55 Unique and Amazing Gift Ideas for Men – Cool Gifts for Guys (2021)

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  • March 10, 2021
55 Unique and Amazing Gift Ideas for Men – Cool Gifts for Guys (2021)

Do you have a hard time while finding a perfect men’s gift? Surely, we all have been in the same boat. How many times will you get a shirt (boring) or a tie (super boring) as a gift? Right? To help you search for “the perfect gift,” we have prepared this list of the best gifts for men.

Browse through these ideas and see if you can find a thoughtful gift for your friend, dad, brother, or partner. These ideas work as great gifts for the guys on various occasions like Father’s Day, birthday, housewarming & Christmas as well.

Best Birthday Gifts for Men

Everyone waits for a nicely packed gift on their birthday. For the important men in your life, here is the list of gift items from which you can choose a perfect gift. 

cool gifts for men: Wireless Charging Dock Station

Wireless Charging Dock Station


Are you looking for a practical gift for your tech-freak boyfriend on their birthday? For the most passionate tech lovers, the wireless charging dock station is the perfect gift. One of the good gifts for boyfriend, the lightweight wireless station makes it easy for them to carry it on their trips. The charging station will also help them keep their desks clean, tidy, and organized.

gag gifts for men: funny "the good shit" flask

The Good Shit Flask


Any man will love some good laugh. If you are searching for funny gift ideas for your dad, this quirky flask is an awesome gift to get. Funny gifts rank high on our list as they are both creative and practical. Let your dude have their favorite drink in style in this cool flask. Made from high-grade stainless steel, the flask is going to last for a long time. Now that’s what makes it a perfect and durable gift?

christmas gift ideas for men: Personalized Wallet

Personalized Wallet


Are you searching for a gift for your dad? Every time you ask him what he needs for his birthday, he smiles and says that he has everything and needs nothing. With this reply, searching for gifts for the impossible man seems like a Herculean task. Well, that’s how dads are! For dads who never say what they like to have, meaningful and creative gifts top the list. A personalized wallet with your dad’s name on the front will be a thoughtful gift that you can get him for his birthday or other special occasions.

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unique gift ideas for men who have everything: Bespoke Post Subscription Box

Bespoke Post Subscription Box


Another item in our list of gifts for men who have everything is the Bespoke Post Subscription Box. So, what is in the box? Everything that your man likes. On the Bespoke Post website, you will have to take a small quiz where you have to tell the person’s likes and dislikes for whom you’re getting the box. Based on your answers, the site will suggest a box with personalized items. You can approve the package as it is or make the changes as you like. This option is great if you’re looking for gifts for your boyfriend.

tech gifts for men: fitbit charge 4 watch

Fitbit Charge 4


When nothing works out, you can always rely on tech gifts for men! Technology is ever-evolving, and your boyfriend or husband or brother will always be in need of a cool tech gadget. Fitbit Charge 4 is a great gift for both tech and fitness freaks. When you’re working out, you can always rely on the device to tell you your heart rate. The durable device also lets you play songs with the Spotify app. Isn’t it precisely what you’ve been looking for?

Personalized Leather Beer Holster


Buying a present can be a bit easy if you narrow down the likes and dislikes of the person you’re buying the gift. Suppose you are looking for a gift for your dad. Does he love beer? If the answer is yes, you’re in for a treat. Once you venture out, you will see plenty of options for beer lovers. One such gift item is a personalized leather beer holster. The practical gift comes with a decent useful life and will allow your dad to go hands-free and enjoy his drink even while he’s out on the road or busy in some work.

cool gifts for guys: engraved pocket knife

Engraved Knife


Does your husband love to take part in DIY projects? Or is he into outdoor activities like camping? If yes, an engraved knife is a unique gift that has great practical value. Your husband will keep it with himself and use it in all his outdoor adventures. This small gift for men is indeed an excellent choice for a Christmas present or other holiday gifts.

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Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit


When it comes to practical gifts for men, nothing can beat the Make Your Own Sauce Kit. For dads who love spending time in the backyard with their BBQ grill to make the perfect and tastiest Thanksgiving dinner or Fourth of July burgers, the sauce kit is a meaningful gift option. Hot sauce gifts are undoubtedly unique yet are incredibly thoughtful. The next time you had a BBQ dinner with your family, make sure your dad made his secret sauce with this kit’s help. 

tech gifts for men: echo dot

Echo Dot (3rd Gen)


Do not underestimate the power of hi-tech gifts, for they are practical, elegant, and stylish. For your brother who loves giving orders to everyone in the house, get Echo Dot. The compact device fits perfectly well in small spaces. It has a superior-quality speaker that provides even more outstanding sound quality. Echo Dot is also getting smarter, and with every update, it is acquiring new skills. Now, it can turn on lights, adjust thermostats, play games, and track your fitness. Anyone who has this device is lucky! And this is why it is a good gift idea for men.

gift ideas for men who love meat: bacon crate

Bacon Crate


What to get a guy for Christmas? It is a common question, and almost everyone struggles to find the best gift for their men. (Last-minute gifts on Christmas doesn’t look great!) But finding a good gift seems like an impossibility. Who would have thought that the bacon crate can be a great contender for meaningful gifts ‘for him’? You can get your box of bacon for the picky man of your family and see when they pronounce that your gift is ‘the best.’

bbq gift ideas for men: Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto cookbook

Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto


As much as you’re tired of eating the same steak that comes straight out of your boyfriend’s kitchen, he is tired of making the same recipe. It was ‘special’ for the first two holidays, but now it is getting repetitive. It’s a good thing, though, as this situation has helped you solved the bigger problem: what to get for your boyfriend? For your family’s master chef, get the Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto cookbook and help your boyfriend learn more techniques and finger-licking recipes of heavenly food. 

gifts for men who have everything: Amazon.com Gift Card

Amazon.com Gift Card


Some people are hard-to-shop for. Your expensive, thoughtful, or last-minute gifts will not amuse them. But we know what can – a gift card. For people who don’t like what they’ve got, give them the liberty to buy whatever they want – obviously, within your limited range. Amazon has a wide range of gift cards from where you can choose the one for the impossible man. Not getting anything for him is also a nice gift for men. Let them pick their favorite gift on their own.

Tie & Socks Subscription - christmas gifts for men

Tie & Socks Subscription


In a galaxy far far away, you will find a place where our lost socks will be lying somewhere. Getting a pair of ties and socks for men, in that context, will not be a bad idea. The tie and socks subscription makes a wonderful gift for men. From silk ties and bamboo socks, you can get ties and socks made from the most delicate fabrics.

JBL CLIP 3 Bluetooth Speaker

JBL CLIP 3 Bluetooth Speaker


Tech lovers will love you, even more, when they see that you bring the JBL CLIP 3 Bluetooth Speaker that comes with 10 hours of playtime. The fully integrated metal carabiner saves the speaker from damage. It comes with a hook that lets you attach it to the belt loop or the backpack. You can take it out on your trips and don’t have to worry about the rain or bad weather conditions. The waterproof speaker can be immersed in the water.

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Gifts for Husband or Boyfriend

Are you in search of a romantic gift for your boyfriend or husband? We have listed some unique and creative gift options. Have a look: 

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unique gifts for men: custom photo plaque

Custom Photo Plaque


When searching for amazing gifts for your husband, always go with a gift set that scores high in being romantic. A custom photo plaque that has a love quote on it will make a great gift for anniversary or Valentine’s Day. The plaque is suitable for your bedroom or living room. Upload a lovely photo with your husband or boyfriend and celebrate the love that you two share. 

cool gifts for guys: custom morse code bracelet

Custom Morse Code Bracelet


Jewelry gifts for men? In usual cases, even we may advise you not to shop a jewelry item for your boyfriend or husband because buying jewelry for men can be tricky. But when it comes to a custom Morse code bracket, we can confidently say that it is, hands-down, a thoughtful gift. It makes a good Christmas gift for men or a stylish birthday gift. On the bracelet, you can engrave a secret and unique message in the Morse code. It will not only add a personal touch to the bracelet but will make your partner love the bracelet a little too much.

anniversary gifts for him: Personalized Photo Pillow

Personalized Photo Pillow


We all love to keep the best memories by our side. With this personalized photo pillow, you can preserve your memories as a couple. The pillow is perfect for home décor and is suitable for the bedroom or the living room. You can also add the initials of your first names for a more personal touch. This is a practical yet still romantic gift for the guy who has everything. He’ll love to have it and keep the memories he made with you close to his heart.

society socks subscription box

Society Socks Subscription Box


Maybe they won’t say it out loud, but your partner is tired of wearing the same one-color socks to work, gym, vacations, and bar. They need something new and exciting. Grab the moment and get him a Society Socks subscription box for their birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion. The company will send two pairs of stylish and trendy socks every month – so you really don’t have to spend your mornings looking for a missing sock. Made from breathable and comfortable fabric, the socks fit’s men size 7-13. A noteworthy feature of this subscription is that with every two pairs of sock sent to you, the company donates two pairs to charity.

star wars gift ideas: "who's your daddy" mug

“Who’s Your Daddy” Star Wars Mug


For a die-hard Star War fan, Star Wars gifts is the ultimate choice. The dishwasher- and the microwave-safe mug is made from high-quality ceramic. It has premium printing on both sides and is perfect for all kinds of beverages. Personalized items are perhaps the best birthday gifts for men.

best gift for him: Personalized Keychain

Personalized Keychain


Personalized and customized gifts make cool presents for guys. For Valentine’s Day, anniversary, or another special occasion, a personalized keychain can make for a sentimental and thoughtful gift. Get a sweet message engraved on it and give it a personal touch.

wine gift ideas: winc subscription gift card

Winc Subscription Gift Card


Do you know what the most special gift ‘for him’ is? The gift of wine. With the Winc subscription card, you can let them have their favorite wine! This is a perfect gift for your husband and boyfriend. Get a subscription package that best suits your man’s needs and enjoy the look on his face when he unwraps your gift.

unique gifts for men: Personalized Tie Clip

Personalized Tie Clip


A tie clip is the epitome of grace and elegance. And this is exactly why it has a special place in our list of thoughtful Christmas gifts for men. A personalized tie clip with meaningful engravings is a precious gift for your partner.

gaming gifts for men: nintendo switch console

Nintendo Switch Console


While you can complain about how your partner remains glued to the TV playing their favorite games, you also know that gaming gifts are the safest bet and will definitely bring a huge smile on your partner’s face. For your gaming enthusiast, a Nintendo Switch console is a classy choice.

unique gifts for him: ticket stub diary

Ticket Stub Diary


Remember your Turkey trip when you enjoyed the view from the Galata Tower? Or, remember the first time you traveled to Paris together and barely made to the airport to get the boarding pass? Your life will be full of similar unforgettable memories. Bring all these memories to one place and inside a diary with this unusual gift item. The Ticket Stub Diary is a wonderful way for your partner and you to preserve the memories from movies, concerts, museums, sporting events, shows, etc.

romantic gifts for men: Personalized Leather Bracelet

Personalized Leather Bracelet


This personalized leather bracelet lets you engrave the important dates in your relationship in Roman. Doing this will let you keep the most precious memories close to your heart. You can also customize the backside of the bracelet with a short, sweet message. One of the meaningful gifts for boyfriends, the bracelet comes in an elegant design.

subscription box for men: meundies underwear subscription

MeUndies – Underwear Subscription


Sounds like an unusual, never-heard-before gift item? But this practical gift item will be a favorite of your partner. You might have seen yourself asking the question: what do men want for Christmas? Well, they want things that score high on practicality.

craft beer gift: "The Breweries Are Calling" T-Shirt

“The Breweries Are Calling” T-Shirt


When you’re searching for a gift, make sure that the item you choose goes with men’s lifestyle. If your partner loves going on beer festival or beercations, or love visiting local breweries, this T-shirt is a great gift item for every craft beer snob. It is a cool gift that has great practical value.

bbq gift for him: Indoor Electric Round Nonstick Grill

Indoor Electric Round Nonstick Grill


You don’t really need a dedicated backyard space to set up your grilling system and make scrumptious BBQ dinner. With this indoor electric round nonstick grill, you can make a perfect dinner inside your home. For men who love cooking, the nonstick grill is one of the great Christmas gifts for boyfriend.

valentine's day gifts for him: jerky heart box

Jerky Heart Box


What is one thing that men love, and that comes in a heart box? Chocolates? No! It’s meat. Have you heard the phrase that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Then, grab the opportunity and get this amazing and one-of-its-kind jerky heart box for your partner. One of the coolest gifts, the jerky heart box, has scrumptious meat that will make your partner fall in love with you all over again – and again. We recommend you consider this as an anniversary or Valentine’s Day gift and make your special occasion more meaty, tasty, and steamy!

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Gifts for Dad

Searching for the perfect gift for dad is a never-ending task. He never expresses what he wants and choosing a practical gift for them seems like an impossibility. Have a look at some awesome and classy gifts that you can get for your father.

golf gift for him: golf polo shirt

Golf Polo Shirts


Are dads synonymous with polo shirts, or are polo shirts synonymous with dads? This is the kind of question that will remain unanswered forever. If your dad is a golf lover, this is a classy gift that he can use daily. You can choose whichever color and get it for your dad.

whiskey gift for men: Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set


One of the oldest memories we have of our father is seeing them enjoying his whiskey in his study or with his friends in the drawing room. Relive those memories with whiskey gifts. The personalized decanter set is a precious gift for your father, who loves his drink.

My Life Story - So Far journal

My Life Story – So Far


Your father has many accomplishments and achievements to his name. In this ‘My Life Story – So Far’ journal, he can document the best moments of his life. The journal has nine sections where you can enter your lifelong friendships, pearls of wisdom, and lifelong friendships. Through the journal, your dad will share his life stories, which will not only be read and enjoyed by his children but also his grandchildren.

retirement gift for dad: "I'm Retired" T-Shirt

“I’m Retired” T-Shirt


Are you throwing a retirement party for your dad? But don’t know what are good gifts for retired men to get him? Take this ‘I’m Retired’ shirt, which is both funny and thoughtful. This amazing shirt is for happy retirees who had a great time back when they were in the workforce.

gift ideas for men who love history: History of the world map by map

History of the World Map by Map


Once your dad has hit retirement age, he’d love spending time on his own reading books. For book lovers, the History of the World Map by Map illustrated book is an amazing gift. Your dad will love updating his knowledge with this book of wisdom, which has the story of past and modern civilizations. It is indeed a thoughtful present for your old man who has everything.

cool gifts for guys: bullet rock glass

Bullet Rocks Glass


What to buy the man who has everything – especially your dad is police officer, who insists that he needs nothing? Dads love classy stuff. The bullet rocks glass is the most stylish gift that you can get for your father. An affordable Christmas gift idea for men, the glass is purely handmade and comes in a really eye-catching design. Your father will appreciate you for getting this awesome and cool gift.

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Christmas gift ideas for men: weighted blanket

Weighted Blanket


What are the perfect men gift for Christmas? Things that they can use every day. On that basis, getting the weighted blanket for your dad is a good option. Specifically, this blanket is a great gift for those who have trouble sleeping at night. It also scores high on practicality and even higher on elegance.

grilling gift ideas: grilling spice gift set

Grilling Spice Gift Set


Does your dad love cooking? He will definitely appreciate it when you bring a spice gift set for him. The organic spices will be a great help when your father is busy cooking scrumptious meals. Grilling gifts are a hit among people who love to cook.

cool gifts for men: Personalized Backyard Brews Bottle Opener

Personalized Backyard Brews Bottle Opener


The bottle opener makes for a wonderful beer gift for men’s birthdays. It comes in a great design and is made from durable and super-quality material.

scented candles for men: paddywax apothecary Tobacco & Patchouli Scented Wax Candle

Tobacco & Patchouli Scented Wax Candle


Scented candles are among the unique gifts for men. But they are perfect for daily use and for keeping your house scented. For your dad, it is a thoughtful Christmas gift that is great for long-term usage and makes an awesome stocking stuffer idea as well.


Best Gifts for Dads (Even If He’s the Guy Who Says He Doesn’t Want Anything)

Gifts for Grandpa

gift for grandfather: grandpa custom photo canvas print

Photo Canvas Print


Anything that helps your Grandpa keep the memories he made with his grandchildren close by is a great gift. A photo canvas print with your pictures with your grandfather and a sentimental quote that appreciates everything he has done for you is a meaningful gift for your old man.

gift ideas for men: luxury traditional shaving kit

Luxury Traditional Shaving Kit


Are you looking for men gifts for your Grandpa? He will love something that will keep him in shape. And for that, the luxury traditional shaving kit is a wonderful option. Your Grandpa needs some pampering too.

christmas gift ideas for men: family photo ornament

Family Photo Christmas Ornament


Your precious treasure in your life is your family. If you’re thinking, “What should I get for Christmas for Grandpa?” We recommend you get a family photo ornament, which will be a great Christmas gift for him.

unique gifts for men: blanket with custom handwritten letter

Personalized Hand-Written Letter Blanket


Handwritten notes will always triumph over typed words. This letter blanket makes use of the realistic cursive handwriting font to get you a sweet blanket for your old man.

long distance gift ideas: long distance friendship lamp

Long Distance Friendship Lamp


The technological revolution has surprised almost everyone. With this lamp, you will send a cute ‘thinking of you’ message to your Grandpa, who lives miles away from you. The lamp is an amazing and creative way to stay connected with your old man and let him know that he’s in your thoughts.

gifts for seniors: shiatsu back and neck massager

Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager


After a long tiring day, your Grandpa’s frail body will crave for a massage. A back and neck massager is one of the most thoughtful gifts for him that can be used almost anywhere – at home, in a car, or at the office.

gifts for grandparents: echo show 8

Echo Show 8


One of the reasons why we recommend getting a technologically advanced device for your Grandpa is that it will help you stay connected with him. Your grandfather’s life will be a breeze with this device, and reaching him will be super easy.

gifts for seniors: green herbal tea kit

Green Herbal Tea Kit


A cup of tea is a relaxing beverage that lets you shake off your day’s tension and stress. For tea lovers, the green herbal tea kit is a great gift choice that will allow them to prepare tasty tea whenever they want.

gift ideas for grandpa: my grandpa - in his own words book

My Grandpa: In His Own Words


Your Grandpa has a lot of stories to share. This notebook will be a good way for your Grandpa to write his life stories and save his memories and experiences. These stories will be a priceless gift for the whole family who will always cherish the stories forever.

gifts for grandpa: grandpa's buddy custom photo frame

Custom Photo Frame for Grandpa


For parents who are searching for a Grandpa gift from their parents’ grandkid, the personalized photo frame will be a good option. The eye-catching frame is most suitable for the end table or the fireplace mantel.

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Gifts for Brother

Do you have an unbreakable bond with your brother? Then, you must treat them with some of the amazing gifts. Here is the list of gift items that you can get for them. 

gifts for men: beef jerky subscription box

Beef Jerky Subscription


Everyone loves beef jerky! Your brother will thank his stars for making you his sibling when he’d see this amazing jerky subscription box. He can now munch on the tastiest beef jerky at his home whenever he felt like taking a break for the snack time.

brother gifts: brother acronym photo mug

Brother Acronym Photo Mug


A photo coffee mug is a wonderful way to send your sentiments to your brother. Upload a photo with your brother on the back of the mug. The front of the mug will have a thoughtful message and get it for your brother.

gifts for beer lovers: beeropoly game



A board game never gets old. With this Beeropoly game, you will encourage your brother to up his drinking game and have more fun when he’s having a party at his home or just chilling with his friends.

cool gifts for men: tactical wallet

Savage Spartan Tactical Wallet


The tactical wallet is great in terms of style and ‘swag’ and is equally perfect when it comes to usage. It’s one of the good gifts that you can get for your brother.

gift for guys: carry on cocktail kit

Carry On Cocktail Kit


Make your drink on the go with this premium cocktail travel kit and make your fellow travelers jealous. Available in eye-catching packing, the kit is ideal for frequent travelers.

gift ideas for brother: Brother Definition art Print

Brother Definition Print


This minimalist print will be a good home décor design. The emotional definition tells how much a brother means to you.

gifts for travelers: scratch off world map

Scratch World Map


The map is a motivator for travelers who will keep a record of the countries they have visited and the unseen world that they have yet to discover. If your brother loves traveling, this is a really thoughtful gift that you can get for him.

iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Bluetooth Shower Speaker


Who doesn’t like some background music in everything that they do? Your brother or friend will appreciate this thoughtful gift from you. The waterproof function will let you bring the it inside the shower.

gifts for men: Personalized Duffel Bag

Personalized Duffle Bag


For brothers who love camping or traveling, a personalized duffel bag is a unique gift idea. It has great usage and is made from superior material that adds to its durability. Isn’t it a nice usable gift for your bro?

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last minute gift ideas: urban outfitters gift card

Urban Outfitters Gift Card


Not sure what to get? Make your brother in charge of his gift and get him to pick the item that he loves the most. For that, the Urban Outfitters gift card is your ideal bet.

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Wrap Up

Finding gifts for men can be very tiring. At one point, you will feel like abandoning your search and coming with a perfect excuse for showing up with empty hands to the party. Well, not anymore! We hope our selection of gifts helped you get the perfect one for the men in your life.



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