The 31 Best Gifts for Your Mother-in-Law In 2023

  • BY Ivy Fanning
  • January 15, 2023
The 31 Best Gifts for Your Mother-in-Law In 2023

Shopping for gifts for a mother-in-law can be stressful. Whether you are buying for your future MIL or for the in-law you have had for years, it is still challenging.

If you are still struggling, this article will help you. Here, you will find some great gift ideas that your in-law will treasure. Some of the gifts are perfect for giving on her birthday and Christmas. And we have a dedicated section for gifts for her on Mother’s Day! Also, if you want to show some creativity, you can make her a DIY gift that she will cherish.

If your mother-in-law is already promoted to grandma, we have some great gifts for her too! They will help celebrate her role and the bond with her grandchild.

Let’s dive right in!

Our Top Picks

The Best Gift Ideas For Your Mother-In-Law

On special celebrations, these gift ideas will help you earn some extra points from your second mom!

1/ Grandma’s Garden Throw Blanket

custom throw blanket for mother-in-law

This is named the best gift of the year for a grandma. If your mother-in-law adores her grandkids, this personalized blanket is the gift you should give this holiday season. The vendor offers 2-10 name options that will show on the blanket.

2/ Family Photo Collage Canvas

family tree photo collage print

This collage canvas print helps you collect and show the best of the family memories, making it our top gift recommendation for MILs on any occasion. She will love to see how big the family has become and how united everyone is.

3/ “My Incredible Mother-in-Law” Lotus Necklace

Mother-in-Law Lotus Necklace

Any occasion or celebration is a chance for you to say thank you to her for playing a significant part in your life. Featuring a beautiful design, this gift will help you show deep appreciation.

4/ Star Map and Photo Canvas Print

star map photo canvas print as a gift for mother in law

Upload a photo of your mother-in-law and her grandchild. Then enter the date and time for the star map. You’ll have a sentimental present that reminds her of the day she officially became a grandma.

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5/ Custom Name Jewelry Box

engraved jewelry box

Giving her a personalized jewelry box is a great idea to give her a place to store all her rings and necklaces. Customize the box with a sentimental message and you’ve got a perfect present for her birthday, Mother’s Day, or the holiday.

6/ Personalized Cutting Board

Personalized Cutting Board

If she enjoys cooking, consider giving her a cutting board. This item, personalized with her name, will be a gorgeous and practical addition to her kitchen.

7/ Pajamas for Dog Moms

pajamas for dog moms

If she is one of the dog moms out there, she will adore these pajamas. Prepare to see her wearing them around the house anytime she could while feeding or playing with the dogs!

8/ Best Mother-In-Law Ever Wine Glass

best mother in law ever wine glass

The perfect wine gift for any mother-in-law! Show her how awesome she is with this funny and unique novelty wine glass. The glass, with the words etched on it, will keep her laughing whenever she unwinds with her favorite wine.

9/ Funny Coasters for Wine Lovers

Wine Coasters Set For Mother In Law

These fun coasters are going to make your in-law crack a smile. She’ll enjoy using them when sipping her wines or when she has guests coming over.

10/ Herbal Bath Oil Gift Set

Herbal Bath Oil Gift Set

Want to help your mother-in-law experience the spa without leaving home? A set of herbal bath oil is a lovely idea. A few drops will transform her home into a relaxing environment for self-care.

11/ Massager for Neck and Back

Massagers for Neck and Back

Do you need thoughtful and caring gifts that she will put to good use? A neck and back massager is a perfect fit. After a long day, using a massager on sore muscles is a wonderful way to unwind and feel relief.

12/ Custom Christmas Ornament

photo ornament

For a mother-in-law who has just been promoted to grandma this year, a personalized Christmas ornament with a photo of her and her grandchild is the perfect gift to give.

13/ Family Street Sign Art

custom street sign print - a mother in law gift idea

Lots of moms love decorating their homes with meaningful quotes prints and signs. If your mother-in-law is one of them, then give her this simple, rustic canvas print that is customizable with details of the whole family. Especially when she is the kind of woman who already has everything, this family street sign wall art is the gift that will make her home complete.

14/ Custom Cooking Spoon

custom cooking spoon

A cooking gift is a great idea for many occasions, especially when it is personalized with her name. Simple but meaningful, the cooking utensil shows how much you appreciate her talents. Moreover, the spoon will also be gentle on her pots and pans!

15/ “Faith, Hope, Love, Family” Desktop Photo Plaque

a custom desktop plaque with family photos

Last on our list is a desktop plaque that displays fond family memories and words of love, hope, and faith. She can put it around the house, on the coffee table in the living room, or on her bedside table.

16/ Flower Teardrop Earrings

Birth Flower Earrings

Consider these birth flower earrings for her upcoming birthday, which feature the symbolic flower of her birth month. The Etsy vendor also carries birth flower necklaces, so you can make a matching set!

17/ Initial Bracelet

birth stone and initial bracelet

This piece of jewelry has been popular on Etsy for quite some time. You can make it a birthday gift for your mother-in-law by using her birth month stone. Or you can choose the birthstone and initials of her grandchildren, and give the jewelry as a gift on Mother’s Day or holidays. The plus point? It is so affordable!

18/ A Funny Birthday Photo Mug

a birthday photo mug - birthday gift for mother-in-law

This photo mug is an excellent and funny way to wish your MIL a happy birthday. You can customize it with her photo and the year. Watch her smile break out as she unwraps the present!

The Best Gift Ideas For Your Future Mother-In-Law

When shopping for gifts for future mothers-in-law on the wedding day, many might want to be cautious and play it safe. Don’t stress out, however. A small gift with some personalization or sentimental text would be great. You can take a look at the below gift ideas for some inspiration.

1/ Mother And Daughter-In-Law Portrait

mother in law and daughter in law portrait

How about a super cute personalized portrait of your future mother-in-law and you? It comes with a message, saying how thankful you are for her presence. Please note that this is a digital printable only, so you need to print and frame it to complete the gift.

2/ To My Future Mother-In-Law Coffee Mug

To my future mother in law coffee mug

This personalized mug is perfect to give your future MIL on the holiday or the wedding day. A sentimental message is printed on the mug by default, and you just have to customize the text at the bottom.


3/ “Thanks for Raising The Man of My Dream” Coffee Mug

Awesome Mother In Law Custom Photo Coffee Mug

Give your second mom this coffee mug and let her know how awesome she is to have raised the man of your dreams. You can personalize the item with a photo and text below.

4/ Monogram Leather Catchall Tray

personalized leather catchall tray with initials

With a catchall tray, she’ll have a centralized place to toss everything she needs: keys, coins, or jewelry. And she will never again struggle with leaving important accessories behind! Therefore, this leather catchall tray is elegant and practical at the same time.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Mother-In-Law

Now that she is like your second mom, getting her some gifts for Mother’s Day is a great idea to celebrate her. Below are some thoughtful and sentimental gifts to get your mother-in-law on this occasion.

1/ GRANDMA Photo Letter Canvas Print

grandma photo collage print

She must love being called Grandma, Nana… so dearly by her grandchildren. So give her this one-of-a-kind print of photo collage, with pictures of her grandkids arranged in the letters.

2/ Personalized Keychain

personalized keychain

The dainty keychain marks several milestones in her life, including the year she becomes your in-law and the year she is promoted to grandma. You can further personalize the name, and make it a sweet gift that she will use instantly.

3/ “These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things” Collage Canvas

a family photo collage print

Let her reminisce and cherish the best family moments with this collage print. This creative gift will put a smile on her face whenever she sees those lovely photos of her big family, especially her grandchildren.

4/ Photo Collage Mug

custom photo collage coffee mug

She might already have a mug collection for her morning coffee or tea. But this one, showcasing all of her favorite people (and her dogs, if any), will be her go-to mug from now on.

5/ I’m Sorry You Had To Raise My Husband Candle

sorry you had to raise my husband funny candle

The funny saying on the gift shows how much you sympathize with your mother-in-law in this regard. According to the reviews, the candle comes packaged very well and smells so good. More importantly, it will bring big smiles to your MIL on Mother’s Day!

6/ Spa Gift Box

spa gift box

Pampering boxes are always great gift ideas for several occasions, especially Mother’s Day. You can even include a cute necklace in the gift box to make it an awesome package for your mother-in-law.

DIY Gifts for Your Mother-In-Law

These ideas might be helpful if you are leaning towards making something for your MIL instead of buying from stores.

1/ DIY Shea Butter Bath Bombs

diy shea butter bath bombs

This bath bomb recipe is super easy to follow. With natural ingredients, especially shea butter and Epsom salt, these handmade bath bombs will leave her skin nourished and moisturized.

2/ Knitted Scarf

side line knitting scarf

If you are into knitting or have just started learning this, you can try making a scarf for her. We have included some easy knitting patterns that you can use.

3/ Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub

vanilla brown sugar scrub

The scrub is simple and easy to make. You can make a jar for her and one for yourself in less than 10 minutes. You just need a few simple natural ingredients that might already have in your kitchen.

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What is a good gift for a mother-in-law?

Sometimes, you’ll want to play safe by giving her popular gifts that most women want to receive, but remember to consider her interests and the practicality of the item. Also, you can consult your partner to know what your mother-in-law really likes.

A Reddit member also pointed out that a good gift should balance heart, personalization, and practicality. This is also true of gifts for MILs. So besides the ideas suggested above, you can consider these ideas that have all the qualities:

  • A family tree necklace
  • Handwriting bracelet
  • Women’s tree runners
  • Gardening gifts like a stool
  • A personalized journal
  • Custom photo puzzle


That wraps up our list of the best gifts that you can buy for your mother-in-law on special occasions. And we believe these gift ideas can please all kinds of mothers-in-law, even the picky ones. Now all you need to do is to think about her personality, interests, and hobbies to pick the most suitable one.




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