for a Christmas gift, opt for the sexy Santa. Your new boyfriend is sure to get a kick out of these gifts.

37. The Craft of the Cocktail

The Craft of the Cocktail

Just like your relationship, the perfect cocktail can be complicated. Be sure he can perfect at least one of them with the “Craft of the Cocktail,” book. A unique gift for any guy who is always trying something new behind the bar. Filled with rich history, techniques, and of course hundreds of recipes, this will quickly become his favorite book.

38. 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

The best kind of boyfriend gifts is those that the two of you can enjoy together. Putting together puzzles is a great way to spend time together and determine how well you can work together as a team. Puzzles also make a cheap gift that won’t put any pressure on him to return the favor with something extravagant.

39. Folding Camping Chair

Folding Camping Chair

Unsure what type of outdoor gifts to buy your new boyfriend? This folding camp chair is great for sitting by the bonfire or attending outdoor sporting events. It is space-saving and completely folds up into a small bag, unlike those other bulky camping chairs. They are so comfortable and practical, so be sure to get yourself one too! The camping chair featuring a built-in cooler for keeping beverages cold. Its durable steel frame supports up to 325 pounds, making it a lasting choice for outdoor relaxation.

40. Electric Indoor Searing Grill

Electric Indoor Searing Grill

No need for bad weather to hold your man back from cooking up tasty dishes on the grill. This indoor grill allows him to BBQ any time of the year, no matter the weather conditions or space restrictions. A great gift for your new boyfriend’s birthday that he will want to use all the time.

A customer shared, ‘This product is amazing. Cooks exactly like an outdoor grill, But Indoors. Highly recommend. Steaks, chicken and burgers all stay moist and cook well. So much easier than going outdoors to cook. We love the easy cleanup….just put most of it in dishwasher. Wish we had bought it sooner.’

41. Dutch Oven

Dutch Oven

Could your boyfriend spend hours watching cooking videos with you? A Dutch oven makes a practical Christmas gift that he will be cooking up a storm in no time. From artisan bread to beef bourguignon, he will be spoiling you with gourmet dishes all the time.

Small Gifts for New Boyfriend

Looking for something that is casual to not freak him out, but not too casual like you don’t care at all? Check out these small and creative gifts that remind him of why he swiped right.

42. Charging Station

Charging Station


  • Wooden chargers add rustic charm and enhance room decor
  • Thoughtful and personalized gifts
  • Convenient to use


  • Not as fast as some other chargers
  • The wood can be scratched

Make sure he keeps all of his accessories organized and fully charged with this personalized iOS wireless charging station. A clever way to make sure his phone and smartwatch are never dead so he has no excuse to not text you back. A practical new relationship birthday gift idea for him he will use every day.

43. Watch


Watches make great gifts for men for any occasion, no matter how long the two of you have been together. This brand-name watch has a timeless style that he can wear to the office or out with his buddies. It’s also incredibly durable and made from high-quality materials like stainless steel and leather, guaranteed to last!

44. The Pun Also Rises

The Pun Also Rises

Is your boyfriend always saying something witty and making puns? If he is the kind of guy who sees the humor in everything, he will surely get a kick out of this book. A small new boyfriend gift that will only make him funnier and slightly smarter and will have you rolling with laughter (or rolling your eyes).

45. Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

Whether he’s sipping coffee on his commute or spiking his beverage while deer hunting, you can be sure he will always have this insulated tumbler in his hand. A perfect birthday gift that will last him for years! It’s also a useful gift for the tough guy that really puts things to the test, just like your relationship. The YETI 30 oz Rambler Tumbler is crafted from 18/8 stainless steel with double-wall vacuum insulation, a No Sweat Design, and fits standard cup holders at 7 5/8″ high and 4″ lip diameter.

46. Facial Cleanser

Facial Cleanser

Most guys won’t go out of their way to buy facial cleaner, besides, isn’t shampoo good enough? Make sure he stays handsome with this rugged and dapper face cleaner, a useful gift made just for men. While he might not care about all the benefits, he’ll care about how much more you’ll want to kiss that soft and clean face.

Here’s what a customer shared, ‘This product works great and lasts a long time which makes the price worth it for me. I use morning and night with no issues. On my 2nd bottle. Just subscribed to save on future orders.’

47. Electric Shaver

Electric Shaver

After he has washed his face, make sure it is nice and smooth. Electric shavers are such a classic gift for any guy, and so practical. Even in a new relationship, you can’t go wrong giving him something that will get him a nice, close shave. Replace the shaver that he bought years ago with this cool rechargeable shaver.

48. Crocs Baya Clog

Crocs aren’t just for teenage girls and nurses anymore, they have become a fashion staple for everyone. A thoughtful gift from a girlfriend that just might become his favorite pair of shoes. Super comfortable, durable, and available in a wide range of colors, you can even buy a matching pair #twinning!

49. Zodiac Signs Custom Pillow

Zodiac Signs Custom Pillow


  • The custom pillow features your specific zodiac sign
  • Made from durable and comfortable materials


  • The pillow may not be the right size for some people

Although you both have recently started dating, he would appreciate it if you knew more about him. This cushion is a great choice to personalize with his name and birth date. The main characteristics of the twelve zodiac signs are set above the horoscope symbols.

50. Body Spray

Body Spray

If your new boyfriend doesn’t already have a signature cologne, make sure to get him something that you’re going to love smelling. Body spray is a romantic gift that both men and women enjoy getting. One little spritz will have him smelling like a fine distillery with notes of bourbon and oak. An affordable gift for Christmas or Valentine’s day.

A customer in Amazon commented, ‘I got this cologne for my fiancé and it smells wonderful! It’s a good warm scent and lasts a long time. It’s not too overpowering either right after it’s out on so that’s a plus. I would definitely recommend it, and since not much is needed each application it lasts a long time.’

51. Minimalist Slim Wallet

Minimalist Slim Wallet

Has your boyfriend had the same wallet since middle school? Give him a stylish and practical new boyfriend gift with an upgrade to this carbon fiber wallet. A small wallet he can even fit into his front pocket while keeping all of his essentials safe that won’t weigh him down.

52. The Night Our Stars Aligned Canvas Print

The Night Our Stars Aligned Canvas Print


  • Great way to commemorate the couple’s first anniversary
  • Comes with a built-in hanger


  • Limited Background Choices

Your first meeting with each other is the most important thing to remember. With the place and stars reserved, this canvas print will make a great gift for your new boyfriend.

Mark Your Early Relationship

We hope these new boyfriend gift ideas help you find the right balance to show how much you care about your early relationship without screaming “too soon”.



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